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Raising the bar for premium living in twin cities, Mivida City Islamabad is an almost 7,000 Kanal groundbreaking housing society that perfectly blends convenience and comfort with refinement and culture.

The developers chose a Spanish name Mivida for this project. It is the combination of two words in the Spanish language, “Mi” and “Vida,” and it means The Thing I Most Love in My Life. 

Designed and constructed by international and national developers, this project has everything an individual desires in his ideal home.

The unique feature of this housing project is that this is the first environmentally sustainable housing project launched in twin cities.

So investing in this housing project is the perfect opportunity for those who want to raise their families in a healthy environment.

An initiative to create a meaningful estate in Islamabad is Mivida City Islamabad. Society is presently thriving and will have finished soon. Mivida City is Pakistan’s first thriving, long-lasting, eco-sustainable city. Furthermore, Khanal Developers (Pvt) Ltd. and Mivida Developments (Private limited) have started a specific project.

 Society has situated between  Blue World City and the Capital Smart City, the most unique and outstanding neighbourhoods. Additionally, the location is near the New Islamabad  Airport and the main Chakri Road. Moreover, this Society is in a great area from which accessing the city is effortless and straightforward.

Mivida City Islamabad Owners and Developers:

The location of Mivida City Islamabad gives it an edge over other housing projects in the capital city. Due to its strategic location at Chakri Road, close to the M-2 Motorway and Adiyala Road, this premium residential project is highly accessible from major thoroughfares in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. According to the management, this project is the block of Khanial Homes.

Mivida city Islamabad Owners and Developers are  Mivida Developments PVT Ltd., and renowned Khanial Builders created the Society. Through exceptional collaborative efforts, the makers want to build a wonderful living neighbourhood that offers digital, social, environmental, and sophisticated environments. Both business groups have highly qualified experts, consultants, and technicians who can handle complex planning requirements.

Society wants to develop innovations and modern technology to give customers and subsequent generations an intelligent presence. All of these companies used their best resources to make this project an icon of luxury and sophistication. The development and construction within the housing scheme are going at a fast speed to deliver the project before the deadline. 

In addition, Both development teams have already pitched many sizable initiatives, and clients have well-received every one of their projects. They will unquestionably obtain more customer faith and trust in Mivida Pakistan.

Khanial Builders is the most reputable company in the Pakistan real estate market that has been delivering quality projects to its customers and investors for around 25 years. 

The services offered to the clients by the developers are,

  • Civil & Structural Engineering
  • Urban development
  • Designing & Architecture

Mivida City Partners:

Moreover, renowned contractors and construction companies are working alongside Khanial Builders to make this a revolutionary project in the history of twin cities. The Society developers have partners worldwide. The main partners of the developers are

Meinhardt Group Singapore:

The Mivida City is planned by the renowned Singaporean company Meinhardt Group.With more than fifty-one offices worldwide and forty-five hundred employees, Meinhardt has been providing developing professional excellence in maestro planning and developing for an ecologically responsible construction and structural building form since 1955. The company provides different services to its clients, including 

  • Field surveys
  • Master planning for land and roads. 
  • Infrastructure designing of sewerage system, water resources, electrical works, and earthwork. 
  •  Urban planning
  • lead consultancy
  • civil structure
  • MEP

Maxim Investment Group Egypt:

Mivida Pakistan receives satisfying, distinctive, and imaginative architectures from Maxim who is the second developer of this premium residential project. This company is an Egypt-based real estate company who officially started its journey in 1980.

Now it offers exclusive services on various residential and commercial projects. Besides this, Maxim Investment Group also provides engineering & design services to its clients.

Additionally, since 1980, it also provides the highest return on client investment opportunities. Additionally, it has headquartered in Cairo, Egypt. According to earnings, it was established in 1955 and had the most construction advisory firms in the world, with more than forty-five hundred employees working across fifty-one offices.

Meinhardt has proven their technical expertise in corporate strategy planning, and building for eco-friendly mechanical engineers has projected to grow.

