The ASF Foundation and the King’s Group are collaborating to create ASF City Karachi, a 3,000-acre housing society with Sindh Building Construction Authority (SBCA) approval (for development work). It is envisioned as Pakistan’s “sustainable city.” At the Eastern border, it lies on the important Karachi-Hyderabad M-9 Superhighway.

It is also bordered on the south by Thatta District and on the east by Jamshoro District. The Airport Security Force (ASF) housing development in Karachi is being developed solely for ASF employees and the public. The society is expected to grow to 8,000 acres in size.

Society has the potential to serve as a role model for Pakistan’s independent and sustainable cities in the coming future. Residential and commercial plots are available with flexible payment plans for the buyers.

This project is being led by the ASF Foundation, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to the welfare of ASF employees. The ASF is a part of the Pakistani Army that works under the command of a Major serving a General.

Owners and Developers of ASF City Karachi:

The ASF Foundation and the King’s Group are working together to create ASF City Karachi. Both companies are well-known for providing excellent service with no sacrifice and zero tolerance for quality. The development process is underway and is very well planned.

In order To fulfil the increasing demand for luxurious, affordable as well as sustainable housing programs/schemes in Pakistan, the Foundation has successfully launched this “SF City housing scheme”.

Other Property Services by Developers:

King’s Group Builders Developers & Contractors is a reputable company that specializes in high-end real estate development services in Karachi. The following are some of the property services offered by the company:

  • Designing Structural Structures Engineers
  • Architects
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Architect
  • Supervisory Qualifications
  • Laborers with Experience

ASF City Karachi Location:

The ASF City Karachi is located on the main Karachi-Hyderabad M-9 Super Highway on Pakistan’s Eastern border. It is also bordered on the south by Thatta District and on the east by Jamshoro District. It is also easily accessible from Nooriabad, which serves as a potential Jhampir corridor. The 3,000-acre society is conveniently located in Karachi, adjacent to all of the city’s major attractions.

ASF City Karachi Housing Society NOC:

The Sindh Building Construction Authority (SBCA) has approved the NOC for development work for ASF City Karachi Housing Society. The ASF foundation is completely trustworthy, and investors can invest with total confidence in this society after obtaining all No Objection Certificates (NOCs) from the administration.

ASF City Karachi Map:

Following is the map of the city which depicts the central location of this housing society.

ASF City Karachi Master Plan:

The ASF City comprises 3 phases mentioned below:

  • Phase I
  • Phase II (launched in August 2019)
  • Phase III

ASF City housing scheme Karachi has been divided into Twenty Blocks:

Abu Bakar Block:

  • Following is the master plan of Abu Bakar Block:

Ali Block:

  • Following is the master plan of Ali Block:

Astore Block:

  • Following is the master plan of Astore Block:

Bilal Block:

  • Following is the master plan of Bilal Block:

Butterfly Block:

  • Following is the Master plan of Butterfly Block is:

Civic Center Commercial Block:

Following is the Master Plan of Civic Center Commercial Block:

ASF City Housing Scheme Residential Bungalows:

  • 125 yards
  • 250 yards
  • 500 yards
  • Payment Plan of 125 yards is given below:

Payment Plan of 250 yards is given below:

Payment Plan of 500 yards is given below:

ASF City Housing Scheme Residential Plots:

  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 4 Bedrooms

ASF City Karachi Payment Schedule:

The ASF City Karachi management is the key authority for creating and designing all the payment plans as well as the installment plans.  The major feature of the payment plans is their affordable nature, and market competitiveness which makes the most unique housing society of Karachi.

 ASF Housing Scheme Plots Payment Schedule:

Following is the payment schedule for residential plots:

Amenities and Other Facilities: 

The ASF City Karachi provides the best facilities and amenities at extremely affordable prices. The facilities are an element of any modern-style society that is required in a good residential community. The following are the services provided by the ASF City Karachi scheme which we have highlighted for our readers:

Environment Friendly:

As people are rapidly becoming more isolated from the natural environment due to the housing infrastructure with no greenery and their lives have become more hectic, hurting their health.

The society offers an environmentally friendly, close-to-nature lifestyle with all modern infrastructure. The proximity to nature is a source to deliver a unique experience not seen in Pakistan’s housing communities.

Grand Mosque:

Society will provide for all the residents’ requirements, including religious ones. The developers are constructing a gorgeous large Jamia mosque to accommodate this. This mosque will be a smart mosque, complete with cutting-edge technology and architecture.

Resources of Water:

Residents’ water demands have been considered by society. Water reservoirs will be built for this purpose, storing a vast volume of water that will be used by residents for everyday chores. Filter plants will also be a feature of society to ensure that citizens have access to clean drinking water.


A cemetery is an important aspect of any community. Because life and death are inevitable, inhabitants may choose to bury their departed relatives and pray for their everlasting happiness. They may also pay respects to loved ones buried within the society.

Centre for the Community:

Community centers will serve as a light of social life for residents who want to stay socially active. They can join in the social activities as well as enjoy them.

Medical Services:

The developers have devoted special attention to society’s health services. The developers plan to build state-of-the-art international hospitals and clinics for this reason. The emergency room will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with staff and doctors on hand at all times.

Complexity in Education:

To ensure that pupils receive an international standard of education. To provide the greatest education, the teaching personnel will be professional and trained in their respective professions.

Hub for Business and Commerce:

The developers have considered all the residents’ demands, including economic and commercial ones. As a result, society will create an all-encompassing commercial zone. Residents in these areas can meet all their commercial needs from within the community.

A Secure Housing Society:

To ensure a high level of safety and security, the society would be enclosed by a boundary wall with a complete security mechanism. Any housing society or residential area requires a sense of security. This gated neighborhood provides security to its residents which is a major plus nowadays. People are protected by a security system that includes properly installed CCTV cameras and other surveillance equipment that is operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Road Infrastructure of High Quality:

To ensure optimum development, the roads and other infrastructure are built with a high level of professionalism and equipment. The major boulevard and streets are large and expansive, giving the area a lovely appearance.


ASF City Karachi is an approved housing society, which was developed with a prime objective to offer the residents with international standard luxuries and lifestyle. The ideal location and the amenities make it a unique place to invest in. So invest in ASF Karachi today, to live at a place you’ve been dreaming of your entire life.

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