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The Ex-Prime Minister’s “Naya Pakistan Housing Program” has approved a residential development project. In the real estate housing community, it’s a cost-effective enterprise. The goal of society has been to provide a high-end lifestyle to a man with a middle-class income.

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s “Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme” includes this cheap housing initiative. This society provides a fantastic opportunity for investors to get a high-quality asset at a low price that will significantly profit in the coming years.

The project is now in the planning stages, and the developers are working hard to provide a high level of expertise and quality at a decent cost.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad Developers and Owners: 

This housing society is proudly owned and developed by Ghulam Hussain Shahid Sanpal. The project’s chairman and CEO are Mr Ghulam. In the real estate industry, both the owner and the developer are well-known. This home project was built with great care by highly skilled staff. The team comprises engineers, architects, builders, planners, and managers.

Currently, the team is working on a masterwork. Furthermore, the developer Ghulam Hussain Shahid Sanpal is noted for their well-organized, well-managed ventures. The aim is to enhance the living environment and change it into more modern and fresh life. Mr Ghulam wishes to lead a cultured and wealthy life. In addition, the staff provides outstanding client assistance and general assistance.

The firm has been specializing in high-end residential developments. The developers provide the following property amenities:

  • Sales
  • Consultancy
  • After-Sales
  • Media
  • Management
  • Development
  • Architecture
  • Digital Marketing
  • Construction

Kingdom Group’s fundamental values are:

  • Truth
  • Collaboration
  • Skilled
  • Responsible
  • Understanding

Kingdom Valley Islamabad NOC:

Kingdom Valley Islamabad, No Objection Certificate (NOC) achieved beneath the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme with the registration figure “DRG/PHATA/2176-2021.”

Kingdom Valley Islamabad promises you to personalize your demands, wishes, and pleasures into a single attitude and provides you with the ideal house for your compassionate living, regardless of your lifestyle. This initiative stands out in the building industry since highly skilled engineers and designers are developing it.

As a result, the legality of the Kingdom Valley Islamabad is unquestionable because once a property is legitimate, investors have entire faith in it with their hard-earned money.

Kingdom Valley Map and Location:

The most significant consideration in property buying for investors and residents is location. The size and location of any project influence whether it delivers a sense of security and easy access to essential daily needs. As a result, the investors check to see if the property is accessible from the city’s major thoroughfares before purchasing.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is ideal since it is located in a beautiful area near Islamabad. The Chakri Interchange on the M-2 Islamabad-Lahore motorway lies near Kingdom Valley Islamabad. This housing scheme is positioned in the twin cities, making it desirable. Furthermore, it is close to well-known housing developments in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, including Capital Smart CityBlue World City, and Mumtaz City. Rawalpindi Ring Road is also around a five-kilometre walk away. Multiple routes connect it to Bahria Town, the Defense Housing Authority, and the New Islamabad International Airport. Only a few of the twin cities’ paths lead to housing development, including Rawalpindi Cadet College and Thalian Interchange.


The following routes will take you to the Kingdom Valley in Islamabad:

·         It is situated on the M-2 Lahore Islamabad Motorway.

·         It is about a 25-minute drive away from the  New Islamabad International Islamabad Airport.

·         Only around a 5-minute drive away from Chakri Road.

·         It is a 25-minute drive away from Adiala Road is around a.

·         Rawat-Chakbeli Road is about a 26-minute drive away.

Status of Development

This real estate project is progressing at a breakneck pace. Various agreements between businesses and the government have been made to deliver cutting-edge innovation and high-end highlights inside the scheme. Furthermore, because it is a project under the Naya Pakistan Housing Program, individuals may be assured that the progress would go quickly, as the housing scheme is lawful and receives full government backing and help. Furthermore, problems are frequently caused by entities like the Rawalpindi Development Authority or the Capital Development Authority. Nonetheless, investors and inhabitants should be relieved that society is running smoothly. The construction is progressing rapidly, indicating that the project will be completed shortly.

Master Plan of Kingdom Valley Islamabad:

A team of highly experienced specialists with years of property growth experience also established the Kingdom Valley Islamabad master plan. The housing society will offer all significant and sumptuous features. The company’s qualified engineers ensured the creation of high-quality infrastructure.

