Is it worth it to buy a plot in New Metro City Gujar Khan?

The quick development of Gujar Khan into a significant metropolis can be advantageous for investors. The New Metro City of Gujar Khan is the official name given to the project that BSM Developer is now working on. 

All of the contemporary amenities and comforts offered by the development are offered at cost-effective prices. A sizeable amount of the land has indeed been reserved for the development of parks for kids, public areas, and nature. 

This real estate business project provides all the most recent conveniences and services at reasonable costs. The developers have left aside substantial space for the creation of amenities such as parks. The society will be surrounded by a boundary wall with a flawless mechanism to offer a high level of protection.

Interested in investing in this amazing project? We are going to give you some details about why you should buy a plot in New Metro City Gujar Khan. 

Exceptional Layout Plan

Modern infrastructure is part of the urban living-oriented design of New Metro City’s layout plan. The project encompasses a land area of more than 16,000 Kanals. The project plan for this home development in Gujar Khan was designed by a team of experts comprising architects and civil engineers. 

A lot of attention is being paid to infrastructure development in order to differentiate Gujar Khan housing developments from one another. To accommodate different investor needs, New Metro City Gujar Khan will provide a range of sized plots. There will be both residential and commercial buildings in this neighbourhood.

 All of the residents’ needs will be addressed thanks to the commercial plots, eliminating the need for them to visit the city. In this civilization, various land sizes are offered at affordable prices. The New Metro City primary residential plots classifications into different sizes are as follows:

  • 3 Marlas Plot
  • 5 Marlas Plot
  • 7 Marla Plot
  • 1 Kanal Plot

 On the other hand, the sizes for the commercial plot which are being offered are:

  • 4 Marlas Plot
  • 8 Marla Plot

Ideal Location

Any housing project’s success depends heavily on location, and one of the major reasons for booking a plot in New Metro City Gujar Khan is its ideal and central location. The majority of the important destinations around Pakistan’s capital and its prime spots are close to New Metro City Gujar Khan are:

  • Existing along the main G.T. Road
  • Seven minutes’ drive from Sukho Road
  • Five minutes’ driving from Gulyana Road
  • Driving time to Gujar Khan-Bewal Road is nine minutes.
  • Drive time to Mandra-Chakwal Road is 15 minutes.
  • Drive time to the DHA Islamabad is 20 minutes.
  • Drive time to Bahria Town is 20 minutes.
  • Drive time to Sohawa City is 15 minutes.
  • It takes 25 minutes to go to Islamabad City.

Best Real Estate Development Standards

You should invest in New Metro City because of the various amenities and real estate development standards the society will be established in the near future. 

The new project in Gujar Khan provides the very same extravagance and cutting-edge architecture as New Metro City in Sarai Alamgir.

The addition of this huge developmental project, which will fundamentally change the nature of the entire city, will be extremely beneficial to the residents of Gujar Khan. It has a neighborhood with many hectares of open area, but it is resolved to give it a dominant and prominent lifestyle.

 A team of seasoned architects created the division as a premium and the best real estate. Following the overwhelmingly positive public reception to BSM Developers’ major projects, Gwadar Golf City in Gwadar and New Metro City Sarai Alamgir, it will have a successful launch.

This dwelling plan aims to achieve the pinnacle of luxury and modern sophistication. It is a classic and unique product. The bridge between regular real estate and a universe beyond your wildest fantasies will be constructed. 

Reputable Developers

BSM Developers is recognized as one of the top designers and developers of several residential and commercial projects with impeccable design and sustainability. 

They are recognized for achieving the greatest quality service in the real estate industry. They want to use their years of extensive knowledge and advice to assist buyers and investors in making the best real estate decisions. 

By approaching every opportunity positively, they provide the best source of skills, information, and resources for their tasks. One of the benefits of investing in New Metro City Gujar Khan is this.

Cost-effective and Practical

Its simplicity is the main and most important reason to consider investing in a low-income housing society. While keeping costs down, this housing program offers possessions. 

Gated and Safe Community

The project is exceptional as it is safe and gated in nature. It provides you with all the necessary modern conveniences and services and the safety of a walled society. This project is a great choice for individuals looking to live in a modern residential neighborhood in Gujar Khan City.

Simple Payment Options

The plots will be offered in a range of sizes with relatively straightforward payment options, handy installment plans, and transfers that are affordable for all societal classes. 


Both the business and residential sectors, which the investors can invest in, will eventually work to your advantage. Investors have two options for generating income: either renting out the property or selling it for a profit. The investment in such agreements will be highly beneficial.

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