Pakistan Employees cooperative housing society is one of the famous well-known and authorized societies in Islamabad in 1989. Society is the perfect option for those having low and fixed monthly salaries or pay packages.

Moreover, the infrastructure of the SocietySociety is designed by experienced senior government officers. Being a Capital and metropolitan city of Pakistan, Islamabad got some prestigious importance because all the crucial decisions regarding the state are taken in Islamabad.

But, apart from these specialties, Islamabad is famous for its beauty. Beauty in the sense of its environment and location. Whenever one thinks of Islamabad, an image of green lush huge Margalla mountains immediately appears in mind. Yes, that’s why most people invest in Islamabad because of its beautiful environment and unique locations. Pakistan employees cooperative housing society Islamabad is located near to the new international airport. This is one of the main reasons why people invest there.

Residential and commercial opportunities are other most prominent features that make this Society more prominent among neighboring societies. If we see the infrastructure of the Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society, we will find the construction techniques on international standards. This housing society provides all the essential utilities, including water supply, gas supply, and separate electric meters for each house. People can utilize boring to draw fresh water at their homes due to the excellent condition of the subsurface water infrastructure.

Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society was established to let middle-class families with limited or fixed incomes enjoy the lifestyle of Islamabad. 

Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society Location

 Pakistan employees cooperative housing society is situated just a few kilometers away from New Islamabad International Airport. Society’s main gate entry is from Fateh Jang road near to the PAF fair housing society tarnal. The other entrance would be from Srinagar Highway. This will be Society’s starting gate for the k block.

This boulevard will connect the Kashmir Highway and the Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society’s Jinnah Avenue. It is the Society closest to Islamabad’s new international airport. The current gate of the airport is only 1 kilometer away from its K block. Many new housing societies, such as Capital Smart City, Top City 1, Blue World City, University Town, and ICHS, are close to PECHS. As a result, the Society’s immediate surroundings are purely residential. 


PECHS is on Fateh Jang Road. The PECHS Islamabad is 25 kilometres from the zero points and 30 minutes from the Kashmir Highway. This SocietySociety is a 15-minute drive from Islamabad’s Motorway Chowk. Sector H 19 Islamabad lies to the east of PECHS Islamabad, while the New Air Port of Islamabad is to the south. 


 Rawalpindi Development Authority lists Pakistan employees cooperative housing society Islamabad (RDA). It is also registered with the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration’s Registrar Cooperative Housing Societies Department.  

PECHS Owner and Developers

 Senior government officers working in Islamabad under the authority and norms of ICT Islamabad undertook to establish PECHS. However, their progress and working skills were slow. These officers were the ones who started Blocks A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, and J. Following the development of PECHS, the capital cooperative housing society was placed in the hands of Extol, a newly formed construction company. Extol is now the developer of a home complex for Pakistani employees in Islamabad. It is a private development company that collaborates with Society.

Extol Company’s first project is PECHS. Mr Gohar Rabbani Awan owns the Company. Extol owns the land on which it is now working. The majority of PECHS Islamabad residents’ allotment letters are signed in the name of Extol with the title of Mr Gohar Rabbani Awan.

Extol is also permitted to sell plots on installation to the general public. Furthermore, you can acquire your allotment letters from PECHS Society in your name when you make your due instalments to Extol. Extol has built the K block in record time, while the M block evolves at breakneck speed. The EXTOL development criteria are taken into account. 

Investment Potential

Undoubtedly, PECHS Islamabad is a fantastic opportunity for those planning to invest their precious wealth in real estate due to its excellent infrastructure and other facilities. However, property rates in PECHS have increased rapidly over the last many years. Investors and companies that operate in this area will undoubtedly demand a suitable home to live close by.

Since the neighborhood’s prices have risen dramatically, PECHS is now expected to meet most residents’ demands. Moreover, the CPEC Western Route and the New Islamabad Airport and Motorway M-2 run close to PECHS Islamabad. As a result, there will be a lot of economic activity shortly. In addition, this neighborhood will soon be connected by the Rawalpindi Ring Road, resulting in a surge in demand for housing in this area. All these descriptions mentioned above are enough to convince someone to invest in this Society because of its stability and management. The other reason to invest in this Society is it is near to the new international airport. Apart from this, the investment is relatively safe and profitable. 

