What are the Location Benefits of New Metro City Gujar Khan?

One of the most crucial aspects of investing in any society is location. When a property is in a desirable area that is easily accessible from important landmarks of the city, then the value of society will increase over time, and more people will invest in this society. 

The location of a real estate market frequently determines its demand. The location of a property has a significant impact on its value, as well as its potential for future appreciation. Considering the importance of location, BSM developers chose the prime location for their new housing project, New Metro City Gujar Khan. 

This housing society is located adjacent to the main GT road. It is accessible to all the important landmarks of the twin cities and Gujar Khan tehsil. Furthermore, Rawalpindi or Islamabad can be reached in 45 minutes by the future residents of New Metro City Gujar Khan. 

Moreover, this housing project is close to all the amenities needed for daily life, including hospitals, schools, and shopping centers. 

So let’s dig deeper and see what location benefits New Metro City Gujar Khan can offer its occupants.

Why Is Real Estate Location Important?

As we have told you before, the main factor that plays an important role in the market value of any real estate is its location. Why? Because it can directly affect the value of your home and property, location matters in property investment.

When it’s time to sell, having a terrific location can simplify things. Beyond that, it’s crucial to pick a suitable neighborhood when purchasing a house so that you enjoy living there.

Ideal Location as a Key Quality:

A TMA-approved housing society called New Metro City Gujar Khan has been built by BSM Developers and is situated next to GT Road.

The business first created New Metro City Kharian and has since introduced New Metro City Gujar Khan after New Metro City Kharian’s huge success.

The project’s key qualities include affordability, location, rapid growth, well-known developers, and the best location.

New Metro City Gujar Khan is located adjacent to the main GT Road, and this road connects all the major cities of Punjab. Moreover, this society is close to the important landmarks of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

That’s why this society offers the best investment opportunity as this is close to GT Road. Gujar Khan’s New Metro City will undoubtedly close the gap between luxury and affordability.

Qualified Group of Experts:

Malik Riaz’s grandson has also committed to upholding the same elite standards that are emblematic of Bahria Town societies. A highly qualified group of experts works around the clock to complete the project before the deadline while generating higher revenues.

A Strategic Location:

Due to its strategic position, investors will invest in New Metro City Gujar Khan. The New Metro City Location and Map are located on GT Road, which connects the city to Rawalpindi, Islamabad, and other state cities, in a major region of Gujar Khan.

The town of Gujar Khan is situated in the Rawalpindi District of the Punjab Province of Pakistan. The town is home to the Gujar Khan Tehsil, a district administrative body. Access to nearby schools, hospitals, and other amenities will be available. 

In Close Proximity with Main Areas:

It’s simple to reach New Metro City from the following places:

  • Drive time to the Mall of Gujar Khan is 4 minutes.
  • Driving time to Punjab College of Commerce is 4 minutes.
  • 7 minutes by car from the Gujar Khan bus station.
  • 6 minutes by car from the hospital at the Tehsil Head Quarters.

Easy in Access with best Routes:

New Metro City Gujar Khan is near the following routes

  • Located on Gujar Khan’s main route.
  • Nearly 7 minutes by car from Sukho Road.
  • Nearly five minutes drive from Gulyana Road.
  • Nearly nine minutes’ driving from Gujar Khan-Bewal Road.
  • Mandra-Chakwal Road is about a 15-minute drive away.


If a property is located in a neighborhood where people can easily reach, its value will endure and possibly rise over time. It is located on the Grand Trunk Road, the main road of Punjab, as it connects all the important cities of Punjab.

It connects New Metro City Gujar Khan with Rawalpindi and Islamabad. It is also close to the railway line.

Additionally, all the necessities for daily life, including hospitals, schools, and retail malls, are close by New Metro City Gujar Khan. Due to its accessibility and tranquil environment, investors are also quite interested in the location.

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