Details on the plot

In Islamabad, the housing society is divided into various categorized plots of varying sizes. The following is a list of property categories and their magnitudes:

Residential Plots 

The residential plot is a part of the residential development devoted to providing residents with residential dwellings. The residential block is family-suitable, with all necessary services and amenities. Furthermore, several plot sizes are accessible depending on the family’s financial situation and needs. As a result, the residential sector makes it entirely viable for people to live, and the community provides a budget-friendly payment plan.

·         5 Marla

·         8 Marla

·         10 Marla

·         1 Kanal

Overseas Executive Block 

Pakistanis residing abroad will benefit from the overseas executive block facility. Compared to the rest of the housing society, the executive block provides higher facilities and amenities. Furthermore, Pakistanis have an unbreakable desire to live in homes with top-notch amenities and security. The plan allows for a plot size of:

·         8 Marla

·         12 Marla

·         16 Marla

Commercial Plots 

Each society requires a business centre to provide the best possible service to its citizens. Commercial lands are an excellent financing prospect for everyone pursuing reliable and protected real estate financing. Besides, now that the scheme has obtained NOC clearance, land prices, mainly commercial property positions along Main Boulevard, are rising quickly. Additionally, every block has direct access to the retail field and zone, including shops and marketplaces. The leading commercial site is located at the valley’s main entryway. Furthermore, despite the community having direct access to major thoroughfares such as Ring Road and Chakri Road, several places have been set aside. The following sizes are available for the commercial plot:

·         2 Marla

·         4 Marla

·         8 Marla


Mental strain can be caused by leading a busy and raucous monotonous existence. Furthermore, to promote a break from this hectic schedule, one regularly wishes to live in a tranquil and serene environment. Similarly, Valley Farmhouse is where visitors may openly be grateful for the natural splendour and indulge in extravagance. Furthermore, the developer is introducing the farmhouse to meet the enormous demand. The farmhouse will now be in an ideal world setting in the scheme’s centre, a quiet zone. It also contains a beautiful water river that runs nearby and surroundings the scheme’s natural beauty. Also, people may idealize a tranquil and relaxing lifestyle when staying in huge farmhouses.

It is also a fantastic investment opportunity. The farmhouse can be used for residential or commercial purposes. The following is the size of the farmhouse plot:

·         2 Kanal

·         4 Kanal

·         8 Kanal

Kingdom Villas

The villas have been exquisitely created for the convenience of the residents by the housing scheme’s developers. The Kingdom Villas initiative intends to elevate the bar for premium living in Islamabad. It is also a fantastic spot for folks who want to create gorgeous residences. It also lives up to expectations by being one of the best shopping and leisure destinations globally, focusing on culture and convenience. The villa’s appeal is enhanced by theme parks, libraries, community centres, and prominent mosques that cater to all of your social demands. The community also has villas of the following sizes:

  • 5 Marla
  • 3. 5 Marla ( Single Story )
  • 3.5  Marla  ( Double Story )

Payment Plan for Kingdom Valley

The housing society offers a variety of plots with a payment plan that is relatively cheap and affordable. 

The Kingdom Valley General block payment plan has (8 Bi-Annual) instalments and 40- monthly payments spread out over the four years. Furthermore, as a down payment and at the time of balloting, individuals must pay a particular amount based on the numerous plot sizes are available, with the most common being 5 Marla and 1 Kanal. As a result, the balance must be paid in instalments. Furthermore, prices start at PKR 1,245,000 and rise to PKR 3,500,000. The payment plan is explicitly mentioned above.

The 7 Marla plot sizes for the General block will be launched soon. Furthermore, its prices start at PKR 1,700,000 and have (8 Bi-Annual) instalments and 40- monthly payments spread out over four years. The payment plan is explicitly mentioned above.

Executive Block Payment Plan

The 7 Marla plot sizes for the General block will be launched soon. Furthermore, its prices start at PKR 1,700,000 and have (8 Bi-Annual) installments and 40- monthly payments spread out over the four years. The payment plan is explicitly mentioned above.

