Houses You Can Buy in Karachi

Houses You Can Buy in Karachi Within a Limited Budget

Karachi’s megalopolis, built on an ever-expanding urban sprawl, is home to Pakistan’s largest real estate market. From affluent neighborhoods to low-cost housing schemes, the metropolis offers an eclectic mix of properties. Given that it is also Pakistan’s most expensive city to live in, investing in property on a shoestring budget may be a difficult decision.

Most people prefer to own a home rather than rent one because it eliminates monthly rental costs. Additionally, property values in a city like Karachi increase significantly over time, multiplying property owners’ initial investment.

Therefore, we can assist you if you are looking to purchase a decent home for your family in Karachi on a shoestring budget. This blog will discuss everything you need to know about low-cost houses for sale in Karachi to help you make an educated choice.

How To Search For Cheaply Priced Houses For Sale In Karachi

Before you begin your search for low-cost houses for sale in Karachi, here are a few critical points to consider.

What Size Property Should You Be Searching For?

As you know, Karachi’s property prices have skyrocketed in recent years, leaving you with only a few good property options on a PKR 50 lakh budget. 125 sq yd (5 marlas) houses or even smaller properties are easily found with such a small budget. However, anything larger than that would almost certainly exceed your budget.

Even a 125-square-foot house can be cleverly planned these days to provide ample space for you and your family to live comfortably. Additionally, some societies in Karachi may permit you to construct additional stories if you are short on space. However, it is critical to note that properties near the city center are costly, meaning that the only affordable housing options in Karachi are in suburban and remote places.

Where Can I Find Cheap Houses For Sale In Karachi?

If you don’t mind living in the suburbs, you can look out for freshly created communities such as Bahria Town and DHA City to find properties for sale in Karachi at a cheap. Additionally, you may purchase larger properties here on affordable installment terms. You can easily take ownership of your new property after paying at least 50%-70 percent of the total payment.

The majority of these houses are available on payment plans lasting up to three years. Alternatively, you can invest in these residences through home financing packages offered by several commercial banks. Their payment plans are flexible and might last up to twenty years, depending on your needs.

As demonstrated in the image above, the low-cost dwellings accessible in these remote areas of Karachi are incredibly well-built. The majority of these residences are small villas equipped with all the current conveniences. For 125 square yard residences in Bahria Town and DHA City, Prices range from less than one crore to 3 crores.

Access The Government’s Markup Subsidy Program

With a plethora of low-cost housing options and home finance plans accessible, investing in property in Karachi has become easier than ever. Moreover, even if you lack the funds necessary to make full payments, you can apply for the Pakistani government’s recently launched ‘Apna Ghar Sasta Karz’ scheme.

The State Bank of Pakistan has successfully launched this scheme across the country with other commercial banks. Additionally, it is referred to as the ‘Mera Pakistan Mera Ghar’ initiative. You may easily apply for this scheme by contacting your nearest bank office.

To Keep An Eye Out For Upcoming Housing Societies In Karachi

Dream Villas

The Falaknaz Group’s Dream Villas is a serene neighborhood on Karachi’s leafy outskirts. Owning a luxurious villa in Pakistan’s most lucrative property market is your best choice.

The Dream Villas’ best feature is undoubtedly its location. Memon Goth Road connects the development immediately, making it conveniently accessible from all over the city. In addition, it’s a gated neighborhood with villa-style residences that are all identical in design and architecture.

Both houses and plots are only offered in 125 sq yd sizes to keep the community’s aesthetic appeal and uniformity consistent. Following unanimous approval from all relevant authorities, The Dream Villas is the city’s fastest-growing project, with 90% of its residential units completed.


The LIS Villas are a new development in Bahria Town Karachi’s residential real estate market. Housing units in this gated community suit the tranquil and modern surroundings with aesthetically beautiful exteriors and luxurious interiors.No sacrifice has been made in the quality of construction or living amenities, making these villa-style residences an unmissable investment option despite their low price.

LIS Villas is a new residential development in Karachi that aims to fulfill your goal of having a well-built and tastefully designed home. The housing development boasts a beautiful site right in front of Bahria Adventure Land and is planned to be completed and delivered by 2023.

As a result of reading this article, finding cheap houses in Karachi and making a wise investment decision is now easier for you. So please send us an email at  also, if you have any questions or issues, please let us know. Aside from that, you might be interested in reading our in-depth guide to investing in Karachi’s most sought-after neighborhoods with properties for sale.

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