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When it comes to real estate projects it is imperative to recognize worthy and professional development projects, especially when it comes down to investment. With the current boom toward investing and real estate, buyers and clients focus on essentials that determine whether the development is worth the price and fulfills the promises. Investors today look into factors that are majorly associated with catering to the needs and desires according to their personalized preferences. Often such details are ignored, to finish the project, rather than provide the investors and buyers with what they look for. Moreso, there have been multiple housing societies that have been developed around the Capital Islamabad; very few have managed to cater to the needs and requirements of investors and buyers. It has become imperative in the world of real estate to maintain quality and fulfill the promises made to clients. In today’s day and age if the societies and communities don’t comprise what is promised then the cases can lead to legally jeopardizing the entire society. Often, this is exactly why the aim real estate agencies, especially in Islamabad, must adhere to the promises and commit to providing for the consumers. However, what is left behind is the desire and need to revamp and change the mainstream demands towards innovative and modernized ideas, that is where Ce La Vi Islamabad has painted a new picture to the world of investment and Real Estate.

Ce La Vi Islamabad is a seven-star project developed by a British company; Daniel Johns Group. The project is built and designed on the construction of providing the best of the best to their clients and uphold the reputation it has maintained throughout all previous projects. Ce La Vi’s development looks towards providing a luxury and grand experience to its investors, establishing a lifestyle change and enhancement that they all desire. More so, with an international company investment, it is bound to service and make sure to continue to service and provide the consumers with the exact or/and beyond their expectations. The project brings in a new mix to the trend of investment by introducing a development plan of 1 million sq. ft to glorious groundbreaking luxuries, showcasing multiple apartments, luxury penthouses, investment areas, offices, and much more. Ce La Vi is not a society, but a construct of beautiful dimensions that elevate and advance the lifestyle you want, bringing forward the lifestyle you deserve. Daniel Johns Group proudly presents this project as one of the most innovative, modern, and luxurious architecture and fashioned developments situated in the heart of the Capital City; Islamabad throughout the history of their projects. It will be a timeless construction endorsing the pillars of sustainability, innovation, and creativity, establishing a foundation you’ve never seen before.


Daniel Johns Group developed Ce La Vi as a luxurious community that caters to three grand British brands. First, Sirius serviced apartments, where the apartments are designed according to modern high-end residents. The apartments offer great living standards and exquisite quality with great attention to detail. Second, Capital 88 serviced offices, where there are high-end business offices of all scales. The brand is renowned for providing high-quality services, industry-leading.

IT infrastructure and flexibility. It is a wonderfully developed project that subjects all sectors of the business world. Lastly, The Waves is a luxurious shopping mall designed according to the highly designed and well-known brands, setting a new benchmark in mixed shopping use and entertainment design, all of which is present under one roof. The developers promised to bring to the Pakistani market the taste of luxury and high-end brands. The development project aims to be a unique and completely one-of-a-kind project. The Ce La Vi’s goal is to bring forward a fully serviced luxurious apartment, a five-star shopping mall, where the residents can enjoy all amenities at their doorstep.

The developers aim to create and demonstrate an idea ahead of its time, where the public will experience a completely different concept unlike what they’ve seen. The developers have looked deeply into the interiors, the aesthetics, and the unique qualities of every building, and every feature that will be placed into the development. This not only shows the dedication of the developers but the effort and efficiency the developers have shown towards establishing such a massive project. The goal is to capture the essence of life and transform everyone’s imagination into a reality they never expected. Every developer wants to put forth the best of the best, Daniel Johns Group has put forth great efforts and fulfilled the promises it made to its investors and buyers, and therefore it stands out as a project, a community, and a lifestyle worth waiting for!

Master Plan

Ce La Vi project will be covering more than 30 Kanal areas, where it would comprise commercial, residential, and entertainment options. The project is constructed with the latest of design and innovation that makes this a unique and different construction compared to the ones that have existed previously. The out of the box nature of this project allows it to be one of the most promising and prominent projects in Islamabad.

