Top Apartment Projects 

Top Apartment Projects for Investment in Karachi

Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city, has become a concrete jungle due to the proliferation of high- and mid-rise buildings. Because of its facilities, it has earned the moniker “city of skyscrapers.”

The skyline of Karachi is currently dominated by dozens of story-high ultramodern apartment and mixed-use complexes, contributing to the city’s diversity in the real estate market and enticing apartment seekers from all over Pakistan.

The purpose of this blog is to assist anyone looking to purchase a home in the City of Lights who is having difficulty deciding on an investment project. We have compiled a comprehensive list of Karachi’s best apartment projects, including information on the buildings’ locations, facilities, property options, and return on investment.

Why 2021 Is The Best Year To Buy an Apartment In Karachi

Kindly note that all of the projects we list and analyze are safe and worthwhile investments. Lead Marketing, Pakistan’s one of most reputable property portals, is their official marketing and sales partner. They have already been approved by all relevant agencies and have been thoroughly verified.

Let’s get started with the list right now, shall we?

Maymar Pride

Maymar Pride, as the name implies, is among the most highly awaited apartment complexes now under construction in Gulshan-e-Maymar Karachi. The residential complex was designed so that every apartment is a corner apartment to take advantage of the project’s unique location. In addition, 75% of the grey framework for this 13-story residential complex has already been constructed, making it a good investment in Karachi real estate.

Maymar Pride is located in the following city

On the main Quaid Avenue, a straight shot from the Sohrab Goth Interchange is where you’ll find Maymar Pride. Apart from Gulshan-e-Iqbal and Federal B. Area, the project’s location is also easily accessible from nearby major landmarks such as:

  • A 3-minute drive away is the Dreamworld Resort
  • Three-minute drive to Maymar Mor.
  • There is a 10-minute trip to Karachi University of Management Sciences
    • The Lyari Expressway provides quick and easy access to the city’s core areas.

Maymar Pride’s Amenities and Facilities

There are the following amenities and facilities available to residents of Maymar Pride as a contemporary Karachi apartment building:

  • High-end fitness center located on the premises
  • Young children have their own separate indoor play areas.
  • There is a library on-site with all of the essential resources.
  • A lobby with excellent design.
  • Each apartment has a 450-square-foot parking space all to itself.
  • Walkways and corridors that have been thoughtfully designed
  • CCTV surveillance is a foolproof security measure.
  • steps to prevent a fire
  • Elevators with backup generators that operate at high speeds
  • a water and sewage system that can run without human intervention
  • Every one of the apartments in the building is a corner unit.
  • The ground floor is reserved for businesses such as retail stores and restaurants.

Maymar Pride Real Estate: Buy or Sell a Home?

The complex’s apartments range from 2 to 3 bedrooms and have been designed in a modern style. You can reserve an apartment in Maymar Pride with just a 25% downpayment, thanks to the availability of beautiful payment plans.

Maymar Pride Investment Opportunities

According to Maymar Pride, its investors can expect a 6-percent rental yield and 40-to-50-percent capital gains in the next few years after investing. Moreover, because the SBCA has approved it, your money will be in good hands.

 Khadeeja Heights 

It’s no surprise that Khadeeja Heights has already attracted the attention of apartment hunters and investors alike, thanks to its cutting-edge design and architecture. Having a Victorian-style facade adds a lot to the overall appeal of this apartment building. Ghani Builders and Developers, one of the country’s most reputable development companies, is building the luxury apartment complex.

This project, located in North Nazimabad, is well underway, taking advantage of the prime location and utilizing the highest construction standards and materials available.

Khadeeja Heights’ location

Khadeeja Heights’ central location makes it a desirable place to live. Due to its location in North Nazimabad Block B on the busy Sher Shah Suri Road, it has easy access to many parts of the city. Moreover, Khadeeja Heights is located in the heart of Karachi’s business and residential district, making it convenient for many of its most well-known attractions.

  • Walking distance from the Orange Metro Bus Stop of the Line
  • The Lifeline Hospital is a short walk away.
  • 2 minutes to get to the Board of Secondary Education
  • Driving time to KDA Chowrangi: 2 minutes
  • A 3-minute drive from the hotel is Hyderi Market
  • A 3-minute drive from Saifee Hospital is required
  • A 5-minute drive to Dolmen Hyderi Shopping Center
  • 5-minute drive to the Asghar Ali Shah Cricket Stadium
  • Six-minute drive to the Nazimabad Flyover.
  • 7-minute drive to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital
  • 8-minute drive to the AO Clinic

Khadeeja Heights’ Amenities and Facilities

It’s easy to see why Khadeeja Heights stands out among other high-end apartment developments. The following is a list of the apartment complex’s most notable amenities and features.

