New Peshawar Valley is a govt-launched housing scheme ideal for those who are finding budget-friendly property options near Peshawar. Covering an area of 186,400 Kanal, this project enjoys easy access from District Nowshera and District Peshawar. The best part of this project is that it is a joint venture between the KPK government and non-governmental organizations. 

Nowadays, finding an affordable roof for your family has become increasingly difficult due to rising real estate values. To address this issue, the government of KPK is constructing an affordable housing project with a flexible payment plan near Northern Bypass and GT Road.  It is strategically located on premium land, within easy reach of Bagh Banan Road, Jallozai Shamshatoo Road, and Hayatabad Road.

New Peshawar Valley Owners and Developers:

The New Peshawar Valley housing scheme is an enterprising scheme of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government, intended to bring modern infrastructure and facilities to the residents of Peshawar without burning a hole in their pockets. This project will provide safe and secure housing for the residents, with a focus on safety, comfort, and convenience.

The project will help to create a better quality of life for the people of Peshawar and contribute to the economic development of the region. This project is a truly remarkable collaboration between the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) government and private organizations. By joining forces, these two entities are able to combine their resources to create a housing project that will bring a positive impact on the local community.

New Peshawar Valley NOC:

The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has initiated a housing scheme called New Peshawar Valley with the aim of improving the quality of life in the province. This housing project has received a green signal from the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government. 

The No Objection Certificate (NOC) for the New Peshawar Valley has been officially approved by the Peshawar Development Authority (PDA). This NOC confirms that the development of the New Peshawar Valley is in line with the standards and regulations set by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government, making it a legal and profitable investment. The NOC also guarantees that all necessary safety measures and standards have been met, ensuring that the project is safe and secure for its investors and the local community. 

New Peshawar Valley Location:

The New Peshawar Valley housing society is located on the southern side of the Nowshera-Peshawar border, around 13 km from the GT Road and Motorway interchange. Residents of the New Peshawar Valley housing society enjoy excellent public transportation connectivity, making it easy for them to travel around the city. This society also enjoys direct access from Bagh Banan Road, Jallozai Shamshatoo Road, and Hayatabad Road.

New Peshawar Valley Location Map: 

According to the location map of New Peshawar valley, this housing project is located near Peshawar-Rawalpindi GT Road and Taru Jabba-area M-1 interchange.

New Peshawar Valley Accessibility: 

New Valley Karachi is a unique real estate venture that offers prospective buyers the best of both worlds. Residents of New Peshawar Valley will enjoy the convenience of being close to the city center but still have the serenity of a residential area away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Offering a wide range of affordable investment options, the development is ideal for those looking to capitalize on the rapidly growing property market of KPK. With its state-of-the-art facilities, world-class amenities, and strategic location, New Valley Karachi is sure to be a hot spot for investors and homebuyers alike. The area accessible from this housing project is,

  • Hayatabad is approximately 2 min drive away from New Valley Peshawar.
  • Cherat Road is approximately 19 min drive away from New Valley Peshawar.
  • M-1 Motorway is approximately 35 min drive away from New Valley Peshawar.
  • Bagh Banan Road is approximately 9 min drive away from New Valley Peshawar.
  • Jalozai Shamshatoo is approximately 8 min drive away from New Valley Peshawar.
  • Peshawar Ring Road is approximately 31 min drive away from New Valley Peshawar.
  • Peshawar Shamshatoo Road is approximately 4 min drive away from New Valley Peshawar.

New Peshawar Valley Nearby Areas and Places: 

With its easy access to public transportation, great schools, and plenty of shopping and entertainment options, New Valley Karachi is sure to be a great place to live, work, and play. The area and places near to New Peshawar Valley are,

  • Bacha Khan International Airport is approximately 45 min drive away from New Valley Peshawar.
  • University of Engineering and Technology Jalozai Campus is approximately 25 min drive away from New Valley Peshawar.
  • Hayatabad Road is approximately 10 min drive away from New Valley Peshawar.
  • Main Peshawar City is approximately 38 min drive away from New Valley Peshawar.
  • Garhi Baghbanan is approximately 55 min drive away from New Valley Peshawar.
  • Jalozai Industrial Estate is approximately 65 min drive away from New Valley Peshawar.
  • Civil Hospital Shamshatoo is approximately 70 min drive away from New Valley Peshawar.

New Peshawar Valley Master Plan:

The New Peshawar Valley is set to revolutionize the residential infrastructure of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region. The government allocated a large area for the development of this housing project. The whole project spans over 186,400 Kanal, which is more than the area of Hayatabad city. A highly qualified and professional team has designed the masterplan of this housing society which clearly shows the dedication of the developers to provide high standards of living to the people of KPK.