It will be a multipurpose high-rise building featuring many amenities and facilities, a 9 story building, with a basement reserved for parking for approximately 900 cars. The project is divided into three brands, where the commercial zone is developed under the name The Waves, a luxurious shopping mall. With 471 commercial units available to multiple brands and markets on the ground and first floor. The second floor comprises a well-designed and planned-out food court, that would cater to multiple cuisines that are marketed in various parts of the country and international food chains. The mall will house world-class clothing brands, International and National, as well as, food brands, such as Rock Spice, the Counter, and Built, etc. The project further divides into two towers; one that leads to residential area zones under the brand developer Sirius Services. With the availability of 350+ luxurious residential apartments and penthouses available designed with the architecture of top modern trends and high-end lifestyle amenities that would change and upgrade the life, you’ve been living. There are thoughtfully designed and planned-out apartments, from studio to multiple bedroom apartments to penthouses, and the elegance of the British marvel of styles and designs, the apartments uphold the market that investors in Islamabad look for. The property apartment/residential zone provides open views and landscapes with glass frames and spectacular panoramic viewpoints that are breathtaking. Depending on your desire and choices, Sirius provides you with many options and choices that would design the platform according to your preferences. that would encompass the factors and the most luxurious apartments and penthouses that would be available to accommodate many investors and clients. Moreover, the availability of studio apartments opens access to those who choose to live in a scenic view area with limited space to control. The master plan aims to cover the desires and requirements of the clients to meet the mark of the market and provide the most eloquent and lavish product, with efficiency in service and care for customer convenience and experience demand.

Further, the project caters to businesses and entrepreneurs that plan to settle and develop offices, this particular sector in the project is developed by Capital88, a British serviced offices brand that will design, elevate and innovate high-quality workspaces for businesses of all scales. There is the availability of 25+ modernized fully-equipped offices with multiple conference and meeting rooms. Capital 88 will bring forth great luxury and change to businesses in Islamabad, creating the ideal environment for businesses to expand and collaborate. Providing private offices in lavish settings, creating a co-working environment, with the presence of virtual ability to work through multiple forums, enhanced by meeting and conference rooms that would cater to international businesses and virtual settings. Lastly, the setting of a lounge and a waiting area for the hard work to be paid off in good comfort and luxury.


Ce La Vi is designed and located in the most prominent and beautiful places of the capital city Islamabad. The project enhances and provides the chance to cater to living in the most prime location that is one of the most important and prominent factors of any development. It is mapped at the classic edge of Bahria Enclave sector K, Islamabad. The routes of the location from other parts of the main city are at a convenient distance. The location is close to the Bani Gala Zoo/ Botanical gardens and the Comsats University Islamabad. These locations can be found and accessed easily without the need for instructions or google maps. More so, the Islamabad Airport is also a few minutes away from the project base. The lifestyle change at Ce La Vi proves to show a massive impact and improves the changes that have been made by being in such proximity to the updates and more importantly closely accessible area zones of the city. This development project is seen to be a dream come true in comparison to all real estate companies existing in the market, Ce La Vi promises to bring forth the greatest of its kind.

Amenities and Facilities

Ce la vi

Ce La Vi is one of the most luxurious development projects with a spin of its own, that encompasses the modern facilities and amenities that most investors and clients look for. The development of the project under the British company Daniel John Group administers the possibility of creating a lifestyle change and experience worth the price. It’s a place where you will find all the luxuries and facilities that you can imagine in the modern lifestyle. Cé la vi is completely designed for your peace, comfort, and relaxation thus, This project has everything that you desire to have in modern real estate development. Some of its top facilities and features are:

  • Underground Parking
  • Mall and Brands Outlets
  • Modern Design and Glamorous Structure
  • CCTV Cameras Monitoring
  • Smart Technology Features
  • Spacious Lobbies
  • Modern Lifts
  • Gym and Sports Facilities
  • Food Court Area
  • Entertainment Spots and much more

Therefore, Ce La Vi is considered to be one of the most innovative projects to be introduced in Islamabad Pakistan, where the evolution of real estate is much required. The project aims to bring out a new dimension to real estate and encompass more groundbreaking evolutionary changes into bringing forth the demands and desires of the clientele. It is imperative to acknowledge these facilities and designs to cater to providing life and experience the buyers are looking for.

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