  • Resident-only parking spaces with new RFID systems and covered garages Well-designed lobby with reception and sitting area
  • an intelligent card-based system for fast, high-speed lifts
  • Water purification plant with a backup generator for residents who depend on it for clean, safe drinking water
  • a place of worship
  • a space for fun and relaxation on the roof
  • The use of advanced firefighting equipment and a carefully considered emergency exit strategy.

The Khadeeja Heights Investment Options

Each apartment in Khadeeja Heights has three bedrooms with attached bathrooms, an open kitchen, and a spacious and modern-looking common area thanks to the complex’s meticulous planning. Apartments are facing the street as well as those facing the west.

The building’s lower floors are devoted to commercial activities, so attractive retail outlets and showrooms are there. Khadeeja Heights requires a 30% down payment and your credit card on file to secure your unit. The remaining balance can be paid in convenient monthly installments over three years.

Khadeeja Heights Investment Prospects

With its affordable residential and commercial properties, Khadija Heights is a can’t-miss investment opportunity in every way. When completed, the project will result in high investment returns thanks to SBCA approval.

Fatima Golf Residency

Ghani Builders and Developers’ Fatima Golf Residency is another notable residential landmark in the City of Lights. This multi-tower residential development on Malir Cantt Road features well-designed apartments with cutting-edge layouts and top-of-the-line fixtures.

Its exquisite architecture and world-class facilities, which instill a sense of luxury, further enhance the contemporary design palette of this upcoming apartment complex.

Location of Fatima Golf Residency

Fatima Golf Residency enjoys easy access to a wide range of recreational and entertainment options thanks to its convenient location. Gulistan-e-Jauhar, one of Karachi’s most affluent districts, is home to this property. Many important city public transportation routes run through the area. The apartment complex is easily accessible from the following locations thanks to its location on the Malir Cantt Road:

  • Two-minute drive to the Karachi Racecourse Grounds
  • A 3-minute drive will bring you to the Acacia Country & Golf Club
  • Checkpoint No. 6 in Malir Cantt is a 4-minute drive away.
  • A 5-minute drive from Jinnah International Airport (IKA).
  • 8-minute drive to the NADRA Executive Registration Center.
  • Karachi University is a ten-minute drive away.

Fatima Golf Residency’s Amenities and Facilities

With the following features and amenities, Fatima Golf Residency provides a luxurious living experience.

  • The structure that can withstand an earthquake
  • A welcoming and well-equipped lobby
  • Awaiting area that has been meticulously designed
  • Parking garage with 24-hour surveillance
  • Stations for washing automobiles
  • Residents should have their own parking spaces.
  • Carpooling services
  • Lockers for storing bicycles
  • Elevators with increased speed
  • Portable power generators for emergency use
  • Firefighting system with cutting-edge technology
  • A security that is available all the time
  • a fully-stocked health and fitness facility
  • Reading room and library
  • a lovely space for prayer
  • Community hall with an excellent layout
  • Children’s play area
  • There is a Wi-Fi lounge for residents.
  • Services for repairs and upkeep
  • Reverse osmosis facility

Fatima Golf Residency Apartments are on the market

Some of today’s most high-end amenities are included in the ultramodern apartment units, such as air conditioning, high-quality fixtures and finishes, hardwood flooring, and in-unit storage. Fatima Golf Residency has two-bedroom apartments with a large living room. You can reserve your unit with a 30% down payment and pay the remainder over a 36-month installment plan.

Fatima Golf Residency’s Investment Prospects

Apartment seekers and investors can take advantage of the fact that families have already moved into some of the project’s residential towers. If you invest in the project now, you could see a return of up to 50% in three years, and the apartments in the development are expected to have a 6-7% annual rental yield.

Due to Karachi’s high demand for apartments, a cutting-edge SBCA-approved project like Fatima Golf Residency is helping to meet that demand. As a result, it’s a highly profitable and safe investment.

Aman Golf View

Aman Golf View’s location

In terms of Dubai’s skyline, the new Aman Golf View tower is a standout addition. Several factors have led us to include it on our list of top apartment developments in Karachi. Aman Builders & Developers, a well-known name in the industry, is the company behind the project, eagerly anticipated.

As one of the city’s few high-end apartment complexes, Aman Golf View is home to some of the city’s most luxurious residences, complete with top-of-the-line living amenities.

