New Metro City Gujar Khan: Latest Development And Balloting Updates

The speedy growth of Gujar Khan into a big city can be beneficial for property buyers. The beautiful Society New Metro City Gujar Khan is the latest project BSM Property developer is currently working.

The management offers all the contemporary facilities and luxuries at cost-effective prices. In addition, the developers have reserved a sizeable amount of land for developing playgrounds for kids, public places, and landscaping.

This project will mark a significant turning point for Gujar Khan locals due to its distinct features and popularity. BSM Developers, who made their presence in the industry with developments including New Metro City in Kharian city and  Golf City in the beautiful coastal area of Gawadar, are the ones who are launching the initiative.

The project provides all necessary services and amenities, both sophisticated and basic, at reasonable prices. Adding installment plans by the builders is also an excellent benefit for low-income individuals looking to construct the house of their choice throughout the Rawalpindi District and nearby areas.

For this development, the developers allotted 16,000 Kanals of land. So, without further ado, let’s examine all the significant components of this residential building.

Reliable Developers:

Bilal Bashir Malik, the Director and founder of Metro City Gujar Khan, is famous in the property business community. The project has built by BSM Developers, a business with a lot of real estate construction knowledge. The builder intends to create a beautiful and functional infrastructure for New Metro City also with the aid of experienced employees.

Best Location:

The placement of any residential project is exceptionally essential. This development has proposed to be in an idyllic setting for the city. The famous Grand Trunk road it has located close to Islamabad. 

Although multiple subsidiary access from different routes, the main entrance to this neighbourhood lies right on GT Road. This Community offers beautiful places to buy and reside. The outstanding facilities and commercial complexes are close, thanks to the excellent connections and connectivity.

Affordable housing Community:

All socioeconomic group people can afford and use this Society’s financing plan in Rawalpindi District. This financing plan gives its buyers a two-year installment plan, providing them with the opportunity to purchase their ideal home or make an investment in the properties to protect their livelihood.

Well-Planned Master Plan:

This Housing Scheme in Gujar Khan’s project schedule has been created by collaborating with several experts, including builders and engineers. To distinguish Gujar Khan from several other residential areas, a large amount of focus has been paid to the construction of the infrastructure. 

This housing program offers a variety of options for people seeking a new location to live or who want to spend their money to buy things. The Society provides beautiful properties in the range of 3, 5, 7 and 10 marlas and big plots of 1 Kanal. 

Modern Facilities:

This area has almost all of the resources needed to offer the best amenities. As a result, the buyer does not need to be concerned about necessities like electricity, water, gasoline, network connectivity, or transportation. In addition, numerous leisure pursuits have emerged across Society to aid in relaxation, and the presence of a top-notch golf course adds an extra benefit.

The Community has public transport, a stunningly fresh, sustainable environment, grocers, universities, medical care facilities, pharmacies, exercise facilities, mosques, and numerous other amenities. An underground transmission system also exists to prevent variances. The Community thus provides the ideal possibility for customers to evaluate land with valuable benefits.

Development Updates:

The Rawalpindi Development Authority has authorized the Society NOC. As a result, you might invest with confidence in this fantastic neighborhood. Development in Society has successfully begun, and according to reports from our reliable sources, it is moving along swiftly. 

The big machinery has used on the work site day and night. The BSM Builders Pvt . ltd. seems to be in charge of the complete construction of New Metro City. The general populace has heartily applauded the residential Society. They are keen to participate in this beautiful project.

Consequently, they have already initiated booking a property in the Society. At the present rate of progress, the management is working hard to accomplish the housing project within a few years. We’ll update our devoted followers on the Society’s construction progress as it develops. 

Sector I of New Metro City is undergoing rapid development. So don’t miss the chance to support creative projects like these. The management of society has announced that they will complete the development of sector 1 by the end of this year. 

This is good news for the investors and end users of this housing society as they are able to yield high returns on investment. 

                                     New Metro City Gujar Khan Development
New Metro City Gujar Khan Development
New Metro City Gujar Khan Development Updates
New Metro City Gujar Khan Development Updates

Balloting & Plot Possession Details:

The builders of the New Metro City Gujar Khan revealed that people who reserved their plots before August 19 will have invited to take part in “Early Bird Balloting.”

Early Bird Balloting took place on August 20, and respondents had the opportunity to purchase a plot in this residential society’s A-block. Inhabitants who have secured properties in A-block will be capable of receiving ownership letters within five months. 

Furthermore, the corporation will construct 100 villas in the A-block and the project’s iconic places, Glow park &  Miracle garden.

Aside from that, the company of New Metro City Gujar Khan declared the Balloting plan. Per this schedule, the “Distinct Ballot” for A-Block will have seized on September 30. 

The “Grand Ballot” for B-block will be held on November 18, whereas this ballot for C-block will have held on December 30.

New Metro City Gujar Khan Balloting & Plot Possession Details
New Metro City Gujar Khan Balloting & Plot Possession Details


The neighborhood building phase is already okay, and things are moving quickly now. However, it will impact the upcoming cost. This Society’s real estate values will soon increase due to a few essential modifications. 

In summary, Society is the most fabulous place to begin helping the people of Gujar Khan who live on the opposite side of the New Metro City. Gujar Khan is an excellent investment considering the following components and the project’s transparency. 

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