Mivida Developments (Pvt) Limited:

This sustainable housing project is a modern housing society with eco-friendly features. This company has made its mark in the industry by delivering top-notch quality projects. The company’s highly professional staff work day and night to make this company one of the best in the market.

Bannu Mukhtar:

Bannu Mukhtar is also playing an important role in the planning and construction of this marvelous housing project in Islamabad. This company was established in 1964, and now it is offering its services to all the important regions of Pakistan. The aim of Banu Mukhtar is to offer international quality to its clients at affordable prices.

As an additional contracting company, Bannu Mukhtar is a member of a sizable project team. and today leads Pakistan’s engineering and construction industry, delivering assistance from Khunjerab Pass to the country’s southern coastline. The Banu Mukhtar construction companies promised to provide the highest caliber building services without lengthy waits or compromises.

Mivida City Islamabad NOC Status:

It is the well-understood thing that no society can thrive successfully in the market without having any legal status. Not only genuine buyers but also investors try to invest in those housing projects that are approved by the government body.

Mivida City Islamabad continues to lure many of the real estate transactions that are taking place in the city, and the main reason is its location and unique features and amenities offered by the developers.

The private housing project must abide by specific regulations to become recognized as legitimate property. In the case of Mivida Islamabad, the regulatory body   RDA has consented to the scheme, and Mivida Islamabad NOC expects to receive its soon.

However, many shareholders have demonstrated reluctance to purchase land in this Society. Since it is their top priority, countless investors and buyers have brought up this subject. But the most recent information on Society  NOC states it is almost ready for release.

Mivida City Islamabad Location:

When a venture capitalist searches for property to put money in, there are numerous factors that they weigh. The site ranks first among the most crucial. It has explained by the fact that the neighborhood gives locals a sense of security. Additionally, maintaining an anxiety-free lifestyle requires having access to daily essentials in proximity.

Nobody wants to travel to such a lonely location disconnected from the city. Therefore, before individuals sign a contract, make sure the place is easily accessible from the city’s top landmarks. A central area close to Islamabad is the strategic placement of the Mivida city Islamabad location. The Society offers a wide range of amenities and breathtakingly beautiful scenery.

Its front perspective provides a breathtaking view of the Margalla mountains and simultaneously attaches to the M2 and Chakri roads. In addition, the Society practices ecological responsibility, and the city has a lot of lush greenery, giving it a refreshing ambiance.

The Mivida Pakistan location appears to be particularly effective and well-used. The most charming residential neighborhood is currently developing. However, a large number of its development has completed already.

Mivida City Islamabad Location Map: 

With a robust infrastructure and ideal location, this society is raising the bar of refined living in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Mivida city is strategically placed on Chakri Road, which is also close to M-2 Motorway and Adiyala Road. 

Besides this, this housing project is also close to Rawalpindi Ring Road making it an ideal investment opportunity for those who want high returns on their investment.

Mivida City Islamabad Accessibility:

Its affordable payment plan and proximity to the ring road give it an edge over other housing societies of its caliber.

This housing project is in the final stages of development which promise a high rate of return on investment. The areas and main highways accessible to this housing project are,  

  •  Chakri Road is located next to this housing project.
  •  M-2 Motorway is only 9 minutes away from this project.
  • M-1 Motorway is only 34 minutes away from this project.
  •  Adiyala Road is only 15 minutes away this project.
  •  Srinagar Highway is only 33 minutes away from this housing project.
  •  Rawat – Chakbeli Road is only 25 minutes away from this project.
  • Rawalpindi – Kohat Road is only 35 minutes away from this housing project. 
  •  Islamabad International Airport is only 30 minutes away from this housing project.

Mivida City Islamabad Nearby Landmarks:

 Mivida City Islamabad location is considered to be of prime importance, and the main reason is its closeness to Islamabad new international airport. Moreover, this society is close to all the important places of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, making it a hot investment choice for investors.

