CDA has Announced BuP Award for Sector C-13

In a strategic move to initiate the construction of Sector C-13, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has formally introduced the Built-up Property (BuP) award. Sector C-13, nestled in the scenic foothills of the Margalla Hills National Park. The sector is primed to seize the spotlight with a direct access route via the newly inaugurated Margalla Avenue.

The BuP award signifies a deliberate step to compensate individuals who had established their homes and structures on the land prior to its acquisition. However, this initiative has faced past controversies. The controversies mainly arised due to the inclusion of dubious entries in the property listings by CDA’s revenue personnel. With a policy aimed at granting plots for rehabilitation, meticulous attention is imperative to ensure equitable and transparent allocation.

BuP Criteria:

A preliminary survey uncovered around 2800 suspicious entries within Sector C-13’s BuP, triggering swift action from higher authorities. The Deputy Commissioner of CDA and senior officials from the ICT administration convened a dedicated committee to address the issue. After conducting a thorough examination, only 328 individuals were eligible for the award, categorizing them into four groups: A, B, C, and D.

The prime category, List A, encompasses the 328 individuals granted plots without further proceedings. In List B, comprising 108 people, plot eligibility hinges on the submission of specific documents. However, the officials removed those placed in List C from compensation, as their structures were erected after the land’s acquisition. List D encompasses individuals associated with on-site wells and hand pumps.

Preceding this milestone, a comprehensive presentation outlined Sector C-13’s project proposal. The sector envisages integrating high-rise building apartments within Islamabad’s enchanting landscape. Deliberate planning has preserved the area’s inherent beauty while incorporating modern architectural marvels. The estimated cost for this ambitious venture stands at Rs1078 million.

The Capital Development Authority’s decision to introduce the BuP award for Sector C-13 marks a notable stride towards holistic development, fairness promotion, and aligning future growth with the city’s distinctive allure and grandeur.

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