Blue World City Vs New Metro City Gujar Khan: Where to Invest?

New Metro City Gujar Khan

Due to the development features mentioned above and its openness, New Metro City Gujar Khan is both a fantastic entry for the Gujar Khan residents and a fantastic venture. The community position within Gujar Khan, which is relatively accessible for residents, is one of its main assets. 

Each inhabitant wants access to utilities, including constant water, gas, and electricity, which the housing scheme offers. Whatsoever it would be best if you did, it’s your choice. New Metro City Gujar Khan can be a fantastic investment for both local and international investor.

Trusted Builders 

BSM Real Estate has a solid status for expertise. Mr Bilal Malik, the Director of BSM and the grandchild of Mr Malik Riaz, is announcing a new venture dubbed New Metro City Gujjar Khan. The previous has seen them achieve considerable success.   The developers seem to have the experiences and knowledge to flourish in this new endeavour. So they aren’t required to be concerned regarding work verification or reliability because the designers of this community keep their best interests in mind.

Perfect Position

This new housing society is in a prime area because ideally situated on the National Highway that links Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Inhabitants, including both cities, will quickly get accessibility to it. Additionally, the property is within a short distance of the train line that connects Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Private buyers will be very interested in New Metro City Gujar Khan because of its excellent spot and simple accessibility.


New Metro City Gujjar Khan’s developers offer every amenity required for a contemporary city. There are numerous resources, including a shopping centers, hospitals, academic institutions, and recreational places. With all these qualities, it is simple to see why this society is a promising investment opportunity.

Quick Growth

New Metro City Gujjar Khan’s building phase is progressing quickly and picking up speed. Associated with higher levels will be impacted by this. Property prices in this project will rise soon due to a few significant adjustments. The most extraordinary moment to invest in this community for quick rewards is thus right now.

Blue World City

The wonderful residential community known as Blue World City adds luxury to daily life. Of course, the first thing to remember when considering buying is the venture’s efficiency but be convinced that buying luxurious houses in Blue World City is one of the create favorably accessible at the moment.

Buying a house in this private housing is the best way to earn money, especially when the real estate market is experiencing constant growth, both for purchase and rent.


Jian Municipal Engineering Company is an important international business recognized for its incredible innovations in the global real estate market. With reducing technologies and architecture compliant with global standards, this big housing project will increase lifestyle and employment opportunities for Pakistanis.


On Chakri Road, Blue Word City is adjacent to the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway and is close to the new airport in Islamabad. Furthermore, its location is quite beneficial because it is close to Rawalpindi’s upcoming Ring Road. The project’s site is ideal because it is encircled by all the main interstates interconnecting the twin cities.

Significant characteristics

This residential development will include all the necessary luxuries and amenities for a comfortable lifestyle in this freshly developed civilization. BWC will build parks, movie theatres, pools, salons, athletic teams, malls, cuisine streets, and essential services for its occupants. Investing in Blue World City may protect your money and provide for your family’s luxury lifestyle. The highest return on your money may come from a Blue World City venture.

Best possible return on that investment

Blue World City is offering real estate at comparatively modest prices. The rates make it a fantastic time to buy in BWC. The pace of social development is rapid. People who have invested are likely to profit because interest rates will ultimately climb due to activities.

People will feel more connected thanks to Blue World City Islamabad’s upscale amenities. The excellent opportunity for investing is in the community, which will undoubtedly result in higher profits over the long term. In addition to raising the level of existence, this construction will undoubtedly pay out as an investment in the years to come.


While Blue World City is on a fast-paced development, New Metro City Gujar Khan is still in the preliminary stages. Both residential properties must provide various chances to their owners. Blue World City is developing on a fast track, primarily focusing on making it inexpensive while maintaining high standards of grandeur.

Due to their position and growth, both residential properties will provide more significant gains in the future. However, the new Metro City Gujar is still in the developing stage. Therefore, deciding whether it is wise to invest there is too soon.

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