The Most Lucrative Projects 

The Most Lucrative Projects for Real Estate Investment in Faisalabad

Faisalabad is one of the most prominent cities in Punjab, noted for its world-famous historical landmarks such as Ghanta Ghar and Qaisery Gate. Its vibrant culture is enhanced by the presence of vibrant bazaars and old marketplaces that are also highly popular with tourists.

While the city is home to some of Pakistan’s largest textile industries, it also has significant commercial significance and has evolved into the epicenter of numerous ground-breaking infrastructure and real estate initiatives in the region.

Numerous reputable property development firms have begun work on their property endeavors in the city in recent years, owing to their awareness of the profitable nature of the city’s real estate market. As with any other rapidly rising metropolis in the country, Faisalabad offers excellent investment opportunities, guaranteeing investors significant wealth gains in the future.

Individuals looking to diversify their property holdings should surely look into the city’s ongoing real estate developments, many of which are aimed at expanding the city’s urban landscape in a sustainable and well-organized manner.

Are you wondering which investment alternatives are the most worthwhile in this regard? We’ve got your back!

To assist you in narrowing down your options, we have compiled a list of the most profitable property developments in Faisalabad, detailing their major characteristics, investment opportunities, and location advantages.

Without further ado, let us begin!

Best Investment Property Projects In Faisalabad

The following are the top real estate developments in Faisalabad that are about to revolutionize the city’s urban landscape and provide a big boost to the local property market:

Dawood Heights

Dawood Heights, planned as an ultramodern mixed-use complex, is certain to be a stunning addition to Faisalabad’s skyline. With a 14-story construction, it will be one of the city’s highest structures ever built. Dawood Heights is adjacent to Ghanta Ghar, adding to the project’s overall real estate value.

The two-kanal multifunctional structure is furnished with well-designed residences and commercial spaces. As a contemporary development, Dawood Heights has been fitted with the necessary facilities and amenities to ensure the comfort of both residents and visitors.

Dawood Heights’s location

Dawood Heights benefits from an extremely advantageous position as a large-scale mixed-use development by the Dawood Group of Faisalabad. It is conveniently located near the city’s most prominent tourist attraction, the Ghanta Ghar (Clock Tower), and is easily accessible from a variety of major sites, services, and attractions.

The project’s key site highlights include the following:

  • PTCL Regional Office is a 1-minute drive away.
  • 1 minute’s walk from the Clock Tower
  • 2 minutes from the University of Agriculture’s main entrance; 5 minutes from the Chenab Club.
  • 5 minutes walking distance from Serena Hotel
  • Approximately six minutes from DHQ Hospital
  • Allied Hospital is about nine minutes away.

Dawood Heights’ Facilities and Amenities

The developers of the project are creating an exceptional urban experience, making it a one-of-a-kind real estate development in the metropolis. Several significant aspects of Dawood Heights include the following:

  • Parking in the basement (accommodate up to 100 cars at a time)
  • 24-hour surveillance
  • Concierge service available 24 hours a day
  • Restaurant on the roof
  • Room for prayer

Dawood Heights investment opportunities

Along with providing luxury housing in the form of beautifully planned one- and two-bedroom apartments, Dawood Heights represents an excellent investment opportunity for commercial investors in the city. The project is located in the city’s most commercially active neighborhood and features elegantly built retail spaces, making it a great location for establishing a successful business. Investors in the project can also take advantage of convenient installment arrangements.

Dawood Heights’ Investment Prospects

Investing at Dawood Heights has several advantages. Taking local market trends into consideration, 40 percent capital gains have been forecast for this high-profile mixed-use project over the next three years. Additionally, due to the project’s exceptional location, owners of commercial properties are certain to enjoy a 7-8% rental yield. To discover more about Dawood Heights, be sure to read the project’s thorough summary.


Lyallpur Commercial Market in Faisalabad is yet another promising commercial investment opportunity. It is a superbly planned development that is on track to become the city’s first ultramodern commercial hub.

Lyallpur Commercial Market, named after the city’s former name, is being constructed as a large-scale project to accelerate the city’s urban and industrial expansion, as well as to broaden the scope of the city’s property sector. It is located in a well-located housing scheme in Faisalabad and benefits from an extremely convenient location.

Lyallpur Commercial Market’s location

Lyallpur Commercial Market’s location is one of the most distinguishing characteristics that contribute to its attractiveness as an investment opportunity. It is located on Faisalabad’s main Bypass Road, directly across from Khuriyanwala’s Civil Hospital.

Additional notable landmarks in the neighborhood of this major commercial project include the following:

  • 2 minutes walking distance from Khurianwala Chowk
  • 5 minutes from the University of Engineering and Technology Faisalabad
  • Approximately six minutes from the Canal Expressway
  • Lyallpur Galleria is 16 minutes away.
  • Twenty minutes from Jaranwala Bypass Chowk in the direction of D-Ground

The allure and prominence of a ground-breaking project like Lyallpur Commercial Market are enhanced further by its ultramodern settings, which are characterized by the following outstanding features:

  • Sustainable infrastructure
  • Access to civic amenities
  • An environment that is safe and secure
  • A system of wide roadways
  • Affordability
  • Magnificent mosque
  • Commercial sites that are ready to develop
  • Ample parking

Properties Available in Lyallpur Commercial Market

Lyallpur Commercial Market is providing a new range of ready-to-build commercial properties to Faisalabad’s industrial region. Investors in the project can easily select plots ranging in size from 1 marla to 5 marlas. All investment options in the project have simple monthly payments plans.

