Eighteen Islamabad is a short $2 billion exclusive and extravagant residential development contemplated over three years ago. The community covers a large vicinity of 500 to the700 acres, making it a town inside a city with all amenities.

The project will provide international luxuries, utopian connectivity, and a glamorous atmosphere for folks who live in luxury. The residential scheme is a mix of residential properties built to be a one-of-a-kind, outstanding, fantastic achievement.

Eighteen Islamabad is a collaborative development of Ora Builders and Saif Group Ora Developers & Kohistan Builders situated close to the Motorway in the eighteen sectors of Pakistan’s capital. Also, these designers have completed ‘Zarkon Heights’ in the G-15 sector of Islamabad.

Mr. Naguib Sawiris, an Egyptian magnate, possesses Ora Builder Corporation. Mr. Naquib Sawiris eventually bought Mobilink, one of his leading mobile networks.

Previous Projects by Ora Builders

Ora Builders oversee several very reputable and successful construction initiatives, such as:

Silversand in the Caribbean:

The magnificent restaurant and villa building project are known as Silversands, as they are sprinkling throughout the island’s hills and coastline. These opulent inhabitants serve as a transition between luxury homes and five-star resorts.

These well-equipped historic buildings offer their residents the most upscale amenities and priceless possessions so they can enjoy unending serenity.

Nocera Ltd. London-based:

NOCERA Ltd. is a property development in London, considered one of the world’s most significant and appealing cities. Overlooking Grosvenor Square, this opulent apartment complex symbolizes the city’s pursuit of the highest standards in residential construction.

Twenty Grosvenor square is the most prestigious address in all of London, and the building itself is a significant part of the city’s history thanks to its prominent placement. Shortly, 37 luxury apartments named Four Seasons Residences will call this area home thanks to its proximity to the landmark Four Seasons building.

These high-end apartments finished in 2018. At this point, residents will have access to one of the unsurpassed lodges in the world, complete with all of its iconic accommodations and personalized service from the hotel’s dedicated team.

Ayia Napa Marina In Cyprus:

Ayia Napa Marina is yet another high-end marina found on one of the finest coastlines in Cyprus. This venture is iconic for many reasons, not the least: the two towers that are aesthetic masterworks and display breathtaking panoramas of the Mediterranean Sea and the gorgeous villas scattered along the coasts. All the villas are in a rounded shape along the beach, and each has a residential deck with spacious access.

Nile City Towers:

Nile City Towers, situated on the Nile’s East Bank in Cairo, Egypt, offers breathtaking panoramas of the city and its namesake Nile. This evolution plan to present catalyze the immediate neighbourhood’s revitalization and expansion and place on previously undeveloped land. Developers at Ora finally wrapped up their ambitious project in 2004.

The Nile City Towers showcase cutting-edge architecture and eco-friendliness; they are home to Ora Developers’ headquarters, a 5-star Fairmont Hotel, and a bustling commercial and industrial district.

Pyramid Hills in Cairo, Egypt:

Locationally speaking, Pyramid Hills is ideal because of its proximity to the Pyramids of Giza and the city’s heart. In addition, these homes are part of a remarkable community that boasts a prime spot on the Giza Plateau off the Cairo/Alexandria Road, with breathtaking views and first-rate features.

Zed In Egypt:

ZED is a stunning estate that spans over 165 feddans of land in the El Sheik Zayed district on the contemporary edge of the city of Cairo. Zayed Central Park, the area’s most popular tourist attraction, can be seen from the property. The Park has a lot of trees and grass, and it looks out over a beautiful landscape. It’s undeniably among Ora Developers’ most impressive projects to date.

Egypt’s Northern Coast:

One of Egypt’s most famous stops along the Mediterranean coast is Ora’s latest and most significant building project, North Coast. Ora Developers will make history with this exceptionally well-executed, aesthetically pleasing, original resort development. 

Unveiling of Eighteen Islamabad:

The developers of Eighteen housing unveiled the project on February 18, 2018. In contrast, the official launch in December 2017 by the planning of society in Pakistan. Moreover, this housing scheme developer organized the grand event, attended by celebrities from all over the world involved with this venture.

Eighteen Islamabad NOC Status:

The CDA will soon authorize the (NOC) for Eighteen Islamabad. The CDA is to endorse the society’s NOC and design plan soon because there have been no allegations of unauthorized expansion or land invasion.

Eighteen Islamabad Location:

The venture is on the Kashmir road, 5 kilometres from the Golra Mor & 3 kilometres from the Lahore-Islamabad exit. It is the closest residential society to Islamabad & it is only a few kilometres after the International Airport of Islamabad. Moreover, the development is later to University Town, one of the region’s earliest accommodation projects.

