Is Citi Housing Kharian An Affordable Society?

In Pakistan, the purchasing power of buyers is declining day by day. Most people don’t want to live in a rented house because of the daily increase in rent.  The purchasing power of a middle-class person is declining and everybody is dreaming of having a house of their own.

On the contemporary,  however, the prices of the property are skyrocketing. Most people find it very hard to meet both ends.  in such an economic scenario in a country, it is more than likely that the cost of the property will surpass the buyer’s expectations. 

We are living in a country with a poor economic system,  a huge lapse in infrastructural development, a poor sanitation system, a lack of job opportunities as well as extremely high prices of real estate.

In this wave of uncertainty, restlessness, and hopelessness it becomes nearly impossible to buy a property of your own. We all have been looking for such a Housing Society that is not only equipped with all the amenities but also affordable in nature.  Like many other societies which have gained a significant amount of interest from the buyers, like blue world Citynew Metro Gujar Khan CityKingdom ValleyNorth Town Residency, and seven wonders City, the newly emerged Citi Housing Kharian is a feather on the cap.  

Its unique features,  as well as the excellent payment plan, are becoming the reasons for most of the people’s interest in buying plots in the society.  Let’s discuss some of its main characteristics which make it prominent from the rest of the societies.

Payment Structure:

Citi Housing Kharian (formerly called  Golf Residencia) had received complete approval from the Tehsil Municipal Authority (TMA).  This would surely become a legitimate initiative as a result, making its shareholders very happy and satisfied.

While buying a home, especially in a brand-new or rising residential complex, customers often finance in installments. Low costs are also of utmost importance to locals. The fact is one that the Citi Housing Kharian builders are well conscious of. As a result, the company is offering the best residential properties from Citi Housing at unexpectedly affordable costs.

A few of the primary elements which make it simple because any business spends is the paid deposit for every asset. A simple reservation and installment procedure is offered by Citi Housing Down Payments. 

Because the purchase and installment method has been streamlined to reduce investment stress, all may benefit from this fantastic housing enterprise. A basic three-year real estate project with thirty-six-month installments, 12-quarter installments, and a 25percent downpayment deposit at the very time of reservation are available through the Citi Housing Kharian Payment Plan.

The price of improvement is also covered.  Have a 5 percent reduction on the total amount due.  The cost of additional equipment is 10 percent more.

Other Reasons for Investing in Citi Housing Kharian

Numerous benefits exist for investing in this  Housing society of Kharian. Citi society housing is Kharian is the best money value option for investors/people wishing to put money into beneficial ventures. 

They’re many major good reasons to work at this Housing society. The property is being given maximum reliability with a track record of high-quality building. Growing up until the year 2011, the builders have already met their commitments, as well as the shareholders, have made money.

It shows that investing for the long term can be successful. The plan will also be built to offer high-fashion amenities for locals in neighboring regions. When they build a property, Citi Housing’s manager wants to reinvent the concept of communal life. Real estate prices are a long-term investment that can yield passively future rental income as they rise over time. 

Additionally, the land may be a quasi asset that will likely increase in value over time. As a result, the project appears to be worthwhile from all angles. The primary justifications for investment in Citi Housing Kharian are as follows:

  • Eco-friendliness
  • Opulent features
  • Reputable designers

Extraordinary Vision and Mission

The goal for developers of Citi Housing Kharian is to provide a western lifestyle to Kharian people while putting an emphasis on first-rate service quality and infrastructure.

Mr. Amir Malik, the proprietor of this housing project in Kharian, does have a goal of raising life conditions in Kharian. This will make it the greatest location for both residence and trade.

Hence, Citi Housing Kharian’s goal is to support affordable finances and also Domestic and business-oriented plots to enjoy a beautiful position including all facilities in the newly developing housing society in the city of Kharian. 

Due to his Citi Housing developments in Sialkot, Faisalabad, Multan, Gujranwala, and Jhelum, Amar Malik has an exceptional track record in the Pakistani real estate sector. Citi Housing’s mission is to support Pakistan’s middle-class population.


By the above discussion on this newly developing housing project of Citi Housing Society Kharian, we can easily analyze its amazing and prominent features. This housing society is one of its kind, as it is proving all the basic requirements to the interested investors. 

The purchasing power of buyers is low but this society is offering affordable payment plans which are going to be a blessing for the investors. The developers of this society have a vision and mission to provide better living standards to the people of Kharian. This society is a brilliant initiative and purchasers must not wait a day to invest in this housing project. 

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