Waterfront District

Waterfront District by Blue World City Islamabad

Blue World City Islamabad, built by the Blue Group of Companies (BGC) in conjunction with Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company, is one of Islamabad’s most exclusive housing societies. It offers some of the most vital services online, including blue world city verification, online installment, certificate of registration online verification, and application status.

General Block, Overseas Block, Blue Hills Country Farms, Awami Villas, Blue World Economic Zone, Orbital Apartments, and low-cost Awami Residential Complex are some of the renowned blocks which were established in the Blue World City but now a unique block named as “Waterfront District” has been recently introduced. The other blocks in the Blue World City have received quite a lot of fame and popularity due to their uniqueness and the best infrastructure provided to their residents.

Waterfront district is a new edition among all these blocks with a unique feature for all nature lovers. Everyone loves to see water

Owners and Developers:

The owner of this society is Saad Nazir, Son of ex-Deputy Commissioner Lahore, Chaudhry Nazeer. Another organization in the name of Lead Marketing is pleased to mention that Blue Group of Companies has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company to insure high-class development for the public. Both of them are holding a strong bond with each other.

Launching and Balloting Details:

The waterfront District has been recently launched by the Blue World City Islamabad. Pre Booking has already started and many people have shown their interest in investing in this newly launched block.

Balloting for this block will be started in the next year and the people who are interested can participate in it. The payment plan is discussed below.

No Objection Certificate for Blue World City:

Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) had issued NOC via RDA/MP&TF/F-PHS-PTR- 10/148. Dated: 19-02-2019. In initial permission of 427 Kanal of land was granted to the society. There are no discrepancies in the company’s reputation. Unfortunately, rumors are circulating but here is the proof which has been duly approved.

Payment Plan for Waterfront District:

Blue World City launched its new “WaterFront District” Block With 06 Marla , 12 Marla & 18 Marla Residential Plots  with unique payment plans. For 6 Marla sized plots the down payment is Rs. 175,000, the confirmation charges are Rs. 87,500 with 8 half yearly installments of Rs. 98,438.  For 12 Marla sized plots the down payment is Rs. 315,000, the confirmation charges are Rs. 157,500 with 8 half yearly installments of Rs. 177,188.  For 18 Marla sized plots the down payment is Rs. 4,20,000, the confirmation charges are Rs. 210,000 with 8 half yearly installments of Rs. 236,250.

Why to invest in the Waterfront District?

Who would like to wake up each day with a mesmerizing view of pristine blue water? Wouldn’t you love to spend your evenings at a floating restaurant, watching the dancing fountains and spending quality time with your family. This dream has just been made a reality by the Blue World City administration.

They are providing the residents with a unique feature in their society bringing all the lifestyle luxuries. The Waterfront District is specially designed for the people who love a water view and want to live at a place with a mesmerizing water view.

It is specially designed in lieu with international standards to have a thematic lifestyle.

Waterfront District Location:

Blue World City’s new and lavish Waterfront District is located at a 20 minutes drive from the New Islamabad Airport.

Distinctive Features and Unique Selling Points:

The Waterfront District of the Blue World City is all about waterfalls, artificial lakes, water community, water sports and activities, floating restaurants and dancing fountains. Here are some of the features discussed in detail:

Artificial lake and waterfall:

When the heat of summer comes, we all think of waking up in such a way that we are tired of the heat, we look for someplace to sit which is cool and pleasant. We are tempted to go to some northern area like Hunza, Gilgit or Kalam to enjoy the view of waterfalls and have a sense of calmness.

The Waterfront District is a solution at your home now, a beautiful and cool lake which you see makes you feel calm. It will also save your money for visiting far flung areas and enjoy the view whenever you want to. The Waterfront District is specially designed on a theme where you can get a beautiful view of the artificial lake and waterfalls.

Dancing Fountain and Floating Restaurant:

Waterfront District brings a form of animated fountain that generates an attractive design for amusement (including three-dimensional images). The impacts of timed sound waves and timed light against water particles are used to achieve this. Dancing fountains, often called musical fountains, are one of the most striking and spectacular types of ornamental fountains.

You must have seen the Dancing Fountains & Floating Restaurant in Dubai and the islands of the Maldives. But now with Blue World City’s newly launched Waterfront District, this feature is introduced in your own country.

Water Sports and Activities:

The Waterfront District is also offering a unique facility for the water sport lovers. We all had to go to Mangla dam and Khanpur dam or different expensive clubs for your favourite water sports activities. They bring an opportunity to experience different water sports including jet ski rides, water boards and much more.


In a beautiful and attractive place, building a home is like a dream for everyone. Such an opportunity is seldom available then this Waterfront District which has been recently launched by Blue World City is the perfect opportunity for all of you who want to make your home in such a place so that you can enjoy the beautiful view of the lake. You can book your plot as soon as possible and build a home of your dreams.

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