Blue Group of Companies has been recognized as one of the most innovative real estate developers that have constructed multiple property-based societies, which have proven to be modern and unique in design and development.

The mission of the BGC is to put forth the best possible design and product into the market that is highly trending and in demand, to cater to the customers and provide them with the greatest experience of residential societal living and bringing their dream house to life.

Their vision has been encompassed through the growing market of real estate, as a huge part of the metropolitan state, the company serviced multiple projects; Blue Town Sapphire has been one of the most highly appreciative ones that have received the boom it deserves.

The latest housing society Blue Town Sapphire has been launched by the developers of Blue World; Blue Group of Companies. The investment of the housing scheme has been catered to in the metropolitan of cities, Lahore.

The investors and buyers reside at the brink of purchasing land in residential area zones. The majority of the investors tend to buy plots of 3.5 to 5 Marla, which is the ideal amount that can be purchased at a reasonable price and can benefit the buyer’s convenience.

Blue Town Sapphire is considered to be the crown jewel of the Blue Group of Companies, as it offers the most luxurious lifestyles at an affordable price. The aim of the housing society is to provide a sustainable, eco-friendly environment with the ability to fulfil what the investors desire, to make their dreams turn into reality.

Blue Town Sapphire Location:

Blue Town Sapphire has multiple qualities one of the most admirable ones is the location and mapping of the housing society. Investors and buyers focus on the location of the society for reasons that established the worth and the accessibility of the area. This can either work for the benefit or the loss of the agency that is constructing it, making it a complex situation.

In a metropolitan city like Lahore, the traffic and chaos of reaching locations are ones that everyone would likely want to avoid. In the case of Blue Town Sapphire, the location is set at a prime spot that meets not only the inner parts of the main city but connects through multiple routes creating accessibility and convenience for the investors.

BGC selected Zero Point Lahore for the housing society for many reasons, such as the connection to the main Multan Road allows an open viewpoint. Furthermore, the connection with Ring Road Lahore enables access to all inner parts of Lahore, which can be reached within 10 to 15 minutes from the society.

Blue Town Sapphire Location Map

Blue Town Sapphire Mater Plan:

Engineers, designers and architects carefully crafted the master plan for this community to meet the needs of those who wish to live a luxurious lifestyle at an affordable price.

Blue Town Sapphire Plots and Residential Areas:

When it comes to planning and mapping residential and plot zones, it is imperative to acknowledge how and where the ideal location is to be set that would not only create an accessible route within the community but beyond its walls of it as well.

BGC has carefully laid out the map of the housing society, much like their previous projects, they have channelled internal routes that will be able to design allocated areas for residential and commercial plots that will be divided by the multiple sizes they come in.

Most investors these days, especially Lahore based, look for areas at an affordable rate, sizes ranging from 3 to 8 Marla plots. In such cases, real estate agents look into the site for you to suggest you the ideal package that fits your budget and gets you to access all the amenities that you require.

Blue Town Sapphire Payment Plan:

The developers of Blue Town Sapphire released a pocket-friendly payment plan affordable for all the people who want to buy a plot in Lahore District.

Payment Plan of Blue Town Sapphire (Residential) is as follows:

Payment Plan of Blue Town Sapphire

Payment Plan of Blue Town Sapphire (Commercial) is as follows:

Salient Facilities and Amenities:

Besides having the ideal location and a range of plots to invest in, buyers look for property societies to provide for the luxuries and amenities they look for at a convenient distance. Blue Town Sapphire has very sophisticatedly designed a commercial zone that would engage in all the facilities that investors look for. They offer more than what most have desired, and that makes them ideal to instigate and invest in, as one of the most uprising housing communities, it is vital to look into what the customer demands and therefore, Blue Town Sapphire aim to deliver with pride and efficiency. The following list are the essentials provided at the community;

Basic Plots Facilities:

  • Developed sewerage system
  • High security and 24/7 surveillance
  • Gated society with guards
  • Commercial open zone
  • Carpeted Roads
  • Health centres
  • Educational institutes
  • Uninterrupted underground Electricity
  • Sui Gas availability
  • Pure Water Supply
  • Primary School, segregated and Co-education.
  • Well-managed lavish community club for schools
  • Public Transport available
  • State of art entertainment centres
  • Expert team of management
  • Parks and Play areas
  • Jamia Mosque

The factors mentioned above are just a summary of what Blue Town Sapphire has to offer, which only makes it the most highly marketed society. Conclusively, society can be considered one of the most rewarding projects of the Blue Group of Companies.

Your investment in the society will cater to their mission of fulfilling your goals, which makes them a reliable and ideal housing community. Their pay structure and payment plans are calculated by the number of investments made and will be updated as soon as they are changed. Keep in touch to find out furthermore regarding the Blue Town Sapphire.

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