Why Invest in Park View Overseas Block?

The real estate sector of Islamabad is one of the most dynamic areas of the city. The reason behind this is its position of being the capital city of the country. Capitals of every state or country enjoy some prestigious status because most state official buildings, including the Prime Minister House, are located in Islamabad. All important decisions, including legislation, amendments take place in Islamabad. Those legislations and amendments directly influence the real estate sector of the city.

According to some real estate experts, the current government has proved quite lucky and beneficial for them because of several reforms regarding property tax and other housing schemes and campaigns. These packages resulted in tax relaxation, which was the biggest blessing for all those investors who were afraid to invest in the real estate sector due to heavy taxation. Now the situation is changed. These relief packages have reformed almost everything in the world of real estate. It has opened multiple investments door, specifically in Islamabad.

Most of the investment options come under the real estate sector because, according to public opinion, real estate is the safest area for investment instead of investing in the gold or stock exchange area. The reason behind this is the fluctuating rates of gold and the stock market. Though the fluctuation rate in prices is also a part of the real estate sector, it seems less risky than the other two.

Park View City Islamabad is one of the real estate developments in Islamabad that has proven to be a magnet for investors. The park view city Islamabad is divided into ten or more subsectors, with the abroad sector being one of the most recent.

Park View City Islamabad

Park View City is located in Islamabad’s Zone-IV and is a CDA-approved Beautiful Vision Project. Park View City is situated in the center of Islamabad, surrounded by the lush greenery of Bani Gala. The Capital Development Authority has granted Park View City a No Objection Certificate (NOC), making it one of the few residential developments in the country to receive this honor (CDA). Islamabad Park View City is located on the outskirts of Islamabad’s botanical gardens and has multiple entry points, making it a handy location.

This housing society is being developed by the Vision Group, which has a diverse portfolio of real estate projects in Pakistan’s major cities, including Karachi and Lahore. Park View City Islamabad has become Islamabad’s golden jewel due to its prime location, rapid development, and high-quality infrastructure, with both local and international investors exhibiting considerable interest in the project.

Park View City Location

Park View city is located in Bahria Enclave in the beautiful greens of Bani Gala. It is the epitome of luxury and peace, with its most hypnotic panoramas, only 15 minutes from Islamabad’s central city. Park View City Islamabad is located in the center of the Botanical Garden and offers peaceful views. Its primary entrance is from Rawal Chowk, while our gate 2 is accessible from Bhara Kahu. Park View City’s location is convenient to all of its significant attractions while remaining free of noise and pollution, making it a good choice for a permanent residence.

Park View City Map

Park View City is conveniently located across the street from Bahria Enclave, about 15 minutes from the Serena Hotel Islamabad, 5 minutes from Bahria Enclave and Bani Gala, and 1 minute from the lush green botanical park, as shown on the map. It is 8 kilometers from Chak Shahzad through Park Road & Kuri Road, Kashmir Highway, Lehtrar Road, and Islamabad Road Route.

Park View City Amenities

Park View City boasts a lovely setting and features that would appeal to any nature lover. Park View City is a well-known brand in the real estate industry. Not only does the flora and location add to the beauty of the location, but it also delivers pleasant weather. In addition, Park View City Islamabad includes exceptional features such as:

  • Park View City will be a model of leisure and entertainment, offering an unrivaled cinematic experience in IMAX and 3D cinemas.
  • People will participate in various indoor and outdoor activities at the society’s club and community center, including bowling, swimming pools, snooker, cricket, tennis, and golf.
  • It will have its cutting-edge hospital.
  • There will be a separate park for visitors to enjoy.
  • Overseas Block will have its gate for protection and privacy.
  • Residents of the Overseas Block will have access to their own business space.
  • Residents of the abroad block have their masjid.
  • Park View City is a safe and entirely gated neighborhood with a boundary wall on both sides of the property. Although Park View has walled the side near the national forest sector, the adjacent villages of Park View are not very secure.

Park View City NOC

CDA has already issued Park View City NOC with letter no. CDA/PLW/Zone-4(94)/12/vol-I/168. Its NOC had previously been revoked due to its inconvenient approach via Malot Road. It was, however, quickly reinstated after a successful trial in the case.

Reasons to Invest in Park Vew City Overseas Block.

The Overseas Block is a massive project that will meet all of the requirements for international housing standards. The overseas Block will meet the needs of all members of society, in addition to its attractive setting. The Block is located near the project’s commercial core and will provide homeowners with a profitable investment opportunity in addition to a luxurious lifestyle. The park view city is divided into two sections: commercial and residential. Now let us discuss those ten compelling reasons to invest in Park View City Overseas Block.


Hollywood-themed Mountains and their general location are the most attractive to invest in Park View City overseas block. The housing estate is situated at the foot of the picturesque Margalla Hills in Islamabad’s luxury zone IV. The society is accessible via the main Malot road, a branch of Islamabad’s Kurri Road.

Feasible Payment Plant

The payment plan for the Overseas Block is a simple three-year schedule. After that, bookings in the foreign Block begin at 10% of the total cost, which is almost Rs. 450,000.

Near By Schools

Choosing the best school for your children is a difficult task. Still, there is good news for all those who are thinking of investing in overseas Block because separate well-reputed schools are available for their children.

Separate Hospital

Park view city overseas offers a separate hospital for any medical emergency or anything related to medicine or health. This opportunity is quite admiring because health is always the priority of almost every individual.

Separate Park

Physical activity, swings for children, and play areas are desirable features for those who have children. Therefore, the park view overseas Block has a separate park for children.

Separate Mosque

The other primary reason to invest in park view overseas Block is that it has a separate mosque. This would be an excellent benefit for those who are thinking of investing in overseas Block.

Free Wifi

Can you imagine life without Wifi? A big no. Those who want to invest in park view overseas Block are lucky to have an accessible wifi facility.


Having your own home at a place that offers almost every primary and advanced facility is everyone’s desire. So investing in an overseas Block of park view city is a wise decision for those who want everything in one place. Fabulous location, separate school, parks, mosque, and hospital. All these facilities are the actual reason to invest at overseas Block of park view city without a second thought.

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