Why is New Metro City Gujar Khan Considered a Mega Project of 2022?

Unquestionably, the New Metro City in Gujar Khan will fill the gap between embellishment and tenability as it is the mega project of 2022. 

Gujar Khan New Metro City The most opulent project in Gujar khan city is brought to you by the famous slogan “WHERE DREAMS ARE TURNED INTO REALITY.” The New Metro City is an emerging project with the tranquility of intellect and heart, free from every dissonance. 

The society is a well-known and exclusive development that was developed as a client-focused project by the current building and development by BSM Group. Enhancing and creating an incredible chance for those who want to invest in real estate speculation. 

It is considered one of the best upcoming projects of this year because the New Metro City offers communal living at its finest. It is a development project with all the essential amenities needed for living a full life, including the most cutting-edge technologies and comforts, historical art pieces, and other amenities. 

The housing project has a mega-development design to provide a grand but affordable dwelling plan. Proximity to GT road also provides the best business opportunity close to Gujar Khan. Islamabad and Rawalpindi are also close to the project.

In the real estate market of Pakistan, this housing project is considered the mega project of 2022, and because of this, many investors are showing their interest in this project. So if you are interested in investing in this housing project, we present to you some factors contributing to making it a Megaproject this year.

A Project by Well-Known Developers

One of the reasons for its becoming the new buzz in society is its developers. The BSM Developers are swiftly making a name for themselves in the real estate sector by launching successful enterprises. 

The New Metro City, one of the most opulent and modern housing developments, is located on GT Road, one of Pakistan’s main thoroughfares. It has caught the attention of both domestic and international real estate investors.

Affordable and Ideal Installment Plan

Everyone wants to invest in a society that has future prospects and is investor-pocket-friendly. The payment schedule for New Metro City Gujar Khan’s residential plots has been recently made public.

 The poor people in Rawalpindi who only dream of owning their own home and land have been impacted by the rising cost of real estate and now buy their dream houses at affordable prices.

The investment in New Metro City Gujar Khan is not only doable but also a fantastic opportunity to have modern amenities at a very low cost. The nicest part about investing in New Metro City Gujar Khan is that you can easily reserve the property of your choice with a small down payment and convenient monthly installments. 

The Future Benefits of New Metro City

The hopes are too high with New Metro City as the society will be setting some new brilliant examples in the real estate industry. 

Mr. Malik Riaz Hussain’s grandson, Mr. Bilal Malik, carries on the family tradition by presenting a brand-new, unique, and extravagant project in Kharian Sara-e-Alamgir. As a creator, their main goal is to create doors for people while also offering safe residential goals. 

They hope to provide the residents of Gujar Khan and other Pakistani nationals with amenities and facilities that can help them enhance their daily routines and raise their living standards. 

The family name is worth much praise and expertise with real estate developments and outcomes in Gwadar Golf City. Peaceful surroundings, a defilement-free area, exceptional speculative gains, and rapid development are all present.

Ideal Place to Invest

Any real estate project, whether a bustling retail establishment or a peaceful private community, may benefit greatly from the zone in which it is located. It is ideal and ambitious to keep in mind the people’s needs while populating our extension’s region. 

The most important elements of traditional level housing societies are closer proximity to the area and well-known points of reference, such as airports, key intersections, public transportation, and so forth, because they carry activities to this most recent project, causing them to provide a luxurious development. Because of this Many real estate experts hailed the New Metro City in Gujar Khan as the mega project of 2022.

Key Characteristics of the New Metro City Gujar Khan

All the modern facilities offered in New Metro City Gujar Khan are equivalent to any modern society but at affordable rates. That’s why this society is attracting a lot of investors. The facilities offered by the developers of this housing society are.

  • 24/7 Water availability
  • Gym and Spa
  • 24 Hour Security
  • Cost-effective.
  • Large Mosque
  • Gated neighborhood.
  • Educational Institutions
  • Clean Environment
  • Good and Fast Paced Development
  • Gas, electricity, and water
  • Good drainage system for wastewater


The New Metro City Project of Gujar Khan is undoubtedly a mega project of 2022. The project has been gaining a lot of attention from national and international investors. 

The location, as well as the amenities, are exceptional. The payment plan and installment plan remain very affordable. The amenities which the developers are providing are based on providing not only comfort but also a luxury to its residents. It is no doubt that this project will set many new examples in the real estate industry. 

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