Reasons to Invest in Orangi Town Residency

GFS introduced the Orangi Town Residency housing society which is located close to Pakistan Bazaar. Orange Town Residency offers 80 and 100-square-yard residential plots over a sizable area on Shahra-e-Qazzafi, whereas Karachi has a shortage of housing options.

For those seeking a high standard of living balanced with the accessibility of all luxuries, living in Orangi Town is nothing short of a privilege. The developers are always customising their strategies to meet up the needs of their valued clients. If you join the Orangi Town Residency and use the investment as a driving force, your investment definitely would be multiplied.

The renowned construction Firm Global Financial Solutions (GFS) Builder & Developer has distinctive market dominance in the construction industry. Simultaneously, GFS works hard to offer the highest magnitude solutions to its cherished clients.

Moreover, the society got its authorisation from the LDA & SBCA. The organisation faced no difficulty receiving legal approval due to its renowned developers and previous high-quality ventures.

Orangi Town Residency Mehran Gold Block:

The housing development is divided into various blocks, whereas its most premium block is Mehran Gold Block. Moreover, the society is at Shahra-e-Qazzafi Sector 11 1/2. Furthermore, this block is close proximately to renowned regions.

Mehran Gold block delivers top-notch facilities with extravagant conveniences creating an ideal place for an individual to invest. Moreover, the society offers inexpensive and easy installment plans to make them obtainable for each community group.

 Moreover, the owners provided all world-class amenities at the most reasonable cost making it an attractive opportunity for investors. Also, this block offers a plot size of 120 sq. yards.

Infrastructure & Luxuries:

GFS Builders & Developers’ primary goal has always been to offer a unique & remarkable combination of facilities for a better way of life. Due to its uncountable major cutting-edge characteristics, Orange Town Residency is a highly desirable property.

Gated community

Society is one where living is secure and protected. Additionally, it is a gated estate with a magnificent entrance. For the safety of the residents, stringent and elevated monitoring by security personnel, CCTV cameras, and a security management control center.

Academic centers

Every individual has the right to an education. Thus the builders of this residential community insisted that schools and colleges be located close by since they believed everyone should have access to it.

Business sectors

There are various conveniently reachable business areas within the housing complex. Moreover, these business regions are in every community block.

Medical Facilities

The residential plan will deliver all necessary healthcare resources within the tenants’ reach. In addition, elevated medical care and emergency departments with highly qualified specialists and paramedic staff to offer medical services.

Wide roads

The central avenue, roads, and highways were all constructed to offer inhabitants safe and roomy travel. In addition, cutting-edge security and security equipment are available on the roads and streets. 

Playgrounds and Parks

Parks, gardens, and running trails are available in the residential complex so that individuals of all ages may spend their evenings outdoors and in the clean air.


The society constructed a magnificent community mosque to offer its residents all basic needs. Moreover, following the project plan of the housing society, the mosque will have extravagant architecture. 

24/7 availability of  Power, water, and gas

The housing project’s architects have mandated that there be no gas, power, or water shortages. Additionally, all three amenities are available continuously, without interruption or scarcity.

Shopping  Malls

Instead of going out to the city’s major attractions on a daily commute, residents can easily connect to shopping malls and centres in every section of the residential complex.


Orangi Town Residency is an affordable residential complex. G.F.S. Developers and Builders are the ones who started the venture. Moreover, this community caters to all facilities for a decent living atmosphere.

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