Moreover, Society has perfectly placed between fantastic landmarks and sites. The residents of the Society don’t have to travel long to get their daily essentials or to the central city. Some nearby famous places of this Society are

  • Khanial Homes is 45 minutes away from this housing project.
  • Blue World City is 13 minutes away from this housing project.
  • Capital Smart City is 3 minutes away from this housing project. 
  • Jarrar Homes is 23 minutes away from this housing project. 
  • Al-Haram City is 11 minutes away from this housing project.
  • Thalian Interchange is 25 minutes away from this housing project.
  • Fatima Jinnah Women University is 30 minutes away from this housing project.
  • Morat Road is 25 minutes away from this housing project. 
  • Fateh Jhang Road and Sector G-15 are 5 minutes away from this housing project. 

Mivida City Islamabad Master Plan:

An experienced team with decades of knowledge involved in real estate development created the well-designed & established master plan for Society. Mivida City Islamabad master plan has integrated all the abundant amenities of contemporary Society to provide a lifestyle unlike any other in Pakistan. As a result, the residential development Society asserts to have the largest territory in the city. A total of fifty thousand Kanal of compressed land is purchased, and an additional fifty Kanal has expected in the long term.

Mivida City Islamabad master plan phase 1 is over 12,136 Kanal in size and is presently undergoing pre-development activities. This lively, creative, and safe housing design surrounds these flourishing living conditions with lush green settings. It would be a reasonable satisfaction and comfort to measure at such an innovative location.

The project has located in the scenic hills and environs of Islamabad. Vibrant and unique surroundings bring new living options for people who want to lead high-quality lives. The Society’s own IT park, educational infrastructure, medical centers, retail options, neighbourhood Markaz, sports neighbourhood, and essential trading core area are among the active Mivida Islamabad components that are helping to build the maestro society.

Mivida City Islamabad Master Plan Distinct Characteristics:

The neighborhood extends over a territory even larger than seventy thousand Kanal ground. Mivida city Islamabad has several buildings obtainable for purchasers. Additionally, there are numerous residential and commercial buildings of different sized. Buyers anticipate a decent fee of benefit on their significant contribution in both accommodation and business blocks because it also satisfactorily entertains the customer.

The overall design of the development for Society has divided into many neighborhoods, as well as a magnificent resort society, a  beautiful golf society, a sustainable ECO society, a mix-use society, a fancy entertainment society, an operational medical society, a developing education community, a finest retail society, and a stunning sports society. Additionally, Mivida City is currently providing the following investment units:

  • Business & Preserve New Corporate Areas
  • Cottages & Resort Dwelling
  • Skyrise Housing Apartments
  • Exceptional Villas
  • Natural Farmlands
  • Club Sponsorship

Signal Free Routes:

The developers assigned two hundred feet wide signal-free vistas main thoroughfare with the possibility to link Society to both Chakri Highway and the Motorway for a speedy-tracked road network.

Proposed Ring Road:

Society has linked with the Ring road that provides a diligent, completely separate passage for the convenience of traveling from one place of the city to another.

Cities Within City:

The developers have divided the Society into several individual cities that work together to create a master plan that offers a way of life unique to its league.

Golf Community:

The Golf Community comprises the luxurious villas of one Kanal along with the breathtaking natural scenic views and forty acres long golf course.


The eco-community includes play areas, engaging natural areas, a beautiful bird sanctuary, stunning eco-botanical gardens, and Fourteen Marla’s luxurious residential properties.

Sport Community:

The Sports community consists of a cricket field with an Olympic-sized swimming pool, tennis courts, fully equipped basketball courts, a biking track, and other amenities. The district also includes the ten Marla Deluxe Cottages & Flats.

Medical & Academic Community:

Society provides a convenient one-stop alternative and has outfitted with top-notch, modern, fully operational medical and educational facilities.

Mixed-used Community:

The mixed-use neighborhood includes 5.5 and 8 Marla homes, apartment complexes, shopping centres, civic centres, neighborhood amenities, and an outdoor patio with a recreation and water-themed park.

Business District:

This opulent residential development’s CBD serves as its primary business centre. The project has cutting-edge features, including solar trees, recreation areas, and a high-tech skyline. For this modern residential Society, multifaceted architecture presents a fantastic opportunity.

