An eagerly anticipated housing society, Blue World Shenzhen City Lahore, has captured the attention of prospective buyers and investors. The society is a collaboration between two well-established companies, Blue Group of Companies, Imperium Group of Companies (BGC-IGC) Consortium, and a Chinese construction company. Management has yet to unveil key details such as the project’s precise location, unit sizes, marlas, and payment plans. The project promises an economical and pocket-friendly payment structure designed to cater to many potential homeowners.

Nestled in the heart of Lahore, it promises to provide a comfortable and modern living environment to its future residents. It is set to offer a blend of commercial and residential units, catering to various lifestyles and needs. Moreover, Shenzhen City Lahore is slated to feature an impressive array of amenities and facilities.

Shenzhen City Lahore Developers :

BWC Shenzhen City Lahore is the joint venture of Blue Group of Companies, Imperium Group of Companies, and a Chinese construction company. With a track record of delivering exceptional real estate projects, these developers bring a wealth of experience and expertise.

The Shenzhen City Lahore developers commitment to excellence and innovation is evident in their decision to create an affordable and accessible housing society. While specific details about the project are still under wraps, the project promises to deliver international standard facilities. The developers’ commitment of an economic payment plan demonstrates their dedication to making homeownership a reality for a wide range of individuals.

Furthermore, the developers’ vision extends beyond mere housing units. Shenzhen City Lahore is set to be a community that prioritizes residents’ well-being, offering living spaces and essential amenities such as educational institutions and community hubs.

Previous Projects :

The developers have an impressive portfolio of past projects, showcasing their expertise and commitment to developing diverse real estate ventures. Some of  Shenzhen City Lahore developers old projects include:

  • Blue World City
  • Blue World Trade Center
  • Awami Residential Complex
  • Blue World Economic Zone
  • Blue Hills Country Farms
  • PIA Cooperative Housing Society

These previous projects by Shenzhen city Lahore developers showcase BGC-IGC’s versatility in the real estate industry, catering to different segments of the market. The project emphasizes various aspects such as luxury, affordability, commerce, and community development. This extensive experience bodes well for the success of their latest venture, Shenzhen City Lahore.

Shenzhen City Lahore NOC:

NOC for real estate projects is the most important thing as it ensures that the developers are trustworthy. The Shenzhen city Lahore NOC is in the process as the necessary documents are submitted to concerned authorities.

As potential buyers await further information, the project’s allure lies in its potential to provide a holistic and convenient living experience. Shenzhen City Lahore location map will provide easy access to every important location.

Prospective investors and homeowners should remain vigilant for official updates from the lead marketing to ensure they stay informed about this promising venture in the real estate landscape of Lahore.

Shenzhen City Lahore Location:

Shenzhen City Lahore Location

Shenzhen City Lahore enjoys a prime location along the bustling main canal road, making it a coveted address in the heart of the city. Its strategic positioning ensures effortless accessibility from all major landmarks in Lahore, catering to the needs of residents, businesses, and visitors alike.

One of its standout features is its close proximity to the ring road, streamlining travel and connecting Shenzhen City seamlessly to various parts of the city. Surrounded by essential amenities and characterized by modern infrastructure, Shenzhen City Lahore stands as a testament to contemporary urban living.

Shenzhen City Lahore Accessibility:

Shenzhen City in Lahore boasts exceptional accessibility and connectivity, ensuring seamless integration within the city’s vibrant fabric. Conveniently located near key roadways, including Multan Road, the city offers residents and visitors effortless access to Lahore’s central districts. Its strategic positioning enhances connectivity to various commercial and recreational hubs, fostering a dynamic urban lifestyle.

Moreover, Shenzhen City’s proximity to prominent areas such as Oasis Golf and Aqua Resort, Blue Town Multan Road, NFC Housing Society (Phase II) Lahore, and Bahria Town Lahore underscores its central location, making it an ideal choice for those seeking well-connected living spaces in Lahore’s bustling landscape.

  • It is 10 Minutes drive away from Multan Road
  • It is 18 Minutes drive away from Oasis Golf and Aqua Resort
  • It is 12 Minutes drive away from Blue Town Multan Road
  • It is 12 Minutes drive away from NFC Housing Society (Phase II) Lahore
  • It is 18 Minutes away from Bahria Town Lahore

Shenzhen City Lahore Payment Plan:

The payment plan for Shenzhen City Lahore, while highly anticipated, has not yet been disclosed by the developers. The exact details regarding the pricing structure, down payment, installment options, and other financial aspects of this housing society are currently awaiting official announcement. Developers typically design payment plans that cater to the diverse needs of potential buyers, ensuring affordability and accessibility. Society location will provide easy access to important locations. 

Shenzhen City Lahore Commercial:

Although specific details about this commercial space are eagerly awaited, the anticipation is high for a bustling hub accommodating various enterprises. Envisaged to include retail outlets, offices, and commercial centers, this area aims to foster a vibrant and economically active environment. Positioned strategically at the heart of Lahore, within the esteemed Shenzhen City Lahore, the location’s centrality, coupled with the developer’s reputable track record, hints at a commercial zone designed to cater comprehensively to the diverse needs of businesses, residents, and visitors, promising a dynamic and prosperous future for the city.

