Kings Dream Villas, a visionary project by Kings Group Karachi, offers an exceptional living experience on a sprawling 24-acre land in Surjani Town, Karachi, near 4K Chowrangi. Designed with a commitment to excellence, this development comprises 510 plots of 120 Sq. Yards, encircled by a protective boundary wall. The pricing structure is both flexible and competitive, with payment options ranging from booking to possession. 

Residents can enjoy a green oasis with 15% of the area dedicated to parks, while well-planned roads make up 35% of the development. Kings Group, a well-established and reputable developer since 1977, has earned a solid reputation for delivering high-quality homes and fostering enduring relationships with customers. 

With a clear vision of becoming a leading real estate company in Pakistan, the developer’s core values include integrity, maintaining good business practices, profitability, and a commitment to beautiful elevation design and quality construction. 

Kings Villas embodies these values, offering affordable housing with quality construction and ample open spaces, setting new standards in metropolitan living. 

Kings Dream Villas Developers:

This society is the brainchild of Kings Group Karachi, a renowned developer established in 1977. Kings Group is a tightly-knit firm of housebuilders, developers, and contractors with a track record of delivering excellence in the real estate industry. Their unwavering commitment to quality, integrity, and customer satisfaction has earned them a strong reputation. 

With a passionate team of professionals, including seasoned engineers, architects, and planners, this company has consistently produced attractive homes and successfully executed a variety of residential and commercial projects. Their dedication to ethical business practices and a vision to become a trusted leader in Pakistan’s real estate market define their enduring success. 

Kings Dream Villas Developers Previous Projects:

Kings Group Karachi, the developer behind Kings Dream Villas, boasts a distinguished portfolio of previous projects. King Builders projects reflect the developers’ commitment to quality construction, elegant design, and customer satisfaction. 

With a track record of delivering exceptional residential and commercial developments, Kings Group has established itself as a trusted name in Pakistan’s real estate industry, setting the stage for the excellence seen in Kings Villas.

  • Kings Residency
  • Kings Grand
  • Kings Excellency
  • Kings Comforts
  • Kings Paradise
  • Kings Regency
  • Kings Hi Rise
  • Kings Shaes Residency 

Kings Dream Villas Location:

Kings Dream Villas Location

The project enjoys a prime location in Surjani Town, Karachi, adjacent to the bustling 4K Chowrangi area. Kings Villas location map shows the strategic position and offers residents the convenience of easy access to key amenities and services. Surrounded by well-established neighborhoods, it provides a peaceful and secure environment for families. 

Moreover, the project’s proximity to renowned educational institutions, shopping malls, hospitals, and recreational facilities enhances its appeal. With excellent connectivity to major roads and transportation hubs, Kings Villas ensures residents have quick access to the broader city while enjoying the serenity of suburban living, making it an ideal choice for modern urban lifestyles. 

Kings Dream Villas Accessibility:

The mentioned project is accessible from different landmarks in Karachi. Here are some of the accessible landmarks which add to the value of this project.

  • 13 minutes drive from North Nazimabad
  • 41 minutes drive from Malir Cantt.
  • 30 minutes drive from Karachi Saddar
  • 30 minutes drive from Karachi Airport
  • 20 minutes drive from Askari IV Karachi
  • Adjacent to North Town Residency Karachi

Kings Dream Villas Master Plan:

Kings Dream Villas Master Plan

Kings Villas master plan is a testament to thoughtful urban development. Spanning 24 acres, it strikes a harmonious balance between residential living and green spaces. Approximately 50% of the land is dedicated to residential plots, offering a choice for homeowners. The project’s meticulous design allocates 15% of the area for lush parks, providing serene spaces for recreation and relaxation. 

Well-planned roads make up 35% of the development, ensuring smooth traffic flow. With an emphasis on quality living, Kings Villas master plan blends affordability with modern amenities, creating a vibrant community that promotes a healthy and comfortable lifestyle for its residents. 

KingsDream Villas NOC:

The specific details regarding the Kings Villas NOC have not been disclosed by the developers. An NOC typically indicates that a real estate project complies with local regulations and standards, ensuring it meets the necessary legal requirements for development. 

For potential buyers or investors in Kings Builders new projects, it’s crucial to inquire about the status of the NOC from the developers or relevant authorities to confirm the project’s legal standing and compliance. 

Obtaining and verifying the NOC is an essential step in ensuring the legitimacy and safety of any real estate investment. 

