Blue World City Awami Block is an innovative solution to the growing housing crisis in Pakistan. The developers of Blue World City have created a city within a city equipped with international standards of amenities and features. By providing high-quality housing at affordable rates, BWC developers are striving to make the dream of owning a home a reality for every family living in the neighbor of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

So that everyone should have access to comfortable, safe, and secure housing. Blue World City Islamabad developers’ slogan ‘A Home for Every Family’ clearly reflects in Awami block. This block is specially designed to provide a modern and luxurious lifestyle while still remaining accessible and affordable to a range of common people. Developed by the Blue Group of companies in collaboration with the Imperium Group of companies, this project is set to become the centre of Islamabad’s tourist hub. 

Blue World City Awami Block Developers: 

With its convenient location and state-of-the-art infrastructure, Blue World City Awami Block promises to be an ideal destination for those seeking a modern and affordable lifestyle. This development project has everything from top-notch shopping centres and entertainment hubs to lush green parks and healthcare facilities; the society offers a desirable lifestyle.

Blue Group of Companies is the mastermind and the proud proprietor of the remarkable Blue World City Rawalpindi. This housing development project is being carefully overseen by the renowned Chinese developer Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company which is playing a major role in the planning and designing of the affordable Awami Block. Boasting a wide array of amenities, Blue World City is sure to be a great place to live.

Awami Block NOC:

After a thorough review of the project and its potential impacts, RDA has approved the plans for Blue World City Islamabad in accordance with the letter no. 532/10/DC dated 07-08-2018. This NOC confirmed that it is in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. 

Awami Block Location: 

Awami Block in Blue World City is situated in a prime location, surrounded by major landmarks. It is situated on Adiala Road, close to the proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road and the Lahore-Islamabad M-2 Motorway. This block offers easy access to the surrounding areas, making it an ideal place to live and work. 

Awami Block Accessibility:

According to the Blue World City Awami Block location map, the block is situated in a prime location, making it an ideal choice for investors and residents alike. It is close to all the major business hubs, shopping malls, educational institutions, and other recreational centers. 

The area and places close to this block are,

  • Rawalpindi Ring Road is roughly 5 minutes away from Awami block.
  • Lahore-Islamabad M-2 Motorway is roughly 1 minutes away from Awami block.
  • From the CPEC Route is roughly 10 minute away from Awami block.
  •  New Islamabad International Airport is roughly 20 minute away from Awami block.

Awami Block Nearby Areas & Places: 

 Located in a prime area, this housing project offers an unrivaled opportunity for investors to capitalize on their investments. With access to essential facilities and amenities, the Awami Block provides a great living environment for residents.

Moreover, this project is surprisingly close to the main areas and landmarks of both Islamabad and Rawalpindi. 

  • Saddar is roughly 60 minutes away from Awami block.
  • Syed Abul Ala Maududi Ave, Qurtaba City, Rawalpindi, is roughly 30 minutes away from Awami block.
  • Sihal, Chountra Rd, Pind Malhu, Rawalpindi, is roughly 3 minutes away from Awami block.
  • Sihal, Rawalpindi is roughly 5 minutes away from Awami block.
  • Rawalpindi Race club is roughly 5 minutes away from Awami block.
  • Partial Hunting Club, Rawalpindi, is roughly 29 minutes away from Awami block.

Awami Block Master Plan:

Blue World City Awami Block gated community features a 208 ft. wide Main Boulevard and a paved road network, ensuring quality living standards for all residents. The community is equipped with all the basic yet important utilities, making it an ideal choice for those searching for a comfortable, safe and secure living environment. From top-class security to recreational facilities, this residential project promises an enviable lifestyle.

Blue World City is divided into several blocks, including General Block, Overseas Block, Farmhouses, Waterfront District and Sports Valley. Each block offered 4.5, 5, 7, 8, 10, and 14 Marla, as well as 1 Kanal plot. In the Blue World City Awami Block Master Plan, only 3.5 Marla and 4.5 Marla residential plots are available.

Awami Block Residential Plots:

The Awami Block Payment Plan at Blue World City is designed to provide homes to the people without burning holes in their pockets. This block of society offers a luxurious lifestyle to those who cannot afford to invest in other blocks. Residents of this block will still be able to take advantage of all the facilities and amenities the society has to offer.

They will be able to enjoy a comfortable living, an improved quality of life, and a sense of security and safety. Investing in this block is an affordable option for those with a limited budget but still desire to live in a world-class society. In the initial launch of the block, the society launched 3.5 marlas and 4.5 marlas, but an overwhelming response from buyers and investors resulted in the sale of all 3.5 marla plots. The sizes of plots available in this housing project are, 

3.5 Marla (Sold Out)

4.5 Marla

Awami Block Payment Plan:

The Awami Block Payment Plan is designed to be extremely budget-friendly, with installments of as low as Rs. 9688 per month. This plan allows people of all financial backgrounds to access and own their own homes. Furthermore, Blue World City also provides several special discounts and offers on the Awami Block Payment Plan, making it even more attractive to potential buyers.

Overall, the Blue World City Awami Block Payment Plan is an excellent option for people looking to buy their own homes at a reasonable cost. It is an excellent opportunity for people who cannot afford expensive housing options yet still wants to enjoy the benefits of living in a secure and comfortable environment.

Blue World City Awami Block Payment Plan is as follows:

4.5 Marla Awami Residential:

4.5 Marla (residential) in Awami Block Blue World City is around 11 lacs rupees. Discounted price offer for this plot is 9 lacs and 75 thousand rupees. 10% down payment is around 87 thousand and 500 rupees. 40 monthly installments then it will cost you around 9 thousand and 688 rupees. Eight half-yearly installments then you have to pay 49 thousand and 219 rupees.

