Reasons to Invest in Blue World City Sports Valley

Blue World City has lately added a fantastic component to their scheme development known as Sports Valley. As we all know, Blue World City is the most elegant and firmly constructed tourism housing community. 

The new Sports Valley block is an extra treasure to be the scheme’s most sophisticated square. The Sports Valley aspires to become a fascinating scheme area. Moreover, a  cricket stadium and prominent places like the Villagio Shopping District and the Torch Tower replicas created inside the Sports Valley, like the Burj Al Arab Dubai, attained and constructed inside the community.

The Sports Valley’s idea is to enhance tourists and provide a sound way of life for individuals who want to recognize an outstanding solid way of life right outside their doorstep. From Sports Stadiums to corporate and individual properties, the community’s residents enjoy an extraordinary life inside the Sports Valley.

Furthermore, the community is providing the best possible results to its citizens for them to live a world-class lifestyle with all the fantastic options we’ve never seen before. 

It’s a reasonably modern age for the Pakistani resident residing domestically and all-inclusive to respect civility while living inside a mixture of heritage and international architecture.

Perfect Position:

The location of Sports valley within Blue World City is also ideal. The 208-foot-wide main avenue connects to Defense Highway, allowing this quick block links from Defense Highway. In addition, this new block is adjacent to the General and the Overseas Blocks. 

This block has the Water Front District block on one side and the General Block and Overseas Blocks next to it on the planned layout. This block’s position is both picturesque and accessible.

NOC Status:

Blue World City received  (NOC) from the RDA in 2018. Furthermore, after the Government Of Punjab signs the Municipal Bodies Ordinance in December 2021, all residential societies will be granted NOC clearance by their District Councilors.

 As a result, BWC gained permission. Hence, the community also applied for NOC for this new block Sports Valley. Therefore, the BWC authorities are optimistic that the NOC for the Sports Valley block will be approved as well.

Project Plan:

The management of Blue World City Islamabad has already released its master plan. According to the master plan, the management is building a housing sector with land sizes of 5,8, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal. Sports Valley is also building a corporate sector with major commercial plots of 5 & 8, Marla, and 8 Kanal.

Price Plan:

Sports Valley prices are yet another element that all buyers find appealing while purchasing. Furthermore, the developers consider affordability. Moreover, the block contains various properties ranging from 5 Marla to 1 Kanal. They will also be accessible at the minimum available rates with a simple payment plan.

Eminent Features:

The services, activities, and conveniences make life perfect in any civilization. Blue World City Islamabad is well-known as Pakistan’s first and finest purpose-built tourism city. Sports Valley is no exception to the features that BWC is introducing.

The Sports Valley block will have world-class, elegant, and sophisticated services and world-class construction. This block has the following characteristics:

  • Gated society
  • Cricket Stadium
  • Hokey Court
  • Villagio Mall
  • Basket and Foot Ball courts
  • 24/7 Safety Surveillance
  • Health centers
  • Education Institutions
  • Availability of Water, power & Gas 
  • Underground Power
  • Replica of Bule Mosque
  • Wide Roads
  • Greenbelts 
  • Parks 
  • Parking Area
  • Graveyard

Development Status:

The assessment of the overall Blue World City Islamabad is proceeding successfully. With this, the general area devoted to this block is 8921 Kanal area allotted for the entire block. 

Special access for this block is in the planning to construction, and the ground building is moving quickly. Sports Block’s main boulevard is 208 feet wide and has already leveled. Defense Boulevard also provides access to the significant avenue.

Why Invest in this Block?

The most important advantages of buying property in BWC Sports Valley are the low plot pricing and quick down payment. With a simple 4-year payment plan, the 7.5% down investment appeals to both investors and clients.

The core reasons for investing in any community are position, accessibility, trustworthy owners and developers, on-ground development, international facilities, world-class services, amenities and activities, and a significant Return on Investment (ROI).

BWC Sports Valley has everything! The financing plan and pricing are reasonable, the position is excellent, with reliable owners and builders BGC, on-ground construction is underway, and this block includes global services, attractions, entertainment, and top-tier infrastructure. Furthermore, Considering this, this block is suited for high-return investments.


This block is a brand-new development to Blue World City Islamabad. Furthermore, they are not relenting in their efforts to outperform and enchant clients with long-term residential investments. Additionally, the site and neighborhood elements will add the essential possible lifestyle goals to the lives of all potential inhabitants.

Most significantly, the investment is very low-cost, encouraging investors to invest here readily. Hence, it is unquestionably an adequate housing property in the country. Finally, before establishing long-term purchases, counsel is essential.

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