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When we talk about a society that has gained a lot of popularity in a very short span of time, only one real state society comes to our mind, and that is the Blue World City Islamabad. It is no doubt that everybody talks about it, and it is one of the projects in which most investors are interested.

The years 2019 and 2020 were considered the blooming years for the blue world city of Islamabad. The Rawalpindi Development Authority gave it a no objection certificate, after which the interested buyers were not a bit hesitant to look for investment in this Housing Society.

According to real estate gurus, Blue World City Islamabad prices will surely increase due to the speedy development going on in society. It is called Pakistan friendly society and an ideal place to invest. Due to high profits and tremendous infrastructure as well as amenities, this housing project remains on the top of other real estate societies. 

The good thing about this housing project is that this project provides important facilities like:

  • File Verification 
  • Online Installment of the plots
  • Certificate of registration and online Verification of the plot
  • Application Status 

The housing project is divided by the developers into several Blocks in such a way that each block offers unique facilities and amenities. The rate of plots is separate from other blocks. 

Owner & Developers:

This mega society is owned by none other than Saad Nazir. Very few people know that he is the proud son of Chaudhry Nazeer who is the ex-Deputy Commissioner of Lahore. Lead Marketing is happy to share the news with its clients that Blue Group of Companies and Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company joined hands by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to ensure the development of this project on international guidelines. The developers chose the most sought-after neighborhood for Blue World City Islamabad location.

About Blue Group of Companies (BGC):

Established in 1989, this company of BWC is working day and night to provide distinctive architectural layout and building public services to the citizens of Pakistan. By establishing its name in the industry as a trustworthy and professional organization, its clients and investors are increasing in numbers day by day. Now it is ranked among the topmost companies in Pakistan.

It is providing services such as:

  • Real estate development
  • Marketing
  • Architectural design
  • Construction
  • IT support
  • Commercial printing 

Besides this, it has started a retail business and a variety of convenience retail stores and clothing brands. Besides this B G C currently has many professionals working in their team in multiple capacities, around 300 men to provide better services.  

Company Structure:

The company structure consists of, 

  • Blue Bricks, 
  • Artimmix
  • Blue Palms, 
  • Blue Properties, 
  • Blue Technologies, 
  • Blue Media, 
  • WPZ, 
  • Mart Blue, 
  • Brands Square. 

Previous Property Projects by BGC:

Before starting this project, the company completed various projects like Center Park Lahore, Blue Town Sapphire,  PIA cooperative Society, Blue Technologies and Blue Mart.

Blue World City No Objection Certificate (NOC):

Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) issued NOC via RDA/MP&TF/F-PHS-PTR- 10/148. Dated: 19-02-2019 In initial permission by RDA the company can initiate construction on 427 Kanal of the land of the society.

There are no discrepancies in the companys reputation. Unfortunately, rumors are circulating but here is the proof which has been duly approved. The Blue World City Islamabad location is close to Islamabad and Rawalpindi and provides a peaceful and luxurious environment that stands them on the top.

Blue World City NOC Latest Update:

We all know that the No Objection Certificate (NOC) plays a vital role in the market price of any society, and investors are not willing to invest in the society if it doesn’t hold NOC status.

But fortunately, this is not applicable to the case of the famous Blue World City. On 19 February 2019, Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) granted initial permission to start construction on 427 Kanal of Blue World City through an official letter of NOC via RDA/MP&TF/F-PHS-PTR- 10/148. 

After this, a conflict arose between RDA and the District Council. Luckily this conflict was resolved by the government at the end of December 2021 by signing the 2021 Local Bodies Ordinance. According to this, the government allowed the District Council Rawalpindi to issue NOC.

So because of this, Blue World City was issued NOC, and this will also increase plot prices Blue World City payment plan will also change in a few weeks. If you don’t know if you need to invest in this housing society or not then you should read this article. Some of them are mentioned below: 

Blue World City Location Map:

Blue World City Islamabd location is on the main Chakri Road near Chakri Interchange, with direct access from M-2 Lahore- Islamabad Motorway, and is near the new International Islamabad Airport. The prices are affordable and pocket friendly for all the people who want to invest near Islamabad International Airport.

The Blue World City Islamabad location map clearly showed that this project is close to Islamabad and Rawalpindi and provides a peaceful and luxurious environment that stands them on the top.

In addition, no other private company in Pakistan has provided its people with a peaceful, serene, and bountiful living environment as Blue World City (BWC) Islamabad does. It differs from other gated communities in Pakistan because of this. This society also enjoys close proximity with CPEC, China Pakistan economic corridor through links to the motorway. 

The Islamabad International Airport is near the BWC Which makes it very easy for international travelers to reach the airport on time. there is another plan for the building of several economic zones And as the Ring Road of Rawalpindi will be e built there will be great chances for this society’s prices to be increased. 

Blue World City Location:

The location is typically the first consideration for an investor when buying real estate. it is also at an ideal place where 4 main projects are taking place. Additionally, before closing, investors carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages of a property’s location. The twin cities as well as the rest of Pakistan are easily accessible from Blue World City Islamabad. 

The location of Blue World City Islamabad location map is a clear proof that investing in it is advantageous because it is the closest to the planned Rawalpindi Ring Road of all the nearby future housing societies.  Moreover, Blue World City Payment plan is ideal for thoses who want to build their houses in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

The location of the project makes it the top choice for any investor interested in making an investment in Islamabad or Rawalpindi, as shown by the map of Blue World City Islamabad. Due to the advantages, this project’s geography offers, investors are supporting Blue World City in droves. The geographical map for Blue World Metropolis Islamabad makes it clear that it offers a luxurious way of life separate from the bustle of the city. 

Moreover, Blue World City Payment Plan and Blue World City Islamabad prices also vary from block to block so that people from different walk of life can buy their dream house without worrying about money. The Blue World City Rawalpindi expansion also offers one of the more practical entry points to the twin cities.

Blue World City Islamabad Accessibility:

  • The housing society is located right next to Chakri road and Chakri
  • Chakri M2 Toll Plaza, M2, Chakri, Rawalpindi is a 13-minute drive away from the city
  • Chakri, Rawalpindi, is around a 13-minute drive away from the city.
  • New Isb Airport Road, that is Gandhara Intel Airport, which is placed around thirty-minute drive from this magnificent city.
  • Khanial is 33 minutes’ distance from the city.
  • N-5 National Highway, Grand Trunk Rd, is at forty-five minutes distance.
  • Defense Housing Authority is at least 57 minutes away from the Blue World City.
  • Bahria Town, Rawalpindi, Punjab, is 60 minute’s drive away from BWC.
  • You can reach Rawat after  57 min drive from the city.
  • Fateh Jang is around 62 minutes away from this grand city.
  • Saddar is around 60 minutes away from BWC.
  • Syed Abul Ala Maududi Ave, Qurtaba City, Rawalpindi is around 27 minutes away.
  • Sihal, Chountra Rd, Pind Malhu, Rawalpindi, is approximately 3 minutes away from the city.
  • Sihal, Rawalpindi is just 5 minutes away from the city.
  • Rawalpindi Race club is around 13 minutes drive distance from this city.
  • Partial Hunting Club, Rawalpindi is around 29 minutes away from the Blue World City.

Blue World City Nearby Landmarks & Places:

Due to its prime location, this city is very close to the main landmarks of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. If we looked at the map, Capital Smart City, Mumtaz City, Khanial Homes, Star Argo farms, Top city, and University Town societies are located near this residential project. You can also reach the city easily by traveling through Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M-2, and this society is also reachable via Ring road.

Blue World City Strategic Placement on Map:

when it comes to buying a property one of the most essential and compulsory things which an investor would be considering before buying is the locality of the housing project. if the location is ideal most people would be interested. people want to have a home that is not far away and a place where they can reach different destinations easily. 

Moreover, Blue World City’s payment plan varies from block to block so that people from different walks of life can buy their homes in Islamabad. Comfort Inn accessibility is a major contributor to defining the vitality e of society. As this housing society is in Rapid development with an excellent location it can easily be said that it is an ideal choice to invest in.

Blue World City Islamabad Master Plan:

 Blue World City Islamabad Masterplan is designed with conscious efforts along with local and foreign experts on the updated principles.


The Moza of the BWC is an area named Sehal.

Size of Roads:

It has a vast network of roads connecting various parts of society making it the most attractive place. Central Boulevard is 120 feet. The central road is more than eighty feet whereas the width of the street is forty feet.

Blue World City Blocks:

Blue World City is divided into several blocks and each block offers different plot sizes. Three different payment options available from BWC: installment plans for 3 years, 4 years, and 5 years. 

Now let’s take a look at the blocks which have their own uniqueness and are being offered in this housing society. The BWC has multiple blocks which are mentioned below:

  • General block- Residential and Commercial Plots (Phases 1,2,4, 5)
  • Waterfront District- Residential and Commercial Plots
  • Awami Residential Block
  • Hollywood Block
  • Overseas Block- Residential, Commercial, and District 1 
  • Executive Block
  • Blue Hills Country Farms
  • Sports Valley
  • School Avenue- Commercial Plots

Blue World City Islamabad Water Front District:

Who would not like to wake up each day with a mesmerizing view of pristine blue water? Wouldn’t you love to spend your evenings at a floating restaurant, watching the dancing fountains, and spending quality time with your family?

This dream has just been made a reality by the Blue World City administration. The Waterfront District is specially designed for people who want to live in a place with a mesmerizing water view.

Blue World City Waterfront District Block NOC:

The management of Blue World City Rawalpindi worked hard to get the society recognized by the right authorities, and the overall project is totally transparent and lawful. The Rawalpindi Development Authority had authorized Blue World City Islamabad NOC for Waterfront District.

The block map for the Waterfront district now has a valid NOC, thus this worked out perfectly. One of the notable accomplishments during this period is the truth that Blue World City. In contrast side, had already been granted building permission by the RDA before acquiring NOC.

