Famous Water-Themed Amusement Parks in Pakistan

No one likes hot, sweaty summers, for sure. Therefore almost everyone tries to go for activities that make them relax and cool in summers. Those activities usually include swimming, water fights, etc. But, as everyone knows, These activities can be done at home due to space issues. Therefore, the term water and amusement park was coined back in the eighteenth century, then changed into a water-themed park. The concept behind these water-themed parks was to have a place for all age groups to enjoy their tired warm summers.

Though the concept of water amusement parks emerged in the eighteenth century, it created a positive impact globally. Now, we can see such places in almost every country, including developing ones.

Luckily, Pakistan is among those countries where these amazing facilities are heading. Although back in the 90s, there were multiple parks in metropolitan cities of Pakistan, none of them were particularly water-themed parks. With time, the idea of water amusement parks evolved, and now we have multiple water-themed parks all over Pakistan. Moreover, emerging societies like Blue World City Islamabad play a crucial role in promoting these fascinating parks. Let us have a look at the top 12 water-themed amusement Parks in Pakistan.

Blue World City Water Theme Park.

Blue World City’s Blue World Water Theme Park is a stunning tourist destination. China Blue World Water Theme Park is being created over 70,000 square meters of hilly terrain with natural contours, adding to the excitement and thrill of the site. It is being developed in conjunction with world-renowned Guangzhou Haisan Amusement Technology & Co. Ltd.

In addition to 20 world-class thrill coasters, Blue World Water Theme Park offers a children’s play area and all of the popular fast-food franchises such as McDonald’s, KFC, Subway, Pizza Hut, and others for an action-packed family day out!

Islamabad Water Park

Bahria town is a well-known society of Pakistan where one can find almost every facility needed to have a perfect life. Now the good news is Bahria town has recently launched an international theme water park launched in Bahria phase 8 Rawalpindi. Park encompasses many exciting thrill rides, including motion rides, huge wheels, dragons, etc.

Karachi Water Park List

Karachi is famously known for its recreational activities. That’s why it is called the “City of Lights.” Fortunately, Karachi Pakistan’s largest city is home to many water parks notable historical monuments, top theatres, the most beautiful hill stations, and well-known horror destinations. Karachi Water Parks List

  • The Great Fiesta
  • Picnic World Water Park
  • Burhani Water Park in Karachi
  •  Water World Family Park

Best Water Parks in Karachi

There are many interesting locations to see in Karachi. However, if you want to unwind and relax with your friends and family, we recommend that you look through our list and pick a water park that suits your needs.

The Great Fiesta

The Great Fiesta water park is one of the best water parks situated in Karachi. As the name suggests, the great fiesta water park is different from traditional parks. It is a technology-based park with multiple electric thrilling and exciting rides. The Great Fiesta Park is like an all-rounder in rides, food court, and all above. Moreover, you can find swimming pools to keep the warm day away. In short, you can say one can find every exciting and fun material in one place. 

The park provides the following amenities.

  • The canopy provides shade from the sun.
  • Lockers are used to keep valuable items safe and secure.
  • Customers will be given first-aid kits.
  • Several restaurants serve a wide range of cuisines, including fast food, Chinese cuisine, barbecue, and much more.
  • Tubes, goggles, costumes, baby float, and other water slide accessories are available for added fun and enjoyment.
  • Snacks, cold drinks, and other items can be purchased at the tuck shop.
  • For ladies and gents, separate change and shower rooms are available.
  • There is a prayer room where you can fulfill your religious duties.

Burhani Water Park in Karachi

Burhani recreational park is a water-themed park with amazing water rides built exactly on international-themed parks for the residents of Karachi. The park is full of exciting rides, including swimming pools with blue and cool water. Additionally, the park has a beautiful ground where different sports events take place.

The park provides the following amenities.

  • This adrenaline-pumping slide, which has a severe (30 degree) blind plunge, is intended for thrill-seekers.
  • Surf racer is a two-lane mat racer that will give you shivers.
  • Large Splash is a downhill mat slide that ends with a big splash in a chilly pool. Consider adding a pool to your home if you want to raise the value of your property.
  • Twister is a winding, spiraling raft slide that provides a classic water park experience.
  • A kid-friendly aquatic jungle gym with many slides and sprays built in a huge shallow children’s pool is the Water Castle. Learn about the best gyms in Karachi for a healthy lifestyle.

Picnic World Water Park

The ‘Picnic World Water Park’ is another fantastic water park in Karachi. It is a large and beautiful park located in Karachi. The park has a large number of slides and water rides to choose from. Despite its state-of-the-art infrastructure and technologically complex rides, the water park is nonetheless quite cost-effective.

There are also separate pools for women and children. You will also be given lockers when you enter the park to store your items. The park also features a large number of eateries that serve delicious and fresh food.

Water World Family Park

Water world family park is one of the best amusement parks in Pakistan. It is majorly known for its recreational activities. This park is suitable for almost every age group where everyone can have fun. The specialty of this water park is that it is made exactly according to international water amusement parks.

Among the most well-known and well-known rides are:

  • Free Fall Slides
  • Huge Slides
  • Separate swimming pools for women


Amusement parks are where everyone can have a good time because of the variety of entertainment facilities. They are not just limited to a few rides of swimming pools. These parks’ specialty is composed of huge water slides, multiple swimming pools, thrilling rides, separate sports grounds, food courts, picnic areas, and many more.

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