It is equipped with all the necessary infrastructure, including roads, water, electricity, schools, and hospitals, that are necessary for a healthy and comfortable living experience. A master plan was revealed by the developers, and all the details were shared with investors and potential buyers before they invested their money in this project. 

  • Approximately 41% of the available land has been allocated for 62,056 residential plots of different categories.
  • Approximately 28% of the available land has been allocated for the development of roads.
  • Approximately 6% of the available land has been allocated for the development of commercial and parking areas.
  • Approximately 7% of the available land has been allocated for the development of public buildings.
  • Approximately 16% of the available land has been allocated for the development of parks and other open spaces.
  • Approximately 2% of the available land has been allocated for the construction of a graveyard.

New Peshawar Valley Zoning Plan:

New Peshawar Valley is a premier destination for those looking for a luxurious lifestyle at affordable prices. The planners and designers of this metropolis paid close attention to every detail. As evidenced by the master plan, which is further divided into zones for particular purposes, this new housing project will be a city in itself.

The sprawling metropolis of New Peshawar Valley divides into 23 distinct zones. According to the master plan, these zones include,

  • 17 residential zones
  • 1 health zone 
  • 3 educational 
  • industrial zones
  • 1 park and recreational zone 
  • 1 sports zone 

Each zone offers its residents a unique environment and range of amenities, from medical care and educational opportunities to leisure activities and more. The city is also home to numerous parks, monuments, and other cultural attractions, making it a vibrant and exciting place to live and explore.

Additionally, the masterplan also revealed the land allocated to each zone based on the plan,

  • Media Enclave will be constructed on 1,132 Kanal of New Valley Peshawar.
  • Sports Complex will be constructed on 2,751 Kanal of New Valley Peshawar.
  • Educational City will be constructed on 3,021 Kanal of New Valley Peshawar.
  • Provincial Assembly will be constructed on 832 Kanal of New Valley Peshawar.
  • Medical Complex will be constructed on 2,359 Kanal of New Valley Peshawar.

New Valley Peshawar Residential Plots:

Experience the best of the good life at New Valley Peshawar. With an array of exclusive lifestyle features, this luxurious residential enclave offers you a haven of peace and tranquillity.In this housing project, different sizes of residential plots are available according to the need and demands of the people.

With its modern designs and superior quality of life, New Valley Peshawar is the perfect destination for you to call home. This housing project offers a range of residential plots in various sizes to suit the needs and preferences of its potential buyers. The sizes and numbers of residential plots available in this housing project are,

  • More than 15000 residential plots are of 3 marla size
  • More than 16000 residential plots are of 5 marla size
  • More than 2000 residential plots are of 7 marla size
  • More than 9,526 residential plots are of 10 marla size
  • More than 13,415 residential plots are of 1 Kanal size
  • More than 1000 residential plots are of 2 Kanal size
  • More than 500 residential plots are of 4 Kanal size

New Peshawar Valley Khyber Park:

New Peshawar Valley Khyber Park is an incredible addition to the society’s landscape. Covering an area of 1000 acres, this park is going to be the world’s largest park. The park features stunning designs, a golf course, a lake, a cultural village, a Ghandhara Museum, a theme park, a forest, an adventure arena, a circulation area, and other tracks. The park demonstrates the KPK government’s dedication to a healthier and greener province. 

According to the masterplan, this park will have,

  • 9-hole golf course will span over an area of 721 kanals (90 acres).
  • Lake will span over an area of 96 kanals (12 acres).
  • Cultural Village will span an area of 374 kanals (47 acres).
  • Ghandhara Museum will span an area of 50 kanals (6 acres).
  • Theme Park will span an area of 493 kanals (62 acres).
  • Park and Forest will span an area of 675 kanals (5400 acres).
  • Adventure Arena will span an area of 450 kanals (56 acres).
  • Circulation and Tracks will span an area of 417 kanals (52 acres).

New Valley Peshawar Commercial Zone:

The New Peshawar Valley is an incredible residential development that offers an unbeatable combination of luxury and affordability. This project is sure to bring great returns on investment in the near future, with its top-notch infrastructure and well-planned layout. 

The society developers have granted 6 percent ample space for the construction of commercial zone so that future residents can find convenience in everyday necessities like stores, banks, ATMs, and cafes without having to leave the vicinity of the society. This will provide quick and easy access to these services, making life much simpler for those living in the area.

New Valley Peshawar Payment Plan:

The Provincial Development Authority (PDA) New Valley Peshawar offers investors an excellent opportunity to purchase luxury residential plots and expect a high return on investment (ROI). As an added bonus, investors are exempt from having to declare their income sources when investing in this project. 