Blue World City Waterfront District Location:

Ideally situated in the Blue World City Waterfront District. The Waterfront District Blue World City Rawalpindi is very accessible from both Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The Waterfront District Block is situated next to Chakri Road, which is a major road near Chakri Interchange.

Both the Islamabad Airports and the Lahore-Islamabad Highway are close by (M-2). Given its great location, The Waterfront Block in BWC is easily reachable from several significant locations in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Blue World City Water Front District Accessibility:

Accessibility to the major areas:

  • It takes 33 minutes to drive from here to Islamabad.
  • Driving takes 32 minutes to reach Rawalpindi.
  • Nearby is the Chakri Road and Chakri Interchange.
  • Drive time to Khanial Homes is 33 minutes.
  • Saddar is about a 60-minute journey from Rawalpindi.
  • Sihal is around a 3-minute drive from Chauntra Road.
  • Travel time to Chakri M2 Toll Plaza is around 13 minutes.
  • It takes over 48 minutes to drive to reach the N-5 National Highway.
  • Fateh Jang, Punjab, is about a one-and-a-half-hour drive from N-80.
  • Driving takes roughly 57 minutes from Defense Housing Authority.
  • It takes about 31 minutes to drive there from New Islamabad Airport Road.
  • Driving takes around one hour and three minutes from Bahria Town in Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan.

Blue World City Waterfront District Master Plan:

You will see from the Blue World City Islamabad Masterplan for Waterfront district that the developers and upper executives put a lot of thought into creating the perfect setting for you to live peacefully. A blue world water park will be nearby, and the whole size will be more than 70000 sq meters. It will be bordered by rugged terrain.

Residential Plots Sizes

• 6 Marla

• 12 Marla

• 18 Marla

Commercial Plot Size

• 5 Marla

Payment Plan of Water Front District- Residential Plots is as follows:

6 Marla WaterFront District:

The total registration cost for 150 square yards i.e.  6 marla, for residential plots in this block is approximately 17 lacs and 50 thousand rupees. 10% down payment is 1 lac and 75 thousand rupees. The cost of confirmation of the plot is 87,500 rupees. 

Forty monthly installments are paid by the investor then it will be costing around seventeen thousand and five hundred rupees. If you want to pay 8 half-yearly installments then you will pay around  98 thousand 438 rupees only. 

12 Marla WaterFront District:

The total registration cost for 300 square yards i.e. 12 marla, for residential plots in this block is approximately 31 lacs and 50 thousand rupees. 10% down payment is 1 lac and 57 thousand and 500 rupees. 

The cost of confirmation of the plot is 1 lac, 57 thousand, and 500 rupees. If you want to pay 40 monthly installments then it will cost you around 31 thousand and 500 rupees. If you want to pay 8 half-yearly installments then you will pay 1 lac, 77 thousand and one hundred and eighty-eight rupees only. 

18 Marla WaterFront District:

The total registration cost for 450 square yards i.e.18 Marla for residential plots in this block is approximately 42 lac rupees. 10% down payment is 4 lac and 20 thousand rupees. The cost of confirmation of the plot is 2 lac, 10 thousand rupees. If you want to pay 40 monthly installments then it will cost you around 42 thousand rupees. If you want to pay 8 half-yearly installments then you will pay around 2 lac, 36 thousand and two hundred and 50 rupees only. 

The Payment Plan of Water Front District- Commercial Plots is as follows:

Blue World City Installment plan for Water Front District Commercial consists of 4 years.

5 Marla WaterFront District:

The waterfront commercial plots are 4 years installment based. In this, there are only one type of marla plot for now in which you can invest. This block offers 5 marla payment plan.  The registration cost of this block is 8,000, 000 rupees. Whereas the downpayment cost is 800,000 rupees. On the other hand, the fee for confirmation of the plot is 400,000. The 40 monthly installment provided for this block is Rs 80,000 and eight half annual installment costs around  Rs. four lacs and fifty thousand rupees.

Blue World City Waterfront Block Development Update:

Blue world city Rawalpindi, the Waterfront block is regarded as one of the noticeable squares of the whole residential complex. Along with this block is fully developed and is ranked as a fast-paced block.The Blue World Citys Waterfront block accurately depicts the state of luxury, sincerity, and grandeur. This block will be an excellent concept based on its planning and enticements.

Blue World City Waterfront District Amenities:

This society made by the developers is a massively famous society. They have built a “Waterfront District Block” where a spectacular occasion will take place for the people. Blue World City payment plan for the waterfront district is very affordable as compared to the facilities.

Artificial lakes surround it, along with water parks situated in a mountainous environment. With this new block, real estate investors’ dreams will come true. A wide variety of amenities are on the block plan for the Waterfront District, including security, business districts, and hotels. 

There are accessible swimming pools, eco-friendly walking pathways, spas, and gyms. There is a fence around the town, and there is a top-notch movie theatre outside. 

Lakes Facing Society:

The magnificent view of the lake will be cherished by the locals. Due to its fantastic location and various payment options, the Waterfront property is appealing. The view is equally magnificent and amazing from the housing society.

Outdoor Films:

To Pakistanis, outdoor cinema playing can seem like a pipe dream. In waterfront districct you may also watch your favorite movies while admiring the lakeside beauty.

The Beautiful Walk:

The block plan for the waterfront area includes a walking route emphasizing the housing society’s appeal. There are numerous business prospects besides the water sports club.

Floating Restaurant:

There is a food court along the water in the Blue World City Waterfront District that conforms with global standards. In addition to mouthwatering food from renowned local and global brands, there will also be magnificent views. Its design aims to transform it into a floating restaurant.

Water Sports:

A premier water sports club is the cherry on top of the Waterfront District Block. Here, activities and water skiing are available. You can get assistance from trained volunteers if you want to participate in adventure sports. Theme parks of water games are designed by the global professionals which increases their beauty.

Aquatic Fountain:

The Waterfront District Block will also have a sizable dancing fountain. As a result, you might appreciate the grace of the water flowing in front of you. 

Following the completion of the dancing fountain project, Rawalpindi will have a separate “water theme park”. The skilled staff of Blue World City is constantly hard at work improving the beautiful ambiance of the fountain.

Why should You Invest in Waterfront District Block?

Now let’s see what type of people should be investing in this block. The Blue World City Waterfront District Block is a true representation of the degree of grandeur, comfort, and sophistication. 

The layout and amenities of this seaside plot make it seem like a wise investment. The properties are reasonably priced, and development and building are now taking place on the block. To keep visitors comfy and entertained, it offers a variety of water activities and fun activities.

People feel at peace since the riverside residence in Islamabad creates a strong bond with its surroundings. Investors seeking to maximize their returns on their investments have the best payment options available in the Waterfront District block.

The Blue World City Waterfront District has all the features and amenities and focused on massive planning.  This project has everything to make it a desirable real estate.

The Waterfront District Block has been a lucrative real estate endeavor from the beginning. The prices have gone up since the project is in such high demand. Both plot sizes whether it be business or residential offer good prices in the block of Waterfront District.

Blue World City Sports Valley Block:

Blue World City’s Sports Valley Block is developing to provide a variety of sporting amenities to locals and tourists. The society’s residents will enjoy world-class athletic events as never before. The project is the best place to establish a positive environment for the Pakistani athletics and leisure industry. The Block also offers a  massive stadium of a 55,000-seat capacity primarily for cricket.

This first-rate cricket complex offers residences and retail establishments for locals and visitors. The BWC Sports Valley Block will also have a bowling alley, recreational parks, football courts, mountaineering paths, tennis, basketball, golf, volleyball, a gym, and cycling routes.  When compared to the sports facilities they offer at your doorstep, Blue World City payment plan for sports valley seems very pocket-friendly.

Sports Valley Block Location:

Sports Valley is next to Chakri road and has easy access from the Defence highway. In addition, Sports Valley is roughly 5 minute’s drive from the M-2 expressway and a 10-minute drive from the renowned CPEC road. Therefore, the distance from this valley to the International Airport of Islamabad is about 20 minutes by car.

Master Plan of Sports Valley:

A team of experts designed Blue World City Islamabad Masterplan for Sports Valley to provide all the amenities for sports enthusiasts. 

The Payment Plan of Sports Valley Block is as follows:

Investors in the Sport valley of society can affordably buy the home of their dreams. The four-year installment plan offered by this Block allows investors from many walks of life to join.

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5 Marla Sports Valley:

Blue World City Islamabad 5 marla plot price is 2,000,000- PKR with a downpayment of Rs 150,000-. For the convenience of the customers, there is 40 monthly affordable Instalment of Rs 23,750/- & 8 half quarterly installments of Rs 100,000/-. 

8 Marla Sports Valley:

The 8 Marla total price is 3,080,000- PKR with a downpayment of Rs 231,000-. For the convenience of the customers, there is 40 monthly affordable Instalment of Rs 36,575/- & 8 half quarterly installments of Rs 154,000/-. 

10 Marla Sports Valley:

The 10 Marla total price is 3,750,000- PKR with a downpayment of Rs 281,250-. For the convenience of the customers, there is 40 monthly affordable Instalment of Rs 44,531/- & 8 half quarterly installments of Rs 187,500/-. 

1 Kanal Sports Valley:

The 1 Kanal total price is 7,000,000- PKR with a downpayment of Rs 525,000-. In addition, for the convenience of the customers, there is 40 monthly affordable Instalment of Rs 83,125/- & 8 half quarterly installments of Rs 350,000/-.

Blue World City Islamabad Awami Block:

Awami Block Blue World City is a new block introduced by Blue World City Rawalpindi. It comprises all the necessities of life and upscale amenities, and comfort specially designed for middle-class people at very convenient as well as affordable rates. Middle-class and low-income persons are served by the affordable private housing project. 

