Blue World City Vs Kingdom Valley: Which Is Best For Living?

Islamabad contains some of the poshest and most luxurious housing projects but very few of them are offering affordable living options.  Blue World City and Kingdom Valley societies are the most significant locations to purchase property in the region of  Islamabad which offers cost-effective living options for all the socioeconomic classes of Islamabad. 

Both societies serve a diverse spectrum of customers and places. Many real estate specialists believe that the houses in these residential units are the best since they will generate significant revenue in the long term. 

Because of the rising importance of these residential properties, buyers should expect a significant gain in value. Therefore, it is not only an opportunity to invest but also a fantastic option for anyone wishing to live in a peaceful and comfortable environment.

Blue World City

Blue World City is a one-of-a-kind and profitable investment option in twin cities. Because this developer’s development is the quickest among the competition, it represents a fantastic investment opportunity in a once-in-a-lifetime prospect.

The improvement in this venture has been incredible, and it seems like everyone is seeking to construct their ideal home.


Blue World City is adjacent to the Kingdom Valley and the M-2 Junction. Regarding geographic location, they are in close rivalry with one another. Its location is widely accessible from anywhere in Rawalpindi or Islamabad.

Key Benefits:

Blue World City must be competing with the town’s other residential areas. Besides, they go great distances to guarantee they are the greatest in the zone. Therefore, it must provide all the newest features that modern housing communities desire. The following are the facilities and facilities for the purpose:

  • All essential utilities
  • Theme parks
  • Lavish Restaurants
  • Medical Centers
  • Global standards Education centers
  • Parks
  • Gyms
  • Spa
  • Graveyard
  • Zoo
  • Grand Masjid
  • Advance Draiange sytem
  • Parking area
  • Gated community

Plot Dimensions:

There are numerous solutions to meet the diverse needs of consumers. It must provide plots ranging from 5 Marla plots to 2 Kanals of range properties. Furthermore, it gives farmhouses of 4 and 8 Kanals. The Awami residential complex has a particular block for Pakistanis abroad and a specific block for limited dwelling units.

Why Invest in Blue World City?

Blue World housing project is now accepting online reservations from prospective buyers. Other options include the progress of a request with confirmation of online reservation authorization and some payment systems. 

Blue World City has been allocated 5000 Kanals of land by the Rawalpindi Development Authority, subdivided into multiple areas and blocks. Also, the areas of the Private Residential Building are reasonably priced.

Kingdom Valley

Kingdom Valley is a freshly developed home estate currently one of the most awaited in the industry. There are several explanations for its attraction, one of which is that it is part of the Former Prime Minister Naya Pakistan Housing Program. The sector has numerous alternatives, but joining brands is an outstanding choice. Furthermore, because it is associated with the  Former Prime Minister programme, the rates will be reasonable for a towards much.


It is adjacent to the M-2 Motorway junction on Chakri Road. The fact that it is close to the International Islamabad Airport indicates its significance. Rawalpindi and Islamabad are both readily available from all directions. Furthermore, Kingdom Valley is about 5 kilometres from the upcoming Ring Road Project Rawalpindi.

Legal Status:

This development will receive NOC because the PM’s Naya Pakistan Housing Program has approved it. Kingdom Valley’s link with PM’s housing initiative is a huge selling advantage.

Key Benefits:

Kingdom Valley provides all the modern comforts competitors in the same area do. Kingdom Valley’s characteristics and facilities include:

  • Gate society
  • Advance monitoring system
  • All essential amenities
  • Community center
  • Parks
  • Spa
  • Gymnasium
  • Wild animals Park
  • Mosque
  • Restaurants
  • All essential utilities

Plot Dimensions:

Kingdom Valley is not only constructing home plots but also creating flats for luxury products. There are numerous variations accessible, ranging from 5-Marla to 2-Kanals. It also includes the choice of Farm buildings for a luxury lifestyle. It also offers a separate international block for Pakistanis residing outside.

Why invest in Kingdom Valley?

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is one of Pakistan’s rare real estate enterprises, providing buyers exceptional value. It also includes low-cost housing with cutting-edge facilities for inhabitants. The primary rationale for investing in this growth is that it is part of the National Government’s residential Scheme. Following that, the anticipation of fast growth with a massive return profit makes this enterprise one of the best investments in property in recent times.


Kingdom Valley is still in the design phase, but Blue World City is in the construction process. As a result, both residential properties have had to offer various chances for their investors. Blue World City is further anxious with inexpensive construction while not preceding sophistication.

Due to their position and growth, both residential properties will provide higher profits over time. However, it is still too early to pass judgment on Kingdom Valley because only time and the latest developments will tell if it is worthwhile to invest in it.

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