A New Creation, A New Design

A New Creation, A New Design; Manchester Royal

The concept of real estate is that it develops multiple sources of investors and buyers that are inclined towards catering to newer forms of investments in the world of real estate. In a metropolitan city like Islamabad, it is preferred to design a project according to the fast-paced and multipurpose community. Projects that allow to highlight such factors and keep in check with the growing businesses that need to launch their brands into the market are pivotal for not only the real estate aspect of the market but the growth of the brand and valued consumers. Islamabad clientele works in a certain manner that makes them open to contemporary and innovative designs, and due to being the Capital city, it needs to uphold the mark of being elegant and well designed, even with its infrastructural sources. You can see throughout the city that every property site, community, or society established is catered to a certain threshold of luxurious living standards, high-end valued products and properties, and a sense of modern mix infrastructure.

Manchester Royal is one of the upcoming projects of Zain Builders, a well-rounded development company that has been in the business of real estate project developments since 1995. The company is established to get innovative designs and luxury lifestyles presented to the clients. The key focus on which Zain Builders focus is quality, honesty, commitment, and passionate leadership within their services and teams that enhance the consumers’ experiences. Zain Builders promise to provide the efficiency and effort that investors look for, their capabilities have been tested through various projects and iconic developments are the phenomenal example of their quality and value of money. Manchester Royal is one of their upcoming projects that not only encompasses their goal of making the customer’s experience pleasant but unlike one they have ever encountered. The project is highlighted as a mixed state-of-the-art modern touch with a commercial and residential infusion. This particular factor allows it to be marketed as one unique and completely out-of-the-box design that the real estate market of the city has yet to see. It is ideally located in Gulberg Islamabad, which is placed on the main expressway, which is a fifteen-minute drive from downtown Islamabad. The spread of the area is up to 42,000+ canals which surround great landscape, world-class retail, and luxurious spaces that are designed to facilitate and provide amenities, satisfying all needs and requirements of the investors and clientele.

Manchester Royal is a place that is designed for those who enjoy modern living, which is complementary to opulent amenities and fine cuisines, considering that it is an ideal location for local and international marketing and branding. Manchester Royal is considered to be the next big hit of the capital city Islamabad, where the availability and access to commercial areas and wonderful infrastructures allows the investors and clients to enjoy and live-in elegance with a harmonious atmosphere that is comforting to families. This is the opportunity to get close to nature and breathtaking views of the Margalla Hills, Murree Hills, and an opportunity to magnify the customers’ experiences and aim to give the best of the best. The property is made in an ideal location of the Capital city of Islamabad, with innovative and modernized designs that encompass the possibilities of developing a high-end community that would give the investors what they desire. Manchester Royal is designed in a Renaissance modern mixture, to provide a lavish and grand outlook and an interior that would cater to luxury apartments, expanded brand commercial zones, and wide-spaced offices.

 The project aims to give a peaceful and luxurious atmosphere that cannot be found elsewhere, with the sun setting and rising from the hilltops of Margalla, a spectacular view, and a comfortable living standard that is unique in today’s property markets. It is considered to be an elegant mix of modern and commercial developments all under one roof. Manchester Royal offers thirteen outlets and showrooms dedicated to the lower ground floor and ground floor. The executive and second floor are associated with luxurious offices and corporate spaces which cater to business owners and entrepreneurs who want to have scenery and open space for daily work. Floors three upwards to the fifth floor serve to lavish apartments. They are massive in space, comfortable, and filled in with lavish amenities that fulfill the demand of the investors, but the priceless factor of these apartments is that they are facing towards the Margalla Hills, a beautiful view at the comfort of your desires. Manchester royal offers multiple amenities and facilities that only enhance the fact that their fusion mixed development is a project waiting to be successfully launched. The prime location is surrounded by picturesque views, with 24-hour surveillance. There are multiple firefighting systems for each floor, with multiple shops and luxurious apartments. The community is expanded and friendly towards society. Society is linked with multiple roads and main highways. There are schools and hospitals in the close vicinity, which makes it easier and convenient for the investors. It’s a wonderfully built development and with unlimited resources. And so much more! Manchester Royal provides the best of the best, fulfilling the needs and desires of the investors. The project encompasses great importance towards building a society that services and caters to the needs of the people. The ideal project will overpower other competitors and surpass the needs of the people.


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