It’s the perfect chance to experience a luxurious living and financial Security in the near future. The New Peshawar Valley housing society is currently in its pre-launch phase and has not yet released its official payment plan. The payment plan will outline the different options available and the associated costs.

New Peshawar Valley File Application:

In the prime location lies the cutting-edge housing development known as New Valley Peshawar. Apartments, villas, offices, and retail shops are available. The project is in close proximity to major road networks, educational institutions, hospitals, and other amenities.

 Lead Marketing strongly advises its customers to ensure that all the necessary documents are in place before booking making a booking application in the housing society. 

Attach the following documents for the booking procedure,

  • A colored copy of the applicant’s CNIC 
  • 2 photographs of the applicant 
  • Certified copy of General Power Of Attorney by the Sub-Registrar office
  • Original sale deed of the applicant
  • Certified copy of the sale deed of the applicant from the Sub-Registrar office
  • Latest Fard-e-Malkiat signed by the Patwari, Qanungo, and Revenue office
  • Copies of all parts Sarkars (Mutations) from the prevailing Jamabandi up to the creation of the latest entitlement of the applicant
  • NOC/Mutual consent by both the DPS
  • No Encumbrance Certificate from the Sub-Registrar office
  • Affidavit of Rs. 100/- stamp paper
  • Copy of Paid Challen of Application Form Fee.

New Valley Peshawar Booking Procedure:

This housing project features spacious and stylish residential options, a state-of-the-art shopping mall, a modern hospital, and a variety of other amenities and facilities. With its prime location and wide range of offerings, New Peshawar Valley is a premier destination for those looking for a luxurious lifestyle. So if you are interested in making your application, follow the following steps.

  • Fill out the form with all the necessary information asked in the application form.
  • Ensure to include copies of your CNIC and other documents mentioned above with the application form.
  • Make the payment according to the size of the plot you are purchasing, either with a money order or cheque. 
  • Lastly, make sure to submit all the documents, receipts, and payment orders with your application.

New Peshawar Valley Salient Features: 

Peshawar Valley is a rapidly growing real estate venture in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. It offers a unique opportunity to invest in modern housing with attractive amenities and great security measures. New Valley Peshawar offers some of the most competitive rental and sale prices in the region, making it an attractive option for business owners, investors, and homebuyers alike. With all these features, this development is sure to be one of the most sought-after real estate projects in KPK. The facilities offered by the society are,

Educational Institutes:

The main purpose of the administration of society is to provide its inhabitants the highest quality education possible. The society will be establishing campuses of the top-ranked educational institutes in the area. This will ensure that the residents have access to education of the highest quality. Additionally, the society announced that they had allocated 3,021 Kanal for the development of Education city in society. By having these institutes within society, students will benefit from the close proximity of their educational facilities and be able to take advantage of the many other amenities that society has to offer.

Medical Complex: 

 The medical Complex will have modern medical amenities to ensure the highest level of care. Residents of this housing project can now enjoy a stress-free lifestyle with 24/7 access to first-rate medical services without ever having to leave the community. 

Provincial Assembly: 

The developers have allocated 832 Kanal for the construction of the KPK provincial assembly in the society, which further heightens the market value of this housing project.

Sports Complex: 

The architectural designs for this sports complex keep in mind the need of the future generation of Pakistan. This facility spans an area of 2,751 Kanal. It is a facility that promotes and encourages physical activity, health, and well-being among its occupants. The complex will have a variety of sporting facilities, including a cricket field, swimming pool, tennis court, and more. Sports experts will be employed in the complex to ensure the best possible practices and standards. Future occupants can engage in healthy sports activities and enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle. It provides an opportunity for people of all ages to participate in sports, and to promote physical health, social interaction, and a sense of community.

Media Enclave: 

On 1,132 Kanal land in the society, the developers will build a futuristic Media Enclave. Using the platform, journalists and media professionals can connect with other organizations and share industry news and events. They can also access resources to help them develop their skills and advance their career.

Public Buildings: 

The developers have already allocated the land for the construction of many government and private offices.

International Infrastructure: 

The society’s infrastructure will has equipped with state-of-the-art lighting and traffic control systems, allowing for efficient and organized traffic flow. Furthermore, the engineers design roads to accommodate various types of vehicles, from cars to bicycles to public transportation.

Parks and Playground: 

The parks will have safety features such as rubberized surfaces, fencing, and lighting. They will be constantly maintained and monitored to ensure the safety of all visitors. The green spaces will be equipped with trees and shrubs for shade, as well as paths for walking and biking. There will also be a basketball court and other sports facilities for children to enjoy.

