What Makes Citi Housing Kharian A Popular Housing Project?

Citi Housing provides a massive housing estate and it is a private residential construction in Kharian Sarai Alamgir for the regions of  Jhelum and Gujrat. The area is well-known for its superbly built homes and other cutting-edge amenities available to its residents.

Citi Housing Kharian strives to be a suitable connection among regions and New Kharian Sarai Alamgir people. It offers first-rate facilities and a modern style of life.

With all protection safeguards in place, this residential community provides possible protection to its residents, working around the clock to guarantee that they live peacefully in the area.

The details of the project, such as its position, facilities, housing types, and payment plan, as well as other considerations that may assist you in determining whether or not this is an excellent location for you to reside, are presented below.


The first factor that comes to attention when seeking a new place to live is proximity. Furthermore,  the scheme’s reason for the building is to offer life easier for the inhabitants of Kharian Sarai Alamgir’s Region Gujrat. The City Housing Scheme is positioned on the critical GT route Sarai Alamgir in New Kharian, one of Punjab’s most delicate and prominent roads.

All of the strategic places, as well as the commercial and residential centers, are close by and linked. Developers and buyers may want to profit from the chance to purchase a home in this neighbourhood for personal use or as a stable investment with a reasonable return.

Affordable Price Plan:

When it comes to buying any estate or investment anywhere, financing is one of the most significant and crucial factors that buyers and anyone planning to purchase are continuously concerned about is its financing. 

The development includes residential plots ranging in size from 5 Marla to 7 Marla, and 10 Marla to 1 Kanal, with simple reservations and a three-year payment plan. Moreover, the price plan to comfort its inhabitants emphasizes middle-class individuals.

Master Plan:

This creative endeavor aims to highlight Pakistan’s most modern living standards. The development would provide financiers, cutting-edge facilities, and an elegant location for individuals wishing to live in a luxurious setting.

The major road is 300 feet wide and provides a pleasant sight as one approaches civilization. Industrial properties are available in every form, allowing residents and investors to build their enterprises.

Citi Housing Kharian development is moving swiftly and is about to finish. Moreover, the housing neighbourhood offers a modern lifestyle, high-quality conveniences, and a tranquil location. This venture aims to present its participants with new experiences in life.

Renowned Developers:

The housing complex is Mr. Malik Major Amir, Mr. Malik Riaz’s son-in-law (Chairman Bahria Town). Also, this development satisfies the residential needs of the population of Jhelum, Gujrat, Mandi Bahauddin, and Mirpur AJK due to its central location as the country’s core.

Citi Developers, a significant company in Pakistan for today’s reality developers, is in charge of this development. The developers’ authority entirely relies on contacts and trust.

Significant Amenities:

The housing authority provides its residents with some of the most luxurious and attractive facilities. It also has a golf resort for the public’s advantage, providing contemporary and high-quality living conditions. This creative work aims to bring Pakistan up to date with the most recent worldwide level of existence.

The main features are available here:

  • Zoological gardens.
  • Grand Masjid
  • Ferris Wheel.
  • The extensive main entrance 
  • Global Standard Educational Institutes
  • Carpeted Roads
  • Parks 
  • Medical Center
  • Spa
  •  Gym 
  • Advance sewerage system.
  • 24/7 Protection
  • Water Supply.
  • Water Theme Park.
  • Jogging Club.
  • Dancing Fountains.
  • Graveyard.
  • Eifel Tower.
  • Cafeterias 
  • Huge Cricket Stadium.
  • 3D Cinema.


The City Housing complex is a cutting-edge, modern residential development that offers its residents a high quality of life. The project provided its residents with magnificent residences on the famous GT Road in Kharian, Pakistan.

The property includes numerous features and amenities intended to improve the living situation of its residents. Because this initiative is still in its early stages, now is an excellent time to invest in it. When the project is near its completion,  investors and potential buyers will undoubtedly be a significant amount of interest.

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