Aman Golf View is part of a quiet neighborhood near the busy Jinnah Avenue. As a result of the project’s convenient location, many notable city landmarks and facilities are within easy reach. The following is a list of some of the most impressive features of Aman Golf View. Look at that!

  • 1 minute away from Acacia Country and Golf Club
  • Take the 2-minute drive from Jinnah International Airport.
  • There is a 4-minute drive from here to the second Malir Cantt Check Post (Checkpoint No. 2).
  • The Karachi Raceway is only a five-minute drive from here.
  • Karachi University is a ten-minute drive away.
  • Shahrah-e-Faisal is a ten-minute drive from here.

The Aman Golf View’s Facilities and Amenities

There are all kinds of necessary facilities and amenities for a modern apartment project in the Aman Golf View apartment complex, as detailed below, to ensure a comfortable living experience:

  • A standby generator provides continuous power backup.
  • Pre-installed Utilities for Covered Parking (Gas and Water Supply)
  • CCTV Surveillance Provides 24-hour Security
  • a lift for people with disabilities
  • Residents’ Garden and Recreational Area
  • High-Tech Phone System

Aman Golf View Condos for Sale

Are we searching for a more spacious place to live in Karachi? Visit Aman Golf View for a breathtaking view of the golf course. The complex’s apartments range in size from studios to four-bedroom penthouses with private pools and spas. An Aman property can be reserved by paying only 5 percent of the total amount as a deposit and the rest in easy monthly installments over 2.5 years.

Aman Golf View’s Investment Prospects

Investment in Aman Golf View has the potential to be highly profitable while also being completely risk-free. It promises investors up to 30% capital gains in just two years, and the apartments in the project are expected to generate a high rental yield. The Cantonment Board Malir gave its approval to the residential development (CBM)

The Mega Mall & Residency

Johar Chowrangi is Karachi’s most desirable location, and the Mega Mall & Residency enjoys one of the city’s most desirable locations, thanks to its prime location. The project is designed to provide visitors with a cutting-edge retail experience in addition to the best-in-class living environment. Moreover, to host the famous Chase Up Departmental Store’s upcoming Johar Branch, it is a massive development offering ideal settings.

The podium and lower stories of the project have always had structural and finishing work completed. In addition, the opening of the Chase Up Departmental Store in The Mega Mall & Residency is also expected to be announced.

The Mega Mall and Residency’s location

Because of its prime location, The Mega Mall & Residency is easily accessible from a wide range of popular areas in the city as well as significant facilities nearby, the most important of which are listed below:

  • Walking Distance to Darul Sehat Hospital
  • A 3-minute drive away is Habib University
  • A 4-minute drive will take you to Safari Park
  • Driving time to Chowrangi Mosamiyat: five minutes
  • The University of Karachi is a five-minute drive away.
  • It takes ten minutes to drive from Jinnah International Airport.

Aspects of The Mega Mall and Residency

The Mega Mall & Residency has top-notch facilities and amenities, some of which are listed below for your reference, to provide resort-style living and world-class recreational facilities.

  • Generator for Emergency Use
  • Gymnasium
  • System of Dousing Fires
  • BBQ Area 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week Covered Car Parking System of Safety
  • Elevators with Extremely Fast Speeds
  • Mosque
  • Social Interactions
  • Shops with a wide range of products
  • Area for Recreational Purposes That Serves Multiple Functions
  • Site for Children to Have Fun
  • A place to get food

Options for Mega-Investment and Residency

In The Mega Mall & Residency’s upscale mixed-use building, apartment units are exquisitely designed, and commercial spaces are meticulously planned. The apartments on the complex’s upper floors, designated for residential use only, have two and three bedrooms.

For investors looking to establish large multinational retail businesses, the lower floors of the buildings have been set aside for commercial activities, making it a more desirable location. In addition, investors and genuine buyers will appreciate the added convenience of easy installment plans.

The Mega Mall and Residency’s Potential as an Investment

The Mega Mall & Residency is expected to provide investors with a 6-7 percent rental yield while generating up to a 40% capital gain over the next few years. Mega One Properties, a well-known name in the industry, came up with this investment opportunity, making it one of the safest bets in the city.


Another high-profile development in Gulistan-e-Jauhar is the Dundas Tower, a new tower with a mix of residential and commercial space. EastGate Builders & Developers is behind this successful real estate venture among the country’s most well-known development firms.

The company’s goal is to provide modern urban amenities and a convenient location to its future residents. In addition, the project will provide a comfortable apartment living experience.

