8 Reasons Why You Should Try

8 Reasons Why You Should Try Investing in Blue World City Overseas Block Islamabad

Blue World City Islamabad as you must have known is it truly significant place to spend your future at. These standing-out abilities modern amenities and world-class infrastructure makes it unique. The Blue World City Islamabad Overseas Block has a unique blend of traditional and modern luxury and is becoming the talk of the town. But when it comes to investment, you might get confused as to where exactly to invest? The Lead Marketing will help you choose the best option available from the real estate industry. There are many opportunities available for the investor in different blocks like:

Blue World City General Block

Blue World City Overseas Block

Blue World City Executive Block

Blue World City Residential and Commercial Block

All the Blocks are unique in nature but there are certain features of the Overseas Block which makes it different from the rest of the blocks. Let’s discuss about the eight major reasons as to why you should be investing in the Overseas Block.

  1. Prime Location:

The Blue World City is known for its ideal location, the roads are wide and are also carpeted. There are around 120 feet wide main boulevards. The roads are very wide around 80 feet in width. 40 feet wide streets are very wide which connect one city to another.

The Blue World City Overseas Block is placed at an ideal and prime location in the entire Blue World City Housing Society. The Overseas Block also provides a direct access from the Chakri Road, and a very own private gate, which is currently under construction.

Due to its prime location of the Overseas Block, is one of the ideal blocks to invest in.

The map as follows will highlight its planned location.

  1. Rawalpindi Development Authority Approval.

The Blue World City Overseas Block is a Rawalpindi Development Authority approved block. The block got a No Objection Certificate (NOC) in the year 2018.

It is a luxurious block with amazing facilities. The block is specially designed for the living comfort for the Overseas Pakistanis.

RDA approval means that the housing society is not illegal, fraud or a scam. The approval of RDA holds a lot of significance and investors usually look forward for the housing societies which are RDA approved. This is one of the major reasons as to why you should invest in the overseas block as it will be a safe investment. It is not only reliable but also has all the desired luxuries

  1. Exclusively Designed for Overseas Pakistanis

One of the best features of the Overseas Block is that it is the best option for overseas Pakistanis. Whenever overseas Pakistanis come back to their hometown, they are double minded about where to settle down. Overseas Block provides a world-class lifestyle, which is the most suitable place to stay for the overseas Pakistanis as it provides facilities like:

*High Technological Oriented Security

*Well Equipped Schools

*Gated Community

*CCTV Security and Surveillance

All these prove to be an excellent facility for the people want to settle from abroad to Pakistan.

  1. Overseas Block Payment Plan

The payment plan of the Overseas Block is ideal in nature. The following is the payment plan for this block.

  1. Overseas Block Master Plan

Blue World City has recently announced the highly awaited the Overseas Block. The basic amenities that come under this block is a perfect choice for a safe residential destination.

  1. Amenities and Other Facilities

It is undoubtedly a block with most available amenities and facilities. This block can persuade you to choose the Overseas Block for investment.

The extraordinary facility that this block provides is the secured gated facility. The developers have made it a 24/7 security as well as a separate dedicated gate. The luxurious facilities ensure a high level of comfort for residents. There is an exclusively living environment for residents of Overseas Block. The other advantage is that the commercial plots of 8 to 10 Marlas are placed at an ideal position which is accessible from all locations. As the Blue World City is located near the New International Airport so the area remains at the central place for easy access to other places.

The basic facilities like Electricity, Gas and Water are available in the Overseas Block round the clock. Educational institutes are also constructed within the premises of this block. This is an ideal opportunity for families with kids.

  1. Commercial and Residential Plots

The Blue World City Overseas Block has splendid features, as mentioned above. Another reason to invest in the Overseas Block is that it has an environmentally friendly atmosphere, with the lush greenery it provides. The block maintains international standards and the best feature is its pocket-friendliness. Let’s also discuss sectors that are present in this block.

Bluebell Group    7 Marla Plot and Villas

Lilly Group          10 Marla Plot and Villas

Lavendar Group   14 Marla Plot and Villas

Daffodil Group    1 Kanal Plot

Desert Rose Group  2 Kanal Plot

The sizes of Overseas Block for Residential Plots are:

  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 14 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

The sizes of Overseas Block for Commercial Plots are:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  1. Other Benefits and Prominent Features

The Blue World City Overseas Block is a reliable investment. It has modern infrastructural designs as well as other facilities which are commendable in nature.

  • Beautiful Jamia Mosque
  • E-tag System
  • Parks and Jogging tracks
  • Play area for kids
  • Golf
  • Carpeted Roads
  • Gated Community​
  • Transport​ation
  • Water Theme Park​
  • Power Plant​ of Electricity
  • Lake​
  • Water, Gas & Sewerage​
  • Sewerage Management Plant
  • Sports & Cultural Complex​
  • Treatment Plant​
  • Shopping Malls and ​Commercial Centres
  • Police Station

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