Executive Block Payment Plan

The Kingdom Valley Executive block payment plan has (8 Bi-Annual) installments and 40- monthly payments spread out over the four years. Furthermore, as a down payment and at the time of balloting, individuals must pay a particular amount based on the plot sizes, ranging from 3.5 Marla’s to 8 Kanal. As a result, the balance must be paid in installments. Moreover, prices start at PKR 750,000 and rise to PKR 9,000,000. The payment plan is overtly explained above.

Overseas Executive Block Payment Plan

The Kingdom Valley Overseas block payment plan consists of (8 bi-Annual) installments and 40 monthly payments over four years. Individuals must also pay a specific sum based on the plot size as a down payment and at the time of balloting. This block offers multiple plot sizes, ranging from 8 to 16 Marla’s. As a result, the remaining payment will have to be paid in installments. Additionally, prices range from PKR 1,500,000 to PKR 2,800,000. The payment schedule details are mentioned above.

Kingdom Valley Commercial Plot Payment Plan

The Kingdom Valley Commercial block payment plan includes (8 Bi-Annual) installments and forty monthly payments over four years. Individuals must also pay a specific sum based on plot sizes, which range from 2 to 8 Marla’s, as a down payment and at the time of balloting. As a result, the remaining payment will have to be paid in installments. Furthermore, prices range from PKR 2,200,000 to PKR 8,500,000. The payment schedule is spelt out above.

Kingdom Valley Farm Houses Payment Plan

The Kingdom Valley Farmhouses payment plan consists of (8 bi-Annual) installments and 40 monthly payments over four years. Individuals must also pay a specific sum based on the plot size as a down payment and at the time of balloting. This block offers multiple plot sizes, ranging from 2 Kanal to 8 Kanal. As a result, the remaining payment will have to be paid in installments. Additionally, prices range from PKR 4,000,000 to PKR 13,000,000. The payment schedule details are mentioned above.

Kingdom Villas Payment Plan

The Kingdom Valley Kingdom Villas payment plan has (8 Bi-Annual) installments and 40- monthly payments spread out over the four years. Furthermore, as a down payment and at the time of balloting, individuals must pay a particular amount based on the plot sizes, ranging from 5 to 3.5 Marla’s. As a result, the balance must be paid in installments. Moreover, prices start at PKR 3,000,000 to PKR 3,500,000. The payment plan is overtly explained above.

New Payment Plans for the (Executive Block  )

The following are the most recent payment plan updates:

Kingdom Valley Executive Block (Commercial)

The Executive Commercial block contains everything for its investors, from the necessities to the extravagances. The block is complete with all the necessary amenities for its investors. Furthermore, numerous plot sizes are available, with the most common being 4 and 8 Marla’s. The best aspect is the payment plan, which is quite inexpensive and meets the investors’ needs. In addition, the pricing range is PKR 5, 800,000/- to PKR 10, 800,000/-. Not only that, but an installment plan is available to help investors out even more. Finally, investing here will be a wise decision.

Kingdom Valley Executive Block Residential

The Executive Residential block in this housing society has the most attractive feature. Likewise, the primary plan incorporates all the conveniences citizens and investors need for high living standards. Also, as mentioned above, numerous plots are available here, varying in size from 6 Marla’s to 1 Kanal. Moreover, the Kingdom Valley Islamabad is one the of most reasonable housing societies. This block’s payment plan ranges from PKR 1,340,000 to PKR 3,200,000. Finally, there is an option for an instalment plan that will benefit investors from various economic origins.

Exceptional Features

A Gated and Secured Society

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a completely gated and safe society enclosed on all sides by a boundary wall. It is also a beautiful, well-equipped, safe, and secure neighbourhood where residents live in a family-friendly setting. To ensure the security of the residential scheme, the owners guarantee that defence guards and CCTV video are accessible.

Mosque of Greatness

Spiritual attachment is an essential aspect of everyone’s existence. Furthermore, residents have access to extensive and vast mosques to pray in solitude in this real estate complex. Every block has its little mosque, while a massive mosque dominates the society’s heart. The mosque will accommodate many worshippers at once.

Education Facility

The Educational Institutes Society is responsible for the establishment of prestigious educational institutions. Besides, it provides the best and most advanced curriculum near the residents. Residents will benefit from the prospect due to its proximity. Known institutes such as the Superior College of Girls Chakri Campus, Global School System and Usman Institute of Higher Studies are part of the programs.

