10th Avenue Interchange

10th Avenue Interchange To Be Initiated By CDA

Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) will be constructing yet another avenue in Islamabad which will be known as the 10th Avenue Interchange.

As per the news sources, the approximate overall PC-I cost of the project is Rs. 11,078 million. The project is also supported by the Public Sector Development Program (PSDP) which comes under the domain of the Federal Government. According to the latest news release, the CDA’s proposal for the development of 10th Avenue Islamabad was approved by the Central Development Working Party (CDWP).

The other costing details which have been shared is that it is 7.6-kilometer-long 10th Avenue. The construction of this avenue will be in three stages over the period of upcoming next three years. The costing of the phases will be done in this manner: Phase one will cost around Rs. 3,901.225 million, whereas Phase two Rs. 3,451.225 million, and lastly the concluding Phase three Rs. 3,725.550 million. In the first stage, from Kashmir Highway to Service Road (N) I-9/I-10, then in the second stage from Service Road North I-9/I-10 to IJP Road, and in the third stage from Kashmir Highway to Khayaban-e-Iqbal.

The building of 10th Avenue includes the construction of different roads, and an overhead bridge to be constructed at Margalla Railway Station. It has also been planned to make an underpass at sector H-9/H-10, an interchange on Kashmir Highway, and for the settlement of slums in sector H-9. It additionally incorporates an underpass at sector I-9/I-10, an interchange at IJP Road, an underpass at G-9/G-10, and an underpass on Ibn-e-Sina Road.

The CDA administration has been quite active recently with the developmental work. While keeping an eye on the needs of the residents, CDA has managed to beautify the capital. The development of 10th Avenue was an important part of Islamabad’s Master Plan that had been overlooked by past CDA administrations. The current CDA government is working on a broad strategy to improve Islamabad’s infrastructure and to rebuild the residential areas as well as other public places like parks, roads, and other commodities of daily usage, as can be witnessed by many residents in the whereabouts.

The images that have been released depict exquisite architecture. The construction of the Srinagar Interchange on 10th Avenue Islamabad has piqued the interest of citizens. The building of 10th Avenue will be beneficial for the Islamabad residents and will help in combating traffic congestion-related issues, especially at peak hours.

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