People Who Live in PECHS Have Access to Several Benefits

 As a resident of PECHS, Islamabad, you can make use of the following advantages.

  • Exceptional location
  • Infrastructure and Roads
  • Calm surroundings
  • Educational Resources
  • Health-Care Facilities
  • Commercial Markets for Public Transportation
  • Profitable Real Estate
  • Areas that are outside

Exceptional location

As mentioned above, PECHS is famous for its prime location near the new international airport and is central to Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Therefore, this is an excellent opportunity for both Islamabad and Rawalpindi residents to travel to both cities due to connected roads. Kashmir Highway, Lahore to Rawalpindi Motorway Road, and Grand Trunk Road Rawalpindi are the most popular expressways that travel through and across PECHS. 

Infrastructure and Roads

Society has already begun work on infrastructure, with the first step is to construct an extensive network of carpeted streets that connect all regions of the Society. The suggested widths for these streets are 40, 60, 80, 100, and 120 fees. In addition, rather than being supplied by another Society or Housing Authority, the Society has laid down fibre-optic wires, which are unrivalled. 

Calm Surroundings

For sure, no one likes noisy, polluted, and crowded places. However, everyone wants a calm and peaceful environment where they can relax after an exhausting day. Therefore, almost everyone prefers to have their place surrounded by dozens of pf parks with lush green trees and walking tracks. All these factors give a feeling of relaxation. Therefore, those who want this kind of peaceful environment. 

Educational Resources

One of the most important factors to consider when buying or renting land in PECHS Islamabad is the distance from their new home to the nearest academic institution. Fortunately, the area is home to some of Islamabad’s oldest and most prestigious educational institutions. So whether it’s colleges, colleges, or schools, students of all ages living in and around that residential region have several possibilities. Residents also have access to several prestigious institutions and schools within a 2- to a 7-kilometre radius of the housing development. 

Health-Care Facilities

 Just imagine, you have a medical emergency, you are badly injured. Where would you headfirst? Of course, towards the hospital for sure. Whenever someone plans to buy a property in a particular area, they will look for a place with hospitals and such basic facilities. PECHS society is composed of renowned hospitals with specialized doctors. Some of the best hospitals are located in Society’s immediate vicinity.

  • Quaid-e-Azam International Hospital, near Golra Morr on Peshawar Road H-13,
  • Nusrat Hospital on Peshawar Road, Ali Medical Clinic on Islamabad Motorways Link Road- G 15/4,
  • Bismillah Clinic in Friends Arcade in G-13, Quaid-e-Azam International Hospital, near Golra Morr on Peshawar Road H-13,
  • Quaid-e-Azam International Hospital, near Golra Morr on Peshawar Road H-13

Commercial Markets for Public Transportation

 Can you imagine your life without shopping malls, general stores, and transportation facilities? For sure, no, this is because all these areas are mandatory to have basics of life, e.g. grocery shops, food courts, etc. The same is the case with public transport, and we usually need public transport and suitable routes for schools and offices. Therefore, PECHS is the best option for investing because it provides all these facilities. The Society’s intended location is only 12 kilometres from Rawalpindi’s Qutbal Railway Station. On the other hand, potential residents can take the Qutbal Adda bus channel on Fateh Jang Road, located 8 kilometres away. Furthermore, PECHS Islamabad, located on Peshawar Road, Jhansi Syedian, and Rawalpindi, can be reached in half an hour from the Daewoo Express Bus Terminal. 

Profitable Real Estate

PECHS is one of the most profitable areas in the real estate market due to its day-by-day increasing rates. The reason behind this is the facilities and infrastructure they are offering. 


PECHS is the best option for those families with low income. PECHS provides almost every facility needed by every individual. Therefore, those who want their residence at reasonable prices with all the facilities mentioned above should consider this Society for investment plans.

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