Theme Park

Adults and youngsters alike want recreational activities and a good time. A theme park for the residents is also a terrific element of this cheap housing organization. Fun rides, swings, slides, and other recreational activities are available at the theme park.

Basic Utilities

The most incredible feature is the constant provision of vital commodities like water, gas, and power. Moreover, this service is accessible seven days a week, 24 hours a day. There is also proper waste disposal and sewerage system in place. Furthermore, the housing society’s developers include an underground electrical wiring system, ensuring that there would be no load-shedding issues.

Adequate Healthcare Provision

Each individual’s right to adequate health care is an essential requirement. Therefore, this residential society is perfect since enough health care facilities, such as clinics and clinics, are suitable for the society. Additionally, the sickbays and clinics use contemporary technology and utilize highly skilled medical staff such as physicians and caretakers. Moreover, Care Medical Center Royal Chakri Highway, Children’s Clinic, Basic Health Unit opposite Al-Haram City and Armaghan Clinic are some of the most remarkable health care facilities around the project.

Exceptional Infrastructure Development

Kingdom Valley is quickly building its infrastructure. Likewise, the improvement assures that footpaths, pavements, intended properties, and other vital structures are established using highly improved services and cutting-edge technology to ensure ideal progression. Also, the roles of architects and technologists support structure progress. Throughout the construction growth period, they offer a growing private community.

Advantages and disadvantages


A Lifestyle of Luxury

Residents of the Kingdom Valley Islamabad appreciate a busy and prosperous lifestyle. Their primary goal is to provide you with a beautiful place to unwind after a long day. The housing plan offers world-class amenities, and residents and investors alike will benefit greatly from participating.

Proximity to Important Regions

One of the essential advantages of having a home in the valley is its proximity to the important cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Furthermore, the housing complex is adjacent to shopping centres, healthcare facilities, educational establishments, and the New Islamabad International Airport. As a result, it is convenient for residents and a significant opportunity.

Provision of Necessary Utilities constantly

Another key benefit of this housing development in Islamabad is the constant and uninterruptible gas, water, and electricity supply. Residents have access to services such as gas and electricity 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a result, it’s easy to see how much easier life can be when you don’t have to worry about ironing your clothing or turning on the air conditioner until the power goes out.

Convenient Payment Plan

Another significant advantage of purchasing land in this residential project is the flexible payment schedule. Moreover, the payment schedule usually excludes small and inexperienced investors from investing expected to the modest monthly costs. However, one positive aspect of this project is that the rates are highly affordable, with individuals paying in 8 bi-annual and 40 monthly instalments over four years.

Map & Development Plan that is well-organized

Top venture planners meticulously planned the Kingdom Valley Islamabad architecture. Furthermore, the streets will be incredibly spacious, with bicycles and travellers isolated from the main ones. Furthermore, the central lush green gardens will be breathtaking, as will the monuments and hospitals, which are brilliantly crafted.

Expansion’s Scope

The range of development is very significant because Kingdom Valley Rawalpindi includes and embraces a land area of roughly 15000 Kanal. This advancement opens up new commercial potential and acquisition possibilities. Furthermore, investors plan ahead of time for their objectives and targets in the region, and you should do the same to be competitive.

Sewerage and Waste Disposal Systems

The tenants gain from a well-constructed sewerage and trash disposal system supplied by the housing organization. In addition, the community will profit from the system because they will not have to deal with any disposal difficulties in the future.


The projected Development Period is somewhat lengthy.

Experts predict that the timeframe for infrastructure construction will be extended. Furthermore, because it is a recently developed housing project, the prevalent assumption is that it will take little time to realize intricacies and inventiveness.

Price Increases are Generally Perceived as Being More Expensive

The housing scheme comprises a widespread belief that property prices and values are excessively high. But on the other hand, residents and small-scale investors will benefit from the project’s incredibly affordable and flexible payment plan.

Documents needed for Booking

The person must provide certain booking documents to keep the residential project’s trustworthy and legal. The following are the document requirements:

·         A copy of the buyer’s CNIC (Certificate of National Identification)

·         A copy of the CNIC Passport size photo of the nearest kin

·         The payment can be made by check, money order, or cash.

