The Arcadia


When it comes to real estate projects it is imperative to recognize worthy and professional development projects, especially when it comes down to investment. With the current boom toward investing and real estate, buyers and clients focus on essentials that determine whether the development is worth the price and fulfills the promises. Investors today look into factors that are majorly associated with catering to the needs and desires according to their personalized preferences. Often such details are ignored, with the intention to finish the project, rather than provide the investors and buyers with what they look for. More so, there have been multiple housing societies that have been developed around the Capital Islamabad; very few have managed to cater to the needs and requirements of investors and buyers. It has become imperative in the world of real estate to maintain quality and fulfill the promises made to clients. In today’s day and age if the societies and communities don’t comprise what is promised then the cases can lead to legally jeopardizing the entire society. Often, this is exactly why the aim real estate agencies, especially in Islamabad, must adhere to the promises and commit to providing for the consumers. However, what is left behind is the desire and need to revamp and change the mainstream demands towards innovative and modernized ideas, that is where Arcadia steps in as the upcoming project with the goal to cater to what the investors and buyers desire.

The Arcadia is a blooming new project designed and developed by Zain Builders in the central part of the cosmopolitan city; Islamabad. The housing project is built and designed on the construction of providing the best of the best to their clients and uphold the reputation it has maintained throughout all previous projects. The Arcadia’s development looks towards providing a luxurious and comfortable experience to its investors, establishing a lifestyle change and enhancement that they all desire. The project aims to provide a lavish and grand outlook and an interior that would cater to comfortable apartments, branded commercial zones, and wide-spaced offices. The developers of the project offer a lifestyle change of luxury, comfort, and peace that is in the midst of scenery unlike you’ve ever seen before. The Arcadia is going to be one of the most evolving and developing projects by Zain Builders, with ambitious goals and resources the project is seen to conquer the real estate and commercial zones of Islamabad City. The goal is to encompass the desires of all investors, maintain and uphold their interests and demands, with a spectacular view and a promise of commitment that is unseen.


Islamabad has been one of the most well-developed cities in the world, however, the majority of the infrastructural developments of the city have been made through wonderful development companies that have delivered as they promised. Zain builders and developers are one of the top developers of the city that have been a pioneering development company and have been in business since 1995, the company is established with the goal of getting innovative designs and luxury lifestyles presented to the clients. The development company has gained real boom and upheld great standards of construction and infrastructure including commercial, residential, and luxurious properties that are desired by massive clientele. The key focus on which Zain Builders focus is quality, honesty, commitment, and passionate leadership within their services and teams that enhance the consumers’ experiences. Zain Builders promise to provide the efficiency and effort that investors look for, their capabilities have been tested through various projects and iconic developments are the phenomenal example of their quality and value of money. The Arcadia is one of their upcoming projects that not only encompasses their goal of making the customer’s experience pleasant but unlike one they have ever encountered. The project’s aim is to give to the community exactly as they demand and only deliver will more perseverance and endure the challenges by fulfilling the promise to the clients.

Master Plan

The Arcadia is a one-of-a-kind project that is designed by Zain Builders in order to cater to the modern lifestyle that investors look forward to. The project is constructed with the latest of design and innovation that makes this a completely unique and different construction compared to the ones that have existed previously. The out of the box nature of this project allows it to be one of the most promising and prominent projects in Islamabad. The Arcadia Master Plan is designed on par with modern demands, its goal is to create a luxurious and comfortable environment to encourage people who are willing to spend their lives there, or work in an atmosphere that surfaces great clients or open spaces for branded markets to be introduced into the hub of the city. According to the construct of the building, there are approximately Seventy seven retail shops, that will provide space for multiple brands to venture and develop commercial zones for the public. Furthermore, there are certain floors dedicated to corporate offices that will be exquisitely designed and catered to businesses that require a view and a working environment; with a total of fifteen offices in the making. Last but not least, the project will be home to fifteen luxurious apartments that are eloquently designed and decorated accordingly, from a innovative and modern perspective. The project provides more than what the clients desire, and that in itself shows the ambition and success the project encompasses by its design and course of nature.


Islamabad is ranked as one of the best capital cities of the world, it is considered to have the greatest of scenery and evolutionary modern infrastructure that sets well tones with any developments. The lush green metropolitan city with commercial and civic infrastructure allows it to be home to vibrant communities. The Arcadia is located in the heart of the cosmopolitan city Islamabad, Gulberg Greens. It is placed in the D block of the Gulberg Residencia, multiple mega projects lie around the project. At a distance of only thirteen minute’s drive from the Islamabad and Gulberg Expressway. The location is ideal as it opens to many accessible routes towards Islamabad and Rawalpindi, at a convenient and less timely distance.

Facilities and Amenities

The Project aims to deliver and fulfil the promise it makes to its consumers therefore, the Arcadia is one of the most significant projects that will entirely surpass what it provides its clients. More so, the aim and goal is to keep upgrading and making the experience of the clients and investors better than before, the project steps outside the mainstream styles of such developments and so the developers and the owners seek for the boom this project deserves and the promise it owes to return to the community exactly what they demand and worth the price they pay. The Arcadia envisions providing you an international standard project that symbolizes your standard of living. For the seekers of high-quality facilities, The Arcadia has something special. It is equipped to the extent where your life comes into reality. The salient facilities of The Arcadia are listed below.

  • Security entrance
  • Walkthrough gates
  • CCTV surveillance
  • Power Backup
  • Uninterrupted supply of utilities
  • Quality fixtures
  • Imported fittings
  • Spacious retail shops with ideal lighting
  • Wide lobbies
  • Most professional corporate offices
  • Hi-speed internet with the required equipment
  • Well-lit and well-ventilated luxury apartments

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