Mivida City Society Blocks:

Society consists of different communities with top-notch facilities. The developers have ensured to provide the finest dwelling facilities to future residents. Therefore, each Community within the Society offers the best accommodation with distinct characteristics.

  • General Block
  • Spring Block
  • Overseas Block

Mivida City Islamabad General Block:

The general block is the fantastic block. The stylistic style of living in the vicinity depends on it. The only goal is to provide stunning and best accommodations at affordable rates. Additionally, those who want to live comfortably but affordably has supported by the gorgeous green roadside, recreational areas, encased streets, well-deigned infrastructure facilities, well-lit residences, and quietness.

The Society General Block’s location and map view make it clear that it will also be a massive hit with the broader populace. The best part about this block is that the eight marla is ready for possession which means that you can construct the home of your dream shortly after paying the price of the plot. 

The Society presents a variety of domestic plots, which are

  • Five and a half Marlas
  • Eight Marlas
  • Ten Marlas
  • Fourteen Marlas
  • One Kanal
  • Tow Kanal

Mivida City Islamabad Spring Block:

Spring block is the latest development in this Society. This block is the most affordable in Society. The developers have designed the Spring block payment plans to be easily approachable for everyone. There are various accommodations in this residential building, both of which come fully furnished and offer spectacular neighbourhood scenery. Each unit’s design also provides affluent perks and modern conveniences within a budget-friendly structure. Besides this 5.5 marla of this block is available within one year possession.

As a result, it has gathering spaces and office settings that are suitable for this critical asset. The dwelling in this block are

  • Three and a half Marla
  • Five Marlas
  • Eight Marlas

Mivida City Islamabad Overseas Plots:

The Overseas Block properties become available to buy because almost all residents must be Pakistanis currently residing overseas. As the name suggests, the target demographic of This Block is Pakistanis with double citizen status or international travelers. Overseas block offers an affordable payment plan and immediate possession.

Society has reserved properties for overseas, which consist of different dimensions.

  • Four and a half Marlas
  • Eight Marlas
  • Ten Marlas
  • One Kanal

Mivida City Islamabad Payments Plans:

This enormous growth provides a wide range of residential and nontraditional investment opportunities. Moreover, the Mivida City Islamabad payment plan is highly affordable. This company offers a range of residential plots at very competitive rates. Investors and people looking to enhance their living conditions should consider this housing project.

Additionally, the management wants to offer more opportunities and housing options at the current time, such as resort accommodation, farmhouse residing, and much more. To meet the asset desires of prospective buyers, they will also offer commercial plots and other retail opportunities. It provides the ability, with all characteristics available, for fair and inexpensive prices.

As a result, your invested amount has a very strong, reliable, and sustainable value thanks to this Society’s innovative and viable strategic plan.

In addition, anyone can purchase their desired property through the Mivida Islamabad payment plan with three-and-a-half-year easy monthly installments. Additionally, this area is one of Pakistan’s most renowned properties thanks to its excellent location, cutting-edge technical progress, morally good development ideas, and contemporary amenities. Additionally, Plots come in various sizes and offer a more enticing payment schedule.

Mivida City Islamabad General Block Payment Plan:

5.5 Marla Mivida City General Block:

The five-and-a-half (25*50) Marla plot price is PKR 1,499,000/-. Both booking and confirmation fee is PKR 150,000/-. For the ease of the customers, there are fourteen quarterly installments of PKR 75,000/-. In addition, the possession fee is PKR 149,000/-

8 Marla Mivida City General Block:

The Eight (30*60) Marla plot price is PKR 1,999,000/-. Both booking and confirmation fee is PKR 200,000/-. For the ease of the customers, there are fourteen quarterly installments of PKR 100,000/-. In addition, the possession fee is PKR 199,000/-

10 Marla Mivida City General Block:

The ten  (35*65) Marla plot price is PKR 2,399,000/-. Both booking and confirmation fee is PKR 225,000/-. For the ease of the customers, there are fourteen quarterly installments of PKR 125,000/-. In addition, the possession fee is PKR 199,000/-