The previous Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme is in line with the ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan’s vision. The B G C Consortium is in support of striking a balance between services provided by the public and private sectors. The Awami Residence Complex, with its slogan “A Home to Reside for Every Family,” is an honest effort to address Pakistan’s housing needs by providing excellent communal living at an affordable price. 

This project will be the most sought-after place in Pakistan because to the conveniences, facilities, and opportunities. The Awami Residential Complex will represent the ideal fusion of peace and contemporary design. The Awami Residential Complex is created to give individuals access to all of life’s necessities, including the opportunity to live in a hygienic setting. 

The Payment Plan for Awami Residential is as follows:

Blue World City Installment plan for Awami Block Blue World City consist of 4 years.

3 Marla Awami Residential:

3 Marla (residential) in Awami Block Blue World City is around 8 lacs rupees.  Discounted price offer is 6 lacs and 90 thousand rupees. A 10% down payment on this plot is around 59 thousand and 400 rupees. Forty monthly installments then it will just cost you around 6 thousand and 900 rupees. If you want to pay 8 half-annual installments to be paid then you have to pay around 40 thousand and 13 rupees.

4.5 Marla Awami Residential:

4.5 Marla (residential) in Awami Block Blue World City is around 11 lacs rupees. Discounted price offer for this plot is 9 lacs and 75 thousand rupees. 10% down payment is around 87 thousand and 500 rupees. 40 monthly installments then it will cost you around 9 thousand and 688 rupees. Eight half-yearly installments then you have to pay 49 thousand and 219 rupees.

Blue World City Awami Complex Owner:

BGC has consistently worked to create a project that offers the greatest location to lay the groundwork for your prosperous future. The Awami Residential Complex Apartments are being constructed by B G C, is one of Islamabad’s top real estate developers. 

When BGC opened an office in Lahore in 1989, it only provided design and construction services. B G C organization’s owner’s name is Mr. Saad Nazir, an innovative and important business figure in Pakistan. The other developer, The Imperium Group of Companies, was established in 1999. Now, it has grown to become a renowned building and real estate company.

Both of the project’s developers are well-known in Pakistan today for their ardor and dedication to the building and development industry. To create the ideal residential option for the citizens of Pakistan, international real estate development businesses work with local and foreign professionals.

The Blue Group is working to address Pakistan’s serious housing shortage in accordance with Prime Minister Khan’s goal of offering reasonably priced but luxurious homes. These choices are offered with a simple and very reasonable payment schedule. For a specific price, the Awami Residential Complex in Islamabad will be put up for sale. 

You could also refer to this as a government-sponsored residential welfare initiative in  Pakistan. 40% of the flats are reserved for residents in general, 10percent for widowed and retired people, and 50% are assigned to federal personnel. This allocation serves as evidence for a strong leader like EX PM Mr. Imran Khan.

Blue World City Awami Complex Location:

The Awami Residential Complex will be best situated inside Blue World City on the Lhr to Isb Highway (M2). From all of the main attractions in both cities—Rawalpindi and Islamabad—it is easily reachable.The Awami Complex in Islamabad is a secure neighborhood with all of the most modern conveniences and services.

The residential project is being built in both Lahore and Islamabad. Lahore Ring Road as well as the Main Multan Road/Canal are the areas that are near this specific project. The strategy and building schedule for this project has been outlined by a professional team from Dubai. The location of the Awami Residential Complex will offer residents and investors a variety of alternatives.

Blue World City Awami Complex Master Plan:

Owners and developers are constantly working to make Blue World City Islamabad Masterplan of Awami Complex the most perfect living environment for the community’s residents. Following meticulous planning, developers divided the entire complex into flats of various sizes. The Awami Complex Blueprint will outline the benefits of funding this endeavor. 

Studio Apartments:  

The studio apartments in this lavish residential development will increase living standards and enable people to indulge in luxury on a tight budget. These 375-square-foot apartments will have a kitchen and bathroom that are linked.

1 Bedroom Apartment: 

A small family can live comfortably in this lovely area of 550 square feet. A kitchen and bathroom are also included in this space.

2 Bedroom Apartment:

This kind of apartment will include two bedrooms and ample space for comfort. A two-bedroom apartment has a total covered space of 830 square feet.

House in a duplex:

Although this project is being built for Pakistan’s average citizens, it’s going to be nothing short of amazing. On a tight budget, Blue World City Awami Villas is going to be a shining example of luxury. Duplex Villas in ARC would feature a living area of 675 square feet, making it a great place to reside and enjoy life.

The Payment Plan of Awami Residential Apartments is as follows:

Check out the Awami Residential Apartments Financing Plan, which has been masterfully designed. All of the homes in this peaceful residential area are offered a 5-year payment plan.

1. Studio Apartment:

A studio unit costs 1,500,000 with a certificate modification of 300,000 at the list price.  The deposit is RS. 120,000.00. RS  10,800 is the monthly payment for 50 monthly installments.

2. One-Bedroom Apartment:

The advertised price of this opulent property is RS 1,800,000. This plot requires a RS 150,000 deposit and a 50-month payment schedule of RS 13,500.

3. Apartment with two bedrooms:

This lovely apartment may be yours for just Rs. 1,900,000/-. You may also select the option of installment payment. This apartment’s 17,100/- monthly payment is really reasonable.

4. Duplex Villa:

You may acquire this chic 3.5 Marla Duplex Villa in the Awami Apartments in Blue World City Islamabad for just Rs. 2,700,000/-. You have 50 months to pay the sum if you choose the installment payment option. The deposit is RS 240,000 and the monthly amount is RS 20,400.

5. Villa with one story:

A 3-Marla single-story villa is offered for sale for a reasonable RS 2,500,000/-. RS. The down payment is maintained to a minimum, at RS 220,000, and the monthly payment for 50 months is RS  18,700.

Blue World City Awami Residential Complex Features and Amenities:

If you want to view something extraordinary, acquire an apartment at the Awami Residential Complex in Islamabad. The moderate- and low-income groups of Pakistan will benefit greatly from this housing project.

I. Affordable Housing Apartments:

You can see from the Awami Apartments Payment Schedule that these apartments have everything you need. The creation of Blue World City and the owners’ vision have made it possible for the middle and lower classes to own real estate with ease.

Redefining Luxury:

The Awami Residential Apartments are the best possible option if you want a life with luxury. Residents will have complete freedom over how they wish to design their homes.

 Top-notch Location:

Another outstanding feature of this wonderful property is the location of the Awami Residential Complex. There isn’t a bigger, more desirable housing project in this location that is also within budget.

Blue World City Awami Residential NOC: 

The relevant authorities have given their full permission for this project, making it totally lawful. The Blue World City Islamabad NOC for Awami Residential Complex is one of the key factors causing people to wait in line to buy real estate in this residential complex. A  housing project called the Awami Residential Complex Isb and Lahore was created as a response to ex-Prime Minister Imran Khan’s desire to build affordable dwellings. 

It is the most coveted residential and investment option for eager residents and buyers because to the top standard of amenities at simple and affordable payment plans. Since it was founded, this Awami Residential Complex, which is in a prominent location, has drawn residents with moderate and low incomes from all across Pakistan.

Blue World City Islamabad General Block:

It offers a 4-year payment plan for 5 marlas, eight marlas, ten Marla, 1kanal as well as 2 Kanals of luxurious plots. This modern location and design of the blocks can pay the attention of investors and offers a huge bulk of facilities. 

General Block Location Map:

In definitions of the General Block’s importance for the Blue World City, it is essential to the neighborhood’s aesthetic way of life. Offering spectacular and cutting-edge accommodations at competitive prices is the only objective. 

Moreover, the Beautiful green side streets, parks, covered streets, well-planned infrastructural facilities, well-lit homes, and solitude support individuals who desire to lead a comfortable but affordable lifestyle. It is evident from the map view for the BWC General Block that it will be a massive hit with the public at large.

General Block NOC: 

Blue World City Islamabad NOC for General Block was the subject of some market speculation, but recent developments have ended all these rumors and speculation. Right now, Bwc is a lawful initiative that has full authorization. Based on the Rawalpindi Development Authority, the BWC and its blocks have garnered NOC.

Blue World City General Block Residential Plots:

The rates and payment schedules for the various plots have been determined by the management and owner, taking into consideration the potential investors’ financial situation. The four-year payment plan’s affordable monthly installments are accessible to all investors.

The architects have developed a Blue World City Islamabad General Block fee schedule after careful deliberation. For both residents and investors, living in Islamabad’s most prominent neighborhood and being close to well-known monuments and tourist attractions is a terrific opportunity.

The Payment Plan for the General Block -Residential Plots is as follows:

Blue World City Installment plan for General Block consists of 4 years.

5 Marla General Block :

Blue World City Islamabad 5 marla plot price is 14 lacs and 90 thousand rupees. You can pay a 10% down payment of fourteen lac nine thousand rupees. If you want 40 monthly installments then it will just cost you around 14 thousand and 900 rupees. Eight half-yearly installments will cost 93 thousand and 125 rupees.

8 Marla General Block :

Eight Marla (residential) is offered for 19 lacs and 15 thousand rupees. 10% down payment of this plot is 1 lac and 91 thousand, 500 rupees. If you want to pay 40 monthly installments then it will just cost 19 thousand and 150 rupees. On the other hand, 8 half-yearly installments will cost 1 lac 19 thousand and 688 rupees.

10 Marla General Block :

Blue World City 10 Marla plot price is around 22 lacs and 90,000 rupees. 10% down payment is 2 lac and 29 thousand rupees. 40 monthly installments is 22 thousand and 900 rupees. 8 half-yearly installments is around 1 lac 43 thousand and 125 rupees only.

