The Lahore smart city is an innovative project that aims to provide international standards to its residents. With its goal of creating sustainable and eco-friendly urban development, the ambitious project will bring numerous benefits to the residents of Lahore. The project will include several amenities and facilities offering a sustainable urban lifestyle. It also provides modern facilities such as better infrastructure, waste management etc. The project will also focus on data collection and management to ensure that the city can offer efficient services to its residents. In addition to providing the necessary municipal amenities, the Lahore Smart City project also seeks to create a vibrant and modern city.

This includes the development of educational, healthcare, and recreational facilities, as well as the establishment of a healthy business environment. The project also seeks to develop the city’s transportation infrastructure, to ensure that it can meet the needs of the growing population. The project will also be supported by the Capital Smart City, a private-public development project that seeks to create a modern and sustainable urban lifestyle in Pakistan. 

Lahore Smart City Commercial Developers:

Lahore smart city is constructed under Habib Rafiq and future development holdings that is responsible for the development of the Lahore Smart City. FDHL maintains the whole project of Lahore Smart City. They are responsible for the entire planning and development of the project, including design, construction, operation, maintenance, and promotion. Future holdings also maintain the finances and legal aspects of Lahore smart city.

It is also responsible for obtaining legal approval or NOC of the project, designs, construction, consultation, and maintenance of the entire project. Habib Rafiq Pvt. Ltd. is a major engineering and construction company in Pakistan specializing in developing infrastructure projects such as water supply, transportation, energy, and waste disposal. 

Lahore Smart City Commercial Master Plan:

The Lahore smart city master plan is to provide international standards facilities and a sustainable environment. It seeks to build a well-planned, efficient, and livable city. The plan focuses on five key elements: 5 Marla, 1 Kanal, public services, eco-spines, seamless outdoor trails, and traffic flow. The plan focuses on making 5 Marla and 1 Kanal residential areas available with affordable options for the commoner. It also provides lively neighborhoods with various diverse housing types, ranging from general residential blocks to overseas ones.

The master plan also includes different districts such as education, health, theme park, silicon valley etc. for its residents. The plan also focuses on providing public services like water, electricity, sewage, and healthcare. It provides eco-spines, green spaces that run through the city, and a space for recreation and leisure activities. Additionally, the plan focuses on creating seamless outdoor trails, providing a safe and enjoyable space for pedestrians and cyclists.

Finally, the Lahore Smart City master plan focuses on traffic flow and efficient transportation. It seeks to create a transportation system that is efficient, safe, and easy to use. The plan seeks to create an integrated and efficient public transportation system and improved roads and highways.

Lahore Smart City Commercial Location:

Lahore Smart City is located along the Lahore Bypass, between the GT Road and the Lahore-Sialkot Motorway. The project will extend from Gulberg Town to DHA Lahore and include a new state-of-the-art GT Lane connecting Lahore Ring Road to the UET Lahore’s new campus. It will also include Allama Iqbal International Airport, a commercial and residential center, a world-class university campus, a business park, and a range of other amenities.

The project will be developed in phases over the next few years and is expected to become the most sought-after destination in the region. It will provide a modern, smart and well-connected environment for its residents and visitors, with excellent access to the city center, nearby amenities, and attractions.

Lahore Smart City Commercial Block:

It is a massive project that will bring many changes to the city of Lahore. The project consists of commercial plots ranging from four to eight Marla and more. The project is located in the city’s heart and is being developed following the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) regulations and the NOC.

All the plots in Lahore Smart City are being offered at competitive prices and with competitive payment and installment plans. This project’s return on investment (ROI) is expected to be very high. The project also offers amenities and facilities like 24-hour security, a gated community, wide roads, commercial areas, shopping malls, and recreational areas. Lahore Smart City is the perfect investment opportunity for those looking to benefit from the city’s future development. The best way to secure your future is to invest in lahore smart city so do not waste time and invest in lahore smart city commercial plots.

Lahore Smart City Commercial Plot Payment Plan:

The commercial plot payment plan is a best investment opportunity for investors. If you want a better rate of return on investment then you need to invest in Lahore Smart City commercial plots. The commercial plot payment plan is as under:

2.66 Marla Plot for Sale in Lahore Smart City Commercial:

  • Lahore Smart City 2.66 marla commercial plots are available at 6,900,000 with the quarterly installment of 460,000 monthly.

6 Marla Plot for Sale in Lahore Smart City Commercial:

  • Lahore Smart City 6 marla commercial plots are available at 16,800,000 with payment of 1120000 monthly.