The following map indicates the Eighteen Islamabad location.

For convenient access, the proposal is only a few mins away from some of the region’s enticing and fast-developing accommodation projects and also near many renowned developments. 

Points of Accessibility

This residential society is reachable in the following ways:

• A 6-minute drive to the Islamabad Motorway Junction

• A 7-minute drive to the M-1 Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway

• 11-minute drive to M-2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway

• A 13-minute drive to New Islamabad Airport Rd.

• A 12-minute drive to N-80, Rawalpindi

• A 14-minute drive to Jand-Kohat Rd, Rawalpindi

• It takes about 3 minutes to drive to Tarnol Motorway Link Rd in Islamabad

Eighteen Islamabad Master Plan: 

This venture’s master plan covers a large area of 2.7 million square yards. This profitable project’s master plan includes 2000 housing properties, 1068 villas of different sizes, over 900 rental apartments, and investment buildings aimed at the upper-middle and upper classes of society. The design is by renowned urban architect WATG after being envisaged by Calisson RTKL. The unique golf club offer is also developing as a component of the residential development IDG has planned for the UK.

Eighteen Islamabad Development Information:

Seven hundred acres make up the region of eighteen Islamabad. The project’s planned amenities include two thousand housing properties, 1068 bungalows, over 900 flats, and high-end commercial establishments. 

The opulent villas on corresponding plots measuring 10 Marla, 1, 2, 4, and 8 Kanals. These villas with captivating views of rich green fields beautifully planted throughout the community. 

Eighteen Islamabad Residential Properties:

A wide range of luxurious living alternatives that are suitable for families and people of all ages are being introduced by Eighteen. People can find stylish, city-style condos thoughtfully constructed with broad, panoramic perspectives of the surrounding greenery. In addition, opulent villas are available for more prominent families or people needing additional space. These vast four- and eight-Kanal estates are beautifully and lavishly constructed and will be stunning homes.

The Heights at Eighteen:

The Heights at Eighteen offers residential units for individuals and small families with studio, 2, 3 & 4-bedroom flats. These opulent residences will front the golf course’s lush landscaping.

Villas at Eighteen:

The Villas at Eighteen are the most respected and flourishing estates, with magnificent 1/2, 1, 2, 4 & 8 Kanal personal residences. These villas are best suited for more fantastic families or individuals looking for roomy accommodations because they require the most secure and comfortable living.

Eighteen Islamabad Commercial Projects:

The framework for successful categories of Eighteen Islamabad is as follows:

The Core:

The Core at Eighteen is the newest and most inventive addition to the project, which aims to offer clients cutting-edge business options. This corporate centre uses 13 luxurious high-rise skyscrapers. This corporate area will promote contemporary culture and innovate the surrounding business environment. The Core’s high-tech architecture will highlight a modern layout while keeping the environment’s luxurious and proper feel. Also, this project is for larger companies and firms preparing to invest in large offices to expand their business.

The Club:

The Club is this development’s most fascinating aspect. It is in the development’s most strategic position, with a view of the 18-hole golf field. It is the centre of society, the gathering place for people to socialize and engage in leisure activities. There will be beautiful views of the lakes and fields from the golf course. It will be an exceptional location for elegant eating, gatherings on the roof deck, and various activities where you can have a wonderful time and live it up to the highest. The Club will also consist of a yoga class, a cricket field, squash courts, a cigar lounge, an athletics complex, and swimming pools.

The Square:

The Square at Eighteen is a perfectly suitable food and shopping alternative in a warm, inviting outdoor setting.

The Square will have a variety of retail stores and national restaurant franchises to satisfy the tastes of all patrons. The Square, which has more than three levels, is an excellent place for families & couples to eat, shop, or unwind.

The Resort:

The Resort offers only 150 rooms with deluxe amenities so guests can have a five-star experience. The Resort is situated at The Core at Eighteen and offers customized and protected services from the best hoteliers in the world. Also,s the project offers facilities s like Spa services, a fitness club and gourmet dining conveniences. The Resort’s event hall, which is suitable for any event, can accommodate 1,000 guests at once.

The Clinic:

Any emergency or non-emergency medical care needed by the inhabitants of the eighteen surrounding their homes is close by the Clinic, which is fully prepared and set up to do so. The Clinic will have an A&E unit, client wards, and highly trained medical professionals to treat any health-related matters quickly and carefully.