1 Kanal General Block :

1 Kanal (residential) of the general block is 42 lacs and 90,000 rupees. 10% down payment is around 4 lacs and 29 thousand rupees. 40 months based installment to the buyer is abour forty two thousand and even fifty rupees. 8 half-yearly installments of this plot will be 2 lacs 68 thousand and one hundred and twenty five rupees only.

2 Kanal General Block :

2 Kanal (residential) is 83 lacs. 10% down payment is 9 lacs and 30 thousand rupees. 40 monthly installments are 83 thousand rupees. 8 half-yearly installments are 5 lacs 18 thousand and 750 rupees only.

The payment Schedule of the General Block of the Commercial Plots is as under:

5 Marla Commercial General Block:

Blue World City Islamabad 5 marla plot price is 90 lacs rupees. 10% down payment is 9 lac rupees. 40 monthly installments are around 90 thousand rupees. 8 half-yearly installments are 5 lacs and 62 thousand 500 rupees.

Balloted Plots of Blue World City Islamabad General Block:

The Blue World City General block has further been divided into several sectors. One of the most unique aspects of this is that they are balloted plots. These sectors are known as:

  • Blue World City Islamabad General Block Sector I
  • Blue World City Islamabad General Block Sector II
  • Blue World City Islamabad General Block Sector IV
  • Blue World City Islamabad General Block Sector V

For the convenience of our readers, we have gathered all the information regarding the balloted plots of the general block. Following are the payment details and plan for the sectors. 

Blue World City Islamabad General Block Sector I Payment Plan:

It is a very well-developed part of the Blue World City General Block. It offers 5 Marla and 10 Marla plots. Total registration charges are twenty-two lacs and fifty thousand rupees for 5 marla plots. 10 marlas it is thirty-four lacs and fifty thousand rupees.   

5 Marla down payment is 675, 000 rupees. Blue World City 10 Marla plot price is 2600000 and down payment is 10 ,35,000 rupees. Payment can be made through an installment plan of 12 months at the rate of 92,750 rupees and 143,750 rupees. The plot confirmation charges are Rs. 450,000 and for 10 marla they are Rs. 690,000.

Blue World City Islamabad General Block Sector II Payment Plan:

Another balloted sector of Blue World City is Sector 2, which has its own unique features. The registration cost of the 5 Marla plot is around 2,10,000 rupees. The down payment for this plot is Rs. 630,000. Confirmation charges are around 420, 000 and the 12 monthly confirmation charges are Rs. 87, 500.

The registration charges for 10 Marla are 3,250,000 rupees. The down payment is 975,000 rupees. Confirmation charges are around 650, 000 and the 12 monthly confirmation charges are Rs. 135, 417.

Blue World City Islamabad General Block Sector IV Payment Plan:

Sector IV of the General Block has only 5 Marla plots and its registration charges are 1,975,000 rupees. There are 12 monthly installments at an affordable rate of 82,292 rupees per month. Confirmation charges are around 3, 95, 000 and the 12 monthly confirmation charges are Rs. 82,292.

Blue World City Islamabad General Block Sector V Payment Plan:

General Block  Sector V only offers 1 Kanal and 2 Kanal Residential plots. The plot price for 1 Kanal plot is 6, 000,000 rupees. The down payment is 1,800,000 rupees. The 12 monthly installment cost is Rs. 250,000. The plot of 2 Kanal on the other hand offers a total registration fee of Rs. 10,500, 000, and down payment charges are 3,150 ,000. The charges for confirmation of the plot are 2,100,000 and 12 monthly installments are for Rs. 4,37,500. 

Why Make an Investment in Blue World City Islamabad General Block? 

Lead Marketing will provide you with extensive guidance. The cost of the Blue World City Islamabad General Block prices should be the sole justification for potential buyers and investors. But there are many additional justifications for supporting this housing project as well.

If we take a glance at the General Block map, we can see the importance of the development position. This block is placed in the area of central housing complexes. You can review the General Block voting results on the Blue World City website.

You can verify the accuracy of the news and articles by consulting the Blue World City Islamabad General Block file. The highest level of management for this housing development spent a lot of time creating an online system to maintain appropriate operation.

Blue World City Overseas Executive Block:

Blue World City Overseas Block’s future occupants and investors will benefit from this block  Individuals are willing to pay a premium to dwell in this exceptional Block.  The top executives of BWC have completed all the preparations to build Modern World marvels in this home development.

BWC will be the first-ever venture in Pakistani real estate history, constructed exclusively as a city designed with tourists in mind. Facilities are being planned down to the last detail by developers to ensure the finest possible standard of living. Commercial Plots for Sale in Blue World City Overseas Block are also available at a pocket friendly prices.

Blue World City Overseas Block is a wise investment because it offers a range of plots available. The idea that BWC is still in progress ensures that the investment will pay off. The more this society advances, the more money it will make. Therefore, the ideal moment to invest in this scheme was yesterday; the present is the perfect time to do so.

A Quick Overview of Overseas Executive Block:

Now operational, the BWC Executive Block is a magnificent addition to the already fascinating resident community. BWC  Executive Block is conveniently located and has several easy entry points. The neighbouring cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi are also close.

The inhabitants of the building will have access to all primary and contemporary facilities. Also, Blue World City Overseas Block will provide residents with extreme luxury and Commercial Plots for Sale in Blue World City Overseas Block are also available for those who want high returns on their investments.

Overseas Executive Block  Legal Status:

The Rawalpindi Development Authority has granted Blue World City Islamabad NOC and approval to Blue World City Overseas Block.   But, as we all know, gaining the confidence and faith of investors is crucial for NOC, and the community has already done this with investors and future residents.

Overseas Executive Block location:

For residents and investors, society’s executive block is the best option. It is next to General Block in this housing scheme. 

Blue World City Overseas Block Payment Plan:

In the Blue World City Overseas Block, investors can purchase the house of their dreams at a meager cost. Plots for Sale in Blue World City Overseas Block has four year installment plan, letting investors from all spheres of society participate. Blue World City Overseas Block Payment plan is as follows, 

7 Marla Overseas Block:

The 7 Marla total price is 2,495,000- PKR with a registration cost of Rs 748,000-. In addition, for the convenience of the customers, there is 12 monthly affordable Instalment of Rs 103,958/- .

Blue World City Serene Villas:

BWC Villas, often called Serene Villas, is a project developed to offer middle-class Pakistanis a high standard of living. It proposes several different projects that provide residences for sale at affordable prices in Islamabad. People can maintain a standard of living within the constraints of their financial means by doing it this way. 

Location of Serene Villas: 

The position of BWC is so tranquil and also known as  “the forename of serenity.” In addition to having elements that are beneficial to the environment, the area exudes a highly serene vibe. The characteristics include dense forests of verdant trees and lakes with enticing vistas. In addition, the sound of the water flowing through the lakes lends a magical quality to the everyday stroll.

The BWC Villas map identifies Chakri Road as the site of this scheme. Because the Rawalpindi Link Road is now under construction, getting to the BWC Awami Villas requires travelling quite a distance. In addition to that, the New Islamabad International Airport is just next to it. This real estate property is in development yet accessible to the M2 Islamabad Motorway. From Blue World City Villas, one will have access to several other housing societies and well-known sites.

Blue World City Serene Villas Amenities:

The Serene Villas each have their one-of-a-kind characteristics. As was stated before, the site of the Serene Villas in Blue World City is exceptionally tranquil and encompasses a variety of environmentally beneficial qualities.

People living on a limited budget now have the opportunity to book the vacation home of their dreams, which is particularly helpful to their social class. Moreover,  to elaborate, the following amenities and features are offered at Bwc Villas:

  • Replication of Burj-ul-Arab & Blue Mosque
  • Private enclave behind locked gates
  • The underground electricity provision.
  • Water and Sui Gas are both continuously supplied without interruption.
  • The presence of CCTV cameras around the clock
  • Offering Pathways and playgrounds of varying sizes 

Blue World City Serene Villas Payment Plan:

The minimal community of Pakistan is catered to by BWC Serene Villas pricing, which is more affordable than its competitors. Due to this factor, the cost of purchasing a home in the Blue World City Villas real estate market is minimal.

Blue World City Hollywood Block:

Blue World City has emerged as Pakistan’s most prominent real estate market. Also, the necessary property fully guarantees by the management. Therefore, development is going smoothly despite the work being performed day and night on the Blue World City land. It will be Islamabad’s most impressive building once it’s finished. 

 Developers & Owners of  BWC Hollywood Block:

The  (BGC) and the Imperium Group of Companies collaborated to establish the housing development known as Blue World City Hollywood Block (IGC). To construct and design the project, the builders also formed a historical relationship with the Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company.

BGC, which was created in 1989 and has since rarely gone back and accomplished milestones, was founded by Mr Saad Nazir. BGC is a collection of businesses that offers a range of services. This development is by BWC Hollywood Block Owners & Developers to match the highest contemporary requirement of living seen abroad.

Legal Status of Hollywood Sector BWC:

The society got its  No Objection Certificate approval from the  (RDA). Projects that have been approved and are allowed have a greater chance of success than unlawful ones. The Hollywood block NOC at Blue World City has already caused a stir in the housing market. Many people are showing up to take advantage of this good investment chance. After Blue World City Islamabad NOC for Hollywood Block, investment opportunities are excellent.

Blue World Hollywood Block Payment Plan:

Payment plans for Blue World City Hollywood Block are reasonably priced and offer practical monthly schedules. Moreover, plots in the Hollywood Block are for sale, and it provides a fair price, along with excellent amenities not present in any other Block.

Therefore, according to the BWC Hollywood Block payment plan, this will be the most fertile area to purchase at Rawalpindi. The management of the scheme has unveiled the Hollywood Block. Additionally, this Block is skillfully designing phase to offer unmatched attractions.