Awami Block File Application:

This low-cost housing project, developed by the Blue Group of Companies (BGC), is designed to provide middle and low-income groups with a safe, secure, and affordable place to live. Awami Residential block has incorporated innovative design features to ensure its residents benefit from a cost-effective living environment.

In order to be a part of this incredible housing scheme, all you have to do is submit your file application with the following documentation.

  • Photographs of Passport size
  • CNIC or Passport Photocopy
  • Copy of NICOP
  • Payment Receipt Photocopy
  • Online payment slip screenshot

Awami Block Booking Procedure:

Located in Islamabad, the BWC Awami Block is the perfect residential choice for those seeking a premium quality lifestyle at an affordable price. The goal of this gated community is to offer the best possible living conditions. The management ensures that all basic utilities are available. With its convenient location and attractive features, the BWC offers a great opportunity to invest in a secure and comfortable living environment.

Investing in this project is sure to give investors the rewards they seek, making it a smart and profitable choice. If you’re looking for help with booking a plot, contact Lead Marketing. Our team of experts is available to provide you with guidance and assistance in ensuring your booking process goes smoothly.

To apply, you will have to follow the following steps,

  • Visit the official website of Blue World City Islamabad and review all the necessary information and requirements.
  • Fill in all applicable forms on the website and attach the required documents.
  • Make a payment for the booking through a check or pay order.
  • Submit the documents and payment receipt to the main office to confirm the booking.
  • Download the Blue World City Application and check the progress of your application.

Blue World City Awami Block Unique Features:

Awami Block will offer a new lifestyle to its residents with its secure environment, modern amenities, and lush landscaping. The developers have taken the utmost care to make sure that the community is safe and comfortable for the residents to live in. With its excellent security and recreational features, Awami Block can be the perfect place to call home.

Sustainable Environment:

The developers at Blue World City are dedicated to providing residents with a safe and healthy living environment so that the children can grow up in a clean and healthy environment.

Gated Community:

 The gated community of Blue World City typically features controlled access points such as entrance gates, with security guards and CCTV monitoring systems used to monitor the entrance and exit of the community.

Wide Network of Roads:

This urban neighborhood boasts a network of paved roads and a 208 ft. wide main boulevard providing easy access to the nearby shopping, dining, and entertainment. Residents may benefit from the accessible transit options and see everything the city has to offer. The main boulevard is lined with trees, creating a beautiful and inviting atmosphere that is perfect for leisurely strolls.

International Standard Infrastructure:

Awami Block is situated in the heart of the world’s first purpose-built tourist city, Blue World City, which was constructed in collaboration with Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company. The major goal of this partnership is to provide Islamabad with top-notch amenities.

Grand Mosque:

The management of this housing society is taking a major step to ensure the spiritual needs of its residents are met. They are building a beautiful Jamia Masjid with up-to-date infrastructure and services.


The owners of this housing development are dedicated to giving its inhabitants the finest medical treatment available. The hospital they are building will provide quality healthcare at an affordable price, ensuring that all residents have access to the healthcare they need.

 Recreational Park & Zoo:

The area will also feature a zoo, where people can observe and learn about a variety of species of animals, reptiles, and birds. The nearby park will be equipped with a playground, picnic area, walking trails, and a pond to provide a safe and fun environment for children and adults alike.

Water Filteration Plan: 

The water filtration plant is a critical part of any municipality’s infrastructure, as it ensures that the community has access to clean, safe drinking water. Keeping this in mind, the developers installed a state-of-the-art water filtration plant in the block.

Awami Block Investment Opportunity:

Awami Block Blue World City is a new residential block located in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. It is designed to provide a comfortable standard of living for middle-class and low-income households, offering all the essential amenities, as well as upscale services, at affordable prices. The project is tailored for those who are seeking an economical and comfortable lifestyle, but with all the luxuries that come with it.

.Awami Block Blue World City is a perfect choice for those who want to experience contemporary living without compromising on their budget. The following reasons will help you make your decision if you are still unsure.

  • For investors aiming to maximize their return on investment, The Awami Block is a great option. This block offers high returns of up to 70% over the next three years, making it an attractive option for those seeking to invest at an affordable price. With its potential for significant profits, the Awami Block is the perfect choice for investors who want to maximize their return on their investment.
  • Blue World City Awami Block is situated at a desirable location that offers easy access to the Rawalpindi Ring Road and M-2 Motorway. This strategic placement makes it an ideal choice for those looking to live or invest in a property close to the city centre. The neighborhood is also surrounded by several amenities such as schools, hospitals, shopping centres, and parks.
  • The Awami Block Payment Plan was created to address the issue of affordable housing. This plan offers a payment plan that is tailored to fit within the budget of the general public. Customers may choose the payment option that best suits their needs thanks to its flexibility.


The gated community of Awami Block will also include amenities such as a zoo, a grand mosque, a green areas and BGC-IGC Consortium. The landscaping of the community will include lush gardens, trees and water features.Awami Block will offer a new lifestyle to its residents with its secure environment, modern amenities and lush landscaping. The developers have taken the utmost care to make sure that the community is safe and comfortable for the residents to live in.

This offers Pakistani investors in real estate an attractive opportunity with many advantages. Additionally, its strategic location in the city ensures that investors have easy access to a range of conveniences and services. In conclusion, people wishing to invest in Pakistani and international real estate must consider the BWC Awami Block.

If you want to invest in other blocks of Blue World City, Kindly Visit Waterfront District, Sports Valley, and if you want to get information about top housing societies in major cities of Pakistan, please visit Bahria Town Karachi 2, Kingdom Valley Islamabad, and 7 Wonders City Multan


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

BGC is the main developer of this block.

3.5 Marla (sold out) and 4.5 marla are available in this block.

This block offers four years installment plan.

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