Arizon City Islamabad is a newly launched housing project in the capital of Pakistan. It is strategically aimed at both current residents of Pakistan and overseas Pakistanis. The project promises to bring high-end and luxurious living facilities to the inmates without costing a huge amount of money. The project will aim to bring affordable living options in comparison to other housing developers.

The state-of-the-art construction, reliable infrastructure, and luxury-oriented living will make this project distinct from its competitors. The developer of the project has already marked their name in real estate development and management. It has worked in the UK, which adds refinement to its work. The ideal location of the project and premium value will be distinct features of it as being an ideal investment.

Arizon City Islamabad Owners and Developers:

Arizon City Islamabad is being developed by a renowned name in real estate management and development. It is a project of Afzal Investment Company which has worked in the UK for years. This is their flagship project in the twin cities. They have promised to make it one of the leading housing projects in Islamabad in quality development.

The developers have a special focus on overseas Pakistanis and are providing high-end residential options to them. They have ensured that the hard-earned money of overseas Pakistanis doesn’t go to waste. The successful projects of this development company will add to the value of Arizon City.

Arizon City Islamabad NOC

Arizon City Islamabad NOC is still pending and is expected to be approved soon. The developers of the project have submitted documents to the authorities concerned. As the requirements for the approval of the NOC have been fulfilled, its NOC is expected to be approved in no time.

Arizon City Islamabad Location:

Arizon City Islamabad location

The project has attracted investors because of its ideal location. Arizon City location map shows that it is located in one of the premium areas in Islamabad. The developers of this project are aware of the issue of accessibility and real estate value based on its location. They have acquired an ideal piece of land for its development.

According to available information from developers, Arizon City Islamabad is located close to Chakri Junction and DHA Phase 9. Furthermore, the distance from Rawalpindi Circular Road is short, and it adds to its value. The ideal location of this project will be accessible both from Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Therefore, it will bring high ROI to both commercial and residential investors.

Arizon City Islamabad Accessibility:

The location of Arizon City Islamabad shows that it can be accessed from the following locations with considerable ease.

  • Located at Chakri Junction
  • Lies close to DHA Phase 9
  • At 13 minutes from Race Club Rawalpindi
  • At 21 minutes from Qurtaba City Rawalpindi
  • At 29 minutes from Hunting Club Parial
  • At 33 minutes from the cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi
  • At 60 minutes from Bahria Town Rawalpindi

Thus, it lies at an ideal commuting distance from different parts of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, adding to its premium value.

Arizon City Islamabad Nearby Landmarks:

Some of the nearby landmarks to Arizon City Islamabad are given as follows.

Arizon City Islamabad Master Plan:

The developers of this remarkable project have hired expert professionals for the development of the master plan of this project. Its master plan has been developed according to global standards. The available information shows that there are different categories of plots which include residential, commercial plots, and mansions.

This housing project will have different facilities like theme parks, medical facilities, commercial facilities, and other luxuries of life available. Furthermore, the developers have acquired 35,000 Kanal of land for developmental purposes. This project will be a masterpiece of development in Islamabad. 

Arizon City Islamabad Residential Plots:

The residential plots available in this housing project have different plot sizes.

5 Marla

10 Marla

01 Kanal

Arizon City Islamabad Commercial Plots:

Commercial plots have also been included in the master plan of the project. The developers will reveal the information about the plots soon.

Arizon City Islamabad Payment Plan:

Arizon City Islamabad payment plan shows that there are both commercial and residential plots included. The payment plan for residential plots has been revealed. The details are as follows.

5 Marla Plots for Sale in Arizon City

5 marla plots in Arizon City are available for a total price of 1,000,000. The customers need to pay 120,000 as the down payment while the confirmation fee is 80,000. There is a choice of 48 monthly installments or 8 half-yearly installments for the investors. The balloting fee is 100,000.

10 Marla Plots for Sale in Arizon City

10 marla plots in Arizon City are available for a total cost of 1,850,000. While the customers would have to pay 222,000 as the down payment. The confirmation fee would be 149,400. The customers would have a choice to go for monthly or biannual installments. The balloting fee for this category of plots is 185,000. 

