Buying a Hillside Home

Buying a Hillside Home—Is It the Right Decision?

Hill stations and hilly areas seem perfect to have a peaceful life. Mountainous areas sound like calm, cold, and noise-free places to enjoy the beautiful scenery and astonishing views of nature. Therefore, a hilly location could be desirable to invest in and have a lovely sight of substantial green mountains. According to some research, most people prefer to live in hilly areas or try to spend their vacations on hill stations to get rid of the usual noisy city life. However, there are multiple benefits of having one’s residential place at a mountainous home. Let us discuss the following.

  1. Toxic-Free Atmosphere

Inhaling and exhaling is a natural respiratory process, but for this, the atmosphere must be clean and toxic-free. As we know that city life is full of pollution and noise due to daily bustling activities. Therefore, green hilly areas are the best place to have plenty of clean and pollution-free air for inhalation. Such sites are excellent for those who are tired of toxic city life.

  1. Breathtaking views

Attraction towards beautiful things, sights, and views is something built-in to human nature. According to psychological facts, stunning views give a feeling of relaxation and stress relief. The beauty of such breathtaking views of the mountains is another reason to live there.

  1. No Disturbance

City life is all about noise and noise!!!. Yes, unfortunately, due to the busy lifestyle of urban areas, life has become hell for people living there. They don’t have “Me” time. They don’t care about their health and only focus on their business, jobs, education, etc. As a result, city life is full of disturbance and deviation. To avoid such disruption and environmental issues, one should move to hilly areas to have peace of mind.

Faisal Hills Islamabad

Whenever someone talks about mountains and hills in Pakistan, a picture of the northern areas of Pakistan comes into mind. Though northern areas of Pakistan are widely known as hubs of huge mountains, if we see them for residential purposes, those areas aren’t perfect because of fewer facilities required to have everyday living. Therefore, Islamabad could be the best option to look for hillside residences. Being the capital of Pakistan and a metropolitan city majority of the population prefer to have their residential property there. Mountains and moderate weather are another plus point to living a quality life. Therefore, Faisal Hills Islamabad is the ideal location for those who want to live around captivating mountains.

Faisal Hills is a new residential development in the Taxila neighborhood of Islamabad. This idea has been proposed by Zedem International’s well-known and well-known developers. The developers have recently developed this fantastic project, which quickly became one of Faisal Town Islamabad’s most successful developments. Faisal Hills provides you with a beautiful and distinguished existence.

Faisal Hills Location:

Faisal Hills is a significant housing society with future investment potential due to its proximity to Pakistan’s three major cities: Taxila, Rawalpindi, and Islamabad. Taxila is Pakistan’s industrial hub, while Islamabad is the country’s capital.

Because the society will be connected to Motorway M-2 and the upcoming Margalla Avenue, which will provide easy access from Islamabad Zone 1, Faisal Hills will be even more accessible via major highways.

Faisal Hills Comprised of the Following Features:

Faisal Hills is a well-planned community surrounded by natural beauty, with a spectacular view of the Margalla Hills and all modern conveniences. This is an ideal society to live in. Moreover, it is a legal society that has received RDA approval.

The following is a list of Faisal Hills’ facilities and amenities:

  • Filling Stations and Supermarkets
  • Medical center
  • Football stadiums
  • Sewerage system that works properly
  • Club for the Community
  • Gas Carpeted Roads and Streets are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Parks, Mosques, and Children’s Playgrounds
  • Electricity is available at all times of the day and night.
  • A cutting-edge sports facility
  • Plantation and landscaping are extensive.

Block of Executives

This luxury residential block is located near Margalla Hills and has direct access from the main GT Road. It is close to Taxila City, Museums, and its surroundings. Residential flats, schools, shopping malls, and offices comprise Executive Block’s vast high-rise buildings.

Block A

Block A Faisal Town Pvt. Ltd devised a dynamic layout plan that is both united and intimate while separating and defining the various site sizes.

While A Block is already sold out, this block provides residents and investors some intriguing features such as a 225-foot main boulevard and the society’s major commercial center.

Most notably, this block’s development requirements and planning adhere to modern development norms. In and around this sector, minimum street sizes are 40 feet and up to 110 feet enabling easy access to all amenities.

Block B

Block B is made up of lush green areas and parks that serve as a gathering place for people and a garden with breathtaking views of the Margalla Hills.

In the significant residential real estate market,

Block C

Block C has emerged as the area’s most desirable luxury residential address in the significant residential real estate market. In addition, the nearby Margalla Hills provide lofty views, while the M-1 Motorways will provide future access to the CPEC route.

Faisal Hills Payment Schedule.


Whenever someone buys a property or makes up their mind to invest their money in a profitable sector, therefore, when it comes to buying a residential property, everyone looks for extensive research because they have multiple things and desires in their mind, e.g., a suitable and toxic free environment or location, affordable range, etc. Therefore, Buying your own dream house in Faisal Hills would be the best option for those who are nature lovers, who want to live in a hillside area to keep themselves away from the toxic environment of city life. Moreover, the mountainous views of Faisal Hills are fascinating that

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