New Peshawar Valley Facilities & Amenities:

New Valley Peshawar is a paradise of wellness and recreation, boasting a plethora of amenities to keep visitors entertained and relaxed. From swimming pools and gymnasiums to amphitheaters, a well-appointed banquet hall, spas, international standard eateries, and lush green parks, the Club House has something for everyone. Located in highly-sought after location, this is ideal for individuals looking for a nice and relaxed experience because all these facilities are freely reachable. Whether you’re looking for a day of leisurely fun or an evening of entertainment, it is the perfect place to be. The facilities this society offers are,

24/7 Security:  

New Peshawar Valley facilities provide its residents with a secure, peaceful, and comfortable living environment. The gated community has state-of-the-art security features, including CCTV cameras, control rooms, and 24-hour surveillance.

Commercial Area: 

 The quality of life in this housing project is excellent, with an array of recreational activities, shopping centers, and restaurants. As previously mentioned, the developers have allocated 6 percent area out of the total area for the construction of the commercial zone. This development offers an attractive setting for businesses and investors alike, providing an attractive and safe environment for growth and prosperity.

Eco-Friendly Environment: 

Escape the noise and chaos of city life and experience the tranquility of KPK’s picturesque landscape as this residential project gives an unmatched opportunity to experience sustainable living in harmony with the environment. Relax in the peace and beauty of your own private haven, surrounded by the lush green hills, winding rivers, and serene atmosphere of KPK. 

Shopping Center: 

 From luxurious international brands to beloved local stores, these shopping centers have something to offer everyone. With a variety of restaurants and entertainment options, these malls are perfect for a day out with friends and family. Whether you are looking for that special something or just want to window shop, these malls have something for everyone.

Availability of water:

Developers have worked hard to ensure that each home has access to an adequate water supply, providing a secure and dependable resource for everyone. By taking proactive measures to ensure water security, this housing society is setting an example of responsible and sustainable living.

Availability of Basic Utilities:

From underground electricity and a 24-hour supply of water to gas, The developers behind this luxurious residential project have gone above and beyond to ensure that its residents are offered every necessity and convenience of modern life.

New Valley Peshawar Investment Opportunity: 

New Valley Peshawar is the perfect opportunity to invest in a secure and affordable housing project. Approved by the Peshawar Development Authority, the project is a secure prospect for future returns and market value appreciation. It offers an extensive range of features and amenities, including access to GT Road, and a variety of shopping centres.

The flexible payment plan of this housing makes it an ideal investment option for those looking to secure their financial future. You can choose from a variety of payment options, allowing you to pay in installments, lump sums, or on a monthly basis. A variety of modern amenities is the perfect choice for anyone looking to invest in a secure and affordable project. Take your chance and invest in a promising and secure housing scheme.

Following are the Points to consider before investing

  • The project provides superior living conditions, with top-of-the-line facilities tailored for the contemporary lifestyle. Residents will have peace of mind knowing that their family and home are safe and secure, with 24/7 security and surveillance systems. 
  • By investing in PDA-approved housing projects, you can generate steady income, increase your asset’s value, and have Security in knowing that your money is safe. 
  • Set in a prime location, this residential property project is the perfect choice for those seeking a luxurious lifestyle. Located close to Bagh Banan Road, Jallozai Shamshatoo Road, and Hayatabad Road and just minutes away from the vibrant city of Peshawar, the development offers easy access to all the area’s attractions. This beautiful project is the perfect choice for anyone looking for the ultimate in modern living. With its stunning architecture, lush green spaces, and convenient location, this residential property project is sure to provide its residents with a luxurious lifestyle.
  • Investing in this newly launched society is a great opportunity for investors looking to gain high returns on their investments. Prices are highly affordable, making it a great choice for those seeking high returns with minimal risk.


New Valley Peshawar is a revolutionary urban development project that aims to bring the highest standards of living to the city. With its modern architecture, carefully designed walkways, and cycling trails, the project seeks to provide a lifestyle of excellence to its residents. Located near Bagh Banan Road, this gated community is in already-established upscale neighborhoods.

It will feature high-end amenities, such as fitness centres, swimming pools, and a variety of recreational and leisure activities. Residents will be able to take advantage of the project’s urban planning, which ensures a vibrant, sustainable lifestyle. With its unique concept and design, New Valley Peshawar will be a model for future development initiatives in the region.

If you are interested in investing in top housing projects, kindly visit Bahria Town Karachi 2, 7 Wonders City Peshawar, and Kingdom Valley Islamabad.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

New Peshawar Valley is near bagh Banan Road, Jallozai Shamshatoo Road, and Hayatabad Road.

3 Marla, 7 Marla 10 Marla, 1 Kanal 2 Kanal & 4 Kanal plot are availabale.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government is the mastermind of this project.

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