Therefore, the scheme’s new Blocks are now also reserved. This Block provides the properties of 10 Marla, 1, 2 & 4 Kanal. The plot cost is higher in Hollywood Block Blue World City than in the preceding Block. However, the fees are extravagant due to the fantastic features and facilities in this building.

The Payment Plan of Blue World City Hollywood Block is as Follows:

10 Marla Hollywood Block:

Blue World City 10 Marla plot price is 6,000,000- PKR with a downpayment of PKR. 1,500,000. There is 20 monthly affordable Instalment of Rs 150,000/- . 4 half quarterly installments of Rs 375,000/-. 

1 Kanal Hollywood Block:

The 1 Kanal total price is 10,500,000- PKR with a downpayment of Rs 2,625,000. In addition, for the convenience of the customers, there is 20 monthly affordable Instalment of Rs 262,500. 4 half quarterly installments of Rs 626,250/-. 

2 Kanal Hollywood Block:

The 2 Kanal total price is 18,500,000- PKR with a downpayment of Rs 4,625,000-. In addition, for the convenience of the customers, there is 20 monthly affordable Instalment of Rs 462,500/- . 4 half quarterly installments of Rs 1,156,250.

4 Kanal Hollywood Block:

The 4 Kanal total price is 34,000,000- PKR with a downpayment of Rs 8,500,000-. In addition, for the convenience of the customers, there is 20 monthly affordable Instalment of Rs 850,000/- . 4 half quarterly installments of Rs 2,125,000/-. 

Blue World City Blue Hills Country Farms:

A luxurious rural lifestyle is brought to life at Blue Hills Country Farms in this society Modern farmhouses are available at the private farm housing development known as Blue Hills Country Farms. The fertile area along Chakri Highway is the perfect location for an agricultural farm where an individual can spend their holidays away from the rush of the city.

Blue Hills Country Farms Location & Characteristics

Blue Hills Country Farms is the best place to live as it is close to the Lahore-Islamabad Expressway. The residents can easily get there from the New Islamabad International Airport. Moreover, the proposal offers a neighbourhood centred on environmentally friendly, sustainable housing and all the conveniences of urbanized living. Blue World City Islamabad payment plan 2022 for Blue Hills Country Farms is as follows,

4 Kanal Blue Hills Country Farm:

The 4 Kanal plot for sale in Blue World City is 10,650,000- PKR with a downpayment of Rs 1,600,000-. For the convenience of the customers, there is 40 monthly affordable Instalment of Rs 113,125/- & 8 half quarterly installments of Rs 565,625/-. 

8 Kanal Blue Hills Country Farm:

The 8 Kanal plot for sale in Blue World City is 19,250,000- PKR with a downpayment of Rs 2,900,000-. For the convenience of the customers, there is 40 monthly affordable Instalment of Rs 204,375/- & 8 half quarterly installments of Rs 1,021,875/-. 

12 Kanal Blue Hills Country Farm:

The 12 Kanal plot for sale in Blue World City is 32,000,000- PKR with a downpayment of Rs 4,800,000-. For the convenience of the customers, there is 40 monthly affordable Instalment of Rs 340,00-/- & 8 half quarterly installments of Rs 1,700,000/-. 

16 Kanal Blue Hills Country Farm:

The 16 Marla plot for sale in Blue World City is 34,375,000- PKR with a downpayment of Rs 5,150,000-. For the convenience of the customers, there is 40 monthly affordable Instalment of Rs 365,313-/- & 8 half quarterly installments .of Rs 1,826,563-. 

Blue World City School Avenue Commerical:

The School Avenue offers commercial plots with a one-year installment plan also available for possession. This Block is at a prime position. 

School Avenue Commercial Location & Features 

This Block is at the General sector-1 of the scheme. Also, this society is one of the most plentiful home developments built solely on the M2 Motorway in Islamabad. The housing development would be Pakistan’s first specifically designed tourist city and offers the work of prominent global architects.

School Avenue  Commercial Payment Plan

The society offers an affordable pricing plan for investors so that each community group can invest in it. The owners’ primary aim is to provide top-notch facilities at reasonable costs. Blue World City Islamabad payment plan 2022 for School Avenue Commercial is as follows,

5 Marla School Avenue Commercial:

Blue World City Islamabad 5 marla plot price total price is 9,600,000- PKR with a downpayment of Rs 2,880,000-. For the suitability of the customers, there is 12 monthly affordable Instalment of Rs 400,00-/.

8 Marla School Avenue Commercial:

The 8 Marla total price is 14,437,000- PKR with a downpayment of Rs 4,331,160-. For the suitability of the customers, there is 12 monthly affordable Instalment of Rs 601,550-/.

10 Marla School Avenue Commercial:

Blue World City 10 Marla plot price is 18,134,400- PKR with a downpayment of Rs 5,440,320-. For the suitability of the customers, there is 12 monthly affordable Instalment of Rs 755,600-/

Blue World City Balloted Plots:

The outstanding residential development known as Blue World City Islamabad Overseas Block reached its highest point of achievement. Exclusively for Pakistanis residing abroad who have raised their standards of life and have a preference for opulent amenities, there is the Overseas Block. 

Some residential and business lots in Islamabad Blue World City are offered on a first-served basis. The Blue World City Overseas Block balloting can yield enormous revenues, therefore the investment is profitable. The essence of Chinese architectural features will be captured in this yet another residential real estate project.

It is being developed to offer a superior standard of living at the most competitive price in the real estate market. Anyone, including people from low-income families, can take advantage of the fantastic opportunity to own a dream plot in this community because Blue World City is a project. 

The earnings will significantly rise following the voting in Blue World City. Overseas Block District 1 to District 14, balloting has been completed. When we talk about the balloted blocks of General block from 1 to 6 General Block sectors are balloted.

Extraordinary Features of Blue World City Islamabad:

Let’s look at some magnificent modern wonders now being constructed in Blue World City on Chakri Road in Islamabad.  It also offers luxuries and international Standards of living. A master plan for a five-star hotel was created by both international and domestic professionals, which will be e functional 24/7. 

Blue World City offers the features that all leading global housing projects have to offer its occupants. Moreover, these features will also fulfill Rawalpindi and Islamabad’s residential and commercial needs.

Reliable Security:

The people of Pakistan especially look for a place that is safe and Secure and has all the necessary arrangements to provide protection to the people. The developers of Blue World City aim to provide its residents with a good security system and advanced CCTV cameras. 

There are multiple high technological security cameras E Tag systems and guards which will provide safe and secure environment to the residence 

Gorgeous Modern Infrastructure:

By developing replicas of contemporary world wonders, the management of Blue World Metropolis is delivering on its promise to become the first purpose-built tourism city in Pakistan. The goal of building this tourist destination is to construct a project that is solely dedicated to giving foreign tourists and travelers access to amenities and entertainment on a global scale.

 The following are facilities and amenities offered by Blue World City Islamabad:

• Jamia Mosque

• International standard infrastructure

• Societys own Power Plant

• Police station 

• An extensive network of Well-developed carpeted roads

• Own transportation system

• Paved Walkways

• All the basic utilities of life like water, gas, and electricity will be available 24/7

• Underground supply of utilities

• Foolproof security system including Facial recognition system and E-ticketing system

• Boundary wall and gated community

• Hospitals with highly qualified doctors and nursing staff

• Forces school campuses and other educational institutions with experienced teachers for fulfilling the educational needs of residents. 

• Skilled maintenance and management staff

• Trendy and spacious business hubs

• A Well-Planned waste disposal system and sewerage system are installed in this society to ensure a clean and pollution-free environment

• Green areas and parks for mental peace and relaxation

• Economic and Commercial Hubs

• Water Theme Park

• Adventure and spa clubs

Blue World City Tourist Attraction Points:

We all know that Blue World City is a Pak China Friendly City. The first-ever world-class tourist destination in Pakistan which is situated in a master-planned lifestyle community close to the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M2), on the CPEC route which is a 20-minute drive from New Islamabad International Airport and main city Islamabad.

As the First Purpose-built Tourist City of Pakistan, it will have some of the worlds most renowned tourist attractions, making it a haven for all local and international travelers.

Torch Hotel:

This innovative hotel is situated in a torch-shaped building in Doha and includes a spinning cafe and a scenic view of the city. In addition, it consists of an infinite pool, a health club, and beauty shops.

All lodgings at The Torch Hotel in Doha consist of central air conditioning, a minimart & a personal bathroom. In addition, the accommodation features a light disposition framework with 12 various colour choices. All are friendly, elegantly modern, and involve free Wi-Fi. Every day, breakfast is also available at the expensive Flying Carpet restaurant. Tourists can appreciate Italian pasta varieties and meats from the Mediterranean for the banquet. 

Rumi Square:

The renowned scholar Jalal ud Din Mohammad Rumi was a famous  Persian philosopher and saint of the the13th century. He changed the scope of wisdom and information through his original style and methodology. Rumi’s influence extends beyond continents and cultures, as seen by the crowds of devotees who come to his tomb in Konya.

One of the city’s principal squares is now known as Maulana Rumi Square, and it features a finely carved sculpture of the renowned saint in his whirling swirl pose. The visitors will be captivated by the mystical aura of this 70-foot-tall artwork lit at night.

  • A dedication to the saint from the 13th century Jalal ud Din Mohammad Rumi
  • 70 feet high
  • In his dervish swirl pose, the precisely sculpted Sculpture
  • Night-lit Sculpture that exudes a sense of spirituality

Villaggio Mall:

The Villaggio shopping area, which offers both shopping and entertainment, is located inside Aspire Zone and contrasts the vibrant options with actual demand. 

There are numerous options, ranging from inexpensive to comfortable. Villaggio might be a one-stop, family-friendly (though possibly pricey) destination for anything from clothing to gems, quick bites to lazy dinners, movies, or theme parks.

