Park View City Islamabad

Park View City Islamabad is a secretly charged housing society situated in the core of Islamabad’s top-notch Zone IV, encompassed by the strange and luxurious scene of Margalla Hills. The lodging society is one of the solitary private social orders in the space. Park View City Islamabad is situated at the edge of Islamabad’s professional flowerbeds and has numerous passages that make it an objective efficiently of openness. This lodging society is being created by the Vision Group that has a broad arrangement of land improvements in other significant urban areas of Pakistan, including Karachi and Lahore. It is intended to give an ideal spot to families who need to live in a family-accommodating area and a protected site with advanced vision and lovely perspectives.

Park View City Owner:

Planned by modern engineering and innovation by Vision Group, Park View city has gotten perhaps the most searched out housing social orders in Islamabad. Vision bunch is possessed by Aleem khan, a senior and dynamic individual from PTI. This is the principal undertaking of Vision Group in Islamabad. Vision group was established in 2012 and from that point forward has achieved remarkable land projects. In under ten years, Vision Group has aced the land business in Pakistan and set up itself as quite possibly the most solid and reliable creating bunches in the area.

The organization plans to make a lavish living through different development and metropolitan scene projects in cosmopolitan urban communities. Vision bunch highlights rich style and present-day usefulness in the components of their activities that make for advantageous and luxurious living. The vision group executed a few practical activities with incredible artfulness and compositional works of art in significant urban communities of Pakistan. Following is the rundown of the unrivaled activities by Vision Group.

  • Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation
  • PARK View Icon located at I.I.Chundrigar road-Karachi
  • Park View City in Islamabad
  • PARK View Corporate Center at Mall road-Lahore
  • Park View Signature Apartments at Gulberg-Lahore
  • The National School
  • Park view villas at Multan road-Lahore

Nearby Access Roads:

Park View City Islamabad can use Cprinciple Jinnah Avenue from the Malot Road or the 200 feet wide primary access street, whose entrance has been straightforwardly given to the general public from Kurri Road by CDA.

Permissions and NOC:

The No Objection Certificate (NOC) of Park View City Islamabad will be supported by Capital Development Authority (CDA) before long, and engineers are investing their total lawful amounts of energy in getting the endorsed status. Becoming legitimate is vital for any lodging society since that will allow the general public to have a legal and approved neighborhood.

Park View City Location and Area:

The area is the main factor with regards to making great land investments. This is such a critical factor that generally, veteran and experienced land financial backers term area as the primary concern when they are out for a property snatch. Hence, PVC is an area symbol! There are various lodging social orders around. However, the greater part of them detest the exceptional vicinity to three significant streets with a set of the tranquil Islamabad Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Magallanes. Extended across the place known for 7000 Kanal with more than a few private and business hinders, the general public holds an appreciation for all standards of society. It is arranged close to Bahria Enclave encompassed by lavish green environmental elements of Bani Gala with the fascinating landscapes, 15 minutes from the principal Islamabad city; this general public is the encapsulation of extravagance and peacefulness. Park View City Islamabad is situated in Botanical Garden with tranquil perspectives. Our primary passage is from the Rawal Chowk side, and our door two can give you access from Bhara Kahu.

Park View City Islamabad Map:

The Park view city housing society Islamabad Map spreads out an itemized advancement plan of the relative multitude of private plots, business divisions, and municipal conveniences areas inside the general public. The primary benefit of PVC area and guide is that every one of the streets prompting society is something like 100-Feet broad. Notwithstanding, in Islamabad’s 2020 Master Plan, Capital Development Authority (CDA) anticipates updating the Kurri Road, Malot Road, and Simply Dam Road to 200 feet lanes. It is situated an 8 km drive from Chak Shahzad through the Park Road & the Kuri Road via the route from Kashmir Highway, Lehtrar Road & Islamabad Highway.

