Mangla Green Housing society whose old name is Mangla Garrison Housing Society is a masterfully planned gated community that is situated at Mangla Dam near Jhelum. Inspired by classy Tuscan Architecture, this premium residential housing project is the epitome of sophistication and extravagant living. 

Located near Mangla Cant, this society is known for modern infrastructure, panoramic views, beautiful green spaces, the highest construction standards, and exceptional amenities. Furthermore, is situated near Pakistan’s first and largest lakeside resort in Asia and the beautiful 18-hole golf course makes it a perfect place to live.

Markhor Holdings, the developers of this housing society, are providing a golden chance for investment at affordable rates, which not only guarantees a high return on investment but also gives you a perfect opportunity to build the home of your dreams.

Mangla Green Housing Developers & Owners:

Markhor Holdings is the owner and developer of this housing society. This company is directly associated with Gwadar Group in Pakistan. The company has a reputation in the real estate market for understanding client needs and demands and delivering projects on schedule.

Developers of this housing society are aiming to provide urban luxury with sustainable living for the residents of the community.

Mangla Green Housing NOC:

Mangla Green Housing society has already received its No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the government, making it safe and secure for investment. Due to its legal status and ideal location, this housing project has been receiving positive responses from investors from all over the country.

Mangla Green Housing Location:

This ultramodern residential enclave is situated at the Main Mangla Dam near Jehlum city, and this housing society has direct access from the main G.T road and the upcoming Kharian-Rawalpindi motorway.

Additionally, this housing project is located at the intersection of the major upcoming CPEC route (in progress).

Mangla green Housing Location
Mangla Green Housing Location

Mangla Green Housing Location Map:

According to the map of this housing project, it is clearly visible that the project is accessible via all major routes in Jehlum City and nearby areas.

Mangla green Housing Location Map
Mangla Green Housing Location Map

Mangla Green Housing Accessibility:

The Mangla Green Housing project fuses metropolitan appeal with urban luxury and boundless natural beauty. Its prime location and scenic views make it one of the city’s most desired housing societies.

The places accessible from Mangla Green Housing are,

  • MGH is located at Mangla Dam near Jehlum.
  • Mangla-Gadari Road is around 5 minutes away from MGH.
  • Mirpur Road is around 15 minutes away from this project. 
  • Mangla Road is around 20 minutes away from this project. 
  • Mangla-Jatlan Road is around 23 minutes away from this project.
  • Dina Bypass is around 25 minutes away from this project.

Mangla Green Housing Nearby Places: 

The main landmarks of Kharian accessible from Mangla Green Housing are,

  • Lehri National Park is 20 minutes away from MGH.
  • Mohi-ud-Din Islamic Medical College is 15 minutes away from MGH.
  • Mangla Dam is 10 minutes away from MGC.
  • Mirpur is 35 minutes away from Mangla Green Housing.
  • Jehlum City is 40 minutes away from Mangla Green Housing.
  • Gujrat is 1 hour 40 minutes away from Mangla Green Housing.
  • Sohawa is 1 hour away from MGH.
  • New Metro City Gujar Khan is 1 hour and 20 minutes away from MGH.
  • New Metro City Mandi Bahuddin is 1 hour and 15 minutes away from MGH.

Mangla Green Housing Master Plan:

The developers of this housing society have engaged a team of professionals who have designed the master plan of this housing society based on international standards. 

The masterplan of this housing society was designed and planned to give its residents a secure and peaceful surrounding. Mangla Green Housing society perfectly combines a serene environment with sustainable infrastructure to provide a luxurious and ideal living experience. This housing society has been divided into phases and blocks.

Mangla green Housing Master Plan
Mangla Green Housing Master Plan

Mangla Green Housing Residential Plots:

MGH is surrounded by the most beautiful landscape of Mangla Dam, adding to its appeal among potential buyers and investors. The sizes of plots available in MGH are,

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Mangla Green Housing Commercial Plots:

The management of this housing society has also allocated a specific area for commercial plots so that the people living in the housing society can have easy access to shopping malls, cafes, and other urban conveniences. The sizes of commercial plots offered by the developers of this housing project are, 

  • 4 Marla
  • 8 Marla

Mangla Green Housing Villas:

Beautiful Tuscan-inspired Villas are located in Mangla Green Housing, offering a taste of extravagant luxury with a panoramic view to all the people who desire an unmatched living experience away from the city’s busy life. The sizes of Villas offered by the developers of this housing society are,

  • 2-bedroom (5 Marla)
  • 3-bedroom (10 Marla)

Mangla Green Housing Residential Appartments:

Mangla Green Housing society also included stylish residential apartments offering mesmerizing views of Mangla Dam and the lush hills surrounding the society. The sizes of apartments available in this housing project are,

  • 1-bedroom
  • 2-bedroom
  • 3-bedroom

Mangla Green Housing Payment Plan:

The payment plans of Mangla Green Housing are affordable and flexible, making it one of the most attractive investment opportunities in the real estate market. The plots in this housing society are open for booking. 

The payment plans of Mangla Green Housing Residential are as follows:

Mangla green Housing (Early Bird) Payment Plan
Mangla Green Housing (Early Bird) Payment Plan
Mangla green Housing (Pre Launch) Payment Plan
Mangla Green Housing (Pre Launch) Payment Plan
Mangla Green Housing( Launching) Payment Plan
Mangla Green Housing( Launching) Payment Plan

Mangla Green Housing File Application:

The main aim of developing MGH society is to provide a healthy and luxurious environment where people can enjoy leisure time with their family and loved ones. 