14 Marla Mivida City General Block:

The fourteen (42*75)  Marla plot price is PKR 2,999,000/-. Both booking and confirmation fee is PKR 300,000/-. For the ease of the customers, there are fourteen quarterly installments of PKR 150,000/-. In addition, the possession fee is PKR 299,000/-

Overseas Block Payment Plan

3.5 Marla Mivida City Overseas Block:

The three-and-a-half (20*40)  Marla plot price is PKR 1,450,000/-. Both booking and confirmation fee is PKR 217,500/-. For the ease of the customers, there are twenty-four monthly installments of PKR 30,208/- or eight quarterly installments of PKR 90,625/-. In addition, the possession fee is PKR 290,000/-

5 Marla Mivida City Overseas Block:

The five (25*45)  Marla plot price is PKR 1,950,000/-. Both booking and confirmation fee is PKR 292,500/-. For the ease of the customers, there are twenty-four monthly installments of PKR 40,625/- or eight quarterly installments of PKR 121,875/-. In addition, the possession fee is PKR 390,000/-

7.5 Marla Mivida City Overseas Block:

The seven-and-a-half (30*55)  Marla plot price is PKR 2,550,000/-. Both booking and confirmation fee is PKR 382,500/-. For the ease of the customers, there are twenty-four monthly installments of PKR 53,125/- or eight quarterly installments of PKR 159,375/-. In addition, the possession fee is PKR 510,000/-

Spring Block Payment Block

3.5 Marla Mivida CitySpring Block:

The three-and-a-half marlas total price is PKR 1,450,000/-. The downpayment is PKR 725,000/-

5.5 Marla Spring Block:

The Five-and-a-half marlas total price is PKR 1,499,000/-. The possession in one year.

8 Marla Spring Block:

The eight marlas total price is PKR 2,299,000/-. The possession in one year.

Mivida City Islamabad Amenities & Facilities:

Among the many factors contributing to this Society’s acceptance and prominence are its facilities and characteristics. The area is fully furnished with amenities and necessities, making it the best choice. Additionally, it completely satisfies all of a person’s needs. People also uphold higher international standards to live following current needs and desires. Therefore, the builders assured the ideal and desired life in this place. It quickly develops into a highly desirable residential community where you can experience the best life offers. Without a doubt, it is the most notable and singular advancement.

Basic Amenities

The Builders of this housing project are working day and night to provide the lifestyle you always desired. the management is offering careful amenities and features giving it a clear edge over other housing societies in this area.

  • Continuous Supply of Electrical Energy, Gas, and Water:

The societies have made extra arrangements to ensure an uninterrupted supply of electricity, gas, and water in all the months and time so that future residents can enjoy their time in their new homes without any tension.

  • Healthcare Centers: 

The developers of this society are well aware of the importance of health facilities therefore they have constructed state-of-the-art health facilities in the prime location of the housing society. With the newest technologies and experts and drug stores, this healthy facility provides 24/7 medical assistance to all the people living in the society. 

  • Multi-functional Academic Institutes: 

The society has allocated a specific area to construct the Campuses of reputable colleges and schools on the society premises. The Academic institutes have hired the best teaching and non-teaching staff to provide high-quality education.

  • Commercial area:

Each block of this premium housing project has its own commercial area to accommodate the need of the people living there. The society’s commercial area will have everything future residents need to meet their daily needs, including grocery stores, cafes, shopping malls, service offices, all-purpose stores, and many other basic amenities.

  • Masjids:

The developers of this housing project are going to construct a Jamia masjid in the prime location of the society to meet the religious needs of the people living on the premise. The Jamia masjid features an internal cooling system, beautiful architecture that pays homage to Islamic architecture, and a main prayer hall that can accommodate a hundred prayers at a time. 

  • Bus Shuttle:

 For comfortable conveyance in Society, the society has launched a bus shuttle service that will transport people to all the areas of society. 

  • Banks:

All the important Banks and ATMs are present in the prime location of society so that people can draw and deposit their money without worrying about theft and robbery. 

  • Fire Extinguishers Station and Police

Fire extinguisher stations and police stations are also a part in society to manage any possible crises.