Lyallpur Commercial Market’s Investment Prospects

Given the project’s favorable location and notable features, the property value of Lyallpur Commercial Market is predicted to climb by a staggering 100% shortly. Additionally, demand for commercial space adjacent to the Bypass Road is at an all-time high. Premier Developers conceptualized the project, which has received approval from all relevant authorities.


Sitara Icon Tower envisioned as a world-class mixed-use building, is on track to become a distinguishing feature in Faisalabad’s skyline. The project contains an eclectic mix of residential and commercial properties equipped with best-in-class amenities to ensure that residents enjoy all the conveniences of modern living.

Sitara Icon Tower lives up to its name with an iconic design. It is a 22-story skyscraper with elegant architecture. When completed, it will be the city’s tallest structure. Sitara Icon Tower is the brainchild of Sitara Heights (Pvt) Ltd, one of the industry’s most illustrious names. The project is being built in one of the city’s most desirable neighborhoods.

Sitara Icon Tower’s location

Sitara Icon Tower is at an enviable location. The project would have easy access to Faisalabad’s largest commercial center. It is easily accessible from the following sites and facilities due to its strategic connection to the main Samanabad Road.

  • Only a two-minute drive from the Novelty Bridge
  • 3 minutes drive from Samanabad’s Government General Hospital
  • Samanabad College Road is a 5-minute drive away.
  • Seven minutes from the Abdullahpur Bridge
  • Drive time from D-Ground is 11 minutes.
  • Twelve minutes from the Grain Market
  • From 8 Bazaar & Clock Tower, it’s a 14-minute journey.
  • Chenab Club & Serena Hotel is a 16-minute drive away.
  • Faisalabad International Airport is a 25-minute drive away.

Sitara Icon Tower’s Facilities and Amenities

The following facilities and amenities have been included in the project for the convenience and comfort of residents and guests at Sitara Icon Tower:

  • A surveillance system that operates 24 hours a day
  • Ground-level maintenance and security personnel
  • Elevators and Escalators with a High-Speed Capacity
  • Four basement levels are reserved for parking.
  • Atriums and walkways
  • Water, power, and gas are all supplied without interruption.
  • Area for prayer
  • Restaurants on the roof for residents and visitors
  • Children’s play area Rooftop swimming pool Supermarket

Sitara Icon Tower Investment Opportunities

If you are considering investing in real estate in Faisalabad, you should surely consider Sitara Icon Tower. The city’s soon-to-be highest multipurpose structure offers luxury apartments and ultra-spacious penthouses with panoramic views of the metropolitan skyline. Commercial investors can examine the project’s sophisticatedly built retail locations, which feature perfect configurations for worldwide retail and fashion companies.

Sitara Icon Tower’s Investment Prospects

Sitara Icon Tower is not the only excellent investment option in Faisalabad. As a world-class retail destination, the project is expected to attract a large volume of foot traffic year-round, establishing itself as one of Faisalabad’s most popular shopping and lifestyle destinations. Another significant aspect drawing investors to this up-and-coming mixed-use complex is the immunity granted by the FBR. This means that investors in the project will be exempt from declaring their assets. This blog will provide further information on several of Sitara Icon Tower’s most intriguing investment opportunities.

The Edge Mall

The Edge Mall is Sitara Heights (Pvt) Ltd’s latest successful real estate endeavor in Faisalabad. The project has been designed as a high-end mixed-use complex that, with its ultramodern and magnificent architecture, will revolutionize the city’s urban arrangements. It was designed by Mr. Jamshed Khan, a household figure in the architecture and design industries. When completed, The Edge Mall will stand 16 stories tall, making it one of the highest structures in Faisalabad.

It’s worth noting that The Edge Mall is the city’s first project to feature hotels/serviced apartments. Due to its amazing characteristics, this up-and-coming multipurpose building is certain to provide you with a five-star urban experience while taking advantage of the renowned Sargodha Road location.

The Edge Mall’s location

The Edge Mall’s strategic position nicely complements its upscale layouts. The project is, directly and indirectly, connected to practically all of the area’s major roads and expressways, which places it within easy reach of several significant landmarks and facilities, including those listed below:

  • Located just across from the Dawood Textile Mills
  • Punjab Medical College is a three-minute drive away.
  • Sui Northern Gas’s Main Office is a 2-minute drive away.
  • Within walking distance of numerous main marketplaces and shopping districts

The Edge Mall’s Facilities and Amenities

The Edge Mall is a cutting-edge leisure and retail destination in the development, which is why it is envisioned to include a slew of outstanding modern facilities and amenities, including the following:

  • Numerous Luxury Retail Brands Under One Roof
  • Interiors with an Aesthetic Appeal
  • Fittings & Fixtures of Superior Quality
  • Ample food court Children’s recreation and play area
  • Elevators that operate at a high rate of speed
  • 24-hour Surveillance
  • Four Dimensions Dedicated to automobile parking
  • A First-Class Gym and Spa

The Edge Mall Properties for Sale

Apart from pioneering the hotel/serviced apartment idea in Faisalabad, The Edge Mall also features luxury apartments that provide tenants with a contemporary living experience. To appeal to commercial investors, the project has well-designed retail stores and corporate offices placed in world-class environments.

The Edge Mall’s Investment Prospects

With easy payment plans and FBR-sanctioned immunity, investing in The Edge Mall has been made extremely convenient, which will undoubtedly benefit the community. The multipurpose building has been approved by all relevant agencies, making it an extremely safe and profitable investment option in every way.

Lastly, these were some of the top investment opportunities in Faisalabad. We trust that the information presented above will assist you in making an informed investment decision.


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