Dundas Tower’s exact location

Due to its prominent location, Dundas Tower is one of Karachi’s most sought-after apartment developments. The main Johar Chowrangi is only a short drive away, and the Darul Sehat Hospital can easily be reached on foot. Other essential facilities in the area include the following:

  • A 2-minute drive from Habib University
  • A four-minute drive will take you to Safari Park
  • Driving time to Chowrangi Mosamiyat: five minutes
  • The University of Karachi is a five-minute drive away.
  • Take the 10-minute drive from Jinnah International Airport.

This tower’s amenities and features can be found below

For the convenience of its residents, Dundas Tower has been outfitted with all the necessary amenities. Facilities and amenities of note in the project are as follows:

  • Firefighting system with backup generator
  • area with a barbecue grill
  • Parking garage with a roof
  • A 24-hour surveillance system is in place.
  • Lifts with increased speed

Dundas Tower Apartments are on the market

The Dundas Tower apartment complex in Karachi, Pakistan, features tastefully designed 2- and 3-bedroom homes with open floor plans and luxurious finishes throughout. A 30% down payment is required for properties in the development, which are available on a 42-month easy installment plan.

Investing in Dundas Tower’s Future

Are you looking to make a significant amount of rental income by living or investing in Gulistan-e-Johar? If this is the case, investing in Dundas Tower might be a good idea. But, unfortunately, as an investor, you won’t find another apartment project in Karachi that guarantees capital gains of up to 40% within three years and offers a rental yield of up to 7%.


Whenever We’re Talking About The Best Apartment Projects In Karachi, We Can’t Help But Bring Up Cliff Vista. Mehran Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd’s Development In Gulshan-E-Iqbal Karachi’s Heart Is One Of The Company’s Most Successful Real Estate Ventures.

Five Residential Towers, Each 19 Stories High, Will Make Up The Massive Project. The Project’s Development Is Well Under Way. Most Of The Towers’ Grey Structures Have Been Finished, And The Housing Tower Complex Is Taking Shape, Ready To Make Its Mark On Karachi’s Skyline.

Cliff Vista’s Location

Cliff Vista’s Location In Gulshan-E-Iqbal Is Excellent Because It’s Connected To The Main Rashid Minhas Road. Many Major Facilities, Landmarks, And Highways Are Close By, Making It Simple To Get To The Upscale Apartment Complex. Let’s Take A Look At Some Of The Project’s Most Notable Sites.

  • It’s Only A Two-Minute Drive To Nipa Chowrangi!
  • Aladin Park Is Only A Two-Minute Drive From The Hotel.
  • A 2-Minute Drive Away From The Millennium Shopping Center
  • Two-Minute Drive To Nueplex Cinemas
  • Three-Minute Drive To Darul Sehat Hospital
  • A 5-Minute Drive From Jauhar Chorangi
  • A 5-Minute Drive From The House Is The Lucky One Mall
  • A Short Drive Away Is The Safari Park.
  • 8-Minute Drive To Metro Department Store
  • A Ten-Minute Drive From Karachi University
  • The Nearest Airport Is Jinnah International Airport, Which Is A 12-Minute Drive From The Hotel.

Cliff Vista’s Amenities And Facilities

Cliff Vista Has A Slew Of Amenities To Ensure Its Residents Have A Comfortable Stay. The Following Are Just A Few Of The Complex’s Notable Features And Amenities:

  • Department Store Within The Company
  • Pre-Installed Connections For Utilities
  • A Backup Power Source
  • There Is Plenty Of Room For Parking.
  • Each Tower Has Two Super-Fast Elevators.
  • Grocery Store With A Food Court
  • A Place To Do Your Homework
  • Community Hall With A Variety Of Uses
  • A Place Of Worship
  • The Use Of Closed-Circuit Television
  • Exercise Facility, Either Indoors Or Outdoors
  • A Trash Can Chute

Cliff Vista Apartments for Sale

Each apartment in Cliff Vista features a four-sided open design that overlooks the stunning city skyline. You can purchase a two- or three-bedroom apartment at Cliff Vista.

The three-bedroom flats are executive residences with ultra-large interiors and aesthetically beautiful layouts that provide a superb living experience. Additionally, the availability of beautiful and flexible payment plans contributes significantly to the convenience of Cliff Vista investors.

Cliff Vista’s Investment Prospects

Cliff Vista is an excellent investment opportunity for anyone looking to purchase an apartment in Karachi. Within a year, this residential complex is expected to generate capital gains of up to 35%. But, that is not all; the project also guarantees investors a 5% rental yield.

There you have it is a comprehensive list of Karachi’s best residential towers. If you are interested in any of the initiatives indicated above, please complete the attached (green and white) form and contact us immediately.

We hope that the information contained in this blog has aided you in making an informed investment choice.

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