Islamabad, one of the most beautiful capitals of the world is known for its mesmerizing beauty, however, its scenic views are not the only attractive feature of this city. Its well-planned infrastructure is one of the main reasons for its success and fame. Additionally, it ranks among the safest cities in the nation. The city offers a very pleasant environment to its residents. Additionally, it serves as the centre for all corporate activities for Islamabad. Fancy and lavish shopping malls such as The Centaurus Mall, five-star restaurants and eateries and what not. This city has to offer you everything.  

The New Blue Area project Islamabad is a recent business venture in the hub of Islamabad. It is going to be one of the most elite projects in the capital city. Located opposite to the F-9 park, Islamabad, along Jinnah Avenue is the New Blue Area. It is conveniently close to Islamabad’s Old Blue Area. It is a commercial hub of over 170 Kanals. New blue area project Islamabad price is reasonable for all investors and buyers.

New blue Area Islamabad location:

new blue area location

Thi is located at the heart of the capital city. It is located in the neighborhood of renowned sectors of Islamabad, such as F-8, F-10, G-9 and E-9/1. New blue area Islamabad location is accessible from all areas of Islamabad and is surrounded by some top spots of the capital. New Blue Area Islamabad is just a few minutes away from Mangla Road, Ibn-e-Sina Road, Jinnah Avenue, Nazim-ud-Din and the renowned Shah Faisal Masjid.

Another attractive attribute of New Blue Area Islamabad is its adjacency to the Centaurus Mall. It automatically enhances the real estate value of the property located there.

New Blue Area Islamabad Nearby Areas:

new blue area accessibility

There are few important places that are close to New Blue Area Islamabad such as Mangla road, F8 roundabout, ibn-e-Sina Road etc.

  • Metro bus station of ibn-e-Sina is 3 minutes’ drive away from the new blue area.
  • Nizam-u-din road is approximately 7 minutes’ drive away from it.
  • The famous Shah Faisal masjid and Ataturk masjid is 11 minutes away from it.
  • F-10 Markaz is just 5 minutes’ drive away from the society.

All these reachable locations from the New Blue Area are giving competition to other housing societies. 

New Blue Area Islamabad NOC:

The New Blue Area Islamabad was inaugurated by the former prime minister of Pakistan, Mr. Imran Khan Niazi. Mr. Prime Minister very delightfully tweeted about the venture by stating that, this is a multi-billion rupees investment project that will create massive employment opportunities.

In the initial stages of the project, a total of 26 commercial plots were allotted by CDA, but now more plots have been sold. The development work is being carried out at a fast pace. This commercial hub will attract huge investments from local and international investors, development projects, and overseas Pakistanis.

New blue Area Accessible Location:

There are a lot of important locations nearby New Blue Area city Islamabad such as Fatima Jinnah park, Centaurus mall, Ufone tower, UBL tower, NBP, Islamabad stock exchange, OGDCL, Saudi Pak tower, PIMS hospital, KRL hospital and Milad ground. 

New Blue Area Master Plan:

new blue area master plan

The master plan of the project includes a developed area of around 170 Kanal offerings 26 plots at the auction. The approval from the CDA is for residential and commercial buildings, food arenas and shops. Other than that developers need to leave behind 30% of the area out of their 1000 square yards or more area. 

New Blue Area Investment Potential:

Islamabad’s international standard infrastructure attracts people from all across the country. Because of the well-designed infrastructure and availability of all sorts of luxuries and amenities, Islamabad is the first choice of investors from everywhere in Pakistan. It is the first choice of urban dwellers because of the growing population and demand for real estate in Islamabad. Due to these very reasons, the prices of real estate in Islamabad are very competitive.

The new blue area project in Islamabad has a huge potential for investment. It offers lucrative and profitable investments for investors.

A Comparison between Old and New Blue Area Islamabad:

Why was there a need for a New Blue Area in Islamabad in the first place? Well, the answer is urbanization and a growing population that calls for a high demand for real estate, especially in developed cities like Islamabad. It is the first choice of investors from both a residential perspective as well as for investment. Blue area Islamabad is one of the most notable businesses and residential hubs of the country, however, according to a recent survey, the center no longer has the capacity for further expansion although there is a dire need and high demand for it.

So, for this very reason, the administration has come up with a new and exciting venture i.e., the New Blue Area Islamabad. In order to balance the demand for new real estate and business activities in Islamabad, this project has been announced.

The good thing is keen public interest. Blue Area Islamabad already is a very famous place located in the capital city. This will prove beneficial for New Blue Area Islamabad too. It won’t need to depend on marketing tactics as the public already knows and has a deep interest in the locality.

Potential Activities at New Blue Area Project Islamabad:

We can say with utmost confidence that New Blue Area Islamabad will be the next huge business venture of the capital. It will lure investors to acquire lands for multiple purposes. There will be banks, corporate offices, petrol stations, five-star hotels, shopping malls, luxury flats and apartments, and whatnot. New Blue Area Islamabad will offer you everything that you can ever think of.  

