Trending Housing Projects in Pakistan 2022

Pakistan, as a country, is blessed with many resources, and the investment opportunities are huge. There has been a recent shift towards the real estate industry in the past years, and it is due to the increasing population as well as the demand of people. 

There have been many societies that have been recently formulated, but the question arises if these societies cater to all the essential amenities and necessities which the citizens and the residents require. 

As there are many societies and projects which have been initiated, the actual challenge for the developers is the popularity and interest of the investors in the housing project. 

Most of people want to purchase a property that has an ideal location, comfort, best infrastructure, affordable payment plan, a sound master plan, and a modern lifestyle. 

Investment in the real estate industry is known as a smart investment. There is a high chance that if you are purchasing a property in a society that is well known, legalized, and has good returns on investment, you will not think another second before investment.

But to find such a society where all the amenities at present is a very tough task.

For the convenience of our readers, we have jotted down some of the societies which are providing the best possible Investment plans for interested buyers. These housing projects are in trend and are gaining popularity with each passing day. 

Some of them have been mentioned below

Blue World City Islamabad:

Blue World City Islamabad remains on the top due to its outstanding features and facilities. It is one of the most modern Housing societies that provide the luxury of international standards. 

There are many Housing societies in Pakistan, but blue World City has gained significance due to its location on the premises of the twin cities. The blue world Group of Companies are the developers, and they are known for building massive housing projects.

This society gained a lot of positive responses from investors because of its NOC approval from Rawalpindi Development Authority. 

One of the most highlighted aspects of this housing project is its location. It is located near the Chakri interchange near the Islamabad International Airport, the M2 motorway, and Ring Road Rawalpindi.

When we talk about the developmental work that has taken place in 2022 in the Blue World City Islamabad, it is going at a very progressive pace. 

The development and work of construction are underway, and the formation of the main entrance on Central Boulevard is developing at a rapid speed. 

The owner of the blue World City Islamabad, Mr. Saad Nazeer, as well as the Chinese developers of apartments, Mr. Chang had a meeting recently in which they decided to start the developmental work for apartments. 

This all proves that the construction and developmental work in the blue World City is high-paced.

The investors will be interested in investing in a society where the construction work is in progress and That blue World City Islamabad is one of the best options to invest in.

New Metro city Gujar Khan:

The new Metro city Gujar khan is another city that is gaining importance with each passing day. The new Metro city Gujar khan’s popularity is increasing due to the advantages it is providing for investors. 

The developers of this project are not new; BSM is the developers who are putting their experience and hard work together to provide the best society for the residents. 

The developers are providing the residents with cost-effectiveness and the best payment plan. The area has also been allotted for entertainment purposes for the residents, like parks, kids’ areas, green places as well as public areas. 

The owners of this society are well known, and Mr. Bilal Malik is a grandson of a business tycoon Malik Riaz who has gained popularity with exceptional Masterpieces like Bahria Town across the nation. The construction and developmental process of this Housing Society are also fast in pace.

The housing project offers various plot sizes for residential areas, including 5, 7, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal plots. 

New Metro city Gujar khan has recently launched and his one of the trending societies of Pakistan. It is because there is a lot of hope for good returns on investments from society.

Not only this, but now the housing society is providing a great installment plan which is very much affordable in nature. We can easily say that the new Metro Gujar khan is on;e of the most trending societies in Pakistan.

North Town Residency Karachi:

North Town Residency in Karachi was designed with both professionalism and good skills by the owners, who are G.F.S. developers.

The area of this society mainly gives a brilliant and properly planned area, and the sizes of residential plots vary from 80 and 120sq yards with an exceptional quality of lesser cost and better quality. 

This is one of the major features which makes a trending and best society of 2022. These are reasons why it has been gaining the attention of buyers. Modern consumers are prepared to buy the property with a future growth possibility.   

North Town Residency’s guiding principle is to provide an opulent and peaceful living amid guarded, secure surroundings. They created the concept of a community within a town, encompassing many acres of property area in the location of Karachi.

Due to these exceptional features, the purchasers are considerably more inclined to purchase property in this housing project. 

Citi Housing Kharian:

You all must know about the newly emerged housing project of Citi Housing Society in the area of Kharian. Whether people in business or individuals who want to invest capital in profitable projects, Citi Housing Project in Kharian remains the finest alternative for investment. There are a lot of compelling benefits to working for this property company.

The goal of Citi Housing Kharian is to offer civilized living in a place like Kharian while putting an emphasis on first-rate service quality and facilities.

Amer Malik, the founder of this Housing society in Kharian, has a goal of raising living conditions in Kharian making it the greatest location for both residence and industry.

Consequently, Citi Housing Kharian’s goal is to support enabling individuals to experience modern lifestyles in a welcoming environment. Plots of the commercial and residential areas have beautiful locations gathering all facilities in this newly emerging housing development in the location of Kharian.

Seven Wonders City Karachi:

When we talk about the trending societies in Karachi, Seven Wonders City Karachi comes to mind. This housing project is a posh housing society built by the famous GFS Builders and Developers, who are major leading companies in the property business of this country. It’s stashed in the hectic town center.

The concept is envisioned as a premier both business complex as well as a residential area with areas of plots ranging from 80 square yards to 500 square yards. The project is not in its final stages, and the interest of investors has increased dramatically because of its unique features. 

Additionally, there are now 2 types of phases of this project. Various sized plots are present in each of the phases. By looking at all the amenities and features, one can easily say that this society offers many opportunities for development and can be called one of the best societies for investment this year.


From the above conversation, we can easily analyze that Blue World City Islamabad and New Metro Gujar Khan, North Town Residency, Citi Housing Society Kharian, and Seven Wonders City Karachi are the housing societies that are trending in Pakistan.

These societies have a promising outlook and are considered safe for future investments. The developmental work of these housing projects is taking place at a rapid speed which shows that in the future, the completion will be done on time. 

The residents can have high hopes for them as the societies are providing good payment plans. Lead Marketing recommends our clients invest in these trending societies to have better returns on investments and for a better living.

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