Eighteen Islamabad Payment Plan:

Buyers will get exceptional living environments with a tremendous financial schedule here. Expected to the accessible installment plans, buying a property in this position will be pleasurable and not expensive. Even with the slightly elevated cost of villas, selling one is made straightforward by offering an adaptable Eighteen Islamabad payment plan designed to meet your needs.

You have an approach to the ideal living position and excellent investing prospects at this place, which has been developed incredibly in every process. The administration has masterfully managed the concept, which allows people to purchase innovative living areas at competitive prices. Significant financial rankings, rising property values, and a developed location all point to a high rate of return on investment for individuals looking to expand as values rise.

Due to uniqueness, position, and numerous other characteristics, substantial income will assure in addition to the promising residential and investment choices. Also, the prices vary depending on the type or dimension of the property. 15% closing costs are required to reserve both flats and villas, and the Eighteen Islamabad payment schedule mentions below.

Eighteen Islamabad Phase 2:

A prestigious home development with international exposure, Eighteen Islamabad was brought about by well-known real estate companies. According to the architects, it is a meticulously designed housing development and a garden city on the cusp of becoming a global city. The Eighteen Islamabad is one of the most desirable and easily accessible places. It is reachable through the Srinagar Road, the M-1 Motorway, and numerous other commuter roads.

The RDA has jurisdiction over the area where 18 Islamabad Phase 1 is situated. However, the CDA controls Eighteen Islamabad Phase 2, which the builders intend to open. The builders plan to begin accepting reservations on January 1, 2023. Apartments, office complexes, mansions, and other necessary infrastructure make up 18 of Islamabad Phase 1. Individuals who have finished paying can take possession of the plots and flats.

Eighteen Phase 2 Master Plan:

The second phase of this scheme offers various-sized villas that can accommodate the prisoners’ housing needs. Moreover, being a luxury residential development, it is planning to guarantee buyers an upscale lifestyle. Ten marla, one kanal, and two kanals are the sizes of the properties in this phase, which is identical to Phase 1. The allocation of plots at Eighteen Islamabad Phase 2 begins soon after the 20% down payment is confirmed.

The Eighteen Islamabad builders are conscious of the requirement for environmentally sustainable lifestyles. Therefore, the tower’s 16% footprint will cover the minimum possible area. A golf course will take up 35% of the newly acquired land, while 17%  for roads, 11% to open space, 5% for the commercial district, 12% for community programs, and 4% for infrastructure. It is in the scheme’s cluster M, which is easily accessible.

Eighteen Islamabad Phase 2-Pre-Launch Property Reservation:

For Eighteen Islamabad Phase 2, pre-launch procedures are still ongoing. As the formal launch occurs, reservations for properties in Eighteen Islamabad Phase 2 will become available. Also,  the plots in Eighteen Islamabad Phase 2 will offer three distinct categories. The preliminary payment schedule provides, and registration will initiate on January 1 2023. Interested buyers might take advantage of this chance to purchase their properties. By reservation, buyers can reserve their preferences in Eighteen Phase 2’s opulent lifestyle.

Eighteen Islamabad Phase 2 Payment Plan:

The following are the specifics of the preliminary payment plans for the various plots offered by the project.

10 Marla Plot for Sale in Eighteen Islamabad Phase 2:

Eighteen Islamabad Phase 2 offers 10 marla villas for sale. This property category costs 40,000,000, with a 20% deposit of roughly 8,000,000. In addition, 10% of the total fee, or the first installment, must be paid within 90 days after the reservation.

The payment is due in 2 years with a three-month gap, with 8 installments.

1 Kanal Plot for Sale in Eighteen Islamabad Phase 2:

 1 kanal plot for reservation  avaible at 75,000,000  . This property category has 20% closing costs and must pay immediately. A phase of the eight payments, which amount to around 7,500,000 each  & represent 10% of the purchase price of the land. Also, it must pay within 720 days. As specified in the payment schedule, the installments must pay on time.

2 Kanal Plot for Sale in Eighteen Islamabad Phase 2:

2 Kanal Plots are available for purchase at the cost of 120,000,000. The property requires a 24,000,000 closing cost, which must pay immediately. In addition, eight installments pay at intervals of three months. Each installment is worth 12,000,000, or 10% of the cost of the entire property.

Eighteen Islamabad Facilities & Amenities:

Eighteen Islamabad, expected to cost over USD 2 billion, aims to be the most prestigious and exclusive housing development in Pakistan. The community pledges to give its members first-rate amenities and extravagances.