 The Mall divides into two sections: one geared toward middle-class customers that resembles a classy shopping mall in the USA, and the upscale side with elevated beauty and fashion brands. Villaggio Shopping Center, a shopping and entertainment complex with Venetian-inspired architecture, is one of the most notable shopping centres in the Inlet from a structural standpoint.

The most distinctive features are the indoor canal and a few practical chairlifts that transport visitors through the shopping mall. Under Villaggio’s fake sky, bridges over canals lead by the odd royal poses; the setting is unquestionably picturesque.

The replica of the famous Villagio Mall in Qatar will be delivered to BWC Sports Valley’s inhabitants and provide a tourist area for those in Islamabad and Pakistan.

Night Safari:

The first night safari in Pakistan will be in the Blue World City. The Night Safari and zoo are developing with genuine excitement and thrills, giving off the impression of a jungle kingdom. The distinctive location in a private and safe setting adds to the progressive structures’ allure.S

You will see a variety of creatures at night, among them the fascinating nocturnal wildlife, for the first time in Pakistan’s history. As a result, you will get the chance of a lifetime to get up close and personal with your favorite animals, such as lions, giraffes, crocodiles, zebras, antelope, bears, jackals, leopards, llamas, and many others.

Highlighted Features:

  • The Night Safari & Zoo’s Standout Features Include:
  • Safari Tour
  • Exotic Breeds of Animals
  • Animal Express
  • Play Area
  • Absolute Safety
  • Cafés And A Fast Food Court

Blue Mosque Model:

Indigo Mosque:

Islamabad lacks exciting and dangerous tourist attractions despite its beautiful green districts and outstanding features. Large-scale tourist attractions including theme parks, sports stadiums, and cultural complexes have long been in demand. 

To overcome this gap in the tourism industry, a new initiative called the Blue World City Rawalpindi is being launched in Islamabad. This growing tourist destination in Islamabad is creating the foundation to alter the local tourism industry with a variety of exceptional thematic tourist attractions.

After successfully establishing a number of well-known tourist sites around the world, the management laid the groundwork for one of the most iconic mosque structures in the Muslim world, the Replica of Blue Mosque in Istanbul.

 The replica will be equally as stunning as the original and arouse the same spiritual emotions. The most magnificent place of worship in the area will be the “Blue Mosque” in Blue World City.

According to the management, the replica of the Blue Mosque will be erected in the middle of the Blue World Housing Project. General Block’s main front side, is where it will be located. The Blue World Mosque’s location suggests that it will be easily reachable. It will be in a prominent spot to accommodate lots of visitors.

Amazing Features of Islamabad’s Blue Mosque:

Blue Mosque On 104 Kanal of land, Blue World City is being constructed, with a covering area comparable to that of the previous mosque and a setting that evokes the same sense of awe and lovely spiritual experience as the Istanbul Blue Mosque. 

A group of skilled architects, engineers, and artisans recreated the classic detail with the same fervour as they built the Blue Mosque in Blue World City. Here are a few of the fantastic characteristics to talk about:

Area of Surface:

A land area of roughly 43494 square meters will be devoted to the Blue Mosque replica. This is a superb example of the beauty and excellence of Muslim engineering and building. The building will resemble the historic mosque in Istanbul in both architecture and color. The Blue World City Blue Mosque’s ground level occupies 7946 square meters of the overall area. A total of 5018.52 square meters have been allocated for the basement in order to accommodate large crowds and conduct a variety of religious events.

Gorgeous and Generous Interior:

The management of Blue World City Islamabad has hired a group of famous architects to create a replica of the Blue Mosque there. The administration has mandated that the interior of the enormous mosque receive special attention, thus the interior of the Blue Mosque will be breathtaking.

 In addition to their stunning design, the interiors of the mosques are being expanded by 5000 people to accommodate 15,000 people.

Wide Parks and Courtyards:

The renowned Blue World- Blue Mosque replica is basically present and will have six minarets, eight minor domes, and five large domes. According to the Blue Mosque blueprint, a 3,5548 sq. metre wide park would be constructed other than the large mosque.

Islamabad’s Burj Al Arab Blue World City:

This stunning real estate development will feature a duplicate of the Burj Al Arab Dubai. Although it won’t be quite as tall, it will otherwise be comparable. 

The “Burj Al Arab” located in B W C will have a range of top-notch facilities, including entertainment venues and workplaces. In the society business area, a replica of the Burj-al-Arab will be three hundred ft tall. The BGC-IGC partnership’s corporate offices will be located in this well-known building.

The management held a groundbreaking ceremony for a Burj Al Arab replica on July 19, 2020. The event was attended by the senior management of the consortium, the platinum partners of Blue World City, real estate enthusiasts from the twin cities, and members of the media. 

The Burj ul Arab will be placed in the social business hub of the Overseas Block Blue World City. The site was carefully chosen for this reason in order to provide opportunities for locals in every nook and crevice of the neighbourhood.

Facilities at the Burj Al Arab:

Another triumph for the management of Blue World City and a promise kept is the timely opening of the Burj al Arab Rawalpindi facsimile. Due to its excellent location, good location, and other strengths, the project is gaining attention from many interested buyers. Start putting your money to good use right away! Let’s take a closer look at a few of the major features:

High-End Restaurants:

One of the most amazing features of this amazing business venture is the fact that it will have a Burj Al Arab restaurant. Due to its open layout, the restaurant will not only give good quality food, also offer breathtaking vistas. Families will stay at the hotel from all over Pakistan.

Modern Conveniences:

From the beginning to the end, The Burj will be a masterpiece of architecture. Investors are gushing about the Burj Al Arab facilities. Everything in the tower, from the elevators to the inside, is of the greatest caliber. When finished, the interior of the Burj Al Arab will seem like any other global commercial hub.

Aviation Platform:

The corporate headquarters for The Blue Group of Companies will be located in Burj. It will therefore have a platform for a helicopter so that important guests can easily arrive.

Blue World City Water Theme Park:

The BGC works in collaboration with a famous company “the Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company”. The Chakri Intersection and the freshly built Rawalpindi Ring Road are also close to the neighborhood. 

The apartment building is swiftly garnering recognition for its distinctive design and affordable costs. 

One of the amazing facilities the Blue World City water park can give due to which BWC is successful is its link with the Guangzhou Haisan Amusement Technology & Co. Ltd. Islamabad didn’t have many water parks, thus the management decided to build this amusement center. 

There, families will congregate to have a good time.

For an exciting family day out, Blue World Water Theme Park has a kids’ play area in addition to all the well-known fast food chains like McDonald’s, KFC, Subway, Pizza Hut, and others.

 Key Features of Blue World Water Theme Park

• 21 High-Quality, Modern Slides.

• Restaurants with a play area for kids

Highlights of Blue World Water Theme Park:

Blue World City Islamabad intends to build a world-class water theme park in order to increase tourism in the area. The necessary facilities will be present in this park to give visitors a memorable experience. 

The fastest progress is anticipated for this project, which is regarded as being the most crucial component of BWC Rawalpindi.

Mr. Hamza Amir, the director of BWC Water Theme Park, claims that this initiative would boost Pakistan’s economy while also providing job possibilities for its citizens.

 As a result, Pakistan is drawing significant amounts of foreign investment, and its financial sector is expanding. So it’s now time to have a  look at the astonishing qualities and characteristics of this brilliant project.  

Professional Staff Management:

The management team at Blue World City is made up of experts who work in the water park sector. top seasoned person, theme park managers are in charge of all operations, containing creating and taking special care of rides. 

The professional team of BWC has additionally enlisted the aid of a gargantuan number of entertainers, impress takers at the essential gate, concession stand workers, park cafes, and present shops.

Crisis Management:

The Blue World City Islamabad water park has emergency services available, and its designers built a hospital in case of an emergency. The team comprises of best medical practitioners like nurses or doctors who are provided for the well-being of people.

 Fractures, quadriplegia, or paraplegia can all be caused by slipping or falling, and all of these conditions are curable. In case there is a dreadful accident or any kind of emergency or life-threatening event, there will be proper assistance as well as medical care for that purpose.


The safety and security of the children are most important and people who love to go near or inside the water will be more than happy to see the safety management and help. 

The management of the water theme park controls access to the parking area, rides, concession stands, and other attractions. Additionally, a digital warning network is set up to notify staff members in case of an emergency.

Ideal Vacation Spot:

Families wishing to get out of the house this Christmas season should visit the Blue World Water Park. Your day will immediately become happier thanks to the glistening blue water and twisting water slides. 

Water rides will be present and residents will be privileged to take these water rides and enjoy them to their fullest.  It will therefore be a great weekend getaway from the stifling summer heat.

The development of Islamabad’s residential area would be greatly enhanced by the Blue World City Water Theme Park. Additionally, the park will offer residents of Islamabad a relaxing and enjoyable retreat. Additionally, it will foster interpersonal relationships and provide a lovely picnic location away from the bustle of daily life. The Blue World City water park’s alluring amenities further promote tourism.

Blue World City Tallest Horses Mascots:

The Kelpies, the largest equestrian sculpture in the world, are located in Falkirk, Scotland. As a monument to Scotland’s horse-powered industrial past, these 30-meter-high horse mascots were set up along the M9 Motorway in April 2014. 

But what precisely are kelpies? A Kelpie is a Scottish folktale aquatic ghost with the ability to change forms. Kelpies, creatures that resemble horses,usually haunts the streams, and rivers. In Scottish culture, the significance of these mascots is evident. Many visitors simply come to Scotland to be in awe of the amazing architecture.

The world’s most significant Horse Mascot replica structures were also started in the Blue World City Chakri Road Rawalpindi, in addition to the world-famous Burj Al Arab replica. 

They want to make it a popular tourist destination. The stunning sight of these mascots is drawing tourists from all around the world, including Pakistan. The Horse Sculptures will be lit up at night so that people can see them from a wide distance. 