Shenzhen City Lahore Commercial Payment Plan: 

Shenzhen City Lahore Commercial Payment Plan

The payment plan for Shenzhen City Commercial is available as under:

  • 3 Marla plot is available at 6,600,000 with down payment of 660,000 and 40 monthly installments of 60,000.
  • 5 Marla plot is available at 11,000,000 with down payment of 1,100,000 and 40 monthly installments of 80,000.
  • 8 Marla plot is available at 15,840,000 with down payment of 1,600,000 and 40 monthly installments of 120,000.

Shenzhen City Lahore Residential:

Shenzhen City Lahore’s residential offerings stand poised to revolutionize living standards in Lahore, embodying a meticulously planned approach to housing. While detailed specifications are eagerly awaited, the development is anticipated to present an array of housing options catering to diverse lifestyles and preferences. Situated centrally within the city and backed by the developer’s esteemed reputation, Shenzhen City Lahore assures a modern and comfortable living experience for its residents.

With a focus on creating a secure and welcoming environment, Blue World Shenzhen City Lahore’s residential component is destined to become a preferred choice for families and individuals seeking a new and elevated living standard in Lahore.

Shenzhen City Lahore Residential Payment Plan:

Shenzhen City Lahore Residential Payment Plan

The Shenzhen City payment plan for Residential is available as under:

  • 3 Marla plot is available at 2,660,000 with down payment of 266,000 and 40 monthly installments of 20,000.
  • 5 Marla plot is available at 4,440,000 with down payment of 440,000 and 40 monthly installments of 40,000.
  • 8 Marla plot is available at 5,600,000 with down payment of 560,000 and 40 monthly installments of 60,000.
  • 10 Marla plot is available at 7,975,000 with down payment of 797,000 and 40 monthly installments of 80,000.
  • 1 Kanal plot is available at 15,400,000 with down payment of 1,540,000 and 40 monthly installments of 100,000.

Shenzhen City Lahore Master Plan:

Shenzhen City Lahore IT Park

The Shenzhen City Lahore master plan represents the blueprint for a modern and well-organized housing society. While specific details are pending, the project expects to have a layout that maximizes space utilization and enhances the overall quality of life. Anticipated features may include strategically located residential and commercial zones, green spaces, road networks, and essential infrastructure. Shenzhen City Lahore NOC makes it an authentic society.

The master plan is likely to prioritize accessibility, convenience, and community well-being, aligning with the developers’ commitment to creating a harmonious and sustainable living environment. As the project progresses, Shenzhen City Lahore facilities and amenities unveils the master plan and will provide valuable insights into the layout and vision of this promising venture.

Shenzhen City Lahore Facilities :

Blue World Shenzhen City Lahore will offer a range of world-class facilities and amenities. Provision for schools and educational facilities within the society, ensuring convenience for families with children.
Shenzhen City Housing Society will also offer playgrounds and recreational zones for children and families, as well as spaces for social gatherings, events, and community activities to buyers. Enhanced security measures with controlled access to the society. Buyers and investors will receive reliable infrastructure for essential services such as gas and electricity.

The Shenzhen City Lahore master plan includes many facilities and amenities. Here are some facilities at Shenzhen City Lahore:

  • Educational Institutes
  • Medical Centers
  • Play Areas
  • Community Centers
  • Gated Community
  • Basic Utilities

Shenzhen City Lahore Required Documents:

For booking a unit in the society, you may need to attach the following documents with your application form:

  • Copy of CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) of the buyer.
  • Copy of CNIC of the next of kin or nominee.
  • Screenshot or receipt of the advance payment made for the booking.

Shenzhen City Lahore Development Update:

Shenzhen City Lahore Development Update

Shenzhen City Lahore, a joint venture by Blue Group of Companies (BGC) and Imperial Group of Companies (IGC), is in an advanced stage of development. The project, situated at canal road Lahore, showcases significant progress in its infrastructure and amenities.

The development status indicates active construction and meticulous planning, highlighting the commitment of BGC-IGC Consortium towards creating a modern community. With their track record of successful ventures, it is reasonable to expect that Shenzhen City Lahore is steadily moving towards its completion. 

Shenzhen City’s latest development update also unveils an exciting addition to its landscape – a state-of-the-art Water Theme Park within the vibrant Water Lagoon Community. Spanning a sprawling area, this park promises an immersive aquatic adventure, featuring an array of thrilling water rides and attractions. Carefully designed to international standards, it boasts separate zones for children and numerous dining options. This Water Theme Park not only enhances Shenzhen City’s recreational offerings but also signifies a new era of leisure and entertainment.


Shenzhen City Lahore emerges as an intriguing and promising housing society in the heart of Lahore. The project is joint collaboration of the Blue Group of Companies, the Imperium Group of Companies (BGC-IGC) Consortium, and a renowned Chinese company.

With a strong track record of previous projects by Shenzhen City Lahore developers, the developers are well-positioned to deliver a community that caters to a wide spectrum of residents and businesses. As the project unfolds and more information becomes available, it has the potential to impact Lahore’s real estate landscape significantly.

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