Perks Of Investing In New Metro City Mandi Bahauddin

New Metro City Gujar Khan developers have piqued potential investors’ interest across residential and corporate sectors. After the huge success of this housing project, the contractors have returned to the marketplace with the New Metro City Mandi Bahauddin. The venture is the most recent residential complex developed by the owners of New Metro Cities.

It is an ideal Project since it offers top-notch facilities, cutting-edge architecture, and a premium position. This new venture will add another chapter to the legacy of Mandi Bahauddin. When the project arrives on Mandi Bahauddin’s premises, it will be charmed by its facilities and conveniences.

Renowned Developers:

BSM Builders are the society’s founders and builders. The development of BSM is a significant subject right now. The proprietors’ faith in the property market grew after their notable housing projects finished.

The grandson of the famous business tycoon Malik Riaz, Mr. Bilal Bashir Malik, is in charge of the BSM developers. The Mandi Bahauddin real estate market as a whole is to be entirely transformed by the scheme

On the other hand, this development will adhere to global living standards while preserving consumer prices. It also has cutting-edge protection systems to ensure the safety and safeguarding of its individuals. Moreover, highly skilled professionals are working around the clock to complete the project on time and increase business revenues.

Ideal Location:

When purchasing any property, the essential element to consider is position. It must be appropriately connected to major thoroughfares and freely obtainable from all city regions. As stated by its builders and landowners, the housing scheme is planning constructed on Sarai-Alamgir Road in Mandi Bahauddin, adjacent to an urban area.

The location of New Metro City is only a short distance away from the main city and easily accessible from all the main areas of the city. There are no water, power, or gas problems, and all utilities are nearby.

Legal Status:

The builders of this housing scheme have a solid record for building legal developments in Pakistan. The (NOC) will be authorized by the concerned authorities of Punjab soon. On the contrary hand, valid and authorized projects are more likely to be finished within the stated period and regulatory criteria.

BSM Developers’ initial ventures have attained legal approval for development in Pakistan. However, the society is currently in its initial stages and has not received a NOC. Hence, the society owners shared details about the authorization status soon.

Magnificent Project Plan:

The society’s master plan encompasses over several hundred kanals areas, where you can discover a residential community with all of the latest amenities at an attractive cost. The project will be in the construction stages, with the first stage currently begun.

The first phase includes electrical energy, gas, water, sewerage system, and 24-hour security apparatus. In addition, according to the master plan, the development will consist of 40-foot-wide roadways and a 200-foot-wide main avenue.

Affordable Price Schedule:

The payment strategy should be one of your priorities before investing in a home. The payment option must be practical for your financial condition and simple to use. The updated payment schedule is very flexible. In addition, a variety of plot sizes are available for reasonable payments at prices much cheaper than market values.

You can anticipate learning more details about the payment schedule in the coming years. Also, the first consideration when buying any housing project located and followed by the payment plan. The payment schedule must be reasonable and sustainable. Society provides a wide choice of plot sizes in easy instalments at very affordable prices compared to market prices. Eventually, the instalment plan’s specifics will be made public.

The requirements and present economic circumstances of buyers from Pakistan and other countries are also highly considered by the society’s developers. To fulfil the demands of clients from all over the world, they also deliver several payment alternatives. Soon, buyers will have access to the rates for New Metro City Mandi Bahauddin.

Trustworthy Investment:

Everyone can make a secure and reliable investment in the community. The city’s peaceful environment and near closeness to Jhelum make it a popular place to live. 

The town also provides every conceivable commodity, such as schools, shops, and clinics. From society, properties will be available in reasonable instalments. In addition, the prices are fair when contrasted to market rates.

Outstanding Amenities:

The society offers its residents all contemporary conveniences and comforts. The community is developing to provide a self-sufficient lifestyle with supermarkets, eateries, universities, and playgrounds. This town, home to numerous five-star accommodations and resorts, is the ideal spot to reside if you want a mixture of the two.

It is a designed futuristic metropolis that offers its inhabitants every convenience and modern facility. Also, this society is the best place to live because of its first-rate facilities and handy position.

  • Theme park
  • 24/7 monitoring system
  • All basic utilities
  • Medical center
  • Spa
  • Gym
  • Wide roads
  • Wildlife park
  • Education center
  •  Graveyard
  • Hotels


The owner’s renowned and successful projects have drawn potential investors from Pakistan. Therefore, the Professionals Real Estate & Developers, a trustworthy real estate organization, advises investing in the New Metro City Mandi Bahauddin. As a result, the society offers one of the best possibilities if you’re interested in investing in real estate in Pakistan.


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