The Horse Mascots of Blue World City will surpass the 30-meter-tall Kelpies in Scotland, which are a popular tourist destination. The height of these mascots is 125 feet above the earth. 

The Horse Mascots, which are near Central Avenue and can be seen from the Islamabad Motorway at night when the sculptures are lit, will astound visitors with their imposing presence and leave them in awe of their unique impact.

 Characteristics of Horse Mascots:

Other characteristics of this magnificent sculpture include:

Nighttime Lighting:

One mascot’s invention is finished, and it is very stunning. Strong lighting has been installed in the structures so that people can see them from a wide distance. Anyone who views the horse mascots at night will get cold chills.

Gallery of Art:

On the basement level of these outstanding works of art, there will be an art museum. You might take your family there to view the artwork created by a number of well-known craftspeople.

Food Courts & Restaurants:

Like Second Cup Coffee, a long line of restaurants are vying for space in this uncommon location. Thanks to Blue World City, investors will have the chance to profit significantly from their investments.

Shopping Malls:

These lovely horse mascots are all unique and have something to offer.

Blue World City Islamabad Second Cup Coffee:

In Blue World City, the horses’ mascots won’t only be statues. The location where tourists would congregate will be these statues. Under one mascot, management has already launched a location of the famed Second Cup Coffee. Mr. Jim Ragas, CEO of Second Cup Coffee Global has opened this location.

Blue World City is creating a commotion among the general public as a result of its growth and planning. The management aspires to create a community that attracts foreign investment and tourists. 

This was only possible because to Mr. Saad Nazir’s futuristic vision and that of the entire Blue Group of Companies.


Soon after the restaurant opened, a large number of patrons flocked in for a delicious cup of coffee at “Second Cup Coffee,” a recently launched establishment with horse mascots. This demonstrates that the residential project at BWC will soon be a big success.

Largest Cricket Stadium in Pakistan:

When it comes to cricket, Pakistan is the country that loves it the most. The highest level of management at Blue World City seizes the chance to give Pakistan the largest Cricket Stadium. 

The management intends to build a stadium with a capacity of at least 55,000, making it the “Biggest Cricket Stadium in Pakistan.” It will be a cutting-edge structure with intelligent technologies to regulate every moving part. 

The stadium will have all the newest amenities, and the surrounding area will have recreational areas for both locals and tourists. Cricket stadium covers 1500 kanal land in Sports Valley Block and has more than 2000 car parking spaces.

Blue World City Military Academy:

Now comes the much-anticipated news. The Forces School franchise’s building is nearly finished and ready to open for business. The management has also started the application process for admissions at the f” branch that just opened in Blue World City. This institution will offer opportunities to everyone residing in the area, not only the locals. 

Blue World Trade Centre:

Another excellent addition in all the features of the BWC is the Blue Blue World Trade Centre of Blue World City.

The BGC-IGC collaboration, Pakistan’s very first largest business and shopping attraction has elevated commercial and trade; On October 29, there was a ceremony to mark the opening of the Blue World Trade Center building. 

The developers improved the standing and reputation of businesses, and deal with using this fantastic opportunity. the top business address in the Twin Cities for the first time. 

A massive skyscraper called the Blue World Trade Center houses retail, marketing, and business. It has mostly served real estate-related brands, organizations, and related industries. 

The goal is to use cutting-edge building designs and captivating bridges to establish Pakistan as a center for the real estate industry. The system offers all exciting features and offerings that boost industry ease and effectiveness. From significant Twin Cities locations, one might readily reach its gorgeous position. 

The best feature is its prime location in the most well-known residential and commercial zones, close to Bahria Town Rawalpindi and DHA Islamabad. The Islamabad Rawalpindi Highway connects to the GT Road, making this magnificent project of the future access to both twin cities. 

BWTC’s Current State of Development: 

The BWTC is a hi building that acts as a hub for Pakistan’s commercial sector. All the facilities and amenities needed to make business ethics simpler and more efficient are provided by the skyscraper. 

The hefty pilling works proceed quickly, no doubt if we anticipate their development plans. The project’s foundation is a pair of 27-floor, mixed-use skyscrapers. 

The ground floors are designated for dedicated parking for the convenience of visitors. The management is responsible and has frequently reviewed the site visit. The Blue World Trade Center will be the twin tower in Twin Cities with the greatest height. It features a specialized, roomy area that will eventually meet your needs, and it is 500 feet tall. In addition to these facts, the business tower is entirely built using cutting-edge technology and creative building architecture, and it has all the amenities and services necessary to promote business efficiency and comfort. 

Entertainment Features: 

The developers have made a lot of effort to establish a name for themselves as a one-stop shop for a variety of services. From a commercial standpoint, the BWTC twin tower replica offers employees a neat and polished work atmosphere. 

The space will be completely air-conditioned, and the trade center will have enabled smart WI-FI at workstations. They will also feature lounge rooms where employees can relax while on break. 

The Blue World Trade Center has specialized high-speed elevators for their convenience.  

The world trade center replica provides for all of your needs; you no longer need to worry about where to invest money in Pakistan because Blue World City’s project Blue World Trade Center gives you a gold mine opportunity to book what you want, providing you with the security you need for the future. 

Corporate Features:

While the numerous shops are available for purchase with reasonable payment plans, each level also offers both standard and platinum offices for sale at reasonable prices. 

The goal of the developers is to make BWTC available to everyone and offer a fantastic platform where you may invest in Pakistan with confidence. 

Yes! The Blue World Trade Center provides enjoyment and the satisfaction of launching international companies; there is no catch aside from the commercial objective. With the top worldwide outlet spree, you may feel better. 

Unquestionably, well-known eateries are at the forefront of welcoming guests by providing the greatest cuisine eateries, and food courts are available—a one-stop shop where you can enjoy a shopping spree and a more professional and active corporate life. 

Upcoming Business Hub:

With all the amenities and services, it became Pakistan’s first property exchange hub and business trading skyscraper. The blue globe trade centre has elevated to the top of Rawalpindi’s most sought-after commercial districts due to its advantageous location.

 They seek to create a multipurpose, perfect architectural structure with exceptional services and amenities, including a real estate commercial center. They promise to offer a welcoming environment and effective business practices. BWTC has emphasized the twin cities’ deep history, the present day, and the increasingly unorthodox nature of business practices. The Blue Group of Companies has an amazing project based on international standards available in the market for this reason, where you may take advantage of the best investment in Pakistan. In Rawalpindi and Islamabad, a string of opulent stores is up for sale. You can choose the one that suits your preferences, and this skyscraper has amazing features. 

BGC-IGC Consortium: 

One of Pakistan’s most diversified and quickly rising business websites is BGC-IGC consortium. With a significant global presence in the Gulf and North America, it displays a developing global viewpoint. 

By establishing a range of dedication, integrity, professionalism, and service delivery standards, they want to transform the culture of Pakistan’s commercial sectors and businesses. The BGC-IGC consortium’s successful flagship project will be Blue World City. 

The initiative intends to offer inhabitants and Pakistanis living abroad a meticulous and opulent lifestyle with an affordable payment plan. They hope to increase tourism by offering a top-notch vacation spot. The BGC-IGC collaboration works to bring individual skills to the fore and develop collective progress as an united sector under one roof. The private sector also contributes significantly to the success of this endeavor by helping emerging nations like Pakistan deal with the many issues they face.

Blue World City Commercial Area:

Amidst the splendid Horse Mascots, Orbital Apartments, and lush green parks, Blue World Citys Commercial Area is conveniently located on the 208-foot-wide Orbital Avenue.

Having direct access from CPEC road and Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M2), the Blue World City Commercial area has the potential to become one of the business hubs in Pakistan. 

The developers of this housing project are paying extra attention to the construction of this area. Future residents of the Blue World commercial area will have the opportunity to enjoy shopping, leisure, offices, restaurants, cinemas, and other entertainment activities.

Blue World  Economic Zone:

Particularly in the context of the CPEC, the BWC Economic Zone in Pakistan has an enormous capacity for trade and commercial development. BWEZ will be the next big thing in the metroplex and offers contemporary businesses’ needs and aspirations.

The BGC built the BWC Economic Zone to provide national and international companies and buyers with a serene, secure, and cutting-edge business environment in one building complex. Also, it enables them to maximize their profits and expansion while running a business close to the CPEC route.

It will be more fun to engage in commerce when there is a 5-star hotel nearby several of the most well-known tourist attractions in the globe. Therefore, a good site essential to Pakistan’s economic sector is where BWEZ  is developing. It will be the first monetary union of its kind in Pakistan and essentially serve business people’s demands.

Blue World Economic Zone Developers & Owners:

Only individuals with a good feel of destiny can create anything extraordinary and revolutionary. The Blue World City Economic Zone, an excellent business undertaking developed under Mr Saad Nazir’s artistic direction, can be regarded as similar. 

The masterplan of Blue World Economic Zone is designed to use CPEC to convert the major road into a commercial route is nothing short of amazing.

Mr Saad Nazir has demonstrated his ability to turn arid land into a location with endless potential. Investment is, therefore, impatiently anticipating the culmination of initiatives under the direction of the developer. 

To build BWEZ, the owners have collaborated with prominent architects and constructors. The developer’s management will be the significant difference between any of these efforts and other industrial zones.

 Blue World Economic Zone location:

 In terms of location, Blue World City has hit it out of the park. Since the entire operation is across Chakri Road, it would be readily available from anywhere in Pakistan. Furthermore, the location of the BWC Economic Zone is fantastic. The route to BWC will also serve as the expansion of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, offering a plethora of economic growth.

The scheme Economic Zone is adjoining to the CPEC path and adjacent to the Lahore-Islamabad M2. The location of this industrial center makes it the Country’s most sought visitor hotspot, given the possibility of CPEC accessibility. 

