Lifestyle Luxury at Ce La Vi

Lifestyle Luxury at Ce La Vi; Why should you invest?

As the exclusive marketing agency, the Daniel Johns Group as international developers is pleased to collaborate with Global Property Investment Company; owned and managed by Mr. Khalid Iqbal Bhatti. This collaboration had formed for the first time in Islamabad to launch the project Ce La Vi, a pleasing opportunity to provide necessary property; apartments, offices, and outlets, in highly demanded area zones.

The project is located in the hub of the most developed and modern atmosphere of the metropolitan city; Bahria Enclave. The location is beautifully landscaped with natural greens and open spaces. The project site is considered to be one of the most well-maintained communities of Islamabad, with high valued consumers and dense commercial zones, it is a location worth its market value. The project in itself holds massive amounts of value and innovation; Islamabad Property buyers and investors often look for areas of investment to cater to businesses or certain markets that would upscale their lifestyle. Ce La Vi offers exactly that, with a much more luxurious and comfortable environment.

Ce La Vi offers a multipurpose High-rise building featuring many amenities and facilitation. The project covers more than 30 Kanal and is approximately 9 floor tall with a basement car park for estimation of 900 cars. The project has divided its floor plans according to three other branded project settings; the commercial zone, The Waves, a luxurious shopping mall, with the offer of 471 market units provided to cater to high-end brands. The mall will house world-class clothing brands, International and National, as well as, food brands, such as Rock Spice, the Counter, and Built, etc. The project is the genus of a rising Islamabad, with so many amenities and luxuries provided at the foot of the metropolitan city.

Capital 88, a British serviced offices brand that will design, elevate and innovate high-quality workspaces for businesses of all scales. The brand is known to provide great services and facilitate the needs of business investors. Entrepreneurs and new investors often find these areas best in investment to uphold their market value. Capital 88 provides a wonderful IT infrastructure and a technological advancement yet to be seen. There is the availability of 25+ modernized fully equipped offices with multiple conference and meeting rooms. Capital 88 will bring forth great luxury and change to businesses in Islamabad, creating the ideal environment for businesses to expand and collaborate. Providing private offices in lavish settings, creating a co-working environment, with the presence of virtual ability to work through multiple forums, enhanced by meeting and conference rooms that would cater to international businesses and virtual settings. Lastly, the setting of a lounge and a waiting area for the hard work to be paid off in good comfort and luxury. The goal is to create a pro-working atmosphere so that people enjoy coming to work rather than dreading it. Islamabad Will upscale its property values with the launch of this wonderful project.

Lastly, Sirius is one of the high-end United Kingdom brands that have achieved a benchmark in luxury living and upholding the standards of services internationally. Presenting such grand collaborators and brands in the Pakistani market not only upholds the promise of quality but the deliverance of luxury. Sirius responds to the blend of luxury and comfort that investors in Islamabad look for. With great focus on quality and fine attention to every detail, Sirius Apartments will be presented as the first-ever fully equipped legacy apartments like 5star hotels in Islamabad. With the availability of 350+ luxurious residential apartments and penthouses available designed with the architecture of top modern trends and high-end lifestyle amenities that would change and upgrade the life, you’ve been living. There are thoughtfully designed and planned-out apartments, from studio to multiple bedroom apartments to penthouses, and the elegance of the British marvel of styles and designs, the apartments uphold the market that investors in Islamabad look for. The property apartment/residential zone provides open views and landscapes with glass frames and spectacular panoramic viewpoints that are breathtaking. Depending on your desire and choices, Sirius provides you with many options and choices that would design the platform according to your preferences. This enhances the need in the market by promising and providing a touch of paradise right at your doorstep. The Sirius company promises to provide high-end luxury amenities that would facilitate the requirements of the investors and their families. Such as Valet parking, rooftop gardens, modern swimming pools and gyms and so much more! The aim is to keep giving the community exactly what is desired, the customer value and experience is the highest priority and needs to be of great quality. With so much to offer, the Ce La Vi project is seen as one of the most exclusive and high-end developments of Islamabad. The project will nurture the market of investors and the property areas of the project will enhance sustainable economic growth and infrastructure. It will not only cater to the project but the buyers and investors who became a part of it. The goal of this project is to provide an international and National amalgamation for developing newer trends into the market. Ce La Vi addresses the promise to the community of their luxury, their comfort, and experience. The project will address the affordability and the efficiency of the infrastructure. The presence of location in Bahria Enclave allows it to stand out even more in the market of property and real estate. Thus, Ce La Vi is considered to be a project worth investing in, as one of the most high-end developments seen in Pakistan.

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