Best Societies in Pakistan on Installment 2022

No one in this world will be unwilling to have a home of their own. Everyone wants to own a house of their own, and they want to make the correct decision while buying one. So, the right decision at the right time plays an essential part when purchasing a property. 

But the question arises if the property one desires to buy also has a desired payment plan and affordability. Anyone would get confused and want to look at their budgets and pockets to analyze their economic potential.

Let’s discuss some of the housing societies in Pakistan which are providing monetary payment and installment plans. However, many people are willing to have a home of their own; some do so by making the correct decision at the appropriate moment. There are a variety of choices from which people can choose and pay its installment charges over time.

It is not that a person may have a dream house just by having a glance at it. Buying a property in 2022 demands a buyer’s essential resources and financial abilities and if the house you want to purchase meets your budgetary requirements. Today, Lead Marketing will tell our readers about the societies which are providing the best installment plans.

Some of the best societies in Pakistan concerning having a great installment plan in 2022 are mentioned below:

Rudn Enclave Islamabad:

One of the most well-known societies in Islamabad is the Rudn Enclave. The goal of this project is to establish a standard in the market of housing societies by embracing a contemporary way of living that is in tune with the environment.

This residential complex is creating not only a modern outlook but also amazing amenities being provided despite the rise in population and concerns for people having a better standard of living at the same time. The society’s location is also ideal and gives the glittering and eye-catching appeal to nature, which provides the people with a fascinating picture of running water and natural beauty.

The society’s owners, consultants, and builders that stand at the foundation of a thriving plan have come together to deliver a level of luxury and knowledge to this unique housing project. It also provides people with an opportunity to have high returns on investments. Hence people can easily invest without having second thoughts.

The installment plan that this society is offering has different sized residential plots which include, 5 marla, 7 Marla, 10 mala and 1 kanal plots. Other than this the sizes for the commercial plots range are 4 marlas, 8 marla and 1 kanal which the society is offering. The plan for installment is of 4 years which means that the people can easily afford to invest by providing basic payments.  

Taj Residencia:

Society has a class of its own. The amenities offered can make anyone think of building their dream house in this society. There is a lot of focus on comfort and luxury by the developers. Investors opting for a place to enhance their living standards and pay the costs in installments should invest in this housing society.

The installment plan that this society offers has different sized residential plots, including plots ranging from 10, 14 Marlas to Kanal plots of 1Kanal and 2 Kanal measurements. The plan fr investment and installment Are also ideal. Only 20 percent of the downpayment is to be paid for the plan of installment on a monthly basis. This shows that the people who want to invest in this society have the leverage to pay in breaks without having a lot of burden on their daily budget.

Nova City:

Nova City Islamabad is another housing society which is providing the newest, most luxurious residential area. Nova City was meticulously constructed with all its inhabitants’ contemporary needs in mind. The society developers want to build such an opulent, cutting-edge residential housing project where people may live their lives more comfortably and utilize the top-notch amenities and facilities provided to them. Investors give attention to this housing project due to its good investment plans and ideal location.

The installment plan for this society is also offered for the people who want to refrain from putting the burden on their savings. The plot sizes are different for both residential and commercial areas. The size of residential plots is 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, 14 Marla and 1 Kanal. Whereas commercial plot sizes are 4 Marla and 8 Marla. Only a downpayment of 20 percent is to be given monthly for investing in this tremendous housing society.

Blue World City Islamabad:

Near the Lhr-Isb, M2 on Chakri Highway is the new housing development known as BWC Islamabad. The BWC incorporates many of the urban facilities of worldwide standards, along with living reproductions of global landmarks which are being appreciated globally.

This housing community is poised in becoming a marvel in two major cities of Pakistan. The CPEC project and the newly developed airport in Islamabad are both adjacent to where the housing complex is developed. Due to its position, BWC has incredibly limited access to the capital and whereabouts and the entirety of Pakistan.

In addition to being in a convenient position, BWC is also the nearest of all the new housing society being built in the vicinity of the planned Rawalpindi Ring Road. A popular destination for property buyers in the capital. As it has a strategic position and cutting-edge infrastructure, this condominium has a great deal of potential for outstanding returns on investment in the future.

Without a doubt, Blue World City Islamabad is indeed the solution because it provides the best instalment plans. The business was specifically created to be connected all the classes into one in the BWC. Due to this, it has become a popular destination for foreign and domestic Pakistani investors who are seeking affordable investments.

In addition to all of BWC’s excellent characteristics, it is important to note that BWC’s pricing is among the most reasonable and accessible. The costs in this magnificent society are relatively inexpensive, in contrast to the exorbitant prices of housing societies that exist near BWC. 

New Metro Gujar Khan City:

The booming development of Gujar Khan as a significant urban area can be advantageous for investors due to the instalment plan it offers to its clients. New Metro City Gujar Khan is the mega housing project of BSM developers. All of the project’s contemporary amenities and machinery are offered at affordable rates. Greenery, public areas, and kiddie parks will be built on a sizeable portion of the site.

The location of any housing association is extremely essential when investing in this property.  This project is located in the city’s most desirable and ideal location. The twin city area’s major roadways are conveniently accessible from New Metro City Gujar Khan.

This company has a fantastic space to live and invest. Due to the excellent connections and availability of the area, all the necessary civic amenities and business facilities are within reach. If you are living in the Rawalpindi district and wanted to invest in an affordable society then this is a great investment opportunity. Moreover, if you are looking for a nice lifestyle near Rawalpindi then this project stands out for its convenient location and reasonable price. 


Everyone in this society wants to buy a home for his family and but most of them are unable to do this because of the country’s economic conditions. However, the above societies are providing ideal housing options at affordable prices so that people from all classes can afford their own homes.


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