Manchester Royal


Real Estate agencies and property societies are one of the most growing markets in today’s day and age. What is largely looked into is the possibility of catering to a clientele that would encompass all factors that investors and buyers look for. One of the most high-end trending markets today is revolving around real estate, which proves that housing communities and societies have gained a boom in global and local markets. Real estate is one of the most demanded products, needs to maintain value and customer demand, which can often be challenging with the evolution of design, innovation, and reliability. More so, when it comes to investing in housing communities it is imperative to take certain factors into consideration. The concept behind which most investors and buyers purchase land is to secure a future and residence in the city. It matters to the investors that the community they purchase land in should be honest and reliable. In a growing capital city like Islamabad, it is imperative to be inclusive of the sophisticated element of design and innovation that investors and buyers of the region are interested in. The goal of every residential society is to be able to cater to the consumers, and with that they want them to have an experience worth the price and secure their family’s future.

Manchester Royal, a new development project presented by Zain Builders, is considered to be one of the latest developments that will overpower the competitors in the same area. Moreover, the project is said to maintain the threshold which majority of the investors and buyers look into. The property is made in an ideal location of the Capital city of Islamabad, with innovative and modernized designs that encompass the possibilities of developing a high-end community that would give the investors what they desire. Manchester Royal is designed in a Renaissance modern mixture, with the aim to provide a lavish and grand outlook and an interior that would cater to luxury apartments, expanded brand commercial zones, and wide-spaced offices. The developers of the project offer a lifestyle change of luxury, comfort, and peace that is the midst of scenery unlike you’ve ever seen before. Manchester Royal is a place that is designed for those who enjoy modern living, which is complementary to opulent amenities and fine cuisines, considering that it is an ideal location for local and international marketing and branding. Manchester Royal is considered to be the next big hit of the capital city Islamabad, where the availability and access to commercial areas and wonderful infrastructures allows the investors and clients to enjoy and live-in elegance with a harmonious atmosphere that is comforting to families. This is the opportunity to get close to nature and breathtaking views of the Margalla Hills, Murree Hills, and an opportunity to magnify the customers’ experiences and aim to give the best of the best.


Zain builders and developers are the pioneering development company that has been in the business since 1995, the company is established with the goal of getting innovative designs and luxury lifestyles presented to the clients. The development company has gained real boom and upheld great standards of construction and infrastructure including commercial, residential and luxurious properties that are desired by massive clientele. The key focus on which Zain Builders focus is quality, honesty, commitment, and passionate leadership within their services and teams that enhance the consumers’ experiences. Zain Builders promise to provide the efficiency and effort that investors look for, their capabilities have been tested through various projects and iconic developments are the phenomenal example of their quality and value of money. Manchester Royal is one of their upcoming projects that not only encompasses their goal of making the customers experience pleasant but unlike one they have ever encountered.

Master Plan

Manchester Royal, located in the heart of Islamabad, Gulberg Greens, offering an extravagant lifestyle experience. Inspired by a fusion of modern and contemporary designs and infrastructure that caters to the growing market needs. The project aims to give a peaceful and luxurious atmosphere that cannot be found elsewhere, with the sun setting and rising from the hill tops of Margalla, a spectacular view and a comfortable living standard which is unique in today’s property markets. It is considered to be an elegant mix of modern and commercial developments all under one roof. With everything at close proximity, it makes the entire project a successful, accessible and convenient development, all of which investors, especially in Islamabad property markets look for. With each floor of the property dedicated to a certain luxury, the Manchester Royal offers thirteen outlets and showrooms dedicated to lower ground floor and ground floor. The executive and second floor are associated with luxurious offices and corporate spaces which cater to business owners and entrepreneurs who want to have scenery and an open space for daily work. Floors three upwards to the fifth floor serve to lavish apartments, in total of 7 in number. They are massive in space, which face towards the Margalla Hills, a beautiful view at the comfort of a standard the market desires.


Islamabad is ranked as one of the best capital cities of the world, it is considered to have the greatest of scenery and evolutionary modern infrastructure that sets well tones with any developments. The lush green metropolitan city with commercial and civic infrastructure allows it to be home to vibrant communities. Manchester Royal is ideally located in Gulberg Islamabad, that is placed on the main expressway, which is a fifteen-minute drive from downtown Islamabad. The spread of the area is upto 42,000+ kanals which surrounds great landscape, world class retail and luxurious spaces that are designed to facilitate and provide amenities, satisfying all needs and requirements of the investors and clientele.

Facilities and Amenities

The project aims to provide great services and facilitate the needs of investors and clients in order to make their experience worthwhile. The developers and the owners of the project have endorsed upon the ideal way of bringing out the best of the best in terms of a mix fusion investments, and to cater to the needs of the buyers by a maximum percentage. The following are a list of facilities that are provided:

  • Prime location surrounded by picturesque views
  • 24-hour CCTV surveillance
  • Firefighting system for each floor
  • Shops and showrooms
  • Luxurious Apartments
  • Family-friendly community
  • Link to all major roads in the city
  • Schools and hospitals in the vicinity
  • Lush green grounds

And so much more! Manchester Royal provides the best of the best, fulfilling the needs and desires of the investors. The project encompasses great importance towards building a society that services and caters to the needs of the people. The ideal project that will overpower other competitors and surpass the needs of the people.


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