The management has created a convenient and easy process for booking residential and commercial plots in this housing society. To book a plot in this society, you must submit the following documents;

  • Photographs of Passport size
  • CNIC or Passport Photocopy
  • Copy of NICOP
  • Payment Receipt Photocopy
  • Online payment slip screenshot

Mangla Green Housing Salient Features:

Mangla Green Housing Society is the most notable addition to the vibrant landscape of Jehlum, Punjab.

There are wide roads, well-maintained parks, and commercial areas in this neighborhood, so the residents of this housing society can have access to all the modern conveniences and comforts they might desire. The developers are providing all these facilities at pocket-friendly prices so that people from different socioeconomic backgrounds can invest in this amazing opportunity.

CCTV Surveillance:

In order to ensure that the residents of this housing society are living in a safe and secure environment, CCTV cameras have been installed on all important streets and roads. 

Grand Mosque:

The management of this housing society has built a grand Jamia Mosque equipped with all the modern technology and facilities to fulfill the religious needs of the people living there.

Sustainable Environment:

The vision behind this incredible housing project is to provide a green close-to-nature environment with all the contemporary facilities. The developers of this housing society have allocated a large area to construct a central theme park for people of all ages to enjoy their free time. 

Community Center:

A modern community center is built in the heart of the housing society so that the citizens can engage in healthy social activities.

Water Resources:

The management built water reserves in the housing society to ensure a continuous water supply. Water filtration plants are also installed in society. 

High-quality Road Infrastructure:

The housing society’s management constructed wide and well-carpeted main boulevards and streets with paved sidewalks to give a beautiful look. 

Mangla Green Housing Facilities and Amenities: 

Mangla Green Housing is built on one of the most beautiful lakes in Pakistan to provide an ideal place for people who wish to live amid nature and buy a home to spend their holiday.

The facilities offered to the residents of Mangla Green Housing are,

Golf Course:

Those wishing to play golf will be able to have all the golf facilities at their doorsteps because of a beautiful 18-hole golf course in the housing society.

Shooting Range:

A specially designed shooting club with all the equipment and qualified trainers is also a part of this housing society. 

Riding Club:

A Riding club with several trained horses is in this housing society so that the people can enjoy horse riding with their families. 

Water Resort: 

Those living in this community will also benefit from the Water Resort, where they can participate in all kinds of water-related activities close to their homes.

Besides this, other facilities and amenities offered by the management of this housing society are,

  • Health Care Facilities
  • Sewerage and waste disposal system
  • Cinemas & Gaming Zones
  • Graveyard
  • Restaurants & Cafes

Mangla Green Housing Development Status:

MGH housing project was started in 2008 with the aim of promoting tourist attraction points in Punjab by building a magnificent housing society near one of the most magnificent lakes in Pakistan. Nevertheless, this project resumed development in 2018 and is now attracting a lot of investors, not just from Pakistan but from all over the world.

A wide range of residential and commercial projects are available at affordable prices for the convenience of investors. The Mangla Green Housing is ideal for building a house and spending holidays in the backdrop of lush green hills and a sparkling lake.

MGH is divided into several phases. Phase-1 consisted of beautifully constructed villas, and it is completely developed. This phase has a front view of Mangla Dam, which makes it an ideal place to live.

Phase-2 of MGH is under development, and the first balloting of Phase-2 was held in June 2022. 

The developers of MGH are also planning to launch Phase-3 of this housing society in 2022. 

Mangla Green Housing Investment Opportunity:

The lush landscape of Mangla Green Housing is a sight to behold. This housing project is particularly designed to offer an ideal living experience away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

This housing project features a safe and secure environment surrounded by lush green pastures, as well as top-of-the-line amenities and Tuscan-influenced residences that add to the appeal. To summarize, MGH is one of the most profitable options for investment and building your dream house. Here are some reasons why investors should consider investing in this housing society;

  • Located in the vicinity of Jhelum city, MGH offers an ideal location and breathtaking views for those planning to buy a home to enjoy their vacations with their family in a peaceful environment.
  • Situated on GT road, this housing project is easily accessible from all the main landmarks of Jehlum and Dina City.
  • The developers have announced an easy and flexible installment plan for those who want to build their dream house in the city of Jehlum.
  • Investing in this housing society is completely secure because Mangla Green Housing is a legal housing society, and the government already approves its NOC.
  • Furthermore, Mangla Green Housing documentation is completely secure and safe. Investors can book the plot by filling out the form available on the official website. 


The developers of Mangla Green Housing society have launched this project to provide an ideal location for people who want to buy homes close to nature and promote the tourist attractions of Pakistan. 

MGH is your dream destination whether you want to live in a Tuscan-inspired villa equipped with the latest amenities or want to buy a plot to build your own home. 

Lead Marketing strongly urges you to invest in this mega housing project and earn a huge return on your small investment.  If you want to know more about investment opportunities in Punjab, kindly read about Blue World City, Citi Housing Kharian, New Metro City Gujar Khan, and New Metro City Mandi Bahauddin.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Mangla Green Housing society's NOC is allegedly approved by the government.

This housing society is located at Mangla Dam.

Mangla Green Housing society is located near Jehlum Cant at Mangla Dam and is a pinnacle of ultramodern design.

As this society is situated at Mangla Dam near Jhelum, this society offers an unmatched living experience at affordable prices.

Yes, due to its location, this housing project has outshined all other projects in the neighborhood of Jehlum. The prices of plots in this housing society are expected to go up in the near future.

Markhor Holdings developed this magnificent housing project.

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