Booking a plot terms and conditions

·         A 10% surcharge is applied to the total fee if you desire a corner plot of land, land in front of a park, land with three free sides, or an area on the main highway.

·         The current payment arrangement is pre-launch and will change once development work begins.

·         The developers have the right to adjust the pricing at any moment and without warning.

·         The client is only eligible for a reservation if they supply all required documentation.

·         The Residential plot is solely r residential use, and non-compliance with this clause will cancel your reservation.

Why Should I Invest in Islamabad’s Kingdom Valley?

Because of the different modern-day and luxury amenities offered by the housing plan administration, the recent trend of residing in residential homes in Pakistan is getting essential and alluring. Furthermore, the housing initiative provides people from all socioeconomic levels with equal possibilities to improve their lives. Let’s look at some of the various elements that have contributed to this society’s success and why you should consider investing in it.

Exceptional Location

The location is the essential aspect in determining the property’s value. The area surrounding the big Chakri and Thalian interchanges is ideal. The projected Rawalpindi Ring Road connects it to the main areas of Islamabad and Rawalpindi while keeping it away from the clamour and bustle. In addition, the new International Airport is only a few minutes distant by car. As a result, the executive location of this housing scheme is one feature that makes it worthwhile to invest in.

Furthermore, the CPEC route, the highway, and the future international airport are all about 5 to 10 minutes away. Therefore, the amount of these properties increases the scheme’s and the nearby area’s value. As a result, the housing program is a valuable medium for long-term investors and individuals looking to build homes for their families.

Prices that are within reach

This housing complex’s decent and economical pricing adds significantly to increased activity. Furthermore, investors that see the project’s true potential and invest early reap the rewards of increasing property value and profit. Additionally, investing your money in this low-income housing project is commendable. It offers a wide choice of basic plot sizes and a flexible payment plan. The plot sizes range from 5 Marla to 8 Kanal. As a result, the project caters to residential and commercial needs, allowing you to invest in the structure that best meets your needs. Furthermore, the easy payment plan makes it comparatively feasible for investors to participate in this home scheme in the future.

A Calm and Relaxed Atmosphere

The natural location of Kingdom Valley Islamabad allows for a pollution-free and disturbance-free environment. Furthermore, the project’s breathtaking vistas provide an excellent and unique living option for people seeking a serene and peaceful environment free of the worries and strains of regular life.

Investment with Confidence

Kingdom Valley Rawalpindi is a safe and secure investment. Furthermore, it is a housing community built under Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Naya Pakistan Housing Program Initiative. As a result, it receives government assistance, resulting in fewer legal challenges and more help from official representatives in any matter.


The position of the Kingdom Valley Islamabad is excellent because it is close to several significant landmarks in Pakistan’s capital city. It’s also a perfect investment opportunity. As of its relationship with Naya Pakistan, Housing Project is one of Islamabad’s safest residential societies for residency and financing. Likewise, the residential society in Islamabad delivers its people the best conveniences and services to live a serene and joyful life. Moreover, the housing scheme is a lovely residential project with luxury amenities and international standards; as a result, residents will not have any problems when living in this real estate project.

As a result, if you have a medium financial n budget and want to buy a premium piece of land in Islamabad’s fancy Metropolitan City, come to Lead Marketing or contact us. Our real estate advisers will give you excellent advice to help you make your dream a reality.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Mr Ghulam Shahid Hussain Sanpal is the developer of this housing estate. Furthermore, he is the Kingdom valley project’s chairman and CEO.

The housing complex is located on Chakri Junction, the M-2 Motorway between Lahore and Islamabad.

Residential plots, commercial plots, farmhouses, and villas are all available in the housing development.

Yes, the residential project is entirely lawful, as it has received a no-objection certificate from Pakistan Residential and Town Organizing Management under DRG/PHATA/2176-2021.

Definitely! Residents are provided with a reasonable payment plan paid in instalments by the management.

The housing concept aims to supply people with essential services such as water, electricity, and gas 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The property developer has built an overseas executive block exclusively for Pakistanis residing abroad.

The prime location and amenities supplied to the residents and top-notch facilities provide a relatively good return on investment.

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