Why Mangla Green Housing Is The Most Trending Project In 2022?

Are you seeking the ideal property for investing? Then, consider buying land in the most trending 2022. Also, it is a fantastic chance for you to get your plot. Nevertheless, do you want to give up the prospect of preserving land in thriving natural surroundings? For investors, it is fantastic!

This housing scheme is a comprehensive collection of possibilities, including villas, apartments, and several fun buildings. Furthermore, this project is unique, from the dam’s fizzy water to the expansive views of the setting sun. It provides a global standard housing programme in one of the most amazing places. Moreover, it is a nature lover’s paradise, a site of great beauty.

TheMangle Green Housing is in the centre of Jhelum. It is in Punjab’s Jhelum district. It is only a distance of about 200 kilometres from Lahore and 100 km from Islamabad from various major cities.

Near Mangla Green city Housing are Lehri National Park, Mirpur, Ramkor Fort, Mirpur, Rohtas Fort, and Mangla Fort, among other popular attractions. Therefore, you have plenty of ideas for your upcoming excursion.

A brand-new and upcoming project, the Mangla Green Housing Accommodation Project, features private housing for individuals seeking an economical solution. You will find all the required facilities on-site and the homes constructed according to your convenience. This location is ideal for a home.

A concept for affordable housing is Mangla Green Housing. It is excellent news for golfers and lovers of the outdoors. In addition to having a rich historical past, this community provides luxurious and comfortable living.

Due to the sparkling Dam water and expansive, beautiful sunset views, it is a perfect location. The participation of the Aquatics Club, Horse Club, Golf Course, and immediate access to Mirpur Road provided by this scheme


Mangla Green Housing is a development that Markhor Holdings is developing. The primary goal of the builder is to construct a housing estate that resembles a private housing community, where its residents can take advantage of lavish amenities available only in the most affluent parts of the world.


For the protection of its residents, Mangle Green Housing gives a legal perception with registration. Therefore, Mangle Green Housing must follow a process to obtain an official NOC. Moreover, soon its confirmation details will be shared by owners. 

Critical Characteristics

  • Already 40% of the building construction is finished.
  • Safest neighbourhoods in Pakistan.
  • 5% off with a 50% payment
  • most beautiful Industrial
  • 2.5 years payment schedule

Amenities & Facilities

  • 24/7 Protection and Monitoring
  • Continuous Power Provide
  • Boundary Fence
  • Education Center
  • Clinics
  • Water Resource
  • Sewerage Structure
  • Eateries
  • Mangla View Resort
  • Electricity Assistance
  • Malls

Leisure Services

  • PGA Certified 11 Hole Golf Course
  • Golf Country club
  • Parasailing
  • Horse-riding Club 
  •  Boating
  • Hot Air Ballooning
  • Canoeing
  • Sports Club
  • Polo Pit & Pony Ride
  • Water Skiing

Project Plan

This housing project offers everything, with housing options for every requirement. There are ideal retirement homes if you want to live on another person’s land full-time, as well as land plots for people who wish to build their own houses and opulent flats in the city.

You won’t have any trouble getting around while your stay here since everything is within walking distance and this building is just next to neighbours with stunning views of both colonies and the maidan.

Development Updates

Investors are paying much attention to the angle of Mangla Green City development. Guests, homeowners, and even investors looking to purchase property in this new society will find it an excellent location thanks to the stunning terrain and architecture.

Living at Mangla Green Housing is a lovely experience. The construction phase has progressed quickly, with new sections planned to finish the work each year. Also, Phase 1’s work has been moving forward fast. Stage 2 continues to develop. 


You’re fortunate! An utterly legal investment scheme is highly safe and protected for you. Regardless of how much cash individuals have accessible at any particular time, you can begin your land development by paying 40% ahead or take full advantage. In addition, society offers a simple allotment alternative that will allow extra installment payments making it never too expensive.

Providing every legal angle is crucial for your asset’s protection and security! Since 40% of monthly payments are accessible on land building, starting won’t be a problem. Do not wait to purchase the greatest one!


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