How To book a Plot in Mangla Green Housing?

Mangla Green Housing (MGH) is an officially authorized residential development planned by Markhor Holdings that is positioned at Mangla Dam and offers stunning spectacular views of the dam.

In addition, the location’s scuba diving and other leisure activities make it an appealing living area. For the sake of the highest standards of comfort, the builders have guaranteed the availability of essential luxury amenities at residents’ doorsteps.

Serenity, tranquillity, splendor, and a sense of closeness to the environment provide inhabitants with a one-of-a-kind life experience. Waterfront housing, beautiful green hills, Tuscan-inspired architecture, an 18-hole golf course, water activities at Mangla Dam, and a prominent position combine to make it a comfortable living environment.

Developers and Owners:

Two prominent real estate companies, Mangla View Resort Private limited and Markhor Development Enterprises, collaborated to plan and construct the project. The people behind this effort give people access to the newest styles and innovative ways to live. 

They provide the most superior apartments and facilities inside the Mangla Green Housing architecture. Due to breakthroughs, people are adjusting to a more outstanding quality of living.

Amazing Master plan:

Additionally, it upholds and maintains internationally recognized architectural criteria. Thus, this location affects both luxury and tranquility. First, this is a lovely area to live in because of the stunning scenery and magnificent natural ambiance. 

The design of Mangla Green Housing is ideal for individuals who desire to reside near the landscape. In addition, upscale amenities and services are available, including playgrounds, restaurants, a golf course, health centers, and a lot more.

Society is also evolving into a novel investment opportunity with enormous potential benefits. For example, the Mangla Green Housing financing plan has designed for buyers’ comfort and ease of use. Here, assets have been purchased in manageable installments.

Exceptional amenities:

  • All basic amenities
  • Wide roads
  • Community Centers
  • 24/7 monitoring system
  • Parking Area
  • Gym
  • Spa
  • Restaurants
  • Theme Park
  • Sports Activities
  • Medical Centers
  • Education Centers
  • Graveyard
  • Contemporary architecture 

Standards for Buying and Selling Plots:

To book a plot for Mangla Green Housing, these rules to adhere to are as follows

Verification of Documents:

Please ensure all paperwork is thoroughly verified to prevent confusion or misconception. Before entering any property acquisition or sale, ensure that the officials have duly recognized the builder’s NOC and authorization documents. Therefore, the documentation will be lawful in all ways that may provide customers satisfaction.

Economic Protection:

Please check that your finances align with your buying strategy before finalizing home purchases and sales. This way, your buy or transaction will go smoothly.

Properties Visits:

Visit the site before making any purchases and after ensuring the legitimacy of the credentials.

Reservation Documents Requisite:

Because we believe in building accountability and confidence with our clients, we advise inquiring about the most recent paperwork requirements for reservation.

The Documents Required:

  • Two passport-sized photographs
  • NICOP for international clients
  • Two duplicates of your National Identification Card
  • Two copies of your next of kin’s ID card

Development progress:

Mangla Green has also completed significant growth work, and the incomplete building is proceeding swiftly. Optimized design and structural concepts for the planning and building phases. 

It is among the country’s finest residential developments due to its fabulous location, vistas that look out over the water, greenery, opulent conveniences, and top-notch construction. Society has a lot to offer its members to enrich their lives. 

You may relish the weather and tranquility while leading an urban lifestyle. With various perks and advantages, this position guarantees residents unique accommodation.


Mangla Green Housing is a residential development with a single goal to deliver outstanding international facilities. The key characteristics of this community are the economy, luxury amenities, and position. As a result, we strongly advise that this is an excellent time to invest in this society. You can lead an extravagant life at Mangla Green Housing.

MGH prepared to provide you with a safe, remarkable, and simplified way of life backed by high quality is now providing you with a distinctive and lovely home. Here, you may access the best leisure and daily routines. You will therefore be capable of spending such a precious and meaningful time with all the amenities.

You have access to the necessary necessities as well as well-liked leisure facilities. This place is outstanding and of the highest caliber due to numerous elements of the highest caliber. Living here will allow you to take advantage of all the attractions and have a satisfying experience.

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