01 Kanal Plots

1 Kanal plots are also available for booking in Arizon City Islamabad. The total price of this category of plots is 3,550,000. The down payment is 426,000, while the confirmation fee is 284,000. The balloting fee is about 350,000.

The customers need to pay a processing fee for each category of plots. While there are extra charges in case of the plot being on the main road, in the corner, or is park-facing.

Arizon City Islamabad Salient Features:

Arizon City Islamabad is going to be one of the most facilitated housing projects in Islamabad. The amenities of this project are given as follows.

Eco-Friendly Housing

The developers of Arizon City Islamabad are designing keeping in view keeping the needs of changing times. It will develop keeping in view the standards of eco-friendly development. Green areas, sustainable development, and sewerage disposal will enhance its value.

The developers have ensured that the environmental impacts of its development are the lowest possible. It will develop according to international standards.

Perfect Location

The perfect location of Arizon City adds considerably to its value. It is in proximity to various posh areas of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It lies close to Thalian Interchange, Rawalpindi Ring Road, etc.

Though it is a bit distanced from the hustle of the city, it adds to the peace of the environment. The inmates won’t have to face problems like noise and other issues.

Provision of Basics

The developers of this project have ensured that the inmates don’t face problems in the provision of basic life needs. The availability of water, gas, and electricity has ensured during the initial development phase. Commercial areas, entertainment areas, and other basic facilities will ensure that the inmates don’t have to cover a long distance to fulfill their basic needs.

Secure Residence

Arizon City will be a perfect residence for the inmates because of the security measures. It will protect from unwanted intrusion through boundary walls, CCTV cameras, and security personnel. Thus, the inmates of this housing project will live peaceful life.

Valuable Investment

It will prove to be a valuable investment because of its premium location and luxuries. Both commercial and residential investors will find it an ideal home. It will bring multiple benefits to them because of the model planning.

Arizon City Islamabad Facilities and Amenities:

Arizon City Islamabad facilities and amenities

The developers of this project have planned it to be a perfect blend of luxury and affordability. Some of the salient features of this project are given as follows.

  • High-end living standards
  • Constant provision of basic needs
  • Sustainability
  • Secure area
  • Commercial zone
  • Shopping facilities
  • Parks and green areas
  • Educational facilities
  • Masjid
  • Healthcare facilities

Arizon City Islamabad – Why invest in it?

Arizon City is going to be a perfect investment because of the ideal living experience that it promises. The developers have chosen an ideal location for it, which adds to its value. The model planning and resilient master plan ensure that it is a project which exerts its value for years. This will be a perfect investment for both residential and commercial investors.

It will bring a significant ROI to those who have invested in it for commercial purposes. It is a perfect living space for families, which means that its shopping areas will see a bustle. The developers have ensured that it is developed keeping in view the legal requisites which makes it secure for investors.

Arizon City Islamabad Booking Procedure:

The booking procedure for this project is simple. Customers need to visit the location and consult real estate experts to ensure that it fits their choice best. Next, the customers need to visit the head office or an authorized dealer to get the plot details.

Once they have received the details, they need to get the form and fill it out. Once they have filled out the form, they would need the following documents.

Applicant’s CNIC/NICOP photocopies

Nominee’s CNIC photocopies

Photos of the applicant

Deposit slip of the down payment


Arizon City Islamabad is an affordable housing option that offers various plot categories to interested investors. It is a project of Afzal Investment Company which has a vast experience in real estate in the UK. The project is located close to DHA Phase 9 and lies close to Chakri Junction. Plots are available for investment, so interested customers can book plots of their choice at affordable prices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Arizon City Islamabad is located close to DHA Phase 9.

Arizon City Islamabad is being developed by Afzal Investment Company.

The NOC of Arizon City Islamabad is expected to be approved soon.

Yes, it will bring a significant ROI to the investors.

Yes, it offers various plot categories on an affordable budget.

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