This mega project of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has huge investment potential. The expert team of developers along with their engineers and architects are working day and night to execute the mastermind plan of the project. This project upon completion will generate revenue in billions of rupees among other lists of benefits that it has to offer.

As the increase in population has made the cities crowded. This dire demand for real estate will be one of the major success determinants of the new blue area project Islamabad. The authorities have planned a grand expansion of the sector to expand the boundaries. This mega-scale development will bring a huge chunk of investment and business along. The project is worth a fortune and will make billions of profits.

Surrounded by Renowned Buildings of Islamabad:

One of the major determinants of cost calculation in real estate matters is location. The New Blue Area project in Islamabad is surrounded by some of the famous buildings of Islamabad that directly lead to its cost enhancement. The list of these buildings includes The Centaurus Mall, Ufone Tower, Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL), Islamabad Stock Exchange (ISE), Saudi Pak Tower, and UBL Tower Islamabad.

Shops and Apartments in New Blue Area:

Because of its well-structured infrastructure, the New Blue Area will undoubtedly gain a lot of investor attention. The project offers commercial plots, shops, and apartments to potential investors. Modern and beautiful flats and apartments are available in different sizes. Luxury apartments offering upscale luxuries and amenities are available at New Blue Area. These apartments are located near the scenic and mesmerizing view of the beautiful Margalla Hills.

The beauty of these residential apartments doesn’t end here. The cherry on the cake is their easy accessibility from almost all notable sectors of the city. This way everything will be available at your doorstep. All the famous restaurants and eateries will offer their delivery services to your place. A significant number of places will be nearby.

Projects in New Blue Area Islamabad:

The scope of the new blue area Islamabad doesn’t just end there. The project offers various commercial and residential avenues for development. These involve some world-class building structures such as Tower 12 Islamabad, The Pak Land Tower 1 and 2, and Elan Square Islamabad.

1.       Tower T 12 Islamabad:

Tower T 12 Islamabad is a work of art. It is a magnificent building, simply a masterpiece being built at the New Blue Area Islamabad. It covers a total area of 60747sq. The project is approved by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and has over 11 stories.

The developers of the Tower T 12 project are Nauman Builders and Pioneer Group. Both these names are big brand names known for client satisfaction in the real estate market. The tower is a commercial and corporate building located near Jinnah Avenue that will offer shops and offices and easy and payable installments. The list of luxuries involves basic water, gas, and electricity facilities, 24/7 camera surveillance maintenance, and power back up among others.

2.         Pak Land Tower 1 and 2:

These are the upcoming 13-floor towers in the New Blue Area Islamabad. Behind the lavish design of the towers are none other than the Pak Land Developers. The towers offer shops, offices, restaurants, and rooftop areas. All sorts of basic and up-scale luxuries are available at the Pak Land Towers. Modern elevators, secure systems, surveillance, and spacious parking are some of the dedicated services that are being offered here.

3.       Elan Square Islamabad:

Elan Square, synonymous with the Elan Tower, is basically a residential tower at the New Blue Area Islamabad. It is located in the commercial zone of the project. It is a product of the Potohar Builders that comprises over 15 stories. The tower offers duplex 1- and 2-bedroom apartments with all kinds of luxuries that one can imagine. The list of services at Elan Square Islamabad involves modern designs and fittings, a 24/7 power supply, car parking in the basement, camera surveillance, and elevators.   

 4. Elysium Mall:

The mall is a high-rise project in a New Blue Area. Buyers and investors can experience commercial and residential units, apartments, offices, shops, etc. for sale. It is a great opportunity for investors to invest in a desired unit and get a better rate of return.

5. Citadel 7 Islamabad:

It is also another masterpiece of a New Blue Area project. It is one of the best and most classy projects including corporate offices. These offices are of different sizes and are available for bookings. 

Previous Projects by New Blue Area:

Some of the previous projects by New Blue Area are:

  • Saudi-Pak Tower
  • Center Park Tower
  • Teh PIA cooperative society


The New Blue Area project Islamabad is one the most important projects due to a number of reasons. It has a lot of investment potential, along with that it will offer employment. All these factors lead directly to the improvement of the country’s overall economy.

New Blue Area Islamabad promises hundred percent client satisfaction. If you want to know about the new blue area project Islamabad price you can contact lead marketing for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The area is located beside F-8, G-7,G-8 sectors of Islamabad.

It was inaugurated by Ex-prime minister Imran khan and at that time CDA allotted 26 plots which covered 170 Kanal area.

New blue area Islamabad is accessible to Fatima Jinnah park, Centaurus mall, Ufone tower, UBL tower, NBP, Islamabad stock exchange, OGDCL, Saudi pak tower, PIMS hospital, KRL hospital and Milad ground.

The master includes the 170 Kanal area. And at the time of inauguration CDA allows commercial, residential, shops, and food arenas development.

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