Top 6 Private Housing Projects in Rawalpindi

There are several residential ventures in Rawalpindi. Moreover,  each has distinguishing qualities and a specific geographical distance over the others. Some have higher prices, and others offer properties in a very affordable range of costs. In addition, each development provides its inhabitants with various employment and business opportunities.

You will learn about the top five house projects in Rawalpindi, with a decent amount of profit available in installments close to the capital.

Faisal Hills Islamabad:

From Taxila, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi, you can easily reach Faisal Hills Islamabad, a reputable and well-liked home development. The scheme is situated ideally in a prime area. It is a Zedem International project.

Most crucially, the RDA has granted its NOC. Moreover, Outside the Islamabad, on the GT Road (ICT). It is easily accessible in many ways from Taxila and the twin cities. Faisal Hills is separated into numerous units and spread across a vast area. It provides countless cheap residential and industrial properties.


Zedem International is the Faisal Hills Islamabad’s constructor. The business is well-known and one of Pakistan’s leading property developers.

Why is it beneficial to invest?

The Taxila neighbourhood on Rawalpindi’s Grand Trunk Road is where you’ll find Faisal Hills. The housing project is close to several well-known business and residential locations. In addition, several prominent medical facilities and educational institutions are also close to the housing development.

Faisal Hills provides cheap residential and business plots in various sizes and configurations. Likewise, it offers fantastic investment prospects for those looking to invest in or purchase real estate in Faisal Hills. Residents of the potential property can enjoy a wealthy and refined lifestyle. It offers all the essential services and conveniences to its tenants. Moreover, it provides them with a setting that is quite comfortable and safe.

Rudn Enclave:

RMRSCO and NESPAK worked together to create the current housing project, Rudn Enclave. Furthermore, the housing development is situated close to Rawalpindi’s Adyala Road.


The RDA will shortly grant the residential society’s NOC (RDA). Because of its closeness to Motorway M-2, Chakri, and Thalian, the magnificent residential area is well-known.

Why invest in Rudn enclave? 

The impressive home development spans 18,000 Kanal, and the project aims to offer Luxury cottages and wide variability of business and residential plots at Rudn Enclave. Due to the builders’ and proprietors’ extensive knowledge and expertise, inhabitants and buyers can regard the housing project as a secure venture.

Rudn Enclave The low-income housing programme in Rawalpindi is renowned for its opulent facilities, distinctive architecture, and flexible payment schedule. Investors and architects are striving to establish a welcoming atmosphere and first-rate facilities. Rudn Enclave presents good investment prospects.

The Rawalpindi Ring Road’s building anticipated boosting the land’s worth. In addition, the housing complex is now more easily accessible thanks to the new entrance on Chakri Road.

New Metro City Gujar Khan:

The New Metro City Gujar Khan is a cutting-edge scheme and is currently in the developing phase. It’s a significant project that will open in the city’s most desirable neighbourhood shortly. It’s a distinguished residential society with luxurious amenities and a range of unique amenities. This construction will get underway near Islamabad, Pakistan’s biggest city. This development’s lifestyle is modern and fits all of the criteria of today’s investors and buyers. Additionally, plot launch prices are reasonable, and payment terms are nearly always practical.


The owners of Bilal Steel Mills (BSM) revealed this remarkable progress. Malik Riaz Sb’s grandson founded a new New Metro City business. They happily showcase one significant venture after the next in Pakistan, keeping in his father’s footsteps. Moreover, this will be an innovative venture with first-rate facilities. This major innovation will provide safe and clean living conditions, significant streets, and modern utilities.

Why invest in this scheme?

The investment process in New Metro City Gujar Khan is simple and uncomplicated. This area is excellent for both personal and financial reasons. From the location to the conveniences, everything about this property is enticing. 

Taj Residencia:

Your following option for a luxurious lifestyle in Islamabad is Taj Residencia. The Sardar Group of Companies is renowned for delivering on its claim to be light years forward and successfully finishing work.

The commercial centre of Islamabad and their example of successful and appropriate luxurious housing is Centaurus Mall. The Taj Residencia is a great initiative that will deliver benefits for you. Taj aims to be as magnificent as Centaurus Mall but at considerably reasonable rates.

Taj Residence Location:

The Taj Residencia is positioned ideally between Islamabad and Rawalpindi on Bhata Road. Moreover, the community is a desirable and incredibly lucrative investment option because of its improved results. Therefore, the community is considered the best neighbourhood for living in the Capital region.

Taj Residencia is an excellent decision if you want to get away from the hectic routine of a metropolis while remaining close to it. In Islamabad, it is close to CDA Sector I-14.

Why Invest In Taj Residencia?

Taj Residencia is the place for you if you seek premium residential lodging. It tends to be less chaotic and more desirable because of the closeness to numerous significant centres and constructions, which add comfort to individual life.

Blue world city:

The Blue World City stands out among the many home developments in Rawalpindi for its amenities and financially advantageous position. China and Pakistan collaborated on the development of the Blue World City. The businesses from the two nations have worked together to create fantastic housing schemes for the individuals of Pakistan. Moreover, the community will offer the Chinese CPEC officials that travel to the area a good and stable place to stay. The first tourist city in Pakistan is thus this one.

Blue World City Islamabad:

The residential community is known for its uncountable amenities and features. (BGC) and Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company works on a substantial venture. The residential complex is nearby the recently built Rawalpindi Ring Road and also on Chakri Road. It is presently one of the most inexpensive housing operations in the region and has increased much approval from the foremost economic expert.


The position is the venture’s utmost urgency when purchasing a new person. Area determines the accessibility of every need of the resident instead of, as it were, characterising the impression of protection. While completing the prediction, an investor should consider the pros and drawbacks of the estate’s neighbourhood. The scheme is near the Chakri Interchange and the M-2 Highway. Furthermore, the community is not too far from the new Airport in Islamabad.

Why invest in Blue World city Islamabad?

Blue World City Islamabad might be the perfect residential community for a lot of f individuals. The growth’s reasonable rates and value possibilities are thus its most attractive feature. Furthermore, the scheme offers its people every high-tech factor convenience. Consequently, it is a significant community since the values are so low; subsequently, the land is still developing.

Capital Smart City:

Pakistan’s Capital Smart City (CSCI) is a significant, cutting-edge housing project. Asia’s fourth “Smart City” was the first in Pakistan. Owing to its unique features, it is quickly one of the most well-liked residential areas in Pakistan. The society is on the Lahore-Islamabad Highway. It is close to the New Airport Islamabad. 


The society is close to the International Airport in Islamabad. Moreover, the community is reachable in various renowned areas. 

Why is it beneficial to buy property in this residential scheme?

The developer’s image is the most crucial factor in whether a housing estate succeeds or fails. Given that Habib Rafiq is one of the most reputable names in Pakistani real estate, it is only natural that investors have complete faith in the venture. 

The construction and the grand plan appear to have great potential and will help Capital Smart City become a renowned venture. It will be a unique and comprehensive bundle for every member of society. Capital Smart City will undoubtedly be the first of its type and the most progressive community with all the latest services and amenities.

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