Following are a few of the critical characteristics of this massive project:

  • Future-Proof Aesthetics
  • Villas
  • ‘The Heights’ Apartments
  • The Core, a posh business district
  • Schools and Colleges of the Quality Standards
  • Roads with carpet in them
  • Hills, lakes, and parks
  • Completely operational health centre
  • Club Members
  • Branded dining and shopping in The Square
  • Spa, gym, and exquisite dining are available at the Resort.
  • Mosques

Eighteen Islamabad Significant Features:

The following cutting-edge conveniences are put ahead by residential development.

Basic Utilities:

Purposely designed to make life easier for financiers while guaranteeing everyone has access to gas, electricity, and water so that nobody ever has to worry about running out of anything essential.

Areas of Commercial Activity, Educational Institutions & Colleges:

The community will grow to be a major economic centre in the area. The state-of-the-art, commercial passenger possibilities and high-standard education institutions in all sectors of this spectacular society have been meticulously planned and constructed with the convenience of the public in mind.

Secured Scheme:

Security will be stringent in this society. The large wall is used around its periphery to ensure society’s safety further. In addition, facial recognition technology and key cards will ensure that only authorized members of society have access to the community and keep criminals out.

Always Safeguarded:

Because the safety of its residents and guests is a top priority, the community has a full-time security staff on patrol. Also, to provide a safe and secure environment in the housing community, CCTV cameras are installed throughout the community.

Wide Roads:

The first step in the society’s infrastructure development project is to lay a massive network of carpeted roads throughout the community. These proposed roadways will range in width from 40 to 120 feet, with accompanying concrete sidewalks and bike lanes.

Methods of Mass Transportation:

Public transportation within the community will make getting around much more straightforward for residents and guests.

Mechanical Generating Station:

The authorities have suggested implementing an electric power plant in society, making it a load-shedding-free zone. Hence, a more effective and prosperous community to guarantee its power station construction.

 Underground Power:

Underground electricity is nothing new, but it has become an essential upgrade for the community’s security, so much so that all the brand-new housing projects are opting for it. This action will not only make the community more beautiful and sophisticated, but it will also make it much safer and lessen the likelihood of any unfortunate events.

Mixed-use arena for Sports & Culture:

The society will soon be home to state-of-the-art sports and cultural complexes designed to please, showcase and celebrate the region’s rich cultural diversity while encouraging participation in extracurricular activities.

Wastewater Treatment Facility:

The society offers a clean and sustainable waste management system for the community; cutting-edge drainage and sewage plants will be built and implemented.

Water Purification Facility:

Society will have to be able to provide its residents with clean water regularly. Fresh water will be available to everyone thanks to a cutting-edge filtration plant, which will significantly enhance the area’s quality of life.

Why Would You buy property in Eighteen Islamabad?

Investors should consider several factors before making a home investment, including price, position, an approved NOC, financial plan, amenities, and connectivity. The payment schedule for the home project under negotiation draws investors. The apartments offer simple payment arrangements for immediate possession.

In addition to having affordable site prices, the community is on the Kashmir Highway, close to New Islamabad International Airport. The community provides its residents with both primary and contemporary amenities.

Furthermore, there are no claims of illegal invasion or extension in the housing scheme’s NOC, which CDA will shortly approve. The housing society becomes safe for investing as a result.

How do I reserve my property at Eighteen Islamabad?

Visit the reservation office with the required documentation to reserve any plot in the residential complex:

  • Two passport-size photos
  • Two duplicates of your CNIC
  • Two photocopies of your next of kin’s identification card
  • NCIOP for clients from abroad


The most prominent building project in Islamabad will be Eighteen Islamabad, providing the city with a distinctive aesthetic. This housing complex is the first step towards bringing global standards to Pakistan by utilizing domestic resources and establishing Pakistan as one of the world’s most advanced and urbanized nations.

At the most coveted and trendy location in Islamabad, live a lifestyle of distinctiveness and purpose while being accompanied by the best amenities and comforts. You can quickly and conveniently get the home of your dreams. The level of elegance reached here redefines and renews your existence. Now is the time to reserve your villa or Apartment for sale at Eighteen Islamabad!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Eighteen Islamabad is a housing project created by Ora Developers, Saif Group, & Kohistan Construction & Developers to offer a high living standard to its neighbourhood.

CDA will shortly approve the housing scheme's NOC.

The housing development is in an excellent position on the Kashmir Expressway, close to the New Islamabad International Airport.

Tarek Hamdy is the housing society's founder.

Apartment buildings, mansions, and housing plots are available from the residential building.

The content number for eighteen is +923041115323.

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