Open your window of prosperity with warmth full of hope and bliss. Two such traits of Gulmohar translates beautifully within the vicinity. With its bright colors radiating from atop high trees, the surroundings create an aura that has yet to be experienced elsewhere in the city. Let us dive our readers into the ‘Gulmohar City’.


Gulmohar Gardens, a project of River Link Builders & Developers, is intended to revolutionize Karachi’s inexpensive housing industry with a residential that is both affordable modern and, elegant. The project is located in Malir, Karachi, and offers 120 square yard plots.

Gulmohar City Karachi is a residential development in Karachi that provides inhabitants with a serene setting, a luxurious lifestyle, and a green environment with world-class amenities. It is based on the idea of a green metropolis with the most amazing natural structures

Owners and Developers

Riverlink Builders & Developers, a well-known construction firm in Karachi, is behind the project. The developer’s primary concern is project planning and timely completion.

Riverlink Builders and Developers’ Gulmohar City Karachi is an upcoming project. The entrance to this lavish project is described as the epitome of an eco-friendly community that embodies the concept of a green metropolis with the most magnificent natural structures. Gulmohar City Karachi is the ideal gateway to an inexpensive lifestyle with every conceivable amenity found in a world-class development.

Riverlink Builders and Developers, based in ‘The City of Lights,’ have wowed Pakistani citizens both at home and abroad. Becoming the first choice option in the building industry when it comes to dependability and trust, as well as establishing the most desirable lifestyle to provide you with the life of your dreams.

When it comes to project development in Karachi, River Link Builders & Developers is a well-known name. The organization has always approached projects with a forward-thinking and innovative mindset. Furthermore, they are steadfast in their mission to give the greatest quality building and business possibilities to their clientele at the most reasonable prices.

They’ve earned a reputation as a company that is constantly committed to constructing cutting-edge real estate ventures and believes in growth and advancement.

Location of Gulmohar City Karachi

It’s located on M-9, the main superhighway Karachi is close to DHA City. It is conveniently positioned in the heart of the city, with many routes leading to it. With the Malir Expressway in the works, getting from Karachi to the M9-Motorway will take only 20 to 25 minutes, and you’ll be in Gulmohar City in no time. It is no secret that the Karachi-Hyderabad M9-Motorway is the pulsing heart of impending major housing projects like Gulmohar City, which has an advantage over the tarnished cityscape with depleted urban resources.

The project is tucked between the Malir Cantonment region, Bahria Town Karachi, and the Airport, and is conveniently located off the main M9 Super Highway. This also implies that it is easily accessible from any of these locations. There are two main approaches to Gulmohar Gardens that are the most efficient. From Airport Road, one can travel to Malir Check Post 2, then to Army Dairy Farm, and finally to KN Academy. From there, take the first left turn to Solangi Stop and Water World Park, which is situated next to Gulmohar Gardens.

Al Qaim Housing City is 2 kilometers distant, while Commander City is 2 kilometers away.

  • 2 Km away from Al Qaim Housing city
  • 2 Km away from Commander City

No Objection Certificate:

Sehwan Development Authority (SDA) and Sindh Building and Control Authority have given their approval to the project (SBCA). For our readers, we have gathered all the relevant proof to make them confident about their investment in the Gulmohar City Karachi. Following are the NOC details.

Membership Certificate of Developers

Our readers can understand the authentication of the developers by the below-attached certificate, this shows that the Riverlink Builders and Developers have been a member of Association of Builders and Developers.

Master Plan and Layout Plan

With experience in master-planned housing developments that mix residential amenities with shopping malls, hotels, schools, healthcare, food, and entertainment to improve community lifestyles with every available resource within the walled city.

Every successful community is only as good as its environment, with business layouts that complement the project’s residents.

The second route runs directly from Dumba Goth Interchange to Solangi Stop, Water World Park, and Gulmohar Gardens via the M9 SuperHighway.

You’ll have easy access to all of Malir Cantt and Bahria Town Karachi’s amenities, as well as the Karachi airport. Shopping and recreational facilities will be provided not just within the project but also in the surrounding area. There are also great schools and hospitals nearby.

Complete Layout Plan for all the Sectors:

There are a total number of 6 Sectors, divided into several blocks. The Sectors comprises of following blocks:

  1. Sector 1: Block A & B
  2. Sector 2: Block C & D
  3. Sector 3: Block E & F
  4. Sector 4: Block G & H
  5. Sector 5: Block I & J
  6. Sector 6: Block K & L

The project covers a total of 332 acres. The land sizes shown below are available for purchase.

Payment Plan Gulmohar City Housing Society

Gulmohar City Housing Society maintains reasonable pricing. Plot booking fees begin at Rs. 1.8 lakh, with monthly installments beginning at Rs. 6,500/-. Anyone can buy at such low prices with a 5-year flexible payment plan.

The following is a detailed price list:

Overseas Executive Block – Instalment Plan:

The Overseas Executive Block on the other hand has several features which are unique in nature. If we look at the payment plan that has been given below, we can see that the Rs. 8000 is the booking price. There are other 60 monthly installments and 10 half yearly installments available for the convenience of buyers. The total possession charges for 100 sq. yards are Rs. 3,500,000 and for 125 sq. yards are Rs. 1,600,000. Following is the payment plan.


The gateway to this extravagant project is defined as The breathtaking community that will house some of the epitomai of an eco-friendly community that carries the most marvelous constructs embodied with nature.  Throughout the infrastructure. Gulmohar City provides the master plan pivoting to what we call a modernistic perfect segway to an affordable lifestyle with every layout. Gulmohar City is designed to decrease the overall possible amenity provided in an international project. the pollution index in comparison to other communities.