Mivida City Islamabad Entertainment Facilities:

Everyone wants a perfect spot near the doorsteps of their home to spend leisure time with their family and loved ones. The developers of this premium housing project leave no stone unturned in providing an elevated lifestyle to all of their clients. From a versatile event hall to the sports complex, the top-notch entertainment facilities in Mivida City Islamabad make it a hallmark of luxury and refined living in twin cities. The entertainment facilities offered by the management are,

  • Recreation areas:

Several parks are constructed in society to provide healthy and fun spots for families and childern for fantastic outdoor enjoyment. 

  • Highly versatile spaces for Various Events:

The society has also planned on constructing a community hall so that the people can organize different events in the premise of society. 

  • Coffee Shops, Eateries, and Hotels:

What’s better than hanging out with friends in a nice cafe without worrying about the hustle and bustle of traffic? In the commercial area of this premium residential development, there will be a variety of eateries and cafes where residents can spend time with family and friends.

  • Sports facility that Encourages Sports Acivities:

There will be a sports complex on the premises of the society that will offer all kinds of indoor and outdoor sports activities for sports lovers and enthusiasts. 

Besides this other entertainment facilities offered by the management of this housing project are, 

  • club owners and cricket fields to develop young talent
  • Apex Aquarina, the playing games area, theatres, and gyms offer first-rate entertainment
  • Tree lovers can enjoy Tree Top Sidewalks.
  • Mivida Avian Resort’s bird aviary and butterfly house offer opportunities to get close to the outdoors

Advanced Facilities:

Planned and Designed for a modern and elevated lifestyle, Mivida City is a one-of-a-kind residential featuring beautifully designed green spaces. 

  •  Self-grooming service is available from Mivida, such as salons and clinics
  • There is an Agri – tourist place and beautiful gardens inside the Society.
  • Inhabitants will receive only pure food products from Mivida Dairy.
  • A natural method of health affirmation

Mivida City Islamabad Salient Features:

Everything about this place is alluring enough to persuade visitors to settle permanently in Mivida City Islamabad. Furthermore, implementing new and enhanced objectives has presented a realistic image of solace and renovation. Islamabad’s residents, therefore, have an excellent experience in improving their quality of life by embracing what contemporary civilization has to offer. Additionally, everything is so fantastic here that you could spend the entirety of your stay surrounded by conveniences and comforts.

Sustainable Features:

  • Low Air pollution of Carbon
  • Reduced Water Use
  • Selection, Storage, and Strategic planning of Smart Rain and Stormwater Runoff 
  • sewage reprocessing and therapeutic interventions facility
  • water purification facility
  •  Water Interactional Plant Renewably produced energy that’s friendly to the environment: Solar, wind, and biotech plants
  • Aqueducts Reservoirs for Artificial Recharge: Recharging Beneath the city Aqueducts
  • Cooling Modifier Bio-domes: One of the most prudent methods of subterranean cooling
  • Reuse water using biological filtering
  • Facilities with an In-Built Grey River Management Network System with Centralized Waste Disposal

Smart Features:

As we live in a technologically advanced era, society has introduced one-of-a-kind features to ensure the comfort of future occupants.

  • Smart monitoring and camera system for constant protection
  • Power Distribution Grids for the production of energy that is responsible
  • Power generation usage observing and remote monitoring technology
  • a framework of computer-controlled street lighting
  • a clever traffic control system with quick passage finding
  • Modern Parking Garages
  • societally accessible electric vehicle charging stations and locations, Smart Emergency preparedness and prediction
  • Most effective resident framework and gateways for prompt assistance
  • Air pollution reduction system 

Distinct Feature:

Vowing to provide you with the harmony of home with contemporary living, the gated community of Mivida City Rawalpindi is equipped with an extraordinary facilities selection that fulfills the demands and desires of modern-day residents.

  • The straightforward approach to both the M-2 Isb-Lhr Motorway and the Chakri junction
  • Active Business District
  • Green areas in every sector
  • IT Park and Learning Complex
  • Neighborhood commercial Markaz
  •  Jamiah Masjids and Sector Masjids

Development Status:

The  Mivida Islamabad has still in its development. At infrastructure S2, Block-C of Society, close to Chakri Street, preparatory advancement, such as groundworks, has still ongoing. Additionally, the constructor currently works on the primary boulevard without signals. The construction of a Jamia Masjid and self-supporting components is also ongoing. In Society, the developers have done the work done the main access road.