Lahore Smart City Commercial Executive Block Payment Plan:

Lahore Smart City commercial block offers various sizes plots at different prices. All these prices are affordable and reasonable for buyers. The commercial block has so many facilities and amenities for its residents and an affordable payment plan. The commercial plots (executive block) payment plan is as under: 

4 Marla Plot for Sale in Lahore Smart City Commercial Executive Block:

  • Lahore Smart city 4 marla commercial plots is available at 8,950,000 with down payment of 15,000 monthly  

8 Marla Plot for Sale in Lahore Smart City Commercial Executive Block:

  • Lahore smart city 8 marla commercial plot is available at 17,450,000 with down payment of 15,000 monthly 

Lahore Smart City Commercial Overseas Block Payment Plan:

Lahore Smart City commercial plots are reasonable and affordable for everyone and that is the reason it is getting so much popularity among other housing societies. The commercial block payment plan is as under:

4 Marla Plot for Sale in Lahore Smart City Commercial Overseas Block:

  • Lahore Smart City 4 marla commercial plots is available at 9450,000 with down payment of 15,000 monthly.

8 Marla Plot for Sale in Lahore Smart City Commercial Overseas Block:

  • Lahore Smart City 8 marla commercial plots is available at 17,950,000 with a down payment of 15,000 monthly 

Lahore Smart City is one of the best housing societies offering the best services to residents. So the lead marketing staff is there to resolve your queries about Lahore smart city’s facilities and Lahore Smart City payment plan. 

Lahore Commercial Block Facilities and Amenities:

Lahore Smart City commercial block is offering so many to its residents such as educational facilities, healthcare facilities, social clubs, community centers, parks and playgrounds, surveillance, an eco-friendly environment and whatnot. Some of the facilities are:

Parks and playgrounds:

Lahore Smart City commercial gives its residents a good place to work out and a refreshing place to replenish their minds. Not only adults and kids but any man of age can get relaxation there. Their places are filled with parks and playgrounds in which they have swings, jogging tracks, small food stalls, and much more where you can rest and reflect. They are an advantage to Lahore Smart City residents due to their eco-friendly environment and facilities.

27/7 Security:

Lahore Smart City commercial block is giving residents 24/7 surveillance so people can easily live in a society. There are security guards and cameras that monitor every corner of society making sure everyone is safe and secure.

Community Centers and Social Clubs:

The commercial block is also offering facilities to residents about their mental and physical health. That is why a smart city has community centers, social clubs, gymnasium etc. so everyone can spend time together and talk to each other.

Health and Fitness:

Other than social clubs, commercial blocks offer healthcare centers to residents. The clinics and hospitals have up-to-date technology in labs. Doctors are trained and are available in clinics whenever you need them.

Cafe and Shops:

There are many small cafes and shops in Lahore smart city for its residents to enjoy their leisure time and relax. There are many cafes that have good quality food and beverages to enjoy. Small shops containing junk food with mouth-watering flavors can really grasp the attention and cannot stop from visiting it again and again. 

Commercial Plot Booking Procedure: 

The booking procedure with Lahore smart city is so simple and easy when you come to lead marketing. The staff there is cooperative and will help you in plot booking. To book a plot in Lahore Smart City, the following documents are required:

Documents Required for Locals:

To book plots First, you need 3 passport-size pictures of the owner and the nominee, with a blue background. Second, a copy of the owner’s national ID card is required. It is important to note that a copy of the plot booking form must be submitted along with the documents.

Documents Required for Overseas:

To book a plot in Lahore Smart City, the following documents are required for Overseas.

To book Lahore smart city commercial plots from overseas you need 3 passport-size pictures of the owner, ID card copy, an Iqama or residential card copy of the owner and a Passport copy of the buyer.

After these formalities, you need to submit a payment receipt and then fill out the booking form with lead marketing as proof.


In conclusion, Lahore Smart City is an amazing opportunity to have a luxurious lifestyle in an affordable way. It offers world-class facilities and amenities along with a prime location to make it even more attractive. With great potential, this is a great option for anyone looking to invest in a smart city. Lahore Smart City is here to stay and is surely going to become the new hub of development and progress in the future. In case you need to book plots at Lahore Smart City lead marketing staff is there to assist you. They provide you the booking details, Lahore Smart City commercial plot payment plans etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Lahore Smart City is located at Lahore ring road near M2 motorway.

Lahore smart city is a venture of Habib Rafiq, Surbana Jurong and future development holdings Ltd.

The commercial plot category is 2.66 marla, 4 marla, 6 marla and 8 marla.

Documents required for booking commercial plots are 1 CNIC copy of buyers, 3 passport size pictures with blue background is needed for booking.

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