Awami Block Vs Waterfront District: Where to Invest?

Undoubtedly, everyone is aware of Blue World City Islamabad’s publicity. Due to the comforts and excellent prices this society offers investors, the chance for interested investors to prove a preference to invest. 

People want to benefit from the incredible opportunities that have been presented to them. This housing society has been gaining a lot of attention over the past few years because of its unique features and amenities. 

It contains a variety of distinctive blocks, each with its selling characteristics. There is one more block that is covered in more detail than the others. 

Awami Block is a building that gives investors of various stripes the chance to invest. The idea behind this complex is that it is easily accessible to the general population.

This implies that the housing society’s financial strategy and prices are excellent in every way. Among the various benefits offered by BWC Blocks, we should not overlook its location, pricing, amenities, and security. 

The article will guide you on where to invest in the Awami residential complex or the Waterfront district?

NOC for Blue World City:

The Blue World City project is legal and clear. Thus RDA will shortly approve the NOC for the Blue World City Waterfront District Block.

In response to the official letter no. 532/10/DC, the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has granted planning approval for Blue World City Islamabad

The day is July 8th, 2018. For approximately 427 Kanals of land, preliminary planning permission was first granted for the idea.

Noteworthy Characteristics of Blue World City:

Since the society has received approval from the relevant agencies, its verification is crucial for potential investors. Approximately 5000 Kanal of land has been planned with the intention of being officially given to the society. 

But for the time being, 427 Kanal is the area that has received the NOC. It is hoped that permission for the No Objection Certificate will be issued soon. 

This building offers luxury and comfort in addition to being reasonably priced. This Blue World City is unique in the way that it offers a risk-free, cutting-edge investment opportunity.

Easy payment plans give the average person a way to invest, improving their future.

Awami Block:

Undoubtedly, investing in this complex by BWC is the cost-effective and practical choice for getting a house in a residential area. Everyone is familiar with the developers, and society is situated in the ideal area. 

Awami Block will undoubtedly give you the confidence you need to buy a house. The Awami Block is a fantastic solution that is being constructed to give facilities to the nation’s common citizens.

  • Residential plots come in a range of sizes.
  • greatest options for payments and affordable prices
  • a great and secure secured location
  • A huge mosque with all the facilities.
  • A system for filtering water to provide clean water.
  • The ability to access parks will be a blessing for the people living in our neighborhood.
  • Security and ensuring public safety are two of its key objectives.
  • In addition to being limited to a few days, they provide security around the clock. 
  • Clubs that encourage physical exercise, medical facilities, hospitals, and equipment of a similar sort are all reachable.
  • International educational institutes have been created to ensure high levels of education.
  • A wide range of other amenities is also provided by this society, including games, cafes, swimming pools, gardens, etc.

Awami Block Notable Qualities:

This block is residential in character, and with its construction and development, the common people of this nation will have the opportunity to improve their economic circumstances and realize their dreams of owning the home they have always desired.

This block in Blue World City is a fantastic investment choice for anyone looking to purchase plots at competitive prices. The flats and residential plots are all located in the Awami Block, showcasing the most attractive residential properties currently for sale. 

This complex is better than most of its rivals because of its features. The project provides the residents with the best experience imaginable by providing the possibility for a greater quality of life and much superior equipment.

The management of the BWC is meticulous and studies the needs of its sector. Because of the flexible payment plan, buyers at the Awami Block can obtain residences by making a down payment.

Waterfront District Block:

The Blue World City waterfront district has a neighborhood renowned for its serenity, luxury, and refinement, as well as its stunning homes at affordable costs.

Its primary attributes include:

  • Waterfalls
  • Paths for walk
  • Outdoor Movies
  • gated neighborhood
  • Restaurants on Boats
  • Waterfront Society
  • Dancing Pool Fountain Sports

Waterfront District Block Notable Qualities:

Investors should consider several aspects before making a risky investment, like purchasing a plot, including the cost, location, approved NOC, payment schedule, amenities, and accessibility. Before purchasing the most recent block from BWC, you should consider these factors.

  • The NOC will soon be approved
  • reasonable prices
  • Plans for flexible payments
  • The setting is wonderful and amazing
  • Living standards are best


Blue World City’s both Awami Residential Block and Waterfront District are unique in their own ways. What we need to see is who is the person buying it when we compare the two. A common Pakistani would want to invest in Awami Residential Block due to its low cost and affordability.

Whereas the people who want water-oriented scenery would prefer the waterfront block. Awami Residential has low costs and is beneficial for people who have a limited budget. 

However, Waterfront is a brand-new neighborhood that will swiftly rise to the top thanks to its beautiful design and layout. It’s a whole package of profitable real estate investments, from price to location, amenities to plot size.

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