Kings Dream Villas Floor Plan:

While specific details of Kings Villas’ floor plan have not been provided by the developers, modern real estate developments typically offer a variety of floor plans to suit diverse needs.

Buyers are usually given the flexibility to choose from different layouts and sizes, ensuring that the project caters to a range of preferences. 

Kings Dream Villas Floor Plan

Kings Dream Villas Plot Sizes:

Kings Dream Villas Plot Sizes

Kings Dream Villas for sale primarily offers plot types of 120 square yards. These 120 sq yd plots are a popular choice for homeowners seeking an ideal balance between space and affordability. They provide ample room for constructing a comfortable single-family home while ensuring cost-effectiveness. 

Residents have the flexibility to design and build their dream homes to their specifications on these plots. This plot size is well-suited for small to medium-sized families, offering enough space for essential amenities and potential expansions. 

With Kings Group’s commitment to quality and design, these plots serve as a canvas for homeowners to create their perfect living spaces within the Kings Dream Villas community. 

Kings Dream Villas Payment Plan:

Kings Dream Villas Payment Plan

Lead Marketing has brought the details of Kings Villas payment plan for its readers. The payment plan has been designed to ensure that the investors don’t feel overburdened by the payments. Flexibility and market competence make it the best comparable to other options.

120 Sq. Yd Kings Villas Payment Plan:

Kings Villas presents a versatile and transparent payment plan for their 120 sq. yd plots, accommodating various financial preferences. The plan includes an initial booking, allocation, confirmation, and work commencement, each set at 500,000 PKR. 

Additionally, it offers a monthly installment option of 40,000 PKR for 36 months, totaling 1,440,000 PKR. The client will also pay a quarterly installment plan of 250,000 PKR for 12 quarters, amounting to 3,000,000 PKR. Further stages in the plan include demarcation and a final payment before possession, both at 1,029,000 PKR. 

The comprehensive plan ensures flexibility and affordability for potential homeowners, with a total cost of 8,499,000 PKR. 

Kings Dream Villas Facilities and Amenities:

Kings Villas offers a wide range of facilities and amenities to enhance the quality of life for its residents, creating a comfortable living environment.

Kings Dream Villas Facilities and Amenities

Parks and Green Spaces:

Kings Dream Villas dedicates 15% of its expansive 24-acre landscape to lush parks and green areas. Residents can enjoy serene walks, picnics, or simply unwind amidst nature, creating a tranquil and refreshing atmosphere.

Well-Planned Roads:

With 35% of the development allocated to well-designed roads, residents can expect smooth traffic flow and easy accessibility throughout the community, enhancing convenience and connectivity.

Secure Boundary Wall:

Kings Villas is enclosed by a protective boundary wall, providing residents with security and peace of mind, ensuring a safe environment for families.

Modern Infrastructure:

The project boasts modern infrastructure to ensure a comfortable and efficient living experience, including utilities, sewage systems, and a reliable power supply.

Recreational Facilities:

Residents can indulge in recreational activities with access to amenities such as playgrounds, sports facilities, and communal gathering areas, fostering an active and engaged community.

Convenient Location:

Situated near 4K Chowrangi in Surjani Town, the location offers proximity to shopping malls, educational institutions, hospitals, and renowned eateries, providing residents with essential conveniences nearby.

Quality Construction:

The developers, known for its commitment to quality, ensures that the construction of homes within the community adheres to high standards.

Elegantly Designed Homes:

The project places emphasis on beautiful elevation designs, offering residents aesthetically pleasing living spaces that they can call home.

Payment Flexibility:

The developers provide a flexible payment plan, enabling buyers to invest in their dream homes conveniently.

These facilities and amenities at Kings Villas combine to create a well-rounded and comfortable living experience within this residential community. 

Kings Dream Villas Documents Required for Registration:

To facilitate the smooth registration process for Kings Villas, several essential documents are required. These documents help ensure compliance with legal regulations and secure your property investment. 

The following documents are typically necessary for registration:

  • Copy of CNIC/Passport
  • Recent passport-sized photographs
  • Booking/Application Forms
  • Payment Receipts


In conclusion, Kings Villas stands as a testament to Kings Group’s dedication to excellence in real estate development. This visionary project offers not only a place to call home but also a lifestyle with green spaces and access to essential amenities. 

With a flexible payment plan and a reputation for quality construction, Kings Villas provides an opportunity for families and investors to be part of a thriving community in a strategic location. 

As the developer continues to uphold its core values, this residential endeavor exemplifies their commitment to shaping dreams into concrete realities. 

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