What You Need to Know About North Town Residency Karachi

Karachi is an industrial hub with a lot of business opportunities. It is home to almost 23 million people. The city of Karachi has a massive population. Hence, it includes numerous housing projects and thoughtfully organised residential areas.

G.F.S. Builders and Developers is the company behind North Town Residency Karachi. This housing project was started in 2015, and it is in its final stages. The Society is located near 4k Chowrangi in Sector 5A in North Karachi. This society had plots that were between 80 and 120 square yards in size.

SBCA is an authority for housing society’s approval and has approved this society. Due to its reasonable price range, the Society draws in a lot of investors.

Famous Owners and Developers

Global Financial Solutions (G.F.S.) Builders & Developers are the architects of North Town Residency Karachi. One of the most well-known companies for real estate development is G.F.S. The company has a history of finishing top-notch infrastructure projects on schedule and within budget.

G.F.S. has expanded over the years, and at this time, there are more than 200 employees working on numerous projects. G.F.S. has years of experience in project management and preconstruction planning. The G.F.S. Project team offers a wide range of construction services and management.

With a track record for success and a dedication to perfection, G.F.S. consistently upholds its reputation by providing exceptional leadership and dedication to every project, from large, complex projects to smaller-scale buildings. The designers and developers of G.F.S. have dedicated their time, energy, and passion to improving humanity.

Located at a Prime Position

North Town Residency Karachi is situated in North Karachi Sector 5A/3, close to 4K Chorangi. The community’s location has been carefully selected by the developers and owners to provide quick access to all of Karachi’s major thoroughfares.

Availability of Water

Water is a basic necessity and need. Water reservoirs will be built specifically for this purpose to prevent residents from using a significant volume of fresh water for daily tasks. To guarantee that the citizens have access to clean drinking water, filter plants will also be a part of society.


Any society must include the cemetery. Death is a natural process and everyone wants to have a graveyard nearby to bury their beloved ones.

Community Centres

Centres for community socializing and engagement have been built in order to make the residents socially active. They can participate and enjoy in the many events that will be taking place in the community centres.

Medical Facilities

The developers have given special consideration to health facilities. Due to this, the owners of the project are building hospitals of international standards. Clinics are also being built for better provision of health facilities. Medical staff will be available 24/7.

Learning Complex

This learning institute will help proving students with high education with global standards. To provide students with the greatest education possible, the teaching team will also be qualified and trained in their major subjects.

Commerce & Business Hub

The developers have made sure that the needs of the people are met at all levels, be it business oriented or related to their economic needs. Because of this, society will offer a comprehensive business space. The locals can satisfy all of society’s commercial needs from these hubs.

Secure Housing Society

The housing society needs people to feel safe. The community is secure and has a gate for safety. For that purpose security cameras have been placed at man places which are active round the clock. The surveillance system is quite strong and all the equipment is placed by experts. A boundary will be protecting the entire area and a high-security level is present. 

Best Road Infrastructure

The development of any society can be analysed by its roads and infrastructural development. If the area is not properly developed then the people will find it hard to invest in such area. The street lights and boulevards are other important aspects of society’s overall outlook.

The professionalism of any area can be analysed by these factors and the BWC Awami Complex will provide a better way to facilitate its investors through these facilities.


The North Town Residency Karachi’s most prominent and remarkable characteristics are the facilities it is providing which include the hotels, Aquatic and Theme Parks, presence of large Mosque water Supplies, Graveyard availability, an Eco-community, sports area, maintenance and many more.

The best strategy to have an investment for the future is to invest in this society as the developers claim that this society is the best for investment.

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