The feature that distinguished it from other housing societies in this area is that this project is offering immediate possession to all its potential buyers and clients. 

Mivida City Islamabad Plots Booking Process:

Confirm the status of your preferred plot, the requirements, and the neighbourhood before investing. In addition to the booking fee, an initial application must be appropriately completed and include all required documentation. This procedure takes time and necessitates research. Some documents have needed for the booking process

  • Buyers new photographs
  • The two photocopies of buyer CNIC
  • The two photocopies of the buyer after the family CNIC
  • Send Copy or screenshot of the deposit slip

Few Considerations

However, the society’s management has clearly mentioned a few points to keep in mind before you book your plot in the society. 

  •  Customers will have charged an additional 10 percent of the total price if they require a side plot, a plot with a park view, a plot with three free corners, or properties on the major highway.
  • The property verification is due ninety days after the date of the reservation.
  • After ninety days have passed since the reservation date, the first quarterly instalment has been due.
  • None of the prices includes developing costs.
  • At the point of purchase, customers will have well-informed about the rules and regulations.

Why Invest In Mivida City Islamabad:

The first eco-friendly housing development in Pakistan is called Mivida City Islamabad. The Society recently identified itself as one of the best places in the country for investments in real estate. It is a fantastic spot to work and a delightful place to invest.

All in all, Society is an excellent place to invest. The world’s first sustainable and environment housing development, Society offers savvy, secure, wholesome, and economical living choices. It is the perfect project for customers seeking aspirational investments and living expertise. In addition, Society is a great place to conduct business. If you still have doubts about investing in this project, we are listing down some reasons to help you make up your mind. 

  • Sustainable investment returns that can compete are accessible to anyone. In addition,  people can confidently invest their difficult money while reaping substantial rewards.  It is distinguished from the others by its cutting-edge amenities, contemporary architecture, and superb city planning.  The homes in Mivida City Islamabad that are for purchase are affordable. 
  • . The society is located in the most sought-after neighborhood in the twin cities and its prime location made it one of the hottest properties to invest in to secure your future.
  • Unlike other societies established in the area, the society is offering immediate plot possession to all its genuine buyers and investors so that they can start the construction of their dream home right away.
  • The prices of this housing society are extremely affordable compared to all the societies located in the region. Moreover, the affordable and flexible payment plan enables people from all walk of life to invest in the society of their dream. These are typically available for a fair price. In addition, this region has plots, cottages, penthouses, resorts, shops, office spaces, and other assets.


The city’s first ecologically responsible residential housing is called Mivida City Islamabad. The neighborhood has a tonne of accommodations, facilities, and modern features. Both the location and the master plan are outstanding. Owners and developers in Mivida City are competent and reliable. Moreover,  buyers strongly recommend the Society housing project as a stable investment. This project has generated a lot of commotion, as both investors are thrilled with it.

Simple and affordable Mivida city Islamabad payment plan, the monthly payment will undoubtedly cover its cost. As a result of its advantageous Mivida city Islamabad location and map in the region, it is easily accessible from numerous routes. Outstanding accessibility is available from Society to its surroundings.  It is a project of the most significant development company in Pakistan.

If you are interested to know about other top housing projects kindly visit Blue World City, Kingdom Valley Islamabad, Faisal Hills phase 2, and 7 Wonders City Multan. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The RDA has cleared the Mivida City Islamabad NOC.

This project lies on the main Chakri Highway and Motorway M1. In addition, the proposed ring road is also near, which makes it very accessible from the twin cities.

The Society is in the proximity of two significant housing Societies, including the magnificent Blue World City and the stunning Capital Smart City.

The developers of the Society are very trustworthy. They have done remarkable work in Pakistan and worldwide.

After paying the booking fees, the property's confirmation will take a month or two. Further, it will take three to four months for the owners to receive the property possession.

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