Blue World Economic Zone Master Plan:

According to the BWEZ vision, it would be the first confidentially created trade area along the CPEC path, presenting just one option for together local and foreign businesses in the form of comprehensive centers and warehousing. 

Likewise, its excellent site adjacent to the capital and on the highway from Gwadar Port towards the Khunjerab Pass & the Pakistan-China border will help exporters and wholesalers equally.

Blue World Economic Zone Facilities and Amenities:

The Blue World Economic zone is becoming the most important commercial hub due to its proximity to CPEC route. 

The main aim of constructing the Blue World Economic Zone is to provide trading opportunities to local and international traders. It will also give them a secure and hi-tech business environment under one roof to run their business peacefully. 

This zone will also have a 5-star hotel, further enhancing its importance. Other features of this zone are,

Blue Trade Center:

The most modern and cutting-edge trade center will be located in the World Economic Zone, changing business procedures. The market revolution that this center ushers in will permanently change Pakistan’s real estate sector and herald a new era of business.

The Convention Center:

The Downtown Area will serve as the hub of the blue economic zone and provide investors with countless opportunities.

Seven Star Hotel :

A seven-star hotel would draw direct investment and traders who wish to conduct business with or with Pakistan to the Blue World Economic Zone.

In addition to a seven-star hotel, the Blue World Economic Zone offers the chance to acquire affordable and opulent homes. Both for residential and investment purposes, it will be a fantastic opportunity. 

Besides this other facilities offered by the management are,

• Global trade center

• Convention center

• Bank street

• Luxury and Economical apartments

• Warehouses

• Electronic arcade

• Builders mart

• Medical mart

• Industrial zone

• Furniture arcade

Blue World City Latest Development:

The construction in different blocks of the project is going on in full swing and the project will soon be completed.

If we talk about the development of this project, Saad Nazeer who is the CEO of Blue World City, met with Mr. Chang who gained fame as a top Chinese Multi-Floor Apartment building developer.

 In this meeting, they discussed the plan of designing and constructing different Apartment blocks in the different blocks of Blue World City Islamabad.

In August 2022, the management of Blue World City held the balloting of General Block Sector 2. The management has already dispatched the completion letters for General Blocks 1 and 2.

Blue World City: Symbol of Pak-China Friendship:

This society is among the very few societies which will be developing in Islamabad by using modern Chinese technology and Pakistani professionals, which will provide all the world-class standards to its occupants, which include economic zones for trading, residential areas of all the blocks, education, and health institutes present in the society and entertainment clubs for the future occupants making this society a symbol of A Pak-China Friendly Society.

The management of the society has already inked an MOU with the Chinese construction and engineering company which will play its role in making this society a Pak China venture.

Considering its proximity to CPEC, this society will provide more than ten thousand Chinese people with residential facilities. The developers also reserved a special block for Chinese ownership.

Why should investors invest in Blue World City?

Different housing societies like Taj Residencia, Kingdom Valley, and Park View City offer their investors affordable and convenient installment plans, but investors are still more attracted to Blue World City.

Why? There are many reasons, such as:

• Compared with Taj Residencia and Park View City, the prices offered by Blue World City are the most affordable and convenient for investors.

• It offers an easy way of 3 and 4 years installment plans for the investors.

• Blue World City also offers modern amenities at a low cost that meet international standards.

• The project offers a secure and pollution-free place to raise your family in a healthy and natural environment.

• Due to its location and modern facilities, it will yield high returns for investors.

Documentation Requirement for booking:

The steps for booking your plot in Blue World society are very easy and simple. For booking the plot, you required the following documents.

For Pakistani Clients

• Passport size Pictures

• Your national ID card Copies

• ID card copies of your next of Kin

For overseas clients

• 2 copies of the Overseas National ID Card and the documents mentioned above.

 File Verification in Blue World City:

Blue World City plot for sale are available and the best price ever is yours when you purchase a plot through agent. Furthermore, in Blue World City. Additionally, it gives you crucial details on how to check plot files for Blue World City. For example, you might double the registration of your residential or commercial plots file using our convenient file verification tools. Pakistanis living in Pakistan and abroad may utilise these strategies to ensure “Blue World City Islamabad File Verification.” 

Additionally, it will have experts and professionals on hand to check the Blue World City file online. The management has introduced online verification to verify the files. And you can use mostly two factors to your benefit in this concern. Additionally, to gather precise Information Second, get in touch with Blue World City’s authorities. There are no other ways to verify files in Blue World City. Following is the procedure you need to follow,

Access Website

The first step in the digital BWC  file verification process is visiting the BWC website. Moreover, the  BWC official site is visible by searching online 

Click on “Online Services

The next step for online File verification is to navigate to the Online Services area at the site’s top after arriving at the BWC official website.

Confirmation of Online Registration

A drop-down menu box will display whenever you click on the primary menu’s internet services area. You can choose an option called “Online Registration Confirmation” from that drop-down menu. For the BWC file confirmation, you must select that option. It will contain true and correct facts.


Enter the Information

The user credentials need to enter into the visible boxes. Your Form No. Also, this should be the first piece of Information you provide, followed by your passcode in the next area. Without such information, you would not be able to confirm BWC online. Consequently, you want to keep it safe.

Review Your Data

When you enter your login information to see the state of your file, a new window will open with Information about your search criteria. You can complete the BWC file verification by completing these instructions.

No Outcome

The screen won’t display any results if you enter inaccurate Information or invalid passwords during the process.

Benefits of  Online File Verification

Real estate investment is one of their life’s most important and brilliant choices. First, however, you must complete each step of the file validation process and comprehend its importance. The preceding are some advantages of utilizing the file registration strategies offered by Bwc. To identify additional information about these gains, continue to read out.

 Security against scams and deception

Even though file verification has many benefits, the most crucial one is that it protects you from scams and fraud. Unfortunately, numerous con artists use BWC’s popularity to defraud people of their wealth. Therefore, online BWC file verification is crucial because it lends legitimacy to a great initiative.

Investment over the long term

Assets in real estate are for an extended period. It will therefore help investors make ethical and secure long-term investment opportunities. Moreover, the BWC online file verification will give the company a chance to engage in the commercial and residential sectors of BWC in Rawalpindi with a clearer understanding.

 It saves time and money

Investors are pouring in after the BWC online file verification system’s official start because everyone wants clarification, which the verification system gives. They can use the gateway at BWC’s official website to verify their application status, which will get them a tonne of effort and cash. The management will announce new prices soon so its better to invest before new prices.

 Legal Investment 

The most seamless method for confirming any status is online verification.

Possession of Plots in Blue World City:

The officials of BWC announced that ballot will carry out in January 2020. The ownership will be announced at the end of December 2020. 

Investors that have paid 90 percent plot price are eligible for balloting. However, there is no need to panic you can still participate in the balloting by paying only 50% upfront price of the plot.

The possession of plots will hand to the clients after 3 years, according to the source.

The management has given possession of Blue World Citys General Block sectors 1 and 2. Moreover, the investors will have access to blocks after the completion of development work.

However, the officials haven’t confirmed any time frame, and it can get extended due to factors involving such as late development, NOC, or natural causes. Despite all these facts it is confirmed that Blue World City new rates will be announced soon so people who invest in this society earlier will surely have high profits on their investments.


The Blue Group of Companies and Chinese civic development work together to create BWC. The BWC’s primary goal is to endorse a prosperous, encouraging image of Pakistan by turning the residential scheme into a tourist magnetism. Only at the BWC will you see life-size imitations of famous ancient shrines, like Turkey’s magnificent blue mosque. Blue World City Islamabad management keeps the prices low so that everyone can buy a dream home in Islamabad. However, the management will soon announce the new rates. Several Balloted and non Balloted Blue World City plot for sale are available at different prices.

The community draws investors in real estate from Pakistan and Pakistanis abroad due to BWC Islamabad’s many advantages. The BWC has a distinct overseas block for Pakistanis living abroad to provide all their requirements. In addition, Pakistanis living abroad will benefit from a fully gated neighbourhood with 24-hour access to these conveniences. 

For those looking to invest in a housing project in Islamabad and other major cities of Pakistan, please visit Bahria Town Karachi 2, Kingdom Valley Islamabad, and 7 Wonders City Multan

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Blue World City is situated at Chakri Road, Rawalpindi.

Saad Nazir who is also the CEO of BGC owned this housing society.

Although this project location is between Islamabad and Rawalpindi, still some people referred this as Blue World City Islamabad.

Blue World City received its legal status from Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) on 19 February 2019. This housing society's official letter of NOC is RDA/MP&TF/F-PHS-PTR- 10/148.

Work on the project has already begun, and it will take four to five years to complete, according to sources.

Each block of this housing project has different plot prices but all the block offers three to four years installment plan.

Most of the blocks of Blue World City has commercial area designed to cater the economic needs of the people.

A renowned Chinese company is taking part in the development of this city that's why it is considered as the symbol of Pak China friendship.

First, you have to go to the main website of a Blue world city and then click on the online service. After this, add your "Form No" and "Security Code."

Blue World City is considered one of the most successful housing societies in Pakistan due to its fast development and modern facilities. So there is a hundred percent chance of an increase in the prices of plots.

Yes, Blue World City is approved by RDA, and its official letter number is RDA/MP&TF/F-PHS-PTR- 10/148.

On 19 February 2019, RDA gave official permission to the developers of Blue World City to start construction on 427 Kanal.

This housing society has approximately 1 lac Kanal land, which is further divided into several blocks.

General Block is considered one of the best blocks of Blue World City.

Yes, it is a safe and secure society and is a gated community.

Blue World City Owners and Developers claim it to be a reliable society, with good return on investments.

General Block is designed for all the people looking for high rates of returns on their investments and want to invest in an affordable housing society. Whereas overseas block is for the overseas pakistani residents who want to live a luxurious life in Pakistan.

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