What truly sets apart the infrastructure of Guimohar City from that of the hub, at first glance, is how every aspect of the infrastructure falls into place systematically. Reducing the pollution levels by far. The 200 ft wide main road elegantly branches out from the roots of the city and offshoots into 100 ft wide secondary roads connecting the city furthermore.


One of the key indicators of a successful community underlies the performance of its commercial infrastructure, for that sole purpose. the commercial zone comprising of grandeur malls. shopping marts, state-of-the-art cinemas, and leisure clubs.

Other Amenities and Features:

Luxurious. Affordable. Accessible.

Gulmohar Villas are built along with current architectural principles, bridging the gap between natural resources and our needs. As it is, providing convenience.


Lakeview flats are high-end apartment buildings that come completely furnished with a 1000 sq ft area that can accommodate all of your demands and needs. Lakeview apartments will be located in the heart of Gulmohar City and will be completely furnished, with concierge services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


One of the most important indicators of a successful community is the performance of its commercial infrastructure; for this reason, the commercial zone, which includes luxury malls and cinemas, shopping malls, international and local food chains that meet the required standards, and much more, is another cornerstone of the project.


Building a foundation for a stronger tomorrow is critical for the future prosperity of a flourishing society, and a model that builds strong future leaders will reflect on the platform that is given to these children and young adults, and a specific capacity has been dedicated to presenting a center for excellence where everyone will be treated with love and affection in order to harness their skill.


The pinnacle of Gulmohar City is its hill resorts, which promise an escape from reality into a breezy realm of peace with your loved ones. Gulmohar hill resorts are segregated on top of hills, surrounded by tall majestic natural beauties, and one will fall in love with the serenity and calm that is promised.


Faith offers serenity to not only one’s soul but also to one’s daily life, and in order to provide a house of faith for its people, we have put in place a strategy to build, if not the best, one of the best infrastructures that communicate tranquillity.

Gulmohar Hill Golf Club

The cutting-edge facility is designed to meet worldwide standards for an 18-hole golf course. The course itself is surrounded by rich green environment, and the vista from anywhere on the course is breathtaking. Built on an elevated hilltop, Gulmohar City is visible from everywhere on the course. A real architectural marvel that works in tandem with a well-respected sport.


At first, look, what truly distinguishes Gulmohar City’s infrastructure from that of the hub is how every piece of the infrastructure is put in place in a systematic manner.

Significantly lowering pollutant levels. The 200-foot-wide main road gracefully branches out from the city’s roots, off-shooting into 100-foot-wide auxiliary roads that connect the metropolis even more. The service lanes are likewise 100 feet wide, with separate streets and lanes appearing at 40 and 30 feet broad carpeting, beautifully stretching from the main road network and beginning at the main gate of Gulmohar City.

Health-care services

Gulmohar City encompasses every part of a functioning society, and one of the important actors in this regard is ensuring that its citizens have easy access. Gulmohar City will be well-equipped with all capabilities to manage a hospital that addresses both main and minor needs of health care while attracting some of the top doctors in the world, thanks to state-of-the-art health care facilities.

Parks with rides

Playland, zoo, adventure theme park, day and night jungle safari, hiking route, and horseback riding club. The vast expanse of land is a living monument to a complete lifestyle community that speaks volumes about the manifestation of nature. It brings us to learn from using capabilities that provide insights into the natural world and its immense diversity. Future generations will undoubtedly ponder the environmental consequences of our daily activities.

Zone dedicated to sports

A futsal ground, tennis court, badminton area, go-kart track, Gulmohar’s very own secure gaming zone, and a lake for boat rowing are all part of the Gulmohar sports zone, which includes a futsal ground, tennis court, badminton area, go-kart track, Gulmohar’s very own secure gaming zone, and a lake for boat rowing.

Other Eminent Features

  • Centers for Business
  • Amusement Parks
  • Apartments
  • Cafe
  • Education
  • Golf
  • Health Fitness
  • Hospital
  • Mosque
  • Security
  • Shopping Mall
  • Sports
  • Villas
  • Community Center Installation of CCTV
  • Environmentally friendly living
  • Gated Community Hotels with Electric Work
  • Theme Park for Children
  • Mosques
  • Security Personnel
  • Surveillance & Management of Security
  • Malls are places where people go shopping.
  • Schools with Cutting-Edge Technology
  • Institutes of Technical and Professional Education
  • Electricity from Below
  • Uninterrupted Gas Supply
  • Proper Drainage System
  • Availability of Water


A gateway to tranquillity, luxury, and a healthy environment. Introducing Karachi’s first housing complex, modernistic in style and strategically positioned along the Karachi-Hyderabad M9-Motorway to reduce total pollution levels in contrast to neighbourhoods.

Gulmohar City Karachi is an upcoming project of Riverlink Builders and Developers. The gateway to this extravagant project is defined as the epitome of an eco-friendly community that carries a concept of a green city with the most marvelous constructs embodied with nature. Gulmohar City Karachi provides the perfect Segway to an affordable lifestyle with every possible amenity provided in an international project.

Every successful community is only as good as its surrounding, with commercial layouts that go hand in hand for the residents in the project. It is no secret that Karachi-Hyderabad M9-Motorway is the throbbing center point for the upcoming mega housing projects, such as Gulmohar City which has an edge over the tarnished cityscape with exhausted resources of the urban jungle. This is the reason why Lead Marketing recommends this society to all the Karachi residents.

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