Master Plan Map of Park View City Islamabad:

The Park View City is partitioned into various sequential order blocks comprising of business and private squares. An expansion block “J” has likewise been dispatched to the general public by the administration in the new balloting occasion held at society’s premises. Squares A, B, F, J, and K comprises of 5 Marla plots while 10-marla plots are offered in Blocks A, B, F, H, and I. 1-Kanal plots are accessible in Blocks B, C, E, F, N, and M and Blocks D and P offer 2-Kanal schemes in the general public.

Residential Plot Sizes:

  • 5 Marla (26”x 50”)
  • 8 Marla (30”x60”)
  • 10 Marla (35”x70”)
  • 1 Kanal (50”x90”)
  • 2 Kanal (75”x120”)

Commercial Plot Sizes:

  • 6 Marla (35”x40”)
  • 8 Marla (40”x45”)

Booking of the above-mentioned plots in park view housing society starts from a 20% down payment, while the rest of the payable amount is to be paid in 8 equal quarterly installments spanned over a time of 2 years.

Features & Amenities of Park View City Islamabad:

CDA Approved Society

Park View housing society City Islamabad NOC has been properly supported by the CDA, and it is viewed as one of the top legitimate lodging social orders in Islamabad. You can purchase plots in Park view city and secure your future.

Imax Cinemas

Park view City will be a pinnacle of luxury and entertainment; the Cinemas with IMAX and 3 D technology will provide you with an unimaginable cinematic experience.

Educational Institutes

The fuse of best Schools and instructive organizations will be an arrangement in the general public contribution the best educational plan in the vicinity to the private squares, so they are effectively open and at the very least distant.

The Vision bunch has chosen to build up the freshest part of the National School in Park View City, which will work under the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation claimed by the Vision Group, among other notable instructive offices. The management, including the owners, are contacting multiple small- and large-scale educational institutes for this purpose.

Underground Electricity

As Load shedding or force deficiencies are viewed as a significant danger to organizations the nation over, Park view city Islamabad has an underground power framework, which are is upheld with generators to keep the force on. To make the general public a heap shedding free zone, the development work started on the water dam will likewise incorporate an electric force plant to guarantee the plenitude of electric inventory in the general public.

Wide Roads & Main Boulevard

The Park view housing society Islamabad Main Boulevard is a massive 200-feet long one considered one of the largest and iconic structures in the housing society. With beautiful greenery on the side, a refreshing outlook is imparted.


A gigantic, exceptionally planned clinic will be built for the general public to work with sound issues with cutting edge gear and the most recent innovation


To take care of the strict qualities and importance of lovely mosques will be essential for this uncommon housing plan.

Botanical Garden

A Botanical Garden amidst Park View city housing society makes it predominant than different social orders in its locale. Not exclusively will this Botanical Garden upgrade the regular magnificence of the task yet will likewise build add to the ripeness of its dirt. The nursery will fuse an immense collection of plants, garden spices, and exciting plants from around the globe. There will be nurseries and greenhouses to develop and develop uncommon tropical plants and blossoms in the general public. A natural food market will likewise be shaped in the general public to give genuine products of the soil so the inhabitants of this general public can partake in a solid way of life.

High-Tech Security Mechanism

For all-around security across Park view city Islamabad, there is an innovative component of solid video reconnaissance, introduced all through the general public to meet the security needs of its guests and occupants.

Park View City Apartments

With the consolidation of park see city condos in the general public not exclusively will the occupants partake in an upscale current everyday routine yet increase an expectation of experiencing. These extravagant condos will be outfitted entirely with wellness focus, pools, clothing offices, general store, and considerably more in the vicinity of these lofts.

Gated Community

Park view city is a protected and a completely gated neighborhood encompassed by a limit divider covering every one of the sides of the task. The adjoining social orders of Park View are not completely covered this broadly, while this general public has even blockaded the side that is close by the public backwoods region.

State-Of-Art Development

With the best craftsmanship and the loftiest turn of events, Park View city will be a milestone of present-day human advancement in Pakistan. Park View City Islamabad is arranged in an excellent bumpy region that is encircled by vegetation. You can appreciate impressive night falls and a quiet climate while staying in the vicinity of the fundamental city.

Park view city Payment Plans:

The Payment plan of Residential and Commercial plots in the society are attached below:

Park View City Commercial-Downtown Payment Plan:

The price chart should be attached

Park view city A & B Installments:

The price chart should be attached

Park view city Terrace C Block:

The price chart should be attached

Park view city C, D & E Block:

The price chart should be attached

Park view city F Block: 

The price chart should be attached

Park view city J Block Payment plan:

The price chart should be attached

Category Plots:

The category plots in the society, such as Corner, Park Facing, and the plots located on Main Boulevard of the community, are priced 10% higher than that of the regular plot prices proposed by the society.

Park view city Islamabad overseas block:

Park see the city is a charming lodging project that has covered the requirements of everybody, from private and business properties to exemplary lofts to Park View City Islamabad Villas, and presently the furthest down the line expansion to this regarded project is Park View City Islamabad Overseas Block.

The Overseas Block will be dispatched soon in the excellent undertaking and have confidence it will satisfy every one of the necessities of worldwide standard housings. The square is uniquely planned by the organizers with the consolidation of most cutting edge innovation and conveniences to give an impeccable living encounter to the abroad Pakistanis.

The need was felt to present this specific square on the order of abroad Pakistanis looking for a personality, acknowledgment, and a protected spot to put resources into Pakistan. The abroad square in Park View City doesn’t just give fabulous homes yet also an assortment of business openings. CThe properties in this square will be of added worth and high popular. The achievement of this square can undoubtedly be anticipated from the pattern found in the Overseas Block of Capital Smart City and Blue world City Islamabad.

Location of park view city overseas block:

The area of the Overseas Square in Park see city is at the most prime region in Park View City close to Gate 1. The square is set close to the business downtown of the venture and will offer its inhabitants productive speculation separated from a first-class living.

Features and Amenities:

Aside from the lovely area the abroad square will oblige the requirements of all citizenry. The court will have the accompanying conveniences remembered for its arrangement.

  • 24/7 Supply of Electricity, Gas, and Water
  • State of the art waste disposal system
  • CCTV Security , Guards and Motion censors
  • Parks, Playgrounds, and beautifully designed green areas
  • Shopping malls, restaurants, and Entertainment centers
  • Sports complex
  • Health centers and Educational Facilities

Park view city overseas block payment plan:

The price chart should be attached


The authorities of this general public have declared possessions of the underlying squares where the development work has effectively started in the new balloting occasion. The general public will be evolved entirely inside the following two years. The ownership of the leftover plots will likewise be allowed to the financial backers in a similar period. The general public is, as of now, offering new appointments for a restricted time frame just, so financial backers are urged to profit from this once in a blue moon venture opportunity and advantage from it. This lodging plan isn’t just appropriate for speculation, yet in addition, its protected private and business area is an optimal spot for you and your friends and family to live and work at.

Park View City Development:

The administration of the regarded society is planning to accelerate the creating cycle to convey the venture in front of its proposed time to its financial backers. The improvement work in Block A and B has nearly been finished, and the earthwork around the encompassing spaces of these squares has started. A water treatment plant will likewise be set up soon in A-block without further ado to guarantee the inventory of clean water to its occupants. The water will be separated, reused, and provided to all square pieces through this treatment plant. The principal passage of the general public has effectively been finished with a magnificent fundamental entryway and the street driving the pathway in the charming society. The land in this general public usually is rich and rural with a bounty of regular green views, so the evening out and plotting of the ground don’t need any significant shift. The general public is glancing fit as a fiddle since the work on the principal entrance entryway of Park View has finished, and development work on the fundamental 200-foot wide street has started. It is required to be completed in a couple of months. This 2-kilometer long street is being developed get-togethers approval from CDA, and it will acquire direct access from Kurri Road.

Things to Consider before purchasing a plot in Park View City:

There is a 3-step process that one should compulsorily consider before buying any plot in the Park view housing society Islamabad.

Step 1: Always verify the documents, including the NOC

Buying a plot is a big deal, and it is always to verify all the paperwork before a considerable investment. Ensure to thoroughly check all the required documents from the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and permissions from the relative departments to make sure you are investing in a legally secure project.

Step 2: Get your Finances in Order

Before making a hasty decision, check your affordability and make sure that you are taking all the costs involved in purchasing a property into consideration including the transfer fee, membership fee, property cost, development charges, survey fee, and the commission of your real estate agent.

Step 3: Site Visit and Structural Survey

A visit to the site of the Park View City is highly recommended to the potential buyers as land inspection is vital. You must familiarize yourself with the area and know about the property you are investing your capital. Even if you are purchasing a plot file without the possession or balloting, it is still essential that you visit the project yourself and only proceed if you are completely satisfied with the place.

How to Book Your Plot in Park View City Islamabad?

You can easily book your plot in the Park View society through Lead marketing. You can contact us or visit the office with the following documents which will be required from you at the time of the booking:

  • ID card Copy of the applicant
  • ID card Copy of your Nominee or next to kin
  • Passport size picture
  • 20% Down payment in the form of Cash/Pay Order/Cross- Cheque in favor of Park View Enclave (Pvt) Limited.

 FAQs about Park View City:

Where is Park View City Islamabad Location?

The location of PVC Islamabad is near to Bani Gala. It is located in Zone IV of Islamabad, in proximity to Bahria Enclave Islamabad. Park View City is an elegant and opulent Housing Scheme in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Who are Park View City Owners & Developers?

Park view city is owned by the famous Vision Group headed by Aleem Khan who is a senior leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf. This innovated housing society is a project of Vision Group. Vision group is owned by Aleem Khan, a senior member of PTI.

Is Park View City Islamabad Legal?

Park view city is totally legal housing scheme with NOC and planning permission approved from CDA.

What are the available Plot Sizes?

Park view city offers 5, 8, and 10 Marla alongside 1 and 2 Kanal Residential Plots. In the business segment, this general public makes 6 and 8 Marla Commercial plots available for purchase in Park View.

What is the Investment potential of Park View City for profits & returns?

Because of its stunning area and magnificent offices, PVC is presently being viewed as quite possibly the most well-known housing social order in Islamabad. Hence, this housing society ensures great profits from interest in a highly brief timeframe, and this is the best an ideal opportunity to contribute.

When will the construction work of Main Boulevard begin?

The development work of the Main Boulevard has been initiated as of now, and a 200 ft. wide street is being worked from Kurri Road to the general public to make a lovely covered pathway through the primary entryway to within the general public.

How much profit will I get on my investment in Park View City and when?

Park View City is quite possibly the most searched out and preeminent lodging social orders nearby, it is a phenomenal venture opportunity for individuals looking for great profit from their interest in a brief timeframe. With expedient turn of events and present day foundation, the costs and the worth of the properties in the general public will rise and give its financial backers a productive ROI.

When will the plot be transferred to my name after the booking?

The society will issue you a transfer letter after the clearance of the dues in one to two days.

What is the best way to book a plot in Park View City Islamabad?

You can easily book your plot in the society by contacting us today or visiting Lead Marketing office, you can also contact us


The outline of society is shocking, and after its productive execution, Park View will be outstanding amongst other social orders in Islamabad. In light of everything, Park View gives off an impression of being a nice endeavor opportunity for the two financial backers and the ones who need to live in it. A portion of the banks, for example, Silk Bank and Bank Al-Falah are giving home financing plans to the financial backers hoping to return home advances on simple terms in Park View City as the CDA endorsement is allowed to this general public, we would encourage you